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12:02 AM
@JasonC +1 agree... oh wait... hi Jason!
It's been a long time since I've been openly called a troll, and I've never gotten mentioned in an answer before. The only thing more flattering is getting Godwinned.
And I wasn't even trolling. At least not intentionally.
@JasonC What did you do then? :P
I probably just accidentally made a good point somewhere.
12:20 AM
RFC 7540 -> "Hypertext Transfer Protocol Version 2 (HTTP/2)" @ http://bit.ly/1HjSWpR - woot!
HTTP/2 is now posted as an RFC!
@JasonC welcome to the club...
@hichris123 It's about time. Now how many years until browsers start implementing it effectively, I wonder.
I'm assuming Firefox will be trying to lead the pack there.
@JasonC T-0.
Actually, looking at the RFC authors, I guess the real question is how long until IE gets it right.
12:35 AM
Chrome implements it (for the most part) in 44, Firefox is working on it?
Or maybe Firefox already did it.
@JasonC * Microsoft Edge
Oh right. IE: The rebrandening.
Man, we're going to get porn so fast now.
Firefox 36 implemented HTTP/2 fully looks like.
Wow, cool. Does it request all the resources on a page in one request?
... probably?
That's what I meant by effectively. I'll have to play around with it. These are exciting times for the internet.
12:39 AM
unless the server supports it I don't think Firefox does
@Braiam Yeah but some servers do support it. Google's, for one.
Doesn't look like Apache has full support just yet.
Is apache even working on it?
I know nginx is.
I'm not sure.
Microsoft has that Katana thing.
12:47 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in title, title has only one unique char: //////////////////////////////////////// by user36093 on workplace.stackexchange.com
needs rollback
No privledges
I don't think the original had many opportunities either...
Morning kittycat
12:59 AM
@hichris123 No, Katana, it's their open source web server, they've been using it to prototype new technologies. I don't know what the current HTTP/2.0 status is wrt that rfc but I know they've been working on it for a while.
@hichris123 The answer to that question becomes more complex if you own a chainsaw.
Answer to the question: just don't use your windshield wipers. Then they won't squeak.
1:07 AM
Using a hammer, smash out your windshield. Life hack!
Oh here's a good one, courtesy of Roombatron:
Q: What should I do without hot water in the shower?

Roombatron5000I just woke up, it's -20 degrees Fahrenheit outside, I have to be at work soon, and now I just found out that the hot water heater isn't working, so the water is freezing cold! I'm smelly as can be and my hair is a mess. I don't want my hair to look like bed hair or greasy. I can't take a shower ...

@JasonC Three words: shave your head.
They should rename lifehacks to firstworldproblems.stackexchange.com.
> Q: How can I get food to survive until tomorrow if I don't have a home, a job, or a car, have no marketable skills, and have no money?
A: Replace your windshield wipers.
Oh wow!
1:12 AM
It's fun to browse random lifehacks questions and imagine that "use duct tape" is the answer to each one.
@James I know, right?
Anyone who has 10k+ on SO, bask in Lightness's assholery: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/294250/465378
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: Nginx Reverse Proxy for Tumblr by Jasper Tiu on webmasters.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@hichris123 Blacklisted user.
Also, I find this quote from the person who wrote that post hilarious:
> This seems like a communist society, not like a community society!
1:22 AM
Q: How do I make breakfast when I don't have time to make breakfast?

lonelyguy9I'm usually/always caught up in the morning rush hour and sometimes skip breakfast because I don't have time to cook up something and most importantly because I don't know a crap about it. So what's the best way to make my favorite meals without spending much time?

@JasonC Order Soylent.
@JasonC Not a single upvote on the question, and not a single downvote on brad's post
I know, that might be one of my favorite moderator posts ever.
A: Prevent sand from sticking to body when at the beach

lalIt’s a beach, full of water, there is no way a dry skin or powder is going to help. It’s always windy in the beach, wait for some time to dry yourself and you can just shake the sand off. And try some simple cloth so that it will dry fast and will be easy to get rid of the sand.

^ Awesome.
Haha people are downvoting my old questions as we speak out of revenge. That's pretty damn sociopathic (not to mention pathetic). — Dave 3 hours ago
"Haha people are downvoting my old questions as we speak out of revenge. That's pretty damn sociopathic": I took a look, you got 1 downvote and 2 (update, 3) upvotes today. That's some serious revenge, giving you 8 additional fake internet points... — Deduplicator 3 hours ago
Q: heeeyyyy help me plss.Urgent

Barış Kaya"Write functions in Racket that find the parent, children and the level of this vertex.Consider vertex and root in this tree." Guys help me pls..Give me an idea how to do it.

@AlexisKing that whole comment thread made me remember the puzzle analogy of jmac
Can I change the title of that question to "ayy lmao"?
1:50 AM
Yes my comment is not helpful
cathartic but not at all helpful
I've seen this user before
other post must've been deleted
1:51 AM
@bjb568 can you export those options?
I only have the ones for answers and ones for quesitons would be great
just close it already
@AlexisKing Wait, wasn't that a question yesterday, too?
People should be able to answer your question because they have more expertise than you, not because they are willing to invest more time codding than you. — Braiam 5 secs ago
Apart from misspelling coding
I agree
I see enjoyable men here. — Barış Kaya 51 secs ago
@BarışKaya Ugh, sexist much?!?! — Alexis King 21 secs ago
1:52 AM
@AlexisKing flagged not constructive
###[Q] Not enough info
Please include a minimal example that reproduces the problem, a clear problem statement, and any error messages or other information to help identify the problem. Without this information, it is hard to answer the question.

###[Q] info external
Please include all relevant information *in the question*. While outside resources can help answerers find the problem, please include as much information in the question itself because links can change and break.

###[Q] Debug
$SITENAME$ is not a debugging service. Include what you have tried yourself to make this easier to a
my set is better
meh, I don't use it often
@bjb568 cheers
I feel like none of those comments actually help. Except for maybe @JasonC's.
1:54 AM
@JasonC Yes, but this one is somehow worse.
and one of bjb's.
There's a reason people think SO is rude... and it comes off in that question.
I see enjoyable men here. — Barış Kaya 4 mins ago
@hichris123 What is the universe coming too when bjb is actually constructive and helpful
That's totally helpful.
1:56 AM
We will be more than helpful when the question contains a modicum of effort displayed by the OP
@JasonC FGITW strikes again—I posted that already! >:P
I will happily and openly mock people who post plz-gimme-teh-codez questions because they are abusing the website
@Unihedron Yeah. Totally. 'cause "Stack Overflow is not a place where we write your code for you; this question is off-topic" wouldn't have helped.
@hichris123 Exactly!
@James Yeah, and your first question was so much better than that.
There's a thing called teaching.
1:57 AM
@AlexisKing Doh
If you come off as rude, no one's going to listen to you.
You just wasted a potential opportunity to reform a new user.
@hichris123 BWAHAHAHAHA
@hichris123 indeed. Always tell people what to do, not what not to do.
@hichris123 They're already question-banned, which is perfect.
1:58 AM
yeah right, reform is totally possible
@JanDvorak Exactly!
It was actually
I had code, and an explaination of what I was trying to do
@Unihedron And how do you know this?
@JanDvorak Then, after that, tell them that they're stupid.
@hichris123 Some people are just in the bottom section of the triage.
1:58 AM
It was actually.
It had explanation, what I tried and didn't work, examples, and a clear problem statement.
Didn't I see this exact question here yesterday? — Jason C 4 mins ago
@hichris123 but I take your point
helpful? really?!
bit of a frustrating morning
Hey, meagar nuked the question!
1:59 AM
I feel like moderation jades the soul.
You give up on new users.
You give up on people learning.
and lift the spirit
You only see the crap, and you think that's all that's out there.
@hichris123 I beg to differ.
@hichris123 Can't tell if trolling or just really misled.
Remember, this was the question in its entirety:
no, I know when I see a good question, that wasn't by any metric a good question
2:00 AM
> "Write functions in Racket that find the parent, children and the level of this vertex.Consider vertex and root in this tree.You have to use a list with elements of your choice." Guys help me pls..Give me an idea how to do it.
Yay, meagar to the rescue.
And the title was "heeeyyyy help me plss.Urgent"
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in body: Light and its propagaton? by Photo-guy on physics.stackexchange.com
... and you can't politely inform the user "that's not okay"?
Guide them.
@hichris123 What's the point?
2:01 AM
I wonder what would be the difference between pt and pt-pt and pt-br on Reddit preferences
@hichris123 If they even put a modicum of effort into asking a question, that would be different. But they wasted my time, why should I be polite to someone who is clearly just asking me to do his homework?
If after repeated attempts to tell them they're doing it wrong is not well received, further attempts are just insulting yourself with your own time.
@Unihedron If you're gonna comment, be polite and constructive.
@hichris123 not worth it
@hichris123 My comment was both polite and constructive.
2:02 AM
Polite and constructive is good
@hichris123 At that point (qban) it doesn't matter that much.
And, in fact, if they followed it, they would complete their assignment.
Comments like uni's and some of bjb's were right on the edge. Whatever. But the "HAHAHAHA"s and such were just going out of the way to be non-constructive. Those are especially useless.
That shit is not welcome, and is as bad as the original question ^
2:03 AM
I obviously agree that comments that at utterly worthless are not good
I'm just not going to go out of my way to be polite and helpful
Downvote + closevote is enough for me.
@AlexisKing They asked that as a question. They think that's okay to post. They don't know it's wrong. Sure, they should have read the help center... but it's always good to try to inform the user what they're doing wrong. If they don't reform, sure, you don't need to try to comment anymore... but give them a chance.
Noobs are gonna noob
Don't throw shit back in in their face for it; close vote, move on.
@hichris123 I don't know that they legitimately think it's okay to post. They had a homework problem and they found this site where maybe they could get help.
Oh gross somebody noobed all over my face.
Arrrgh, now it's in my hair. It's everywhere! :(
2:05 AM
Python doesn't have a calendar module that you can import, so you are supposed to write the calendar from ground up, starting with: what's this calendar supposed to do? — Braiam 9 secs ago
@meagar Yeah. If you want to comment, at least try to help instead of insulting them.
too much politeness...
> What I don't understand is how to build a calendar. That seems impossible because it's endless.
@AlexisKing Possibly. Let's see what they do next.
Since becoming mod I've seen a ton of these posts where otherwise polite people fall all over themselves trying to post snark before the post is deleted
Not cool
2:06 AM
In any case, we don't need the whole Tavern ganging up and being unhelpful. If nothing else, it makes us look even douchier than we already are.
@meagar I'm content to be snarky behind their backs in the Tavern. ;)
I take your point
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, bad keyword in username: 부산사직동키스방ு「a b a m 2 6 . c O m」£부산하단키스방ち〘아찔한밤〙∫부산광안리키스방 by bamwar3 on writers.stackexchange.com
@JasonC And let's be honest... we're already pretty douchey.
I shall find another outlet for my pent up snark
2:07 AM
is "write code" acceptable as a comment?
@SmokeDetector Or hai, you again.
@SmokeDetector tpu
I only openly let out my douchiness on Lifehacks, and sometimes PCG.
@James Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
I am sorry. If I had known Python well enough, I wouldn't have asked that question. — Meitar 45 secs ago
2:07 AM
@SmokeDetector back again // cc @TimPost
^ here is the crux of the problem: you are supposed to know what you don't know to ask a question
otherwise... you are wasting someone's time
and that's very rude
And obviously you need to know how to write a question.
I think the problem is that there is fundamentally an prerequisite entry level of knowledge to participate on Stack Overflow.
And that's a good thing.
But people don't like that and don't respect it.
You can't ask a question on Stack Overflow if you know next to nothing about programming. That's not its purpose.
There's going to be much more responsibility put on the asker on DD.
It's a site for professional and enthusiast programmers, not first-year computer science students who can't do their homework.
2:09 AM
@AlexisKing sigh… minimal understanding
@AlexisKing Basic questions are fine if not too broad
I just find the gimme-teh-codez questions particularly galling. We all had to learn to code, and we all managed without resorting to asking random strangers on the internet, to do essentially what they are attempting to learn for them so they can cruise through and become a drain on their workplace if they do manage to scrape through
@JanDvorak Those are very, very rare, so I'm generalizing.
Sadly I've worked with professionals who are not enthusiasts
2:10 AM
@AlexisKing also, those are duplicates. I admit.
@JanDvorak there's a long way between a basic question and having next to nothing programming aptitude
@AlexisKing I'm totally stealing that as a comment template ;)
There's a very limited number of basic questions. They are all documented on the internet and easily findable. There's no need to recreate them. I have no sympathy for beginners trying to use SO, it's not for them.
@AlexisKing You can sometimes get away with it if you know how to write a question. Most of these people don't know how to ask questions. A lot of it comes from the majority of internet forums having lower standards. A lot of it comes from general entitlement that we can't do anything (besides rant) about.
@JasonC "general entitlement"?
2:12 AM
@Unihedron A false sense of, rather.
Today's xkcd comic:
I don't get what you mean.
@SmokeDetector fp those characters
@Yes Registered answer as false positive.
@xkcdBot Why didn't you run this morning?
2:14 AM
lets share this experience since seems quite fitting: a peer studying economics asked me if I knew programming, I told him that I knew how to write stuff in some languages but I'm not a programmer. I asked him "why do you ask?", he told me that he wanted to learn R since he wants to manipulate stats, I told him that I know nothing about R and don't have anything at hand that I could recommend so he can learn R, instead I suggested him a absolute beginner book to learn Python so....
@Unihedron Without ranting too much, we live in a world where more and more people feel strongly that they deserve everything they ask for. At least, that's what I believe. It's a cultural trend, and it comes out in many ways, the types of questions you see asked on the internet being one of those ways.
bamwar spam still there, for those who missed it writers.stackexchange.com/questions/17261
he familiarize himself with programming and later I would tell him about a R book he could read
@JasonC How is that related to asking questions?
people most of the time skip the "I need to learn" step and jumps directly to the "I want you to help me do this thing"
2:15 AM
@Unihedron It's related to a lot of the "gimme the code" questions and subsequent arguments about them.
^ And what Braiam just said.
yesterday, by xkcdBot
Today's xkcd comic:
Aha – you did; nice job, @xkcdBot.
@Braiam That's their problem, really. :P
@Unihedron most people don't have a programming mentality, which has too much to do with creativity and logical approach
@Unihedron Oh yeah. Reeling this back in, my point was just that programming noobness isn't as much of the problem as question-asking noobness and a general sense of feeling entitled to receiving help. That's all I was trying to say.
@JasonC But they both are problems.
2:17 AM
and the worst part is that they are not willing to form one
The general solutions are either education (which works rarely), and restraining them by software restrictions (which works nicely) through medium like closing.
FYI: trough I'm doing a Economics career most people through that I would do some CS related course
@Unihedron you are finally learning the ways of the Force, young padawan
2:21 AM
A: JavaFX (using fxml) and custom class doesn't load

Chuck RobertsonIt has been brought to my attention that the naming convention I used on my class file numberTextField needed to be altered to NumberTextField. As soon as I did this, it began working as planned. You have to love case sensitivity, and I don't remember seeing anything anywhere that stated I coul...

^ cv plz typographical error
just me or the block quotes are now gray? superuser.com/q/767286/235569
weren't they always?
looks like code or something
@JanDvorak block quotes
@Braiam weren't they always?
nope, they were some pale yellow
just finished listening to HI37, was great
background in U&L is #FCF9EE, SU uses #EEE
2:35 AM
Life Extension

Proposed Q&A site for biomedical Gerontologists

Currently in definition.

Any life extension experts here?
@Unihedron I doubt there are more than 1000 worldwide
@Unihedron Yeah... don't anger Chuck Norris
will fail
s/^/\/me /
2:42 AM
Q: Are there enough experts to sustain the site?

bjb568Proposal: Life Extension Anybody know any life extension experts? I sure don't. There aren't very many on Earth that specialize in that, so are there enough to sustain an SE site?

Crime Solving

Proposed Q&A site for sleuths, Super Sleuths, Crime Enthusiasts. The crimes do not have to be real!

Currently in definition.

WorldBuilding V2
who waaants to liiive foreverrrr
@bjb568 I'm tempted to just answer "No."
Hey, @No. , your assistance is needed! :P
12 mins ago, by bjb568
@AlexisKing ^ Here, these might help
"If you love doing volunteer work and feeding the hungry, you can tell him about how Judaism believes strongly in those things." … don't most people? This doesn't seem like much of a religious idea. — bjb568 11 secs ago
Darwinism prefers hungry people to starve
2:45 AM
@JanDvorak No, assholes prefer hungry people starve.
WTF is a darwinism?
the school that doesn't follow Darwin, but someone else phrase
If you're trying to say "people starving is important to the process of Evolution by Natural Selection", you should say that.
the problem is that Darwin never said that
Huh? I remember committing to three sites, but now I only have two commitments. I think one of the sites got closed in the meantime; How can I find out which one it is?
2:48 AM
@Unihedron Build a shrine to Jeff Atwood in your house and burn it as an offering. Then wait 6-8 weeks.
People confuse Darwin the old guy, Evolution the concept, Selection the concept, Evolution by Selection the combination of concepts, Evolution by Natural Selection the theory, Natural Selection the concept… THEY'RE ALL DIFFERENT THINGS DAMMIT
@Unihedron are you sure you didn't fulfill the commitment?
> 0 Fulfilled Commitments
I've been too lazy to do anything recently anyway.
2:49 AM
@Unihedron maybe it was that lady gaga proposal :) haaaa oh you only followed that, nm
@Braiam only proposed questions, badges, comments and edits are shown
@bjb568 what I mean by Darwinism is origin of species through abiogenesis and macroevolution
How is that implied by Darwinism?
Be pacific.
Atlantic sucks.
Darwinism is a theory of biological evolution developed by Charles Darwin and others, stating that all species of organisms arise and develop through the natural selection of small, inherited variations that increase the individual's ability to compete, survive, and reproduce. Also called Darwinian theory, it originally included the broad concepts of transmutation of species or of evolution which gained general scientific acceptance when Charles Robert Darwin published On the Origin of Species, including concepts which predated Darwin's theories, but subsequently referred to specific concepts of...
In any case, it seems microevolution applies better here.
2:51 AM
sorry for that
You've never seen that before? o.O
no :p
@AlexisKing :)
‮ werwerwerwerwer — nicael Jul 4 '14 at 18:02
3:01 AM
I didn't work in a video link but I did manage to work in "boom! life hack!" lifehacks.stackexchange.com/questions/6975/…
@JasonC Boom! Life hack! ...or, a tool that exists.
Watch this backfire horribly and end up making you a really high-rep user on Lifehacks.
I just... I can't stop reading the questions here. These people are so. freakin'. stupid.
@SmokeDetector fp eww
@AlexisKing Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
3:05 AM
My god.
Place your bets on whether or not that user is a @nicael sock.
3:11 AM
fp but totally misusing stack snippets.
@JasonC Can I answer this question just saying "driving"? lifehacks.stackexchange.com/q/4221/2828
+1 for the most complete answer i have every seen on SE, why the downvotes?? — celeriko yesterday
^ lol flagged as not constructive for the most pointless comment i have every seen on SE, featuring "+1", typos, and "why the downvotes"
@Unihedron 3 out of 3, aint it?
@AlexisKing Wow.
Anyways Frank already beat you to it:
Let's see... Driving? — J. Musser ♦ Feb 12 at 0:03
Is this really the type of question that is acceptable on this site? This is absolutely awful. — Jason C 25 secs ago
3:16 AM
@Unihedron Just deleted and made sure to check it celeriko and kenorb are the same person
inb4 let's ban another type of question from LHSE
@michaelpri thank you
@AlexisKing The highest voted answer to that is "skipping". Boom! Life hack! Or: Things your legs can do.
@michaelpri kenorb sounds way too much like @doorknob umm...
I gotta run, seeya!
go do some track and field
3:20 AM
@Braiam @Doorknob and kenorb have 10 matching IPs, interesting ;)
bjb568 officially supports @JasonC's nc comments on LH.
All my comments are constructive.
Except most of them.
Statement valid nonetheless
I'm always right, except when I'm not.
@Unihedron I'm always right, reality is frequently wrong
3:23 AM
I always do my homework, except when I don't.
@James I reject your reality and substitute my own.
Even that statement ^ is more insightful than most "philosophical" things.
Except when it's not.
Now… about that homework…
@AlexisKing What the hell is wrong with . . . so many people. The spammers. The indicated under-lithiumed user. Everyone.
Heh mythbusters @bjb.
"Under-lithiumed" might be my new favorite descriptive term.
3:26 AM
Stealth editor.
And an entire companny of evil-doers, too.
I didn't realize that alternate transportation question was self-answered.
I am starting to feel like Lifehacks questions that should be closed / deleted aren't getting closed / deleted just to artificially inflate the beta numbers. I can't fathom any other reason why most of the questions on that site are still open.
@JasonC It has been since day 16.
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted user: Safari bookmarks to my galaxy? by Tial You on apple.stackexchange.com
3:41 AM
looks ok
User blacklisted for this now-deleted answer: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/3436188#3436188
I don't know what the answer or the website was.
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted user, blacklisted website: How to Recover deleted photos from iPhone 6? by Tial You on apple.stackexchange.com
And he's at it again. ^ SPAM
The other answer too.
3:47 AM
I suspect that the OP of that question is a seeder, and Tial You's question above is a seed too.

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