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7:05 PM
It looks like I have exactly as many days left before the main election as I require to hit 40/40. Nifty.
We are aware some of our users are affected by a global routing problem piping some traffic through Seoul, KR. We are working on the issue.
7:21 PM
in Stack Overflow 2015 Moderator Election Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by Jason C
     user           username events   days eventsperday millimartijn
--------- ------------------ ------ ------ ------------ ------------
    35417    Martijn Pieters 105266 2117.9        49.70      1000.00
  4101518            AstroCB  14689  407.7        36.03       724.79
  1703573               Undo  14212  857.1        16.58       333.60
  3597478          Amit Joki   7133  510.5        13.97       281.14
  1424245 Benjamin Gruenbaum  13699 1086.2        12.61       253.73
      378             deceze  28954 2437.3        11.88       239.00
If your system puts bjb that far ahead of Matt...
yay me
The routing issue has be isolated to Telia's network. For the cuious, here's a neat animation of crazy: https://stat.ripe.net/widget/bgplay#w.resource= via @GBrayUT
@JasonC -1
You're still not counting activity on deleted posts, flags, close votes, etc.
And a better baseline would be bluefeet.
7:31 PM
@hichris123 I know. I was explicit about that I thought.
Skeet doesn't really do much moderation activity.
But he does do activity.
It's the best I've got. I'm about to generate a dataset for the current moderators too, but it will be sorely lacking as I have no info about mod-only activities. At best a rough comparison can only be made during the time before they became a moderator.
@JasonC Well, yes, but you're doing all of these analyses with the same flawed data... GIGO.
The G is consistent at least.
7:33 PM
^ @hichris123 rep on SO. If you look very closely, you can guess when 2014 election took place.
@hichris123 Trust me, I'm already super hesitant about posting any of this for that reason. I tried to make it clear in the meta post. On the other hand nobody will really care, and the damage will have been done. It's not a good situation.
I might send an email to support requesting that somebody pull sanitized data on deleted posts for this purpose. I don't think that will happen, but it's worth a shot.
@pizza I got 3k 9 days before the election (or so). That had more to do with it than anything -- I just wanted to edit & close questions.
@JasonC you could, I wouldn't be surprised if they gave it to you.
@JasonC Speaking as a user with only a passing interest in this whole thing: Put a big fat THESE CHARTS DO NOT ACCOUNT FOR THE FOLLOWING: [very long list] at the top of whatever post you make and I'll get the message, even if I skim past the [very long list]
@JasonC Would be cool if they did that for you
7:36 PM
@Ixrec I already did that; and just now made it bold. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/289995/…
@bjb568 Incorrect. Rotated sine curve is not something you can easily expressed in y=f(x) form. It's naturally written in parametric form x=f(t), y=g(t), by applying rotation matrix to x= t, y=sin(t). On the image below, the blue curve is the true rotated sign (by 45 degrees), red is what you wrote.
@pizza I thought I must've did something wrong.
gah, what did I do?
I don't know; I could not follow the logic of your approach.
7:41 PM
Oh, I solved for the x offset from the rotation line instead of root(x-offset ^ 2 + y-offset ^ 2)
The way the blue curve was plotted: x=linspace(-4*pi,4*pi); y=sin(x); R = [1 1; -1 1]/sqrt(2); rotated = R*[x;y]; plot(rotated(1,:), rotated(2,:))
The main ingredient is R, the rotation matrix.
someone is flagging bjb again... obviously from the transcript...
7:46 PM
The https certificate for kittehcoin iz expired
I knowz
That's… weird.
yeah, out of context the complete tavern script is flaggable
> y = (x + a) * tan(θ) - a * cot(θ)
I think that's the correct starting equation.
7:48 PM
@rene flags your post
@JasonC I'm supposed to star chat.stackoverflow.com? That's a little hard...
@hichris123 I'd just flag chat.stackoverflow.com as offensive.
@bjb568 I don't know what's correct about it.
@hichris123 I'm supposed to close stackoverflow.com/questions? That's a little hard... HA!
7:50 PM
Yeah that's right.
@pizza It's probably wrong.
"That's right" - "It's probably wrong" interesting conversation
> A router in New York just said a connection from New Hampshire to Jersey should go through LA. The LA router said "better swing by Korea." -- Nick Craver at 12:46 PM - 12 Apr 2015 via Twitter
Distance between y = x * tan(θ) and y = f(x) is root(∆x^2 + ∆y^2) where ∆y = -cot(θ) * ∆x
7:52 PM
@pizza That feature exists to make tcp reliable. Don't start complaining about performance. Take your pick.
Does this need more beyond the current closed state?
@rene I think it's just trying to procrastinate going to Jersey. I agree.
Make my day, someone agreed with me ;)
Distance between y = x * tan(θ) and y = f(x) is root(∆x^2 + (cot(θ) * ∆x)^2), where -cot(θ) * ∆x + f(x + ∆x) = -cot(θ) * ∆x + (x - ∆x) * tan(θ)
… I think
Hmmm I failed this in triage. Why is that a good question?
it aint
7:59 PM
@rene it has pretty pictures?
well, it is on-topic, clear and specific enough to be answerable
if not the most interesting thing ever
The system automatically gets the questions for audits by their upvote/downvote ratio, and answers.
for what it's worth I've had a pretty terrible experience with audits, but I don't see any reason to close/downvote that particular Q
No, I think it's f(x + ∆x) = (x + ∆x) * tan(θ) which isn't easily solvable.
@SmokeDetector fp
8:02 PM
@Ixrec Registered answer as false positive.
What's the best way to SVG'ify things?
@hichris123 Get out an XML editor.
I blinked a few times; what just got removed?
@bjb568 Are the converter tools online any help? I'd rather not manually do it.
I doubt they work.
8:04 PM
@Ixrec Smokey's false positive
@bjb568 Do you know of a good tutorial on manually entering paths then?
@hichris123 I mean, like, just look at the MDN docs.
8:07 PM
@cybermonkey It's hichris123's fault.
@SmokeDetector yep, definitely his fault.
@bjb568 I shall go to W3Schools then. ;P
@cybermonkey 8980
8:08 PM
hm, was Smokey's API quota raised?
@hichris123 O'Reilly have books... and there's learnsvg.com
oh, btw, if you find a good resource can you tell me (us)?
If I find one, sure.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: in basketball are you allowed to switch between hands while dribbling? by Kate on sports.stackexchange.com
!xkcd status
8:14 PM
I really want a good PHP profiler on this machine... :/
I'll take that as "not good."
I don't have sudo access though.
!xkcd status
8:15 PM
That's better.
@SmokeDetector tpu
@cybermonkey Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@cybermonkey That's not spam – just VLQ.
!xkcd find Landing
8:20 PM
Supposed to be a GIF, I think.
The best xkcd of all time.
A very long one.
it's one of those dynamic strips
that one was being updated regularly during the Rosetta landing
@AstroCB Are you thinking of Time?
!xkcd 1446
8:21 PM
^ was supposed to be that ^
..but it's broken
@AlexisKing No; it's the right one, but it didn't load.
@AstroCB It's loaded with JavaScript.
8:22 PM
The empty one is just the placeholder image.
Will Philae come back?
!xkcd status
8:30 PM
Ugh indeed.
!xkcd status
!xkcd 1190
@Braiam seeing as they lost the lander, they have to wait 'til they re-establish communications with it,
8:49 PM
cv-pls: stackoverflow.com/questions/29589932/… (error caused by the OP, needs to be closed as such)
9:37 PM
Looks like stackoverflow.com/q/29379380/2371861 is back in the green.
Q: What's the best way to loop through a set of elements in JavaScript?

JamesIn the past and with most my current projects I tend to use a for loop like this: var elements = document.getElementsByTagName('div'); for (var i=0; i<elements.length; i++) { doSomething(elements[i]); } I've heard that using a "reverse while" loop is quicker but I have no real way to confi...

Q: foreach loop for HTMLCollection elements

Dmitry FucintvI'm trying to set get id of all elements in an HTMLCollection. I wrote the following code: var list= document.getElementsByClassName("events"); console.log(list[0].id); //first console output for (key in list){ console.log(key.id); //second console output } But I got the follwoing output i...

There are probably many others of the same, could somebody find the best to close all as a dup to? And for me to link to in my answer?
A: Why have tag gold badge recipients been given the dupe-hammer but not an MCVE-hammer?

Alexis KingI would not endorse giving similar power to gold badge holders for any other close reason other than duplicate (perhaps having more weight than a normal user, but not the full power Mjölnir exercises over duplicates). First of all, questions are almost always objectively duplicates or objectivel...

9:56 PM
Yay, orange chickenbird!
Q: Edit the software-rec close reason to include APIs / services

UndoThis is the current 'software recommendation' off-topic close reason: Questions asking us to recommend or find a tool, library or favorite off-site resource are off-topic for Stack Overflow as they tend to attract opinionated answers and spam. Instead, describe the problem and what has been d...

^ thoughts?
Gah, Je t'ends Le Moulin is stuck in my head.
ti que ti que taq!
10:01 PM
Literary references: YANETUT.
PHP is offensive?
@tchrist fp
the actual post looks like an fp too, no idea what triggered it
@Ixrec There was offensive $shit at the bottom. Also, it looked like that, too. I cannot believe people sometimes. What the hell kind of homicidal lunatic uses random whitespace that way?
I would so have sent that whole POS out the airlock during code review he wouldn’t even have been able to catch a last breath on the way out to the cold dead vacuum of space where that code belongs.
But ask me how I really feel. :)
Notice you can actually read it now. Well, as much as one can hope for at least.
10:22 PM
@SmokeDetector fp
@hichris123 Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
I'm an expert at... stuff in lists!
@bjb568 so . . . much . . . work
Q: Burninate [element]

bjb568I hate elements. They make chemical things. Chemicals are bad. BURNINATE!

10:25 PM
Plus can you image the howls of fury?
Think of all those posts bumping to the top of the active list if it were done by hand: you’d be lynched.
Hey, who's voting down my meta post?
Do you hate fun? Huh? Huh?
Would have to go on the forbidden-forever list.
@bjb568 I must have missed the video-game aspect of it.
@bjb568 Don't tempt me.
@Undo Also, that damn nazi-run illuminati government keeps putting dihydrogen monoxide in our water! We must drink bottled water! — bjb568 14 secs ago
@bjb568 You get a point for this :D
10:28 PM
@AstroCB is that how you burninate things so quickly?
@yellowantphil Sometimes...
gah I have like 10 windows of 10 tabs open
... if that button is functional, you prolly shouldn't ever click it :/
I'm pretty sure he's clicked it
Q: Chrome extension to merge windows?

UndoI'd sometimes end up with two Chrome windows with multiple tabs on each. While I do this intentionally at first, I usually end up with no good distinction between them and want them to all be in the same window. Right now I have to manually drag each and every tab across from the old window to ...

10:29 PM
@AstroCB Make sure it can’t regenerate: use a Disintegrate not a Fireball.
@Undo Nifty!
vine.co/v/OlgDedY3EOO No Vine oneboxes?
AstroCB, you seem to do burninate really fast. Do you have any userscripts or something to make it faster? (also, nice great burinator) — JZL003 Feb 17 at 2:21
@pizza nope, and that should make you happy.
@JZL003 I do. However, I try to avoid using them as much as possible, and I use them in conjunction with the SE Editor's Toolkit to ensure that the posts receive proper treatment as per Shog's burnination guidelines. — AstroCB Feb 17 at 2:25
10:31 PM
30K privilege: oneboxing vine in chat
@AstroCB ah, well that's okay then :)
@pizza I don't trust 30kers to use that privilege correctly :P
@AstroCB I saw that, shortly after you burninated [common] for me. "Who is this Astro, and how did he burninate everything single handedly?"
@pizza Which immediately takes you down 30k in rep.
GIFs are worse than Vine.
10:33 PM
To be honest, though, that button actually doesn't do much for me. I still have to sit through the posts being edited and fix the ones that have prohibited things in the title that I can't account for programmatically. I also get IP-blocked every 5 minutes.
@pizza 30k network rep isn’t much.
It shaves off about ~1/4 of the time, which is a lot, but still.
@pizza Perhaps, but with gifv they would be a bit better.
@tchrist Set the required amount at bjb+1.
I have a problem.
10:34 PM
He rolled my painstaking formatting of his $shit back to its previously $shitty condition. Shall we close it? :)
@pizza He'll be able to use the privilege in short spurts because of caching.
Q: Why is wp_insert_post creating 3 identical Wordpress posts?

user3826864I am attempting to programmatically create WP posts from content taken from an external source. Everything seems to be working fine, except for some reason this code creates 3 identical WP posts! I have tried several things but nothing seems to work. I included an 'echo' at the end of the code ...

I can’t edit it again.
Well, won’t. I never undo an undo.
stackoverflow.com/questions/29445808/… - "Questions on professional server- or networking-related infrastructure administration are off-topic for Stack Overflow unless they directly involve programming or programming tools. You may be able to get help on Server Fault." wat.
10:38 PM
@hichris123 Seriously.
@tchrist office building -> Server Fault? shrug
@tchrist FUCK YOU ASSHOLE , how about a -1 for that bitch? — user3826864 15 secs ago
Time for suspensions.
Time to run my query...
@hichris123 OSI Layer Stack? :)
10:45 PM
@hichris123 For some reason Thermite isn't working :/
What's Thermite?
@hichris123 Cabling is on topic at SF.
Of course, not the specific question.
Add delete button next to each chat message, which would remove it from DOM.
10:47 PM
For bonus internet points, insert it as an option in drop-down menu.
@Undo informationIObtained === []
== == ==
=== ===
The ==== comparison checks that the variables have the same value, type, and name.
@Unihedro it automagically grabs comments from the API and checks them against regexes
@Undo Kewl!
10:53 PM
@pizza = ⁼ ₌ ≠ ﹦ = ⩵ ⩶ ≃ ≄ ≅ ≇ ≆ ≈ ≉ ≊ ≌ ≑ ≒ ≓ ≔ ≕ ≖ ≗ ≛ ≜ ≝ ≟ ≤ ≰ ≥ ≱ ≦ ≧ ≨ ≩ ≼ ⋠ ≽ ⋡ ⊆ ⊈ ⊇ ⊉ ⊊ ⊋ ⊑ ⋢ ⊒ ⋣ ⊜ ⊴ ⋬ ⊵ ⋭ ⋍ ⋕ ⋚ ⋛ ⋜ ⋝ ⋞ ⋟ ⋤ ⋥ ⌸ ⍯ ⥱ ⥵ ⧣ ⧤ ⩦ ⩮ ⩯ ⩰ ⩱ ⩲ ⩳ ⩷ ⩽ ⩾ ⩿ ⪀ ⪁ ⪂ ⪃ ⪄ ⪇ ⪈ ⪋ ⪌ ⪍ ⪎ ⪑ ⪒ ⪓ ⪔ ⪕ ⪖ ⪗ ⪘ ⪙ ⪚ ⪛ ⪜ ⪟ ⪠ ⪨ ⪩ ⪬ ⪭ ⪮ ⪯ ⪰ ⪱ ⪲ ⪳ ⪴ ⪵ ⪶ ⪷ ⪸ ⪹ ⪺ ⫃ ⫄ ⫅ ⫆ ⫉ ⫊ ⫋ ⫌ ⫑ ⫒ ⫹ ⫺
Just in case you run out. :)
But seriously, why doesn't chat have an option to hide one specific message? I think it would help keep invalid flags down.
The hidden state could be even cookie-based to not eat up server resources. Then it's out of view anyway.
@pizza Why don't you ask... it?
Chat, why don't you have an option to hide a specific message?
You have to ping it, @Chat!
10:57 PM
Hm, wrong color.
@tchrist That's more white boxes than I can use for the rest of 2015.
@pizza Huh?
@tchrist ... It doesn't have any color still, #ordinarysquare
somebody needs a better symbol font
Mar 21 at 16:25, by Braiam
@Unihedro get a real browser on a real OS
10:58 PM
what qualifies as real browsers/OSs these days?
@Ixrec GNU/Hurd
that's hardcore
Ugh, so much white and bright.
10:59 PM
@Ixrec The unboxed versions.
@Unihedro yeah
@Unihedro Should I make a dark chat DD theme?

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