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6:00 AM
may be there are major issues then this one.
@SilentKiller true, but it doesn't seem like too much work.
then need to ask moderator.
Wonder if you can load animations on chat.
@SilentKiller Hmm, but don't want to be a bother.
@J.Musser we can just suggest.
@SilentKiller which is why I posted a question, surely a mod would see it, and if they thought it important enough, do something.
6:06 AM
@J.Musser yup.. then we should have to wait only
a lot of h's
Whats the first word that starts with h that comes to your head?
@J.Musser head
@SilentKiller Totally boring. How about s?
@J.Musser sun
@SilentKiller Boringer yet. How about what starts with c, ends in l, and has eight letters?
@SilentKiller Hint.
jumped off the top of a 16' ladder today, and hurt my hand.
6:15 AM
@J.Musser why jump.?
@J.Musser carousal
@SilentKiller !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the very word I was thinking of.
@J.Musser LOL
@SilentKiller Well, it was lying on the lawn, so the top wasn't very high - but it was still a 16' ladder.
And btw, the hand injury was entirely unrelated.
@J.Musser :P take care of it.
@SilentKiller Yeah, I was doing sprints on gravel and I slipped... (/me heals quickly)
6:22 AM
although you should take care of injury.
ripped a huge amount of skin off, holding everything together with some tape for now
@J.Musser go and consult to a doctor
@SilentKiller Do you play ultimate frisbee?
@SilentKiller A doctor? :(
@J.Musser for your injury
@SilentKiller 'tis but a flesh wound
I'm an amateur biologist, so I know what it should look like, how to get it to heal, which medications to use, how to treat, etc, just need some time.
@SilentKiller Do you play ultimate frisbee?
@JanDvorak dadgum spam
#2 gone, thanks
don't have a drupal account
I have 120+ accounts
@JanDvorak I have 21
6:30 AM
@J.Musser only you can finish off this one-hour-old piece of spam
@JanDvorak Only who?
OK, maybe @Unihedron can
@JanDvorak So!
@Unihedron gone, thanks
6:32 AM
@JanDvorak I remember you from GL.
You were there 3 days ago, no?
Or was it 4?
@JanDvorak But I was sure you visited, at least within the last week.
I'll go have a look at that profile of yours.
and maybe some comments on spam
@JanDvorak Aha, I was right! You were there recently.
@JanDvorak cop badge?
See, I'm way better at growing stuff. (/j-musser holds nose in air)
@J.Musser gg
6:38 AM
GG? nonsense. It was horrible.
@JanDvorak people don't gg the great J. Musser!
I have to get up for 14 hr. work day in 1 3/4 hrs! See y'all
@Unihedron morning!
@J.Musser You're up again? So early!
No, I didn't go to bed yet.
@Unihedron I get up in >1 3/4 hours.
which is a little bit
especially looking at a physically strenuous 14 hour day ....
6:50 AM
@JanDvorak indeed
@JanDvorak VLQ, yes. But I'm not on SU
@J.Musser then be
@JanDvorak But I'm not a super user
@J.Musser you don't need to be an X in order to serve Xes
6:53 AM
@JanDvorak True, but i don't think I could contribute, it's not really my area.
@J.Musser everybody can flag cr@p
@JanDvorak He heh
@JanDvorak yeah, but I don't like scrolling through my accounts as it is.
I better get out of here.
7:08 AM
I don't think we should've closed this question It seems like something else is likely going on. So not the same bug.
But I guess if it's only SO specific, might as well leave it closed, since there's a bug report on their too.
@hichris123 you know it!
8:25 AM
must... resist... the temptation... to answer the non-answer
should I delvote spam?
@JanDvorak Yes, it will also be hidden with the message "This was marked as spam ... Check the revision history for the contents."
Well, I think it does.
9:58 AM
deleted. Also, learned a new swearword.
@JanDvorak Oh?
Was there even swear words?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: DELETING A TWEET PLEASE on webapps.stackexchange.com
downvoted and favorited as per request. Wait. No. I didn't favorite. — Jan Dvorak 11 secs ago
10:13 AM
Guess he wants the peer pressure badge :)
10:38 AM
please vote to reopen this question , this is definitely not the same bug/caching thing
@iStimple did
12 hours ago, by hichris123
@GeoffDalgas Oh, so that's why the stats page for suggested edits takes so long to load, and why the review counts for suggested edits are incredibly inaccurate.
OMG failed THIS
how on earth this question got 17 upvotes anyway!?
either sock ring or many other people with the same issue
if anyone has any spare votes
Q: Attention needed for a specific question selected to be an audit

me howI was going to close it but I failed. I am not arguing just asking for attention to get this question closed so nobody else "fails". Please vote to close this as The problem described here can no longer be reproduced after the audit question gets its justice.

@iStimple hmm... looking at the guys history it does seem strange his other questions got so many upvotes
IMO they are definitely not suitable for SO - correct me if I am wrong
11:06 AM
cv-pls recommendation stackoverflow.com/q/4535532
@Unihedron cv'd
@mehow thanks!
And today's music recommendation is...
^ apparently no longer available on soundcloud
11:19 AM
I don't have time to find a new one, sorry.
but ... but ... I don't want to sing to myself
Today's Listening | Dance / Electro (Mixsets day 29) | No longer available
maybe you can find it somewhere else
I gotta go
Enjoy your day!
11:21 AM
Some Liquicity Mixes if anyone still needs some music...
@J.Musser I wonder why that is...
Hello sentient beings
Hiya @Inf! I see you're closing questions - Congrats on 3k!
@bjb568 because you can't seem to stop licking yourself.
12:23 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: [[SOLVED][IGNORE]](stackoverflow.com/questions/25567295/solvedignore) on stackoverflow.com
Hiya @Uni . Thanks.
What's wrong?
Wrong with what? @uni
It doesn't format
@SmokeDetector Escape [ and ] in the title with a `\`
12:27 PM
The question title had [], that messed up the markup @Uni
Ah! Content sanitization!
Q: Why always the begginers?

Gentlein the last days i asked myself: Why are there always those People which do downvote a question of beginners or in the worst case they close it. Remember your beginning? You tried everything to get better, but you were infront of a huge problem. What if there were only people which does say i ...

12:43 PM
@InfiniteRecursion -1 another poorly put rant
I didn't even downvote (until you criticized me just then). — Unihedron 29 secs ago
A well-deserved downvote.
Gone before I can flag it.
@Unihedron Congratulations on the promotion to Cyber Policeman. Cookies are in the conference room. New guy has to buy lunch for everyone.
12:56 PM
Just yesterday I was hellbanned, and now I'm a new guy? What an adventurous room, Meta!
waits eagerly for lunch
That user is so rude:
:2356717 is it removed already?
@InfiniteRecursion Solution: Flag as rude or offensive.
Don't feed the trolls. :P
I think it got removed as soon as I flagged it
You casted the binding flag? When a comment gets 4 flags, it gets automatically deleted, I think
Don't quote me on that; Don't quote me on anything; Your mileage may vary; I'm not sure.
1:02 PM
I won't quote you Cyber Policeman.
(Buys lunch for everyone)
@Unihedron Where is it? Where is my lunch?
A scam! A scam! It's fake! @Unihedron is a scammer! He didn't buy me lunch :'( *burns down his home*
My house was burnt down while I was out buying the lunch, what happened? :o
Unihedron is a Nigerian prince
you need to send him some money first so he can mail your lunch
*unburns house*
1:28 PM
A: Why number of Suggested Edits showing different?

Geoff DalgasA fix has been deployed. We are now doing a lot more to make sure that each person reviewing suggested edits has a good opportunity to accurately review them.

@Unihedron It deepens on votes and keywords.
this should be fixed now - sorry for the delay
Heap heap array!
Now how about a rollback button when the review is complete?
Q: Rollback button in suggested edits queue

bjb568 This edit was already approved - please visit the post and correct the edit. Why? Can't I have a rollback button on the page? Preferably putting the edit into a mod queue to consider review-banning the robo-reviewers? The extra clicking seems unnecessary.

1:29 PM
@GeoffDalgas out of curiosity, were there really pending suggested edits? I'm able to review suggested tag edits and the counter kept going up but I never had anything to review.
@Stijn we are doing a better job of only giving out a suggested edit review task to one person for a given window of time. It's a bit like ticketmaster, or any type of reservation system. When you visit a suggested edit review task it's now "checked out" to you for that time - the counter previously didn't reflect the amount of "checked out" tasks
A: Retag is too minor edit?

bjb568Too minor is when you put in too little effort. Too minor is when you don't do enough. Too minor is repainting the titanic while it sinks. Too minor is when I could make a better edit and uncheck "this edit is helpful". Too minor is when you replace a tag with one that should burninated. Too mino...

@Bart you're slow! Check the first comment :)
Pff, you expect me to read things @Stijn?
But I'm indeed at a loss to explain 9 downvotes against 6 upvotes.
1:46 PM
from what I understand OP has been a bit naughty elsewhere, and they're revenge downvotes
@Geoff The number at /review is right, but the orange counter thing is way off.
@Stijn at this point I don't believe the OP has any serious interest in figuring out the problem with his questions
@bjb568 currently? It might be a few off due to caching - how off are you seeing?
@Shog Please purge the comments again
Purging comments here. I'm gonna recommend that folks interested in expressing opinions that can't really be fleshed out fully in a comment take to writing a separate answer - Meta gets used for actual discussion so rarely it appears some have forgotten how to do that, but it's totally possible: just pretend you're debating a position instead of arguing with a person or particular turn of phrase. — Shog9 ♦ yesterday
@GeoffDalgas 37.
1:50 PM
and after an F5? - that count doesn't update in real time
@GeoffDalgas 23 here
@Geoff 20 here
so 20 on the top bar, and 0 here: stackoverflow.com/review ?
@GeoffDalgas I'm not an idiot user! I know interwebz!
1:52 PM
@GeoffDalgas 23 on topbar, zero in the queues display
@bjb568 it's a series of tubes, right?
@bjb568 That lacked a "RAWR!" at the end
@bjb: I am not an idiot user is not useful info for a dev.
Just saying...
@InfiniteRecursion Implied "yes".
Same for me after a Ctrl-F5. 32 in the top bar, 0 to review. Has the fix been deployed yet?
1:57 PM
When someone is deploying a fix into production, it helps if one says "yes" instead of saying "I am not an idiot user". Some day you will know the subtle difference.
Same here, 34 in the top bar, nothing to review. The same after a Ctrl+F5 or F5.
I refreshed three times.
That color scheme... blue badges...
@ProgramFOX those are glass, silver and platinum. Why?
Me like blue!
2:02 PM
I'll use blue pens for sketching on screenshots from now on then!
standing ovation
@Stijn Yes, the fix was deployed.
A: Why number of Suggested Edits showing different?

Geoff DalgasA fix has been deployed. We are now doing a lot more to make sure that each person reviewing suggested edits has a good opportunity to accurately review them. It's a bit like ticketmaster, or any type of reservation system. When you visit a suggested edit review task it's now "checked out" to...

@Unihedron blasphemy! Thine freehand circle shall be red!
there's another level of caching happening here, I'll get to the bottom of it shortly - another large change is coming through at the moment
2:36 PM
[CONFIDENTIAL] On ████████ Braiam will ██ ██████ ████.
Our monkeys on typewriters are decoding that...
The internet keeps surprising me, the turtles are slightly disturbing...
@Stijn dafaq did I just read
2 hours later…
4:35 PM
@ProgramFOX ping
Sorry, we're too concentrated :P
ok, are the suggested edit counts reflecting correctly now?
@GeoffDalgas not for me
4:43 PM
@TGMCians how far off is it now
@GeoffDalgas Not here, it's showing 23 edits while there is nothing to review.
same something like for me also
It's showing 25 for me. Still nothing to review...
I see 15 and there are none to review
I see 0
y'all are crazy
4:52 PM
I see 0 as well
@TGMCians now I see a number. And items to review.
Now I see 20 edits available to review but the counter has vanished.
@Shog9 @GeoffDalgas it is something like for me now ^
aside: this is nice, I can actually leave custom rejection reasons now.
@Shog9 I thought you could do that since forever...
4:59 PM
@Unihedron not if you didn't write them quick enough
yeah, I ain't seeing anything like those screenshots
That is true... But you can berserk them, such as "fix code << DONTDOTHAT"
woops, suddenly I see 11 edits in the queue, 34 review on the topbar
Spoke too soon :)
You can blame them:
5:02 PM
^ That's what I was seeing a few mins ago.
@Shog9: Can you lock the recruitment post on MSO again? The reaction of the community and the sympathetic answers, I find them depressing for the females of SO
@InfiniteRecursion Writing something like ^^^ means "I totally agree with the above post"
The more arrows, the stronger the agreement.
5:05 PM
Ahh, didn't know that. Thanks.
Because using stars would render the message obsolete when it's stuck on the wall.
@InfiniteRecursion in a bit
Anything particularly offensive there this morning?
Thanks @Shog
No, the same nonsense and over-reaction in comments. Nothing offensive in particular, just citations of harassment of women in the industry.
All unrelated to mentoring.
5:10 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: REVENUE COST PROFIT (HELP PLEASE ?!?!?!) on math.stackexchange.com
What are the students treated with nowadays anyway?
occasionally pyrethrin
You are a student @Uni, you tell us ;)
5:26 PM
Don't remind me @Inf, I still have two days of holiday before school :P
Yes, me too.
Ahh, just two days !! Sad :(
I'm home tutored, so... :D
@Uni you spent your holiday committing to scientific Imagination. Quickly write a few what-if questions before the holiday ends :)
@Inf Nah, the proposal died :(
5:32 PM
That's nice @Sam .
Wait no it didn't.
That's weird, it says the proposal was removed for possible reasons of moderation when I tried to access it a while earlier...
It was a weird idea anyways, asking and answering what-if imaginary questions didn't seem beneficial.
@InfiniteRecursion Randall Munroe gave a TED talk in March about his what-if blog: ted.com/talks/randall_munroe_comics_that_ask_what_if
I saw that earlier @Andy, am a huge fan of his. But the adaptation of the what-ifs in SI was not even close to Munroe's sense of humor.
One sad experience:
A: Volunteer to help mentor one of 16 new graduates starting a career in programming

KendraI wish I'd had something like this when I entered the professional programming world after graduation. As a woman in IT, I've seen plenty of sides of being shut out. I started out as a networker, and it's what I graduated college for. Through college, I worked in the school's NOC and did my inte...

Another sad experience:
A: Volunteer to help mentor one of 16 new graduates starting a career in programming

k-denI just left a job at a Fortune 50 US company with a mentoring program. Being able to get female mentors in that program was extremely difficult, male mentors, pretty darn easy. Male senior programmers available in this company of thousands? There were hundreds. Female senior programmers? The...

5:54 PM
At least it's good to see some of those responses come in now the initial storm has calmed down somewhat.
It's depressing to read those things @Bart. How would school teens on SO feel if they saw so much sympathetic posts and tragedies being cited discussing teen tragedies?
They wouldn't feel as happy as they are now. Same for me.
Of course it's depressing @InfiniteRecursion. But I'd rather see depressing in the open than that it remains hidden and can be dismissed as "it must not exist because I never heard about it".
@Bart Yeah, it's nice to see answers coming in (even ones I profoundly disagree with) instead of the initial comment shitstorm.
I didn't mean living in denial is happiness. But that post in particular, and MSO/SO in general may not be the right place for it. There is hardly any female participation on SO, and the ones that participate have to see sympathetic posts every month. A neutral environment might be more encouraging.
Myeah @AnnaLear, "sad" does not begin to describe what happened.
6:06 PM
Makes you wonder what happens if you post a real issue...
@InfiniteRecursion perhaps MSO is not the best venue for it. But I think it's the best we have. A blog wouldn't have worked.
I totally agree with the post, it's perfect for MSO, the sad reactions and answers discussing gender more than the issue of volunteers is discouraging.
Remember @SumerKolcak90? Suspended.
One of many Sumer Kolcaks
6:11 PM
@Bart just wait for SumerKolcak91
I am around here...
@TGMCians tnx
@ColeJohnson "I know what you did last SumerKolcak"
A: JQuery mobile and Phonegap - Doesn't display correctly on android phone

user3904924Solution to my stupid problem: I did not have any connection to internet on my phone and therefore Jquery would not load. Guess I'll have to use a local file in the future.

> Sümer Kolçak was born in Turkey however in 1995 December he left Turkey and was in United States. unfortunately due to racism in US, Sümer Kolçak never made it far in life. Soon as Sümer Kolçak's web site motiono took off he was investigated by FBI
That's only part of the story. Google and you shall find gold
6:17 PM
Q: Regarding the xdotool spammer

BorgleaderSome of you who regularly broswe the c++/c#/python (and a few other) tags will probably have run into this guy in the last few days. He's been spamming so with a fairly lengthy post mentioning amongst other things google, amazon and xdotool. Exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C Exhibit D These are j...

Maybe it is not the trolling he's after - maybe he enjoys getting banned! Or maybe it's a 'she' ... with that said it could be a monkey. That's it! My 2 cents is that it is a pet monkey who tries to get her owner's account hell banned! — chmod 711 telkitty Aug 22 '13 at 16:07
That comeback should be printed in a book.
The youtube videos and twitter avatars lead me to believe it's a guy
Perhaps United States is Number 1 in the world for a reason.. THEY STEAL. THEY ARE THİEVES. Their wealth is based on theft of life of others. Their wealth is not granted to them by the agreeing forces of the Cosmos. Sort of like a mafia system. You always wonder how they are able to do so well. Turns out the whole country The USA is simply mafia. And yet US is still considered a country in the world. "United States of America". What "STATES" ?.. try .. "United Mafia Organizations of America"
6:35 PM
Mandatory related XKCD...
user image
The riot torn "never gonna give you up"
Sorry to interrupt the Sumer Saga: The recruitment post is locked :)
Carry on...
@Sam are the counts converging?
@GeoffDalgas now there's a secret spy message if I've ever heard one. "The counts are converging. I repeat, the counts are converging"
@GeoffDalgas It's getting better, but still...
6:43 PM
the counter doesn't show up until there are > 9
Oh right. I'll just have to wait then.
11 in queue, no counter
@Sam please check now
@InfiniteRecursion Only 4 atm.
that's ok - the counter is really a bat signal
Yes, you reviewed and emptied it.
6:49 PM
it won't ever be 100% due to the amount of people reviewing at the same time
as long as it's close
Can I just say I've just noticed the FP queue say there's 13 posts available, but when I go to check them out there's nothing left.
And then a few secs later the queue apparently increased by a couple of posts, and still there's nothing.
Ok, then it's behavior is fine now. The counter is fairly close now @Geoff.
I'll keep an eye on it
@Sam blame caching
@ColeJohnson I know, I know. http://shouldiblamecaching.com/
6:59 PM
@Sam but your browser may be caching that!

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