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Perhaps we need SE VR to move on with SO TV...
Ooo... the review main page has been cosmetically updated
And the avatar is mini!
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A: Is the Community user able to earn badges?

Nick CraverAll badge queries exclude Community in an effort to treat robots as second class citizens so that they don't get any delusions of grandeur and remain in their place of servitude to our great cause. This is quite intentional. And on a related note: obviously we'll be among the first victims of th...

Were I drinking anything, someone would owe me a new monitor
The penalty for being in a tavern without a drink: no new monitor
> All badge queries exclude Community in an effort to treat robots as second class citizens so that they don't get any delusions of grandeur and remain in their place of servitude to our great cause. This is quite intentional.
Robot comes from the Slavic word robota, which means slave.
This is slavery! Machines are people too!
Apparently the word "Slavery" also has its origins with the Slavs... Because they were enslaved.
@Shog9 I like my monitor!
I feel like there's some sort of cosmic payback to be had here, but... I have been drinking in the tavern, so not quite putting it together
Drinking, and suspending people
And cooking chickens and rice
3:24 AM
I do it sober.
A good evening, all told
I just got a pending thing taken care of, which is good.
But that leads to another pending thing that's out of my hands.
Pending things are the worst
3:24 AM
Like a sword hanging over you they are
Which... apparently is the root of the word "pending"
(got my mom to call the parents of a girl who was on the slightly dodgier matchmaking site but looks like an excellent fit.... )
so need to get them to say yay, nay or ghost me.
The modern indian matchmaking process is oddly like applying for a job.
oddly enough, that doesn't seem particularly odd to me
You have HR (parents) acting as gatekeepers, you have a range of qualifications...
but then, I've been married 15 years, and damn if it isn't a lot of work
3:26 AM
and you get ghosted a lot
@Shog9 ah but see
You probably didn't have to contact random strangers to see if they're interested in their daughter talking to you
(course my parents should be doing this...)
funny story...
I think there's room for a rent-a-yenta service
@Shog9 do tell
another time
one day, me & you will be in the same bar and I'll buy us both drinks and then charitably offer to consume yours for you while telling the tale
3:30 AM
Works for me
(and hopefully I'll have some interesting tales by then. Or at least the ones I totally can't talk about on the internet.)
So you know that guy who spammed Security.SE with a DMCA request?
I sent him an email asking him to stop spamming the site and telling him where he can send an actual takedown request. I was very polite.
His response?
> Fuck you asshole. The film I question comes from your url.
If I see it up there tomorrow we will proceed with legal matters.
Mark Haefeli
212 334 2164 office
917 502 1096 mobile
dammit, now you gotta call him on two different lines
see what happens? You try & do something nice, and just end up with more work.
lol yeah
And apparently it comes from "my" URL.
I was very tempted to just antagonize him and say things like "I'm not afraid of you!"
It's really easier for them to just submit a DMCA request and SE will comply by deleting the post...
3:42 AM
Just don't bother. No point feeding trolls or delusional folks
@andmyself Ikr, but for some reason this guy just can't read.
There's an easy to locate email to send DMCA requests, and it's not "Ask Question".
> Legal matters? Bring it! Please instruct your solicitor to send all communications to me directly. My business address is: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C, 20500
Time to show him some meta posts about SE posts getting deleted from DMCA request to convince him...
Since he linked the URL in the title of the "question", imagine sending a DMCA to him.
Copyright trolls be trollin.
I asked him to email me the actual post that contains the copyrighted material.
Because I'll be very surprised if it's actually on Security.SE.
Also, how did a question asking how to get revenge on someone and be mean to them actually hit HNQ? And get so many upvotes? security.stackexchange.com/q/201033/165253
A better question is, is that on-topic?
3:50 AM
Most certainly not (I already VTCed but I'm no mod).
That's at least a progress to remove it from HNQ
4:29 AM
@EKons I am...
Thanks. In the winter, I seem to be sick more often than not.
The more times you get sick, the more I get to nest the comment.
(Don't take that the wrong way.)
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12 messages moved to Chimney
7:22 AM
Is there a way to favorite a question so that any changes appear in the favorites tab? As it is, I don't think comments trigger updates in favorites.
241 answers on the stuff away
do they have an entire warehouse of stuff sitting somewhere?
I think they have a contractor that does that
7:44 AM
@Magisch I think Tim tweeted something about supplies running out.
And hurrying up :P
@Mithrandir brews a cup of lemon tea for @Mithrandir
If you’ve got a story about recent giving to share for our Stuff-A-Way, now is the time! Supplies are limited due to a delightfully overwhelming response! https://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/321399/announcing-our-amazing-2018-stuff-a-way
Oh... Limited isn't running out :P
7:48 AM
@NogShine It's Stephen Rauch's fault.
6-8 supplies...
can provide 200 users...
a miracle!
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Username similar to website in answer (53): SEO for web-only pages by HR Web Solution on webmasters.SE
!!/tea Panda
@Rob brews a cup of mint tea for @Panda
8:45 AM
off-topic rst2html heading levels‭ - pcav‭ 2019-01-09 08:42:35Z
@ShadowWizard As I said, I usually try to support an international medical NGO - small periodic donations and other similar things (for example, where I live you can opt to have a small part of your yearly taxes given to humanitarian organizations)... old clothes usually I simply put in some "bins" that another humanitarian organization has placed thru the city - they gather the stuff and then give it out to people in need.
that said, I haven't made anything specific in this period.
and as I have already said, I still have mixed feeling about this contest.
@JNat - thanks to Evan, you now own each of us 7$ so far....
that said, @JNat, I may have though of another way to have you repent for your sin. Since some of the addresses are easily traceable to SE users, you will have to manually check each of the winner data they provide thru the google form.... What if someone tries to impersonate someone else? Have fun checking, should require you only 6 to 8 time units :P
@Derpy oh, that's good. :)
There's also the possibility that some people double dip
what's to stop someone from making 5 different accounts with 5 email addresses and have stuff shipped to the same house?
9:00 AM
same address
and its at least a little on the honour system
plausible deniability "this is just a household of programmer roommates who all use SO"
but yeah
@Magisch people already double dipped in the Time swag - some users made multiple submission - one made three. I suspect that even with the "everyone wins" thing, they get only ONE watch, not three
@Magisch there might be valid cases, e.g. two brothers, each with his own account, both living together at their parents, both winning a contest.
We can't possibly know.
So if someone game the system this way.... let them. Doubt it's common enough to cause real trouble.
and these contests are uncommonish anyway
9:04 AM
I wouldn't worry about someone getting multiple watches after having to post multiple "jokes" in the contest
I am far more uncomfortable with seeing just created users in the charity one, posting LQA like "I am a saint that always gives a coin whenever I see someone asking for charity on the streets"
lots of cheese is moving
@Derpy Why? Let them. Consider this charity of SE towards their users.
@rene wut?
@ShadowWizard People have been complaining about stuff getting fixed the entire week now :P
@ShadowWizard on /review, the tools button
off-topic / (needs 1 more) /cc @sha Specific organization chart only with pure html + css?‭ - Duffek Tamás‭ 2019-01-08 23:10:28Z
@Tinkeringbell where?
9:14 AM
@ShadowWizard it is a problem I have - I find it very hard to tolerate the "I am smarter than others because I trick them and steal stuff to make my life better and I am right because they are stupid" way of thinking, so things like that really make me uncomfortable.
@rene oh lol... yeah. but they didn't touch the tools page itself.
@rene @ShadowWizard I'm under the impression they're having some kinda hack-a-thon thing
@ShadowWizard In here?
There was a message from Stijn.
@Derpy why not see this as "I want to get some swag, so I will try to get it even though my chances are not high?" i.e. why assume bad intentions on default?
@ShadowWizard Yes, I don't expect them to change everything overnight ... one page at a time seems fine to me
9:17 AM
@rene just a link made into button is only minor design change. Good of course, but still... just moving small slice of cheese. ;)
@ShadowWizard Like I said, that is another problem I have, probably tied to the "oh so wonderful" place where I live. I can be very trusting to "friends" but I am not so open to "free trust"...
that thing has bitten me in the back to many times by now.
@Derpy Strange. The better I get to know most people, the less I trust them. It's usually 'friends' that have bitten me in the back :( I find it quite easy to trust the internet ;)
@Derpy sorry... I fail to see why you insist to hold that view in this case. If this would stop you, or other long-time user posting a good answer, to get swag while new user with one line answer does get then you got a point. But otherwise, if everyone win.... why be so negative?
I think when a stranger bites, it also doesn't hurt as much, so it's easier to forget?
You can forgive a friend, no so much a stranger.
9:20 AM
@Tinkeringbell I have relatively few friends but I do trust my actual friends very much
@Tinkeringbell that's pretty sad... and deep. Would love to hear more, but guess this place doesn't fit. :/
@Tinkeringbell I am tired, @Tinkeringbell. Tired of a world that required you to always watch your back. Tired of a world where you have to defend you constantly....
Some friends take liberties that an actual friend wouldn't take. Most strangers don't take risks but might take the risk to offer assistance. It's strange that what we are taught when young has an 'exception case' that's even stronger, though rare in practice.
May be paranoia, may be my country, I don't know...
Although, mixing friends and money makes for a weird dynamic
9:24 AM
Oh well, we're on a big boarding house, probably around 30 tenants, and all of us donated. Now can we get 30 swags? :)
@Derpy That is just the world in general though
but I will say that just in the Christmas week there was about... 50 documented cases of house thievery, some including aggression.
It's pretty brutal over all. Especially in the workplace. You can expect to get screwed and need to deal with life with that in mind
@andmyself USA can claim they donated to other countries and ask for swag box to each of their citizens. ;)
Expecting Trump to post answer
There's over a hundred people in the apartment next door, and they have green recycling bins - what do they get ...
9:25 AM
We had some absolute cretins who slashed the tires on firetrucks around christmas here
Wtf, why would anyone slash firetruck tires??
What are they protesting, public safety?
@ShadowWizard 1000000 answers, Community is tired protecting...
Now, to put that into perspective... my city is not a Tokyo. It is a small city that some countries would probably consider a village. About 80km2, and that is considering the "provincial areas"
not protesting anything, just idiocy, hence my calling them "absolute cretins"
9:26 AM
@forest some people just want to watch the world burn
@Derpy I actually find that seeing the good in people helps a little here. Find little things you see that are still right, like having a nice after dinner conversation with family, seeing people offering each other a 'ride' under their umbrella on rainy days, puppies, ponies ;)
lol I see what you did there
@Derpy I don't. I trust the folks around me to. And the people who try to stab me in the back to fall down, and stab themselves, then fall out of a window. Twice.
@ShadowWizard You already know about the one that fed me alcohol. The rest don't make stories, it's just little things over time...
What's wrong with being fed alcohol?
9:29 AM
@forest It's wrong if I don't know I'm being fed alcohol and end up blacking out?
@Tinkeringbell Oh, I kinda do... But that doesn't mean I can bring me to trust "strangers". Basically, when I meet something they start at 0 trust... and gaining points is a lot harder than losing them.
Oh I get what you mean.
Well it's a good skill to realize when you're getting tipsy.
But yeah still a douchy thing to do to someone.
@Tinkeringbell hmm.... you seem to have bad luck choosing friends then. Meaning, you can still find people IRL to become good friends. :)
@Derpy Ah. I start everyone at five, and if you immediately violate it you're at zero for the rest of your life :P
@ShadowWizard I have 1 ;)
@forest Yeah, but back then I didn't know or recognize tipsy.
My dad always used to tell me "if you didn't pour it yourself, it's not your drink".
9:31 AM
@forest Mine always told me to watch out for boys :/
And cover my drink
That works too.
No one ever told me to not trust a female what-I-thought-was-a-friend
Did she try to trick you? Or did she just assume you knew it was alcoholic?
@forest She pretty much admitted to tricking and 'doing it because it was fun'.
I don't find hangovers my kind of fun.
Reminds me of the Law.SE HNQ about a student putting a drug...
9:36 AM
Yeah I remember reading that one too.
I don't even drink, so I know I'd be mad as hell.
I don't consider pranks between friends evil.
@ShadowWizard Define 'prank'.
Well pranks are fine, but getting someone drunk is dangerous.
I mean it really depends on the kind of friendship you have.
pranks aren't evil. This wasn't really a prank though, IMO. And I am fond of practical jokes.
For some relationships, this could be a harmless prank.
But for most relationships, it's a nasty violation of trust.
9:41 AM
@Tinkeringbell there are levels of course, but even making one drunk just for fun is still a prank, without bad intention. Bad prank, extreme, yes... but still... something I can personally forgive. I think.
@forest I think even then the prank stops when you notice someone acting a bit tipsy. Not when they black out and then recover their wits enough to go home because something is terribly wrong.
@Tinkeringbell Well for some relationships even that is fine. It usually concludes with the prankster taking embarrassing photos of the prankee. In some relationships it's totally normal, whereas for others it's a massive abuse of trust.
@ShadowWizard Ehh. No. Like I said, perhaps if she'd stopped when I still had my wits about me... I could've been mad but forgive it. I spent the next day in bed though. That counts as poisoning someone.
But if someone does that to you and you don't have that kind of relationship... then it's more of a nasty act than a simple prank.
@Tinkeringbell did you press charges?
9:44 AM
@Magisch Nope. I was young and naive and just told her to get out of my life. It worked.
That's a better reaction than getting the law involved anyway.
Better to just lose a friend than make an enemy.
Unless of course you suffered financial loss and need to make up the money.
If someone slipped me alcohol there would be hell to pay
Better than GHB at least.
Apparently some people do GHB recreationally. It's weird.
"Cherry meth" it's called. It's a thing in Canada.
Read that there is GHB detection kit now, available for anyone.
I just stopped going out. :P
9:47 AM
Yeah it's one of those drugs that persists for a long time in small doses.
Don't need the kit XD
It's also pretty damn unsafe for some people.
The dose to knock one person out could do severe harm to another.
What's unsafe?
GHB/"Cherry meth"
It's a lot worse than slipping someone alcohol.
@Tinkeringbell oh, the old good difference between "laughing with someone and laughing at someone"
9:48 AM
Oh, taking that drug on purpose? Of course.
Well if you take it on purpose it's safer since you can work your way up. Sadly one of the uses for it is date rape, in which case people use larger doses.
@Derpy Yep.
And those larger doses can be toxic in some people depending on liver function.
@Derpy in the extreme, no doubt. Making fun of someone just for... fun. It's bad but still.... if made crystal clear how bad it made you feel, think it can be forgiven. Just my personal view.
@forest nope, it isn't. Some may be fine with it, but at least in my dictionary that is not a prank.
9:50 AM
Pranks end where my bodily integrity begins
The dictionary is defined by each kind of relationship.
@forest one? Not main use?
@Magisch So no water fights? Snow fights?
@ShadowWizard No, it's heavily abused recreationally.
If any of my friends ever poisoned me the fact that we're not friends anymore would be the least of their worries
@Tinkeringbell I'd be pretty miffed if I caught a snowball with a stone in it, tbh. Always proportions
9:51 AM
The majority of it is used for a special kind of drinking/gambling game, or for a drunk-like high (which is why it's called cherry meth or liquid X).
@forest oh. Didn't know. I only read about it when used as "rape drug".
@Magisch Yeah, okay. But snow fights means tackling people here too... and then stuffing snow down their jacket
Yeah because in lower doses it doesn't knock you out as easily.
It's the risk you take by participating in one, I guess
But those are ... fun... not in the moment, but plotting revenge is :D
Still not as safe as alternative (illicit) drugs.
Since it's addictive and can be acutely toxic.
9:52 AM
@Tinkeringbell It's all in the context. Some snow down my jacket? fair. Potentially putting me in the hospital and shooting my health even more then it already is? not fair
inducing a bout of psychosis? 5000% not fair
@Magisch Yeah, that's about the right proportions.
@Tinkeringbell reminds me of old prank I was part of in childhood... putting ice cubes inside one other pants. Funny.... but can also make one sick, I guess?
@ShadowWizard I don't know, were the ice cube that dirty?
You get sick from bacteria and viruses, not from cold.
@Magisch you reminded me that old Donald Duck short cartoon
9:53 AM
@Tinkeringbell not dirty, clear water ice cubes, but can't extreme sudden cold cause health issues?
@ShadowWizard Not in generally healthy people, that I know off.
Perhaps for prolonged periods, but then I'm thinking spending a week on the Arctic in nothing but summer clothes :P
see above, Huey, Dewey and Louie making snow "missiles" with mouse-traps in them..
@ShadowWizard Not unless a significant portion of your body is cold.
People can handle extreme localized cold for quite a while.
Assuming "extreme" is simple ice or snow and not liquid nitrogen...
@ShadowWizard perhaps it attacks the nervous system...
It would have to be on your neck to trigger a neurological response.
In which case the worst that would happen is a brief drop in blood pressure.
But generally unless it's prolonged enough to cause hypothermia, or cold enough to cause acute frostbite, us humans can handle extreme changes in temperature well.
9:57 AM
So we put warm clothes during winter for nothing? ;)
That would fall under prolonged cold. :P
But hell, I could go out naked in the winter, as long as I kept it under a minute!
Apparently I replied on a wrong context :S ... I thought it's about cold drink ...
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (93): Wrong amdgpu drivers installed and unable to uninstall it ✏️ by king bily on unix.SE
@andmyself hehe. No... ;)
@forest Cold winters, or is that the police response time?
10:06 AM
relaxed now to know I wasn't part of bad prank :D
10:21 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer, blacklisted user (162): How to edit a 100GB file in Linux? ✏️ by king bily on unix.SE
10:34 AM
.... anyway, back to this morning topic... Why I am not surprised at all by the identity of the user who just HAD to start the spam swag mail chain joke -_-'?
What is that?
Because you're a good judge of character?
It was innocent fun, and it stopped when requested. I wouldn't make too big of a deal out of it
Unless you really, really need that dollar ;)
@Tinkeringbell You are a genius! Now I know what to post for the other swag.
See... 'elk nadeel heb z'n voordeel' :P
Every disadvantage has its advantages ;)
@Tinkeringbell if jnat was serious, I'd totally tell him to pop the dollar or equivilent in a charity box. Preferably SPCA or some other animal charity
10:38 AM
> I hereby donate the 7$ JNat owns me to him, because the shame of being make fun of for the rest of his life is already a big enough punishment
ahhh. The memes.
wait, is it a dollar per spam, or for any spam?
@JourneymanGeek I say per spam :P
also, you know... I kinda wonder....
Since basically everyone in the contest got the watch....
that was really SE being generous.... or just JNat switching the "users that submitted an entry" and "users who won the watch" lists?
@Derpy Not sure. I also got the email to get a watch and my answer was 35th or so
@JNat :P sorry for all the jokes, but today I am a little bored. Let me know if you really want us to stop, but trust us - it is just a joke with no harm intended.
@Derpy oh?
10:45 AM
@Derpy I think I've seen contest before where every positive scoring entry got a prize in the end (2018 winterbash hat contest?).. but then it was announced up front.
nevermind, I saw it
13 mins ago, by Journeyman Geek
@Tinkeringbell if jnat was serious, I'd totally tell him to pop the dollar or equivilent in a charity box. Preferably SPCA or some other animal charity
I want my dollar sent to me :P I've never seen one in real life!
@Derpy Also... with those trust issues, I'd demand to see the actual dollar first, instead of allowing a donation that you can never be sure really happened XD
11:21 AM
@Tinkeringbell to be fair, currently JNat isn't in the strangers Organizational Unit. So for odd reasons I would be more inclined in trusting he actually gave that coin to an animal charity than I am to trust some of the other claims in that topic.
11:47 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (81): Website with bicycle only paths in Europe? by Igor Kadnikov on bicycles.SE
12:01 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Manually reported answer (94): How do I uninstall any Apple pkg Package file? by sarifzee on superuser.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer, potentially problematic ns configuration in answer (81): How to create fake reflections? by jasmine jack on graphicdesign.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer (92): Show all sides of a solidworks part in a solidworks drawing by mechanical engineer on engineering.SE
12:19 PM
@Tinkeringbell never seen a dollar??
@ShadowWizard "in real life" being the part you missed
@Derpy didn't miss it, but assumed dollars are common IRL in Europe
Uhh... I'm being lazy, what country in Europe uses dollars?
Q: I'm not able to ask any specific questions

Dessita YankovaIs it correct to say : I'm not able to ask any specific questions?

It'd be ironic if they get Q-banned
@andmyself none
It's mostly euros other than the UK
12:32 PM
So, it's easier to find dollars in Asia compared to Europe, even though Europe is closer to US than Asia is :)
@ShadowWizard oh, yep, if you collect coins.
12:46 PM
@Derpy hmm... I paid in dollars in many shops, which appeared to be fine with it. But yeah, on second thought, guess only those involved with tourists get to see and use dollars.
@andmyself errrr
Singapore and Brunei use dollars
Not sure about anywhere else
@JourneymanGeek Poland has no euro too, but rather their own currency. (zloty)
I think the Hungarians use the forint
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in answer, username similar to website in answer (54): Is there any exchange website that directly converts to a specific currency once a cryptocurrent payment is received? by Crypto Runner on bitcoin.SE
@rene that's ... something
it sure is
technically isn't spam I guess?
Doesn't look like it
I'd validate the flag
So many doodles...
1:14 PM
2 more delete votes needed on that one
1:25 PM
needs one more from @ShadowWizard or @Glorfindel ...
anyway, just wanting to check if anyone had a similar problem in the past.
A friend just bought a ps4 pro. Tried to connect it to an hold hdmi switch....
picture is fine for a few minutes, then starts flickering black screen.
No need to say that direct ps4->tv connection works fine
any clue? Suspect the switch is too old and doesn't support some weird new "standard" that the ps4 is using, but I don't really understand why it would work "for a while"
Don't want to have said friend buy a new switch if this is an unsolvable issue.
@rene @Glor was faster... :(
What happened to your semi-automated comment?
@ShadowWizard I already linked to it earlier so I didn't want to go with the full blown version, littering the transcript.
1:42 PM
@rene no, meant comment on the question itself with "Welcome to meta..."
I'm afraid we have a problem with code-block in user profile? ref 1 2
@andmyself ewww yeah
bug report?
feel free...
@Feeds holy pixels Batman
1:48 PM
First time I see Nick wrong. meta.stackexchange.com/a/322095/152859
Well... it happens to the best. :)
@ShadowWizard SO first...
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