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12:04 AM
@hichris123 syntax error
12:19 AM
Skeptics reached 5000 (surviving) questions
@ColeJohnson that count closed
@Braiam but not deleted, which is what I meant
It only counts non-deleted questions
12:43 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: BITCOIN LOAN OFFER! on bitcoin.stackexchange.com
Yay bitcoin!
> I am a private Bitcoin Loan Lender. I give out loans ONLY in Bitcoins and also fund Projects of various kinds. Are you search of Loan to meet your demands? My Bitcoin Loans have the following benefits: Pay low interest rates Be independent from banks Low rate loans Secure and confidential Express funding No paper work apart from providing your Goverment ID (International Passport or Driver's License) Contact Person: Brad Langston [email protected]
SPAM: ^^^
It's good to see people using self-answer, but just...no.
Q: Jump to text in tag Greasemonkey (Tampermankey)

name900In the page I have time and right of it some pictures. I wanna to create a button to jump for current time using Tampermonkey. Current time is a text in <h1>. Screenshots attach. How to jump to some position. For example 07:39. Btw if you will suggest external library plz show how to use it ...

stackoverflow.com/questions - showing old data for anyone else?
> asked 28 mins ago
and that's on newest.
on just /questions I am, but not if I go to /questions?sort=newest
now their both working fine
12:56 AM
> asked 56 secs ago
Q: How can I make nrepl-ritz-jack-in work remotely over TRAMP / Emacs

MattoxBeckmanWhat I want: I have a clojure program on a remote site, let's call it mccarthy. What I want to do is connect to a nrepl-ritz from my laptop, preferably using nrepl-ritz-jack-in. The jack in works fine for a local program, but doesn't seem to connect to a remote program. Attempt 1 C-x C-f on /...

+100 upvotes, unanswered.... what the heck?
@AnubianNoob yes when i have explained in my precedent post. I solved the problem by using maven configuration. — Vsplit May 28 at 12:34
still waiting...
@bjb568 Yes, if used correctly.
I'm migrating questions to because their use cases were the opposite of their tag wikis.
I've been working on this for weeks: it's the tag family: , , , and .
I burninated , retagged all/most of the hacking questions related to security, and I'm burninating /moving its questions to .
was recently discovered, so I haven't looked too much at that one yet.
@AstroCB no :(
@AstroCB Seems meta to me.
1:25 AM
@bjb568 It could change the type of answer you get.
@AstroCB How?
Ugh, another streak of serial downvotes.
@bjb568 I agree that it's Meta, but it's an important piece of information for the question.
@AstroCB Put it in the body or something.
Hold on a second there. That whole statement is not only incredibly stupid, it's also based on an assumption. Not fact. It's a known fact that people like to hack things. Whether it be hardware or software. Many things (including software - and especially my software) are designed in such a way that allows users to hack it (in order to change things about it - in certain ways) - and that goes against their definition of hacking. I think we need to lay off on the rules a bit and take it on a case by case basis. Otherwise before you know it, nothing will be on-topic for this site. — baeltazor Aug 10 at 11:36
1:27 AM
@AstroCB ... not seeing it. If you want a workaround... just say that?
@Shog9 All four of those checklist items are a resounding no. The only one questionable is whether or not it's on-topic. I'd say it's not; it's way too ambiguous and almost a fad or a sensationalist tag used to describe a user as being clever. — Qix Aug 9 at 0:12
Q: What are we [hacking]?

AstroCBIf a tag ever needed a cleanup, it's hacking. The tag wiki defines its purpose in a way that makes it (barely) on-topic for Stack Overflow: Activities related to making hardware and software do things they were not originally designed to do. Of the 804 questions with the tag, I have yet to...

I say burn it. It's not useful as a categorization, unless you want to cobble the posts together and use it as a poor substitute for 2600.com. — Robert Harvey ♦ Aug 8 at 23:34
Q: Burninate [hacking]

bjb568Should [hacking] be burninated? It's a meta tag. The alternative that's already happening is a cleanup, and burnination of hack and anti-hacking.

@bjb568 That's going to be marked as a dupe.
1:30 AM
@AstroCB It's more specific.
@bjb568 Maybe, but still.
Oh wat, did I just misflag again, ugh, requested deletion thru other flag of the wrong answer…
There needs to be a way to retract flags!
pokes @Shog
1:59 AM
is no more.
2:14 AM
^ Same for .
Only remains.
A: What are we [hacking]?

AstroCBThe anti-hacking, hack, and hacks tags have been burninated. The hacking tag could still use some cleanup, but its burnination is currently being being discussed.

@AstroCB Good edit.
When does serial voting get reversed?
I just realized how few times my posts are edited… stackoverflow.com/users/2371861/…
Oh wat? That tab is private?
@AnnaLear Why don't you focus effort on unborking the existing system before piling on more crap? Of course this is great for people, but unborking should happen first! — bjb568 13 secs ago
@Braiam The XKCD is pretty self-explanatory.
@bjb568 I meant without clicking the link...
@Braiam Everybody (worth greater than or equal to the approximate value of the quantity of sodium chloride with equal mass to their body mass sold at market price) clicks links.
3:04 AM
Ugh, I do so much clickage without reading…
It's terrifying.
4:00 AM
Q: In which OS( or Framework or technology ) the THREAD POOL was first introduced?

user3671023Can anyone tell me that in which operating system or technology the Thread pools were introduced.?

When does the vote reversal script run?
Well, my downvotes happened before, so should I flag one of my posts?
It's two downvotes... and they may not be related.
They're probably not going to get reversed.
4:12 AM
Looks suspiciously like 4…
4:30 AM
@animuson You there? Can investigate?
I go to bed, night!
5:02 AM
morning folks :] have a great weekends.. :)
@Jamal what is that promoting?
5:39 AM
@iStimple Hm... maybe it's not spam. It looked like it with the massive wall of text and an email address.
@Jamal whatever it was, it was of the crap family, and its gone
@Jamal it advertises something
@JanDvorak maybe trying to phish for SSN /SSI numbers?
how big is the vietnamese market for repairmen, exactly?
Please don't shout. It's not as important as the spam
but its too easy one although they are posting such question
@SilentKiller most people use the format [tag:cv-plz] then copy/paste link
ohk ohk i was unaware of that. will take care. :)
@iStimple how would you narrow it down?
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: kamdev vashikaran mantra 91-9914703222 on japanese.stackexchange.com
@JanDvorak I use too broad in replace of haven't made any attempt. Unless SO is a code writing service now, then I'll stop.
@SmokeDetector that is hindi
6:10 AM
@iStimple SO is a repository of questions useful for others.
@SilentKiller it is also spam
@JanDvorak lols that guy provided his number also. :D
@SilentKiller that guy always does
just a reminder: five pieces of spam on Magento
@JanDvorak It's too broad though since there are likely many different ways to get the same result, and the OP has NOT demonstrated that he would understand what is happening if someone just provides the code, so we'd have to assume that he'd need a lecture on everything that's happening. Thus too broad.
6:14 AM
@iStimple maybe assume he would, and if he doesn't, then it wasn't useful to him, but still might help others?
@JanDvorak it could be useful to others, but this isn't the first time this has been asked on SO.
@iStimple then it's a duplicate
can you find an original?
@undefined, while this is poorly written question deserving of its down-votes and ultimate closure, it is not a duplicate of the one you've chosen. The OP also wants content to automatically move from one column to the other as needed. — Sparky 2 hours ago
can youu find an original it is a duplicate of?
^ not going to search that hard for it, maybe there isn't one that exists that answers everything he wants. Which goes back to my point that it's too broad since he is asking for a lot without trying anything.
6:22 AM
how would you narrow it down?
start off with one question asking how to make the 2 columns equal height with as equal content height as possible.. then ask another question focusing on how to dynmically readjust the heights when new divs are appended to either of the columsn
Why are beginning C programmers so interested in how really really bad code works instead of learning to program well? — Jim Balter 5 mins ago
@TGMCians Good before noon.
@iStimple would it make sense to strip it down for the asker?
@Jamal because noone really programs in C?
just a reminder: 5 pieces of spam on magento.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=newest (also, morning @TGMCians)
6:30 AM
It could apply to C++ as well, probably even more.
i dont think i am able to join you on Android @TGMCians
@JanDvorak ok flagging
Thanks :-)
also, this guy needs a flag or two more: drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/128265/…
damn, spam is active tonight
@JanDvorak flagged all
Thanks. Seems not a single one of them was deleted from the flags, unfortunately.
@SmokeDetector flagged and gone
@JanDvorak yeah still need few more
@JanDvorak imo , not in this case since it'd still be a question that shows no effort. don't care to make a bad question a little less bad.
@JanDvorak sadly, not all of us have or want 120 accounts
@JanDvorak flagged
6:36 AM
@iStimple so you are responsible for keeping five pieces of spam 30 minutes longer each?
Go get an account.
I also just created accounts there
@TGMCians not gone yet
got 300 reputation
from magento, drupal, server fault
@JanDvorak oh I linked to wrong message. I flagged last this and it has gone drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/128265/…
@JanDvorak just shows that the site is lacking in participation and moderation and maybe shouldn't exist
@iStimple you are also lacking in participation and moderation and maybe shouldn't exist
6:43 AM
@SilentKiller ok may be you don't want to follow the rules of the room there ?
@iStimple you are, of course, welcome to post to meta, "please merge magento.se to so in order to aid moderation; the site doesn't even get six views per hour during off-peak hours"
just a reminder: 5 pieces of spam on magento.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=newest (#blame@iStimple)
@Jan people downvote instead of flag SPAM sometimes that creates a problem
Guys downvote doesn't help in case of SPAM. Please FLAG as SPAM — TGMCians 5 mins ago
47 secs ago, by Jan Dvorak
just a reminder: 5 pieces of spam on http://magento.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=newest (#blame@iStimple)
@TGMCians lols i had just pinged once for help and i got banned.
@SilentKiller ok do you want to join us again ?
6:49 AM
@TGMCians need to ask Warren whether he allows me or not. ;)
@TGMCians btw, any chance the android chat room might want to help flag spam?
@JanDvorak people are not interested much there in these activity so doesn't make any sense
except me
ok i wasnt knowing bout scrollview...googlin didnt help...thanks — Bhavin Chowksi 9 mins ago
googlin didnt help
seen Aug 21 at 20:43 ^^
seen Aug 21 at 20:43
hope that person is healthy.
6:52 AM
seen Aug 21 at 20:43
not nice
seen 1 hour ago
Question : what he was doing and doing right now
not flagging spam, apparently
@TGMCians and almost all users of that are always busy
6:54 AM
@SmokeDetector SPAM ^^
@SilentKiller yup except me
@TGMCians let me keep eye on you then.. ;)
@TGMCians just kidding buddy. Don't mind please
yeah I knew :)
I don't mind. cool relax drink some water :)
lols. i am not scared that much.. :D
7:02 AM
@Jan How this is possible flagging automatically casts a downvote ?
@TGMCians it does
@TGMCians yup
Woo! I got the binding flag! :) [status-gone]
@SmokeDetector gone
oy hey @Unihedron welcome!
@TGMCians Thank you!! Hi!
7:03 AM
@JanDvorak thanks I didn't know that
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO PASTE THE SAME TEXT IN SELECTED PAGES IN INDESIGN on graphicdesign.stackexchange.com
please don't mind me just noting the spam on Magento is still there
@Unihedron please see
18 mins ago, by TGMCians
47 secs ago, by Jan Dvorak
just a reminder: 5 pieces of spam on http://magento.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=newest (#blame@iStimple)
flag all
lols.. Today Flag Day. :D
the latest mod activity was just before the oldest piece of spam not currently deleted
7:05 AM
one is down
four to go
thanks for flagging
@Unihedron thanks , please flag remaining SPAM also
@TGMCians Don't worry, I did
we need more firepower
great thanks :)
@Unihedron blame @iStimple
7:08 AM
My alt isn't getting assoc bonus yet, otherwise he could help
BTW, have you noticed Youtube getting another plastic surgery to look like G+?
Ugh, Youtube.
This room is dead:
@JanDvorak one more to go now
lols in 32 seconds -5. :D
@JanDvorak done
@SilentKiller yes we respond very quickly
@TGMCians i too. ;)
7:22 AM
@Unihedron rest of gone.
@Unihedron yeah that is last SPAM there, 4 gone
#blame@iStimple and @simon
7:25 AM
@TGMCians what about my approval in your room.?
Any spam still left?
Flag it ^^
7:28 AM
@TGMCians don't onebox pls
yup gone
@InfiniteRecursion thanks!
7:29 AM
ppaarrrrtyyy from @JanDvorak :D
yeah welcome @Bart !
hi @TGMCians
Hiya @Inf, @Bart!
7:30 AM
@Bart howdy.?
Now there's nothing to do and nothing to worry about...
Hiya @Uni, @Bart,@TGMCians
hey Infinite!
Brb going to eat tea.
7:31 AM
*drink tea
8:16 AM
how to delete room in chat..??
@SilentKiller Ask a moderator.
They can delete rooms, you cannot.
mean should i flag my self to take mod's attention.
yeah, mods are around you here. good chance
@SilentKiller You can, or ping a moderator who is in chat.
hmmm good idea. ;)
@BenCollins @GeoffDalgas @Shog9 @TimPost @Pops if any one please delete this room
8:19 AM
oh my god
pinged to all.
@TimPost thanks tim :)
So uh, yeah, it's deleted, but try not to create conversations that can't just freeze and naturally be removed over time.
ohk. i thought room are not get deleted by self so pinged you. :) sure will take care of this thing.
@TGMCians what about my question.?
@JanDvorak done
@SilentKiller ok please request again there
I am not a room owner there, guys there will see your past history, may be they allow you
8:25 AM
@TGMCians thanks. One more vote needed
@TGMCians i can't send request access. i am in block list
ok I am helping you then there
:) thanks buddy
@TGMCians thank you buddy
no problem :)
welcome @rene!
8:44 AM
Morning @TGMCians
Good Afternoon
before evening
8:49 AM
You were blamed for some spam @iStimple :D
8:56 AM
@InfiniteRecursion I was blamed for not creating an account on 120 sites to flag spam.
9:08 AM
9:20 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: USE OF ?PATTERN? WITHOUT EXPLICT OPERATOR on stackoverflow.com
Then the blame on you was unfair @iStimple. I support you.
@InfiniteRecursion that wasn't unfair.
good game is going on in the den for anyone that wants to join, we are crashing @ProgramFOX's bot!
@iStimple Shadow Wizard found a way to crash it using one command, and that's not yet fixed ;)
9:31 AM
How @Jan? @iStimple is involved in other cleanup on StackOverflow too. There is a limit to moderation that one can participate in, and it's entirely optional. The mods are the only people who have willingly committed to moderation.
may I cease hunting for spam and simply not give a damn, then?
Hi Everyone
You may, if you want to @Jan. It's an individual choice and commitment.
Hia @Any
9:38 AM
I got a question, when you suspect a normal user up-voting using there account proxy accounts, you flag them, but when user themselves a moderator of the site then xD
@JanDvorak wrecked
@AnyTimeAnyWhere When in doubt flag it out
@InfiniteRecursion then I suppose the Magento spam would have still be around and quite happy
@Unihedron sorry I pressed enter before completing sentence by mistake :)
@JanDvorak: do you really go around trolling sites for spam?
I suppose you are a spammer looking to promote your products here :P
9:39 AM
@Qantas94Heavy wat?
No, I made a choice to join magneto and get rid of it. But that doesn't mean iStimple is to be blamed for it.
Hmm, 40 accounts...
@Qantas94Heavy ridiculous accusation
@Qantas94Heavy ridiculous statement
we're very happy with the work @JanDvorak does
@iStimple interesting feedback
@iStimple interesting response
9:42 AM
@Qantas: Jan has written a script and actively monitors the feed.
@Jan's work and contribution is remarkable.
@Silent: Avoid intermittent lols, add something more substantial. Even the chatrooms on SE have standards regarding quality. If you notice, none of the other users are writing "lols".
@InfiniteRecursion but that was a laughing sentence.
(gives up...)
will try ma best. :P
may be TimPost online there
@JanDvorak flagged
I just noticed today concept of auto downvote when you flag question as SPAM
well done
9:56 AM
Best part is that if you downvote, then flag, you hack out a free downvote from community user :P
Both were gone as soon as I flagged them, so I couldn't observe the auto-downvote.
@Unihedron: it gets a downvote from community either way :)

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