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5:01 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer, username similar to website in answer: How do I figure out the right size font / text for a given read distance? by nonstopsigns on graphicdesign.SE
@Jhoverit I appreciate that you don't agree with the blog post but it's Not Nice to imply that the staff who worked on it and posted it with the best of intentions are guilty of hate speech.
@Catija sometimes internet filter is.... strange :/
like imgur.com is blocked as fun/meme (including SE's own, which I had to request to whitelist it)
so yeah, it can be for any reason why it's blocked on their office...
@JourneymanGeek it's a good idea for nginx, and it seem popular, on sf a lot of question are asked about it too, I see the trend
5:16 PM
@Catija I joked about a faulty internet filter. Nothing more :)
5:32 PM
Either there's a caching problem with /question list, or my internet sux badly: a post I modified appeared on the "active" question list after 5 minutes
never mind... the next post came after only 38 seconds...
@TelKitty that's... ridiculous? what kind of criteria "that people's don't want to read is"? I'm pretty sure if we account for everyone, there would be literally nothing left after we remove everyone's "don't want to read", yes?
5:50 PM
... was it meanly phrased?
I think she just wanted to get a reaction ;p
hmmm... I see!
(also, man, so much drama this week)
yeah... I think the last time I remember such was Joel's post on meta
5:55 PM
I actually think this time is worse
And that's a perfect time to take a deep breath ;p
I think like Tim Post, that it's a good thing people talk the issue, even if it bring drama
as it's a start to the right direction
Well yes and no
We can and should disagree on things
bit sometimes it gets too heated.
I agree, but my view is, in 2013, on meta SF we had the same drama about user too rude, it stayed under SF as a drama, but it got resolved as mod accept a lot less rudeness and the community too accept a lot less such. Now it hit SO, but the drama is bigger, as well, SO is bigger
Oh, there was a lot of other fallout from that
and well
this is partially, but not completely about how we treat new users
Even implicit sexism.
When drama is internal, its not that bad
... communication is hard.
6:01 PM
we sort things out, and we actually talk to each other, well on the same shared ground
I'm still struggling
the big thing here, I suspect that, a lot of folks feel "outside" folks are ... well attacking us. And its kinda easier to hate folks trying to change things from outside.
Yes, but now it's on SO
PERSONALLY I think we've just gotta take the good lessons, and ignore the hate :)
I was about to ignore the lessons and take the hate ... ;)
6:03 PM
Yes, as I remember old timer on SF that was rude, mod pinged them on the slack channel, and the problem resolved, now they even help with constructive remark, and the community follow
And every time we go and say something that folks can point at and go "these people are terrible" we lose
I just dont know how to bring that state of mind on SO, but breaking the buble was necessary I think
@rene its ok. some people hate flowers
@yagmoth555 well SO has a tiny bit of a scaling problem
Small banner ^ seen here
We have to admit that the creativity is awesome
@rene I thought that's a small banner that was zoomed, I think I was wrong...
6:12 PM
it is kind of in your face ...
@rene What brings that up?
not yet implemented, just an idea
I'm actually having an idea to overhaul the tour page, but the changes are so many that it might be hard to vote (feature request too broad?)
@Jhoverit asking a question does. The link might as well go to one of those sub-reddits where they criticize SE.
@rene I tried it, no banner for me
Oh, then it won't ever happen that much is obvious
oh wow. just tried to comment on something on ips, is that "suggest improvement" instead of "add a comment" new?
tbh however, it did have an effect: I might really not make a pun about Canadians
6:23 PM
its an experiment