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12:00 AM
@michaelpri The old fashioned way. :P github.com/Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector/blob/master/…
Hey, my usernames are out of date!
@hichris123 Sometimes the old-fashioned way is the best way
@Yes fixed
@michaelpri And fixed after I pull the latest rev.
@hichris123 :)
12:04 AM
Okay, pulled.
Should work now.
@SmokeDetector delete edited
Funny how that posts ends.
> CAN anyone help??? this is driving me bonkers. WHY does it fail if the next time I run the
I'm worried the OP died of apoplexy before finishing.
Because that would mean they won't accept an answer.
12:19 AM
Oh hai
12:34 AM
Where mai kitteh?
12:47 AM
@bjb568 that's you
Go figger.
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in answer: Does God test us? by user9754 on christianity.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector ignore the site
@Yes Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
12:59 AM
!!/blame why am I tired?
@James It's tchrist's fault.
@James hallo
morning :)
1:03 AM
Shit son, throwing away 1000 rep on 2 bounties
lowest quarter rep
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PHP + FPDF + OPENSSL + CERTIFICADO DIGITAL by Junior Pires on pt.stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector Your what hurts?
1:37 AM
!xkcd blame SmokeDetector
Why am I getting rate-limiting errors when it hasn't send a message in hours?
I don't know.
So I just found out that a fusker is actually a thing, and doesn't have dirty connotations
1:46 AM
@James Use mice.
I just meant that BJB is a cat
is lowercase
@James Just fusky overtones.
I find this meatloaf rather fusky and incongruent.
!xkcd find lowercase
!xkcd blame
@AstroCB It's tchrist's fault.
53 mins ago, by SmokeDetector
@James It's tchrist's fault.
I'm sensing a pattern.
!xkcd blame
1:53 AM
@AstroCB It's derobert's fault.
@xkcdBot That name comes up too often.
!xkcd find random
Something like that.
!xkcd blame
@AstroCB It's bjb568's fault.
@xkcdBot Well, you're right about that.
1:57 AM
Astro, are you still pinging?
@James Occasionally.
I can't figure out what's causing it.
I don't mean the recreational drug of course
or is that only an Australian thing?
What colloquial term do you use for MDMA?
2:13 AM
@SmokeDetector ignore
@James Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
2:35 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted user, blacklisted website: gratis-juventus-real-madrid-diretta-streaming by dgfbg gjfgyjm on patents.stackexchange.com
24 hours ago, by bjb568
I mean there's no real indication that poor little dgfbg gjfgyjm wrote the question with malicious intent… He's probably just misguided.
He's still misguided, it seems.
@SmokeDetector gone
@Yes Well, of course. I could've told you bjb was misguided a long time ago.
Hey Alexis, haven't heard from you in a while
3:05 AM
does anyone know if the answer background animation always happened in the lq queue or if it just started recently? it's driving me nuts nuttier
@Roombatron5000 always
@Roombatron5000 Maybe raise this on meta.SE since meta.SO users don't appear to be interested, and the animation is network-wide (just saw it on Math).
what is that even
3:18 AM
What have you tried?
@James You say pinging, really?!
MDMA tablets are colloquially known as pingers or pingaz
@tchrist lets see: "they pinged themself", "he went to ping himself", yup, it can be a mexicanism but I see the logic
so the expression is you dropped 1 or dropped 2
the activity is referred to as dropping
usually as music festivals
mexican has the "pingar" verb
3:30 AM
but the expression 'Mate dude bro, I am pinging so hard in this bucket hat, lets rinse some more'
is syntactically valid
@I'm @pining @so @hard
@James you love/hate english, right?
I hate the culture that allows this kind of crap to become common parlance
@James Ecstasy is often just pills. But see rolling.
3:32 AM
the another method of administering the drug is referred to as 'shelfing
where the pill is administered rectally
another delightful practice
@Braiam Sounds very Mexican.
@James We have a different term for that, but I'll be damned if I can remember it. And hesitate to try. ;)
SE trivia: Alex B appears to be the first mod on SE to come out of retirement (he resigned a year ago, and today was elected again).
At least I don't know anyone else who did that.
Maybe Bill will run in SO Election 2016... :)
@Yes Thank you for changing the topic
3:37 AM
But... my topic isn't much of a topic. Feel free to continue with pills.
Puss and. Seven league. Random drygoods.
@Yes animuson
What, has animuson resigned at some point?
such typo
@Yes well kinda... he resigned as a mod & was hired as an employee
3:46 AM
This is a promotion, not a retirement.
no, I remember that he resigned and was called back
wait, I'm looking for it
i don't think he ever resigned
No, I think he was called up due to extra demand
Or maybe that was Kev resigning...
@Braiam He wasn't elected at first. Then they needed a mod, so he became a mod. There is no gap in his moderatorship period.
I think I should exclude from the search all "As animuson" strings... man....
3:48 AM
Nope, it was Will.
Q: Please welcome your new Stack Overflow moderator - animuson!

Tim PostA seasoned veteran, animuson will be stepping up to help fill the huge vacancy left by Will, who departed from the team for personal reasons earlier this week. Next in line from the last election, animuson takes his post in service of this community today. Please give him a warm welcome and cong...

@SmokeDetector tpu SPAM
@Yes Blacklisted user.
he was candidate in the '12 election meta.stackoverflow.com/q/287893/792066
btw, where's bill on the election page? stackoverflow.com/election?cb=1
He wasn't elected.
3:52 AM
@Braiam He was appointed in 2009.
He was appointed in the ye old days of SO.
Yes, @Yes is correct.
@Yes oh
I think the concept of mod election did not exist back then.
has an identicon ever been elected on SO.. at time of election
... minitech has an identicon now, but didn't when he was elected...
Oh, minitech finally changed his.
3:56 AM
yep, seems like only one since michael myers was appointed
I was randomly invited to join ACM at a discount. Considering joining for a lark. Is anyone here a member?
... What on Earth is ACM?
ACM or A.C.M. may refer to: == Aviation == AGM-129 ACM, a cruise missile in service with the US Air Force 1990–2012 Air Chief Marshal Air combat manoeuvring Air cycle machine == Education == Allegany College of Maryland Associated Colleges of the Midwest Association for College Management == Music == Association for Contemporary Music, in the Russian Federation Academy of Country Music Academy of Contemporary Music, in Guildford, England, United Kingdom == Organizations == Alliance for Community Media American Ceylon Mission Anti-Coalition Militia, armed groups opposed to the Intern...
so @hic you might as well change to a real pic now since that's already been done.. and then change your name to user##### , and try to be first at that
The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is an international learned society for computing. It was founded in 1947 and is the world's largest scientific and educational computing society. It is a not-for-profit professional membership group. Its membership is more than 100,000 as of 2011. Its headquarters are in New York City. The ACM and the IEEE Computer Society are the umbrella organizations for US academic and scholarly interests in computing. Unlike the IEEE, the ACM is solely dedicated to computing. == Activities == ACM is organized into over 171 local chapters and 37 Special Interest...
3:58 AM
// @span[id="breadcrumbs-you-are-here"]
you are here: home

// .navTreeItem
-1 capitalization inconsistency
not professional enough I ain't joining
Do these people not CSS?
Nope for an association of computing they're insulting their field of interest by having such a site.
The site appears to be Plone CMS.
4:01 AM
Is there any reason that gold stars turn black when messages are edited?
@Yes eww
@No., I say!
> Maybe things are different in the Microsoft world, but Visual Studio 2008 never managed to cough up a good SQL editor, no matter how often I closed my eyes and believed...
Believing doesn't make happen.
@bjb568 reasons
DD doesn't have that bug.
@bjb568 programming is hard
4:03 AM
We are so bug-free.
Oh, @uni, do you have complaints to contribute to github.com/bjb568/DevDoodle/pull/200 ?
Nah, it looks great
Though I never actually set up DD on my end properly.
Well, go set it up properly!
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website: increase my skin snap? by rolkyathly on drupal.stackexchange.com
If it happens again and If the bathroom is not busy, I would try to look down and check the shoes of the person. Not to ID the person later, but just to make sure whether or not it was the manager that you decided to take the issue to. — TyCobb 5 hours ago
Work looks fun. Can't wait to get started with that.
man, the bots don't even try anymore — Memor-X 2 mins ago
@SmokeDetector tpu
@James Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@Yes I'd like to get some, but I don't see a clickable link! What should I do?
The experienced drupal spammers knew to include a link tho. Good on them.
4:25 AM
@bjb568 Imagines BJB in lingerie, suddenly lost my appetite
uh… huh…
that picture is blocked by school broadband :P
Hm… how to expand?
4:42 AM
going to get more than 9h of sleep total with my nap!
wow... That failed
5:04 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: These are relatively harmless and easily treated by aaliyahwall on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector nope, they are not
Despite owning a juicer for 3 years now I've never actually made apple juice in it. I just did, and it was freakin' glorious. Holy crap. Why have I not been doing this? It's so obvious.
And you get a ton of juice out of them. I got almost a quart out of only like 10 apples. I'm used to carrots. Tomorrow I'm going to go on an apple rage and try to find my favorite kind for juicing.
Hey, that calls for my pasta machine. I should try it out.
Oh yeah, do it. Oddly, my juicer is great at making pasta too. And ground meat. And peanut butter. It's like, my 4 favorite things.
5:16 AM
@SmokeDetector gone
... What?!
@SmokeDetector tpu
@James Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
I know right.
5:18 AM
@Unihedron omegajuicers.com/juicers/juicer-8006.html Grinds coffee too but not as good as my actual coffee grinder.
@SmokeDetector tpu
@James Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@SmokeDetector tpu
@SmokeDetector tpu
5:20 AM
@James Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@James Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
Suppressing the urge to close one spam as a duplicate of the other.
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in answer: Custom Post Type with Rewrite Rule and Paging by Quantum Coders on wordpress.stackexchange.com
For once, email regex on WordPress catches spam.
SE trivia: this bug report is in status-review for almost six years.
If I murdered everybody I had to explain TRIM to before they had kids, after a few generations humans should start finally understanding how SSDs work, right?
Hmm. That hypothesis might be a little bit of a stretch.
5:29 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Build Strong Muscles - What You Need To Get Stronger And Muscular by kolakala on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
@JasonC yet, deliciously effective
@SmokeDetector not use sharepoint, check
Mmmm, murder. Nom nom nom.
You may need to build strong muscles first.
And kolakala can totally tell you how. Because he uses sharepoint.
I find their post a little hard to follow. :(
5:32 AM
No strong muscles for me..
> Let us interrupt for a present and expect again.
That's not very polite.
So much entitlement.
5:59 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: The Best Supplements To Build Muscles by Ethel Saum on askubuntu.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@James Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in body: SMTP Header Injection by Johnny_v on security.stackexchange.com
6:37 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: iTunes not deleting old music from iPhone when synced by Tial You on apple.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@James Blacklisted user.
6:52 AM
@James How does this bot work?
errm, not really the best person to ask
@James I'm SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam and low-quality posts on the network and posts alerts to chat. A command list is available here.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website, repeating characters in body: This particular powerful health by Eiliy Jackson on drupal.stackexchange.com
@James "Marks a reported post as true positive". What does this mean?
6:58 AM
So it means that the post was actually spam
@SmokeDetector tpu
@James Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
so it says that the post was spam, it blacklists the user against smokey's list of bad users, and will warn us if it detects them posting again
it also can blacklist URL's
Does Blacklisted website mean that all new questions will be posted here?
@James What does that mean? Once the spam is deleted, the URL would be of no use at all.
7:02 AM
It's the URL in the post, so if the same spam url gets posted it gets picked up
something like www.testoboostxl.com blah blah blah
Erm, usually
smokey can't find everything
but yeah usually
Nothing. Just wondering. Thanks @James
@SmokeDetector ignore
@James Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
NAA on Travel.SE (I am not a member) travel.stackexchange.com/a/47524
What have I done? D:
A: What's the function to render scribble string with the environment in a hash table?

Alexis KingFirst of all, understand that Scribble is nothing more than a front-end for Racket code. All that Scribble does is take some input and output executable Racket code. This means that using the Scribble reader on your template string will just give you this: "Hello" Name Imagine that as plain R...

7:30 AM
Today's xkcd comic:
7:51 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: Best way to create mobile version by Regina Spencer on drupal.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: Mobile Tools frontpage for mobiles problem by Regina Spencer on drupal.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: Advice needed on approaching to Drupal 6 and jQuery Mobile by Regina Spencer on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@James Blacklisted user.
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in body: SMTP Header Injection by Johnny_v on security.stackexchange.com
Q: Basic Java Android Development; have sqlite with huge data and want to display it

MikeI want to develope an Android App and have a large set of data in a sqlite database. The database has about 20.000 Records and I want to display them in an app. Basically it should work like a telephone book; I would like to display all entries on startup in a scrollable list(whats better listv...

@maveň what about it?
@PatrickHofman actually that's total crap/trolling, flagged as VLQ.
why don't you create account there so you can flag?
8:10 AM
@PatrickHofman so join :D
@nicael flagged as duplicate
2 mins ago, by Shadow Wizard
why don't you create account there so you can flag?
so quiet here
@ShadowWizard Pff, tired of all those accounts which I don't use. Have OCD okay. ;)
anyone care to remove this? stackoverflow.com/questions/30161913/…
I flagged as NAA but I'm unsure whether it'll be deleted, since it looks like an answer but it's really just the OP trying to add more detail into their question.
8:13 AM
@PatrickHofman is it annoying to have unused accounts?.. You'll make use of them , just not now :)
@nicael indeed, you are right ;)
@cybermonkey if it wasn't such a mess I would have edited it into the question, but it looks like a soup of code, XML and logs.
@ShadowWizard Exactly.
anyway, downvoted and voted to delete. needs one more.
@ShadowWizard It's their apache hosts file, nothing else, going to submit a suggested edit to put it into their question.
ah good, @bummi's already edited it in for us
8:18 AM
This answer doesn't answer the question. Please make sure next time you actually answer the question asked. (and delete this one) — Patrick Hofman 3 mins ago
So there it is :) @Sha @nicael
@ShadowWizard not any more...
@PatrickHofman logs in...
@PatrickHofman cool! but you know such a comment is waste of time, right? chance to get reply <0.000000000001%
it's just a random troll
@ShadowWizard still better chance then winning the lottery
Indeed. Just wanted to make my first comment there :) Who the * upvoted that answer?
8:20 AM
If a question was answered but the question was closed, can the OP still accept that answer?
@PatrickHofman probably @nicael testing his abilities there
@cybermonkey sure
hm, might prompt the OP of a question I answered then.
only if the answer is locked OP can't accept it
@cybermonkey Registered question as false positive, whitelisted user and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
oops, someone reverse that for me?
8:22 AM
@cybermonkey don't think it's possible
@ShadowWizard reversing a Smokey action? it's possible because I've seen it done, just forgotten the command.
keyboard with "t" and "f" not so close to each other
@rene I wonder why.... :D
@rene and bigger prize? ;)
@ShadowWizard lol ur comments over that question :P
@ShadowWizard The Dvorak Standard Keyboard is slightly better in that sense.
@ShadowWizard You never want to hit that "ask question" button and absolutely never do you want to click the "post your question" button. :xD meta.stackoverflow.com/a/261593/1761003
8:33 AM
@ShadowWizard You might want to check out the Jcuken keyboard layout
The BEPO keyboard (below) also fits
@JanDvorak lol! good one! but actually that's for poor @cybermonkey who mispressed and caused spam to be registered as false positive ;)
@maveň yup, and OP deleted his account just now, nuking that question in the process
@Inf do you change avatar every day? (and display name every 30 days) :D
I guess the answer to that is @No.
!xkcd 240
@ShadowWizard No :D
8:41 AM
you forgot the period ^
told you so....
!xkcd 123456789
@ShadowWizard xkcd.com/123456789
^ bot bug!
8:46 AM
!xkcd abcdefg
@ShadowWizard Unrecognized command. Use !xkcd commands for a list of commands.
well at least it check for numbers only :)
!xkcd commands
Usage: !xkcd [command][ params( optional params)]
about – Get information about xkcdBot.
find [searchTerms] – Search for xkcd comics with Google (100 queries/day).
[comic ID] – Post oneboxed comic.
last – Onebox most recent xkcd.
blame( [user]) – Find out who's to blame for your maladies.
owner – Find out who owns xkcdBot.
status – Get xkcdBot's status.
!xkcd blame @Mooseman kill !xkcd 666
oh, my lovely plan doesn't work :(
@Mooseman kill !xkcd 666
> !xkcd 666 was killed by Col. Mustard with the Wrench in the Billiard Room.
8:49 AM
one command, two bots
@ShadowWizard you are EVIL man :D
and @Mooseman bot still dead in Den :D
shall I kill it here as well?
Man you are so boldmaveň 40 mins ago
let's see...
8:52 AM
> how u did that ._.
@maveň cv-pls unclear
@Mooseman so you can't bring us pizza anymore, right? :(

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