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10:00 PM
@Lix Gone.
@Lix What user?
@animuson - fierce and swift - this is the reason I voted for you :D
@animuson - does the user get some sort of textual explanation for actions like that? Or are they just burninated?
An unregistered account? We just destroy those. Likely they won't even get used again because they're, well, unregistered.
Shog personally visits all of them @Lix. He dries their tears, they cuddle, and both parties agree to move on.
I see... Yea.. I guess without an email to back the account there isn't much you can do...
@Bart - I'd really like to believe that... but getting a visa for a disembodied head would be a nightmare!
10:04 PM
@Lix I see you're on pets.se. ... I also see I've upvoted your stuff already.
@Bart You know, it would be kind of disturbing to cuddle with a severed head
Why does he need a visa? If he ever gets into trouble with the law he can just... float away.
Shog doesn't travel. He just gets fedexed.
@Doorknob That's why shog does it.
I'm watching futurama as we speak - now I'm picturing Shog in a jar :)
Looks like there used to be an app for that.... no more...
10:08 PM
@Lix But I actually made it into a jar... (third image)
@animuson - classic :) I had no doubt that I wasn't the first to think of it :)
@J.Musser A retroactive thank you is in order :)
@Lix (retroactive your welcome)
@animuson would make for a great winterbash hat :)
@J.Musser Why do you keep hanging around?
@J.Musser - possible dupe:
Q: How addicted to Stack Overflow are you?

Andrew MooreHow addicted to Stack Overflow are you really? I've recently realized that I'm getting really addicted to these sites (especially SO) for various reasons. I feel like I've failed myself when a day passes and I didn't reach my 200 reputation cap. (maybe that's a small exaggeration) I've build a...

10:18 PM
@Lix The comment under the first answer is the best!
Some great posts here too: gemsfromstackexchange.tumblr.com
Too bad they don't keep that more up to date.
Hey @AstroCB
@J.Musser Hello.
@animuson You should ping sathya if you find anything good :) - I'm fairly sure he's behind it.
10:25 PM
@AstroCB Hows it goin'?
@J.Musser It is going well: I've almost destroyed the tag.
@AstroCB - so it was you bumping all those old posts :)
@AstroCB Hmm. Well, why haven't you finished?
@J.Musser It is going well: I've almost destroyed the tag.
@AstroCB I know, you just said that.
10:27 PM
@Lix Possibly: it needs to go (and if a mod wants to blacklist it: go ahead).
@AstroCB - no complains from me :) Good work
@J.Musser It timed out and posted twice.
@J.Musser It had around 1000 questions when I started.
@AstroCB how many left?
@J.Musser 302 288
@AstroCB Wow, that's pretty good.
10:45 PM
@bjb568 no tab-complete :(
@ColeJohnson - that one had me in stitches!
@Braiam Sigh… fork it.
Ok folks... I'm off... Was great chatting with everyone! See you all soon!
10:57 PM
@Lix See ya!
11:15 PM
@bluefeet Hello.
I like boobies.
@bjb568 To eat?
you are a cat.
@J.Musser Partially.
@bjb568 disgusting.
11:21 PM
@hichris123 mm?
@hichris123 Could be fun...
can someone search for this "Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code" and tell me what's the first SE site that appears?
@Braiam U&L, then AU.
ok, I was editing several questions with the wrong title
U&L comes first.
@Braiam I get SO first.
11:46 PM
@bjb568 O_O
Q: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)

Gavin PerkinsIt doesn't matter what I try to install using my package manager(sudo apt-get install whatever), I always get this error. dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting: reading files list for package 'inkscape': Input/output error E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2) ...

@bjb568 del-pls
ugh, the answer is wrong...
or more like, is very likely that you break something else in the process
I did get AU in the smart auto box thing tho…
y u no google?
iz allergic
11:49 PM
Q: Getting "'file' is different from the same file on the system" when I attempt to update through synaptic

alinani10Encountered an error while updating through Synaptic Manager. Subsequent updates gave the error at the bottom of the output. I'm a noob so any help is appreciated. al@al:~$ sudo apt-get -f upgrade Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Cor...

@bjb568 SearchEngine duckduckgo = gross
@hichris123 TypeErr
@bjb568 It's Java.
Java's not that bad...
11:53 PM
Java is Java.

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