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12:17 AM
Hi, @Shog9, I'm guessing this changed suggested edit record is the result of you looking into this BR?. ... Also, this bug with the API and improved SE's seems related.
Donno what you're talking about, that review task looks just fine to me... (I've found the cause of the issue here, will write it up on the dup I guess) — Shog9 ♦ 22 secs ago
@AwesomePoodles I highly doubt they're related
but... I can probably guess what's causing that API bug
@Shog9 Okay. The fix is the important thing. Thanks.
1:28 AM
@AwesomePoodles here ya go:
A: Not getting “credit” for Improve Edit

Shog9As others have surmised, there are lots of reasons why you might be able to "improve" a suggested edit without getting credit for it: You could've hit your limit for suggested edit reviews that day You could've somehow gotten review-banned after loading the review task but before submitting the...

@Shog9 Thanks. So if I get called away for 40 minutes before completing my improved edit; it will no longer discard it?
I guess that probably was what happened in my case(s).
1 hour later…
2:41 AM
@AwesomePoodles @Shog9 - Yes, there should be some limit to the length of time spent. If you are taking an hour you could probably write your own answer if there are to be that many changes (or that much effort). Squatting on the edit blocks it from getting through the queue in a timely manner (and the slim? chance of further edits that others are entitled to make).
@Rob I'm not particularly interested in trying to judge that. After all, you can always just... Open up a text editor and write as much as you want, then refresh the page, click "edit", and submit.
OTOH, that dude who was submitting reviews > 6 months after the tasks were completed... That I'm interested in judging.
@Rob "Squatting" is not a factor in my cases due to very low review activity. Anyway, if there is to be a time limit it (A) shouldn't orphan the edit/review and (B) should provide a warning or indication.
Anyway, the crux of the problem here wasn't even that there's a limit on how long you can take to review (there isn't) - it's that the operation isn't atomic: for very, very legacy reasons, editing completes the review but doesn't actually store the result - which then has to be submitted separately.
There's a reasonable argument to be made for fixing that as well, but, much bigger change.
3:05 AM
@Shog9 - Perhaps an 'inactivity warning' should come up at 10 minutes, something more aggressive than a "Chat ping". As long as the person is actually editing, and not gone to dinner/asleep, then I'm not against a lengthy edit. Indeed for some sites you would have to read and digest a complex paper (Physics, Chemistry, Quantum Computing, etc.) and check your facts as you go. --- Rather than "orphan/reject" it could be saved and the user kicked from the review queue and sent to the Q&A's
webpage where all their efforts would be preserved in the 'edit window'.
BUT, I'm not seeking to make a lot of work for the Devs, just wondering what is fair for everyone. We don't want a good edit tied up and everyone locked out from offering their own 2¢ and the benefit of the editor's wisdom and improvement.
As long as my 2¢ floats around somewhere, and your happy with how it is, good enough for me.
sd fp-
@Rob on the other hand, its not always about getting credit. As long as the edit goes through....
True. An improvement by an expert in the field shouldn't be rejected because they are busy saving a life or splitting a neutrino.
3:24 AM
An improvement by an expert... that conflicts with author's intent...
that can be annoying
can also be rolled back
3:39 AM
@Rob If memory serves, we unlock after 5 minutes - that is, we'll assign the review to someone else. At that point, whoever gets their review in first "wins".
(slightly more complex than that, but not by much)
> Anyway, I'm 13 and want to learn C#.
Bad choice of language.
4:06 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Url in title, potentially bad asn for hostname in body (97): HTTPS://S3-US-WEST-2.AMAZONAWS.COM/PROJECTS-ACB/AV-MEDIA/POWER_STATION_WHENWO‌​RLDSCOLLIDE.MP4 by Mark Haefeli on security.SE
I can't tell if that is spam or just a really confused lawyer.
4:27 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Messaging number in answer (88): Alternativas para não usar o WebView by Rubens Flavio on pt.stackoverflow.com
2 hours later…
@AwesomePoodles ok, got a patch in the queue for the Improved edit markdown mismatch. That's an old bug that apparently got fixed in the main path but never addressed on the API; high time we did.
6:46 AM
How do I tell if a temporary chat suspension is automated or manual?
Two more minutes...
I'm going to assume it was automatic due to flagging, since it said "feeds" deleted the message (I'd imagine it would show as a mod if a mod did it).
7:02 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (94): Reviewer deleted my comments and i do not think he have enough reason to do so by Auburn on meta.SE (@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog @ShadowWizard)
Anyway, time's up so whatever.
@Shog9 Thank you.
I think this question need dupe gold hammer. Op miss behave on answer section.
@Shree I reported that answer as NAA.
Humm thanks also i think its fall under R/A
7:06 AM
It doesn't seem R/A to me.
Humm ok.
It's just not an answer, if a bit confrontational.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user (69): Reviewer deleted my comments and i do not think he have enough reason to do so by Auburn on meta.SE (@SonictheInclusiveHedgehog @ShadowWizard)
I got an email for the watch swag \o/
apparently they did have extras
congrats :)
1 hour later…
8:17 AM
@EKons I think it is more that it got a bit too creepy to her liking. I'm sorry for that.
@forest I'd really appreciate it if you don't repeat the stuff that got you suspended in one room in this room. Thanks!
@Tinkeringbell I didn't repeat it or even link to it.
Was just ranting. But I'm done now. :P
Well, then don't include hints to whatever you said in your rants... Please?
It may very well confuse people and end up with flags here as well.
Did I?
Didn't try to if so.
8:27 AM
@Tinkeringbell I say that two different e-mails from JNat with the same topic can be considered spam, so he own us all a dollar.
@forest I just deleted two messages, that seemed a lot like you were just repeating what you said in another room... So even if you didn't try so, it looked a lot like it.
Oh, yeah no I wasn't repeating what I said. I can see how it'd look like that.
@Derpy :P. We can now all earn 111 dollars by sending each other a spam mail.
[ Smokey ] Duplicate emails in the inbox (75) : Stack Exchange
@Tinkeringbell I have deleted the first mail already. I hope the others were "virtuous" enough to do the same.
8:30 AM
@Derpy Ehh. Nope, didn't even really think of it.
Be good, trash it. You still have the original message in the second mail JNat sent.
It's gone now. But I can still find your e-mail ;)
either mods have access to the full profile info like staff members do, in which case I don't care - it is part of your "work" or... you don't since you have no way to know which one was my mail.
I am not derpy enough to use a really recognizable one like [email protected]
@Derpy :) Just making the point that deleting it, although nice, makes little sense if you have a diamond, because if I wanted malice, I don't need that e-mail ;)
I just read it as Shadow Lizard. I should wash my face.
8:43 AM
Lizard? Where? ;)
I don't care about rep or revenge downvotes. I don't comment because of the unwelcoming responses I am likely to receive from the OP. I have an aversion to being verbally abused, I could care less about a mosquito bite. — Tiny Giant Jul 13 '18 at 14:37
"could care less" Triggered
And coming from none other than Tiny Giant
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ If that's triggering, how about this? reddit.com/r/copypasta/comments/82oa4x/i_holehardedly_agree
think I have found out the watch model. "Water Resistant to 3ATM", that's what I wanted to find out.
8:56 AM
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ what is so special about him?
btw, it is too late to ask them to replace the SE logo on the screen with Shog9 face?
not to late to replace all profile pictures with Shog9 face
@ShadowWizard Grammar guru
@forest Nah that one isn't common enough to trigger, it's just hilarious
Yeah but it has a lot of phrases that are painfully common. :P
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (87): I want to transfer movies from my computer to my iPhone. How? by Ethan0Louise on superuser.com
9:02 AM
Plus if you holehardedly agree with something, it's probably the same as wholeheartedly except your heart is misplaced
Imagining an excited butthole beating fast
I only have one thing to say to that...
You might have to come to this conclusion through denial and error but I swear on my mother's mating name that when you put the petal to the medal you will pass with flying carpets like it’s a peach of cake!
Peach cake, I like peach cake
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ when excited (for good or bad reasons) one doesn't really think of grammar... Even guru. ;)
..... counting answers on the time swag, considering multiple submissions by the same users... I am somehow sure that every positive scored answer got a watch.
9:05 AM
@forest BTW Reddit is blogged so I did not see pass the title
and they originally said "25"
once again, they outdone it ^_^'
And that's probably my best shot at it
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ who blog it?
I just realized what "BBL" means...
@ShadowWizard the ISP
9:13 AM
anyway, time to use the "hide post" function again.
9:27 AM
.... funny, didn't notice that "restoring" the WB init script even restored the snowflake icon
basically, almost everything is working - except hat switching....
@andmyself not president?
anyway... did I miss something on this bug report, or what does it mean by "Click <kbd>e</kbd>"???
Q: Can a Disney Princess be adopted into royalty?

Alex DownsBecause two of the optional requirements to become one is to be born or married into royalty, but it says nothing about being adopted into a royal family.

@andmyself okay... keyboard nav.... that makes sense...
Keyboard shortcuts yeah.
@Mithrandir became master of those. ;)
9:45 AM
I just got privilage for seeing upvotes and downvotes, and this is one of my questions XD
@VerNick that privilege is "fake".
you can do that even without unlocking the "privilege"
there is an user script for that
@Derpy Where?
let me find it...
just a sec...
@Derpy Although it is much easier with a privilage, isn't it?
if you install the userscript, it works exactly the same way.
Q: "View Vote totals" without 1000 rep

Rob W Screenshot About The vote counts are a great tool to determine whether an answer is disputed or not. Unfortunately, not many of us have enough time to join all Stack Exchange websites and get 1000 reputation. This script unlocks the "View Vote counts" feature for those who are not logge...

based on what the staff said in the past, they did it this way just to reduce the number of queries.
9:48 AM
A slimy sounding practice imho.
@Derpy Thanks dude!
basically the idea is that the extra effort to install the script should be enough to avoid to many user randomly clicking the button "just for fun"
@forest ye do realize we are all in the same boat here, right?
"don't waste my resource so that we won't have to become more rigid in rule-enforcing."
personally, I would prefer them to continue assuming good faith instead than having to switch to watch dog mode and secure everything
So why not just increase rate limiting?
Allow, say, 5 fetches for vote counts every 30 seconds.
9:52 AM
@forest probably just some historical thing that never got changed.
Instead of one every one second.
That's my guess too.
I don't exclude that originally that query did indeed need some privilege - or at least was intended to.
There is also one very useful extension for SE.
10:16 AM
the "year in moderation" meta post just appeared on localized SOs...
10:33 AM
@Derpy yeah the vote split can be calculated via timeline. That's probably how the userscript works.
Actually I think its just 'hidden' client side
Don't think so. But never bothered to really check. :)
Nop script call api to get up/down vote not from hidden client side. I am below 1000 on meta so I also used that.
10:53 AM
@ShadowWizard nope, The Dog is probably right. Based pm the code, it just calls in the same api
11:07 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted user (69): Problems with F-Secure Antivirus by Chrish Hemesh on superuser.com
burinate the user too?
considering the username is the same as the company he just spammed about....
@ShadowWizard Post 1: Could not find data for this post in the API. It may already have been deleted.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in body, blacklisted user (70): Which is the best Bluetooth Headphones in the market? by Adcom Hitech on meta.SE
@SmokeDetector sure you couldn't, you lag
12:05 PM
room fun levels dropping.
boredom increasing
switching to sleep mode
What kind of fun? I'm at work, so I can't help much.
Shall I make a lame joke?
Have you ever seen an elephant hiding behind a tree?
@Tinkeringbell ^
See. It's a lame joke :P
Even ponies make it.
"potentially problematic ns configuration"
What does that mean?
Only thing I can think of that NS stands for is nameserver...
it does
12:16 PM
So that's for the NS configuration of links in the answer?
What makes the configuration problematic from a spam point of view?
some nameservers are only used by spammers
on a different note, a 'Lost Soul' on Puzzling:
Hi Harry Stylesheet, welcome to Puzzling! I'm not sure which search brought you here but the problem you describe will not be answered on this specific site. To get an answer from users that have the expertise about the topic of your question you'll have to find and then re-post on the proper site. Check How do I ask a good question and What is on topic on the target site to make sure your post is in good shape. Your question is definitely off-topic on Puzzling and is better deleted here. — Glorfindel 2 mins ago
Puzzling.SE needs to be more structured and non-confusing...
@andmyself They need to use less esoteric languages.
Oh wait
I'm thinking of code golf
They're both silly and confusing sites.
Well, as an outsider, they do seem like little more than a jumble of challenges but maybe there is some structure
12:28 PM
@Tinkeringbell easy: opposite kind than what I like. :D
How about you read the ACPIv6 specs? That's fun!
(Oh god even thinking about that brings up past traumas...)
(How can anyone read 1000+ pages of ACPI horrors?)
@forest more or less, some spammers use namecheap a lot
ordering coffee capsules
I use them too, for probably slightly similar reasons
yeah same
12:30 PM
@Tinkeringbell Elephant hiding behind a tree:
That's a bush, not a tree! You're a phony!
@forest Didn't want to post that picture again, but ... Remember, it's your fault.
Who's the phoney? You're not a forest, you're a little girl.
as I said once...
Nov 21 '18 at 14:28, by Derpy
here, @Magisch. This is taken from actual, real world SharePoint CAML schema definition documentation
Nov 21 '18 at 14:30, by Derpy
you have XML property which value must be a case-sensitive "TRUE" otherwise they will be considered false, others that must be case-insensitive "TRUE" otherwise will considered false, some that are considered true if assigned a value, even if that value is "FALSE" and so on....
@forest ^ would you prefer having to work with this one?
@Rob so what am I?
12:45 PM
@ShadowWizard you're a
That's so horrifying.
nvm wrong link
No wait maybe it was the right one.
Well it surely is taking a horrifying amount of time to load for me
Ugh I'm too tired to think. Whatever it is, that's horrifying.
I just searched for one of those strings and clicked the first PDF.
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ better than z
@ShadowWizard - conjoined triplets.
12:51 PM
I can beat that. I'm 3 midgets in a trench coat.
@forest isn't that wonderful? one time you have to write the guid with braces and dashes, the next one only dashes, then all caps....
what's that
^ I hereby propose that @forest changes the avatar picture to Purah from BotW
@forest prove
I can't or it'd blow my cover.
12:57 PM
@forest who you work for then?
The Zodiac Killer.
But Dexter killed him!
oh wait... no it was "Trinity Killer" there
Arthur Mitchell, often referred to as the "Trinity Killer", is a fictional character in the Showtime TV series Dexter. The character is portrayed by John Lithgow, who won a Golden Globe Award and a Primetime Emmy Award for his performance. He is the main antagonist in season four. In 2016, Rolling Stone ranked him #34 of their "40 Greatest TV Villains of All Time". == Character overview == Arthur Mitchell is portrayed as an unassuming suburbanite and family man — who for 30 years has been living a double life as a serial killer. In the series, FBI agent Frank Lundy dubs him the "Trinity Killer...
Oh really?
Ordered 100 capsules of espresso coffee.
Should arrive with a messenger in few days. :D
!!/coffee for
@ShadowWizard brews a cup of Americano for @for
1:12 PM
@Derpy that almost looks like Inklings, but maybe I was too tired...
I don't know what it is, but it's cute.
> Purah regressed to age six as a result of the experimental anti-aging rune
Oh it's a Zelda thing.
That is cute.
Yeah you could also reverse search the image. :)
Usually works with what @Derpy posts.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, username similar to website in answer (113): Does Vedic karma yield fruit in foreign countries? by zindgisavaro on hinduism.SE
1:33 PM
I wonder if Tim really got more than 200 swag boxes to send, or will there be many frustrated users... :/
Congrats! You got a pen!
in Shadow's Den, 9 secs ago, by KennyBOT
~ Didn't I have pen before?
Smart bot ^
Or maybe the swag is an invitation card to a battle royal SE HQ
Think most devs/CMs work remotely so it's not really a big thing. :D
then a battle royal, it is...
1:38 PM
@ShadowWizard or you could actually read the message I posted, that's an option too :P
43 mins ago, by Derpy
^ I hereby propose that @forest changes the avatar picture to Purah from BotW
@Derpy r... re... rea.... read?! What's that? ;)
2:17 PM
@ShadowWizard Yeah that's how I found out what it was, via TinEye.
2:36 PM
@ShadowWizard $50 for coffee!, I hope the included messenger is female for the price. Should have stuck with Cronat Gold. I'm cheap? and get 340g of instant coffee for less than U$6 which lasts over a month (I guess, never checked); and I drink well over 10 big cups a day. 50 bucks, those capsules are an expensive way to go.
@Rob Hey! Perhaps Shadow likes his messengers to be male...
That's possible but if I was buying then I would not.
It's just 60 cents per cup of coffee. Still a lot cheaper than you'd pay in a lot of other places ;)
Yes, less expensive than a restaurant.
And capsules taste a lot better than instant coffee (or so I was told). Everybody has their vices ;)
2:38 PM
Less expensive than at the Four Seasons hotel too.
But if you are really an aficionado then you would buy beans and fresh grind.
The "No Name" instant coffee I buy tastes at least 80% as good as ground coffee (except for Maui) but costs 1/3 to 1/4 the price; and is certainly more convenient.
In keeping with your conversation of yesterday there's also Kopi Luwak, which is very expensive. (Yuk!).
haha shhh!
We banned that topic, as Shadow can't behave when it's mentioned ;)
oh, nice, Repetance will actually include content from Antibirth. So goes goodbye to any hope of understanding Binding of Isaac lore.
@Tinkeringbell - Is he tolerable if we discuss Panda Tea?
Ehh. I'd stick with chocolate and only having 10 minutes to go until the end of my work day :)
@Rob just curious, do you eat honey?
2:51 PM
Time to clear off the desk for the race to the door.
@Rob I don't do exercise. :P
@MikeTheLiar Bee vomit?, yes. Do you like chicken abortions?
Chicken abortions, no, not at all.
Guys come on... a bit less crass?
Chicken periods are delicious though.
2:53 PM
What was crass?
*scrolls up*
@forest and a bit less drama :P
I was referring to regular eggs. Not eggs that are fertilized.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, potentially problematic ns configuration in answer (61): How to play MIDI files directly in chrome? by Kumar Sanu on superuser.com
Now... let's just call them eggs ;)
@Rob uh
You've got that backwards
On a more relevant topic
I'm getting intermittent 500 errors trying to update the C# chat room description.
2:56 PM
If it's repeatable Meta wants to know.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body (97): Economic Questions ✏️ by Jack on economics.SE
@SmokeDetector Hesitantly FP...
It is dangerous to go alone
Take this.
3:22 PM
imagining Thor throwing that hammer...
3:52 PM
I think this is the best use of VR
4:07 PM
Ooooh, I've got to do that here :D
I might almost consider running for mod, if I can ban users in our VR setup
@Bart You don't need VR to get that satisfying feeling :P
4:27 PM
@Tinkeringbell but it would add a cool factor :D
@Mgetz you need to google "Desert Bus VR"
@Rob will keep the Hobby Horse, but thanks for the offer
@Bart modding doesn't need more cool factors ;)
@Tinkeringbell but ... but ... looks at VR studio behind him ... but I can!
@Bart nah, it would make things too cool. That's not good. ;)
You'd get the same problems as when there was still swag for nominating in elections :P
4:40 PM
"Why are there no more users on SO?" "Ah, well, we had a moderator who worked for a VR company ..."
@Derpy you donated?
I donated few bucks, was referred to it by @JSON
@Tinkeringbell hmm? 😁
Even the hammer would beat the horse ...
@Tinkeringbell well messengers come and go... No strings attached! :)
@Rob for 100 capsules? $0.5 isn't much for cup of espreso or cappuccino if I add milk. Oh and got Jacob's Cronat too, here it comes in 200g jar and cost around $6 too.
In restaurants or kiosks plain espresso cost at least $2
4:55 PM
But is it genuine espresso or 'instant coffee espresso'?
What else?
Cloney is the messenger ;-)
So, flavor with coffee.
Nah tried the flavored ones (e.g. chocolate) and didn't like it
Bought mostly strong types
10 capsules should contain coffee made from beans growing in Indonesia lol
5:00 PM
Bought the variety pack?
@Rob nah chose the capsules myself
A: Implement ```-style (fenced) Markdown code blocks

balphaCode fences work now. function DeepThought(task) { this.task = task; } DeepThought.prototype.answer = function () { switch (this.task) { case "life, universe, and everything": return 42; default: throw "not implemented"; } } (view source on this answer) As much as ...

5:18 PM
en, @rene, you were lookin' for that... ^
@Shog9 I recently proposed this. I have now thought even more about this and the users feedback, built new mockups using your Stack system - should I write a new question or just update that one? My edit would change about 50% of the post
@MEE does it fundamentally change the question - does it change what you're proposing?
@Shog9 It still want some feedback about this idea, only some "implementation details" are changed
6:04 PM
@MEE Just edit it then, & comment on answers or whatever that are maybe out of date
@Shog9 awesome! Kudos once more to the team. Well deserved.
So now we can whine for 6 to 8 weeks about the partial implementation of Common Mark ;)
6:34 PM
@Shog9 ok, the new edit is out
7:10 PM
@Shog9 I just noticed that the rep is shown on mobile if it is updated via the heartbeat. Is this or a bug? Would write a meta post but maybe you can say it is bydesign and I don't have to ;)
I've seen that too.
7:34 PM
Always nice when the doctor you're visiting says "you're really sick, go see another doctor"...
Thanks, sports doctor. I wasn't aware of that before...
@Mithrandir We don't have such blings here, what's a sports doctor?
Checks your heart rate while you're doing cardio?
@M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ A doctor who specializes in athletes.
@Mithrandir Yeah, that explains basically nothing
Basically, we needed to get checked to make sure that we won't kill ourselves riding bikes.
So the doctor checked stuff like breathing, hearts, etc
And also told me that I need to see a regular doctor and get antibiotics
2 hours later…
9:55 PM
@Mithrandir I take it that you're not really sick, right?

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