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5:01 AM
@bjb568 You'll love this question.
Access-Control-Allow-Origin is a header set by the source of the content you’re trying to load. Allowing the requesting page to set the header would make the same-origin policy pointless. — minitech ♦ 14 mins ago
@minitech, I don't understand that, say it simpler. — Mario Honse 3 mins ago
@stripe @ryannielsen inPulse SDK released Jan 2011. Sounds legit.
5:18 AM
Q: double empty parentheses, what do they do?

user4778715In the below code, what is the point of the first double parentheses and are the second set just used to encapsulate what is in the first set? function(){ alert(Hi); }

Tagging choice of the day.
!comp 1/((1/3)(3x-5)^(-2/3))
3 (3 x-5)^(2/3)
!comp 1/((1/3)(3(-22/3)-5)^(-2/3))
27 (-1)^(2/3)
5:25 AM
!comp 27 (-1)^(2/3)
-13.5 +
23.382685902179843462620525610329276953727870926440... i
^ abusive :p
Shouldn't that be 9?
!comp -27^(-2/3)
!comp 1/((1/3)(-1/9))
5:27 AM
@AstroCB Avoid that. -a^b is sometimes interpreted as (-a)^b and sometimes as -(a^b).
Two types of minus!
5:28 AM
!comp (-1)^(6/3)
Yeah, some say that unary minus takes priority over binary operations. I disagree.
!comp (-1)^(9/3)
Also, raising negative numbers to fractional powers is tricky; consider it undefined behavior.
5:29 AM
me agree with disagree
!comp (-1)^9/(-1)^3
It would be better to reconsider the source of the formula that involves such powers, and revise the computations leading to it.
@pizza isn't that implementation defined instead?
@JanDvorak Yes. Of course, a language is free to define the order any way the creators want.
5:31 AM
But if no language is specified, I'll go with mathematical conventions, not programming ones.
I attempted false proof wrongly.
Q: need woodcutting recursion advice

newbie_oldYou are given a log of wood of length 'n’. There are 'm’ markings on the log. The log must be cut at each of the marking. The cost of cutting is equal to the length of the log that is being cut. Given such a log, determine the least cost of cutting. My partial solution is using recursion: I am a...

> You are given a log of wood of length 'n’. There are 'm’ markings on the log. The log must be cut at each of the marking. The cost of cutting is equal to the length of the log that is being cut. Given such a log, determine the least cost of cutting.
Migrate to Woodworking
Also, the base of the log is not specified.
5:34 AM
It still bugs me that =-3^2 is 9 in Excel.
!comp -3^2
!find -3^2
5:36 AM
Haskell treats - as an unary operator with lower priority than exponentiation
5:59 AM
I take the point of view that there is no unary minus. -3 is a shorthand for 0-3. If a formula becomes invalid after expanding these minuses, then it was invalid to begin with.
An implementation may provide a more efficient method of negating a number than subtraction from zero.
Also, an implementation may decide to implement a-b as a + (-b) instead.
Which is what hardware implementations do (well, actually, they do a+(~b)+1)
But yes,
> x - y = x + negate y
> negate x = 0 - x
6:18 AM
Shower thot: To rotate a function, find the distance from the line y = tan(θ) to y = f(x), the shortest being normal to tan(θ).
Just played with it.
y + a = x * tan(θ) - a * cot(θ)
That intersects with y = f(x), so solving for a:
a = (x * tan(θ) - f(x)) / (1 + cot(θ))
For example sin(x) rotated 45 degrees is (sin(x) - x) / 2
damn negative signs
so confusing
stop calling exponential anti logarithm and look into manual or on the labels of the buttons... — V-X Nov 28 '13 at 17:40
wat dis
A jQuery scrollbar? This is getting ridiculous — bjb568 5 secs ago
Anyway, I'm off to bed.
It seems everyone else is dead.
6:35 AM
I think if @bjb were elected mod, he'd get upset about having to handle all my flags on his comments.
flag/unclear - rejected - I dun no wat u talkn about
I don't do know -> no
but about should be shortened to 'bout
@JanDvorak nvm, i c problem nao, problemz fixd by addin moar kittehs
Actually, I should ask BJB about the grammar on his nomination page
6:38 AM
@AlexisKing The upside of you withdrawing is that you tested my data collection program's ability to handle withdrawals.
Psst, @bjb. Spin it as you being "qualified to handle users who use poor English."
Our star wall is very uniform.
Psst. A kitten teaching me to butcher grammar the right way :-(
@JasonC What do we win?
6:44 AM
@JasonC To star or not to star, that is the question...
and nothing on Tavern on the Meta was ever starred again
I bet whoever starred that thinks they're pretty funny.
Oh what, there was a uniform star wa or something? Yeah, like that'll last.
@bjb568 It was fine until you showed up.
I wasted like 7 stars getting all the numbers to be the same. I didn't even read the posts.
How did autocarrot get wa from wall?
6:49 AM
Psst, @bjb. Spin it as you "aren't like the other candidates because you don't blindly conform."
Psst, @bjb. Spin it as "you put the wa in wall, and you'll give everybody an autocarrot after the election"
Aww, I just realized I missed a UNIFORMITY IS DISAPPEAR joke.
Oh wait what was that other funny one
I forgot, too.
Apr 7 at 5:08, by Jason C
6:53 AM
flails uncontrollably
I... think I need an adult.
Hmm, now I'll never get to run that SO campaign ad about how I pee in the shower.
6:56 AM
I am all about peeing in the shower.
hopes people remember the context to that and don't think I'm the creepiest person alive
It's an art, though. You have to go right for the drain.
I totally had your vote in the bag, too.
Mar 19 at 8:46, by Jason C
If you ever ran for political office and ran a campaign ad where you admitted to peeing in the shower, I would totally vote for you.
I forgot about that.
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: We are currently struggling to implement by Bipasha Rana on meta.stackexchange.com
6:58 AM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@bummi Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
haha wat
somebody answered this scheme question with a Java solution
A: Sort list into sublists

Nikhil MaheshSolution to this in Java public ArrayList<ArrayList<Integer>> sort(int array[]){ ArrayList<ArrayList<Integer>> listList = null; ArrayList<Integer> intList = new ArrayList<Integer>(); if(array.length==0) return listList; listList = new ArrayList<ArrayList<Integer>>(...

I... don't even know how to handle this. Does this qualify as NAA?
It certainly seems to fit the bill to me.
"Your answer is in another castle."
Lol... it's in another game entirely.
@SmokeDetector wow
This is proof that no matter how advanced AI gets, it's going to be a long time before automated spam handling will be perfect.
...can we mark that as a false positive and blacklist the user? XD
Darn, who suggested an edit to that post?
I spent a few minutes making it really nice. :p
7:05 AM
@AlexisKing Oh, I did the same...
I bet yours is better. Save it.
@JasonC User blacklisted (116811 on english.stackexchange.com).
And, yes, we can.
Well then!
@SmokeDetector fp ;)
@AlexisKing Registered answer as false positive.
7:40 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Smoking, drinking and eating are not allowed by user116816 on english.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@bummi Blacklisted user.
8:06 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Strange Item on DHCP Client Table by McLinda on superuser.com
sure there's a better term for the "oh shit" look?
8:33 AM
@JasonC Sorry about this.
8:51 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PPTP VPN CLIENT by santhosh on unix.stackexchange.com
9:02 AM
9:33 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: COUNTER STRIKE(HALF LIFE) 1.6 STOPS WORKING IN WIRED INTERNET by MAK on gaming.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TURBULENT FLOW AND TOPOLOGICAL MANIFLODS by user70433 on mathoverflow.net
10:16 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ABOUT POST TRANSLATIONAL MODIFICATIONS by Emmanuel on biology.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: You can also try doing cardio high speed by bipasha rana on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@Qantas94Heavy Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: Tikz: how to change the order of overlapping objects? by Helena on tex.stackexchange.com
@Qantas94Heavy Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Primaries begin in 1 day, 9 hours, 31 minutes and 29 seconds.
10:51 AM
@Qantas94Heavy Very...
@Mooseman: I think it's because it's a blacklisted tag, but the system assigns questions to it anyway.
11:42 AM
lazy sunday?
12:50 PM
Is there anyone who understands what is asked here?
@rene I want "Not constructive" back
So "Serial <up/down>voting reversed" is now "voting corrected"?
... why?
What if it's not... correct?
12:55 PM
I don't see much of a point, seeing as they rarely reverse downvotes and upvotes together
Well, yeah. The wording infers more than it should now.
IOW: My cheese was moved.
A: Please hide "serial upvoting reversed" entries in the public reputation history

Shog9I tend to agree with this - it looks bad, provides no real advantage to anyone other than a moderator investigating the root cause of the problem, and actually offers a reverse-engineering tool to folks intentionally looking to game the system. Hiding it by default, visible only to moderators a...

It's to make it sound less "suss"
Changing the help center page was a good idea, changing how it names doesn't really do much though.
for a reason, I thought that meta post is too-broad. He wants to have know many more rep-whoring activities, AND he wants us to suggest changes to prevent that.
I think it could be classified as too broad, but I think "not constructive" captures the essence of what we really mean better.
Anyway I'm VTCing the question.
12:59 PM
@AndrewT. ... but the last part isn't clearly asked, right?
Yes, I agree. It might be asked as follow-up question, if that post succeed in the first place.
need more upvote for publicity :/ meta.stackexchange.com/a/252025/241919
@AndrewT. status-declined; Shog added that tag before he posted his answer about "voting corrected"
just realized, thanks.
@Doorknob Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Primaries begin in 1 day, 6 hours, 52 minutes and 19 seconds.
1:51 PM
@SmokeDetector fp
@ProgramFOX Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@Unihedro “Infers”?
2:18 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: FORWARD A CALL TO A 900 SERVICE by JOE on security.stackexchange.com
that is not a security question, that is asking if a scam will work
Reject what? The edits? Why?
@Qantas94Heavy They're not that bad.
Wrong link I suppose?
@Qantas94Heavy Recent edits look OK to me
3:14 PM
@Unihedro: some aren't that bad, some are just one letter removals where there's still a code mess everywhere
I Improved' one and Reject and Edit'ed one.
On the trivial side
I'll post specific ones
Ah, further down there are some lazy-ass edits
One should be careful about adopting a fixed policy of don’t improve anything unless you can improve everything.
3:16 PM
I don't need everything improved, but mass editing posts from what seems like a keyword search doesn't really help
@tchrist Where does that come from?
@Unihedro --tchrist
I’m not advocating trivial edits.
Just be careful.
Incidentally, that's the firs time I've ever solicited close votes. How'd I do?
@meagar Welcome aboard.
Just make sure not to accidentally shoot down anyone innocent.
Seems like just promoting the site
3:21 PM
^ spammer
@meagar Well, you only have a few questions, so it’s hard to find ones to close. :)
@ProgramFOX All three of their posts. The account should be nuked.
He has a Webmasters account too... let's see what's there.
Maybe spam that's already nuked.
Obviously Mark's his boss.
A: User spamming edits removing only "Thanks"

Michael IrigoyenThis isn't "spammy" editing behavior. Opening introductions, closing valedictions, and other fluff should be removed from all questions. It may seem like a minor edit, but it is perfectly valid. I remove them any time I see them, even if I'm not specifically looking for them. If it doesn't add a...

3:45 PM
@Unihedro That answer is correct. Please read the answers on the dupe.
@tchrist thanks
Furthermore, there is no spam involved. The question is a lie.
It is inappropriate to call anything you don't want to see spam.
@tchrist Was that about the edits, or the question I linked?
3:50 PM
@tchrist unless is glazed with vainilla cream
@ProgramFOX The question called the edits spammy, which is nonsense.
@tchrist Oh okay, I thought your message was targeted to my "still alive" message, so I was confused initially.
@ProgramFOX Sorry!
no problem :)
Just wait till somebody does a mass retag: these folks will probaby have a coronary from all the "spam". :)
4:11 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating words in body: How wrap a long string in a column by Sumit on stackoverflow.com
@JasonC Not necessarily, it's all about freedom.
@bjb568 That's true; I (may be unfairly) assume that the goal is to not get pee on one's feet. If you miss the drain it may get stuck in eddy currents for an unnecessarily long time. And, if the shower is hot and steamy, this causes other potentially unwanted issues as well.
4:29 PM
@JasonC No, the goal is to be able to wash your feet right after you inevitably get pee on them, what with pedal bidets being so hard to come by.:) Not recommended in communal showers.
@tchrist I have a weird shower habit of washing my feet on the way out so I never put them back in the tub, then turning the water off after I'm out.
Communal showers are a whole different game.
It's fun to pee in all directions.
nothing good has ever come from peeing towards the sky~
4:37 PM
@bjb568 Pirouetting.
You guys do realize you've all just outed yourselves as males.
@SmokeDetector tpu
@ProgramFOX Blacklisted user.
@tchrist but nobody knows of what race ;)
4:44 PM
@Braiam Iditerod?
@AstroCB Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Primaries begin in 1 day, 3 hours, 15 minutes and 5 seconds.
I'm #6 page for week reputation earned. I never thought that would happen.
Cold hard cash always helps.
4:54 PM
@Braiam YouTube hilarity maybe.
@JeremyBanks Updated; your plot is there.
@JasonC technically, that isn't good...
5:09 PM
Election stats: (30 / 32 noms, 3 positions)
Ty221              3231 17/40
The Wobbuffet      4557 15/40
bjb568             4896 21/40
hichris123         5037 22/40
AstroCB            5100 22/40
Shree              5460 17/40
Unihedro           6597 24/40
Hemang             7221 22/40
Andy              11211 29/40
Undo              11415 30/40
Michael Irigoyen  12183 29/40
Mooseman          12270 29/40
Ed Cottrell       14057 33/40
Sergey K.         15282 34/40
Jason C           18433 36/40
rekire            19001 37/40
Mining what?
Mining what things?
Mining what things now?
Mining what things now repworthy.
5:13 PM
Mining what things now repworthy sustainably?
Mining what things now repworthy sustainably with cats?
Do you think I should do a canon dup on vanilla JS DOM manipulation?
5:20 PM
Depends on the type of canon you intend.
Just answer more questions. And retag all the old ones' questions. ;)
@tchrist Sounds good
@tchrist canon dup
Canon in D-up? So like in D# then?
Yeahyeah, D# major.
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in body: Suppress print newline in python 3 str.format by pe9298 on stackoverflow.com
5:28 PM
@bjb568 Major? Naw! Try D♯ Aeolian: only 6 sharps instead of the 7 sharps in D♯ Major or the 5 sharps and 2 double-sharps in D♯ Minor. Win win.
And make it a crab canon.
I like dorian.
You should: it is ennobling of the spirit.
i-VI-v instead of i-iv-v always makes people feel better.
At least, the Greeks thought so.
That’s the D♯ Minor piece everybody knows. For certain values of everybody and knows.
@tchrist v can be replaced by VII
When you see a post that you closed as an audit in the Reopen Queue...
If D Dorian is all white keys, D♯ Dorian must be all sharps.
@bjb568 You know, you’re right.
5:33 PM
Of course I know I'm right.
Scarborough Fair, which is dorian, has a lot of i-IV-VII.
Probably because that's not how bounties work, or how math works, for that matter. — BoltClock ♦ 19 mins ago
I usualy get downvotes on Meta, don't know why... And I also wonder why they aren't subtracted from my SO reputation... — bytecode77 19 mins ago
I do wonder.
@AstroCB I giggled at that.
@bjb568 I have a piano reduction of BWV 538 (T&F in D dorian) I rather like.
I like that guy's attitude, lol.
5:40 PM
@bjb568 See here and hear C𝄪.
OMG THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH i figured it out SOMEBODY VOTE THIS ANSWER UP this is perhaps then only thing i have found useful on this website since i joined up THANK YOU!!!! — Joseph Williamson Mar 20 at 3:06
well, that's reassuring, lol
How can I manipulate the DOM without a library like jQuery?
I am used to using jQuery for manipulating the DOM, for example:

    var mything = $("#mything");
    mything.on("click", function() {
        mything.html("I have sinned.");

But now I want to do the same things with Vanilla Javascript. Is this possible? How can I do it?
What should be changed?
The code example isn't OTT is it? :p
@cybermonkey I'm tempted to vote it down since it gives no explanation...
@bjb568 Writing a canonical?
So it's good?
has hichris figured out that you two swept him into a deathmatch?
5:51 PM
better start farming rep
it's on
I'm good, thanks.
that works too
@bjb568 Looks good to me.
5:55 PM
!xckd find reputation
!xkcd find reputation
!xkcd find status
5:56 PM
@yellowantphil Hustling. Milking. Nursing. Quarrying. Harvesting. Reaping. Swindling. Exhuming. Ingathering. Wringing. Excavating. Fleecing. Pumping. Siphoning. Extracting. Draining. Dredging. Drudging.
Some of those are cooler than farming for rep verbing.
@tchrist you're right. I like “quarrying”
@yellowantphil Good for keeping the quarry at bay.
6:14 PM
several of those imply you're moving the rep from one place to another, hmm
there's rep everywhere in the ether
@AlexisKing Thanks.
@tchrist Hmm?
@Ixrec Sub rosa cash payouts for bounties. :)
@AlexisKing edit
@tchrist Ahh, sure.
@AlexisKing User blacklisted (4779934 on stackoverflow.com).
Why does SO have a higher number of close-votes yet the same number of delete-votes? How come those two don’t scale?
@tchrist probably because the roomba takes care of the stuff that needs it
and nobody even bothers delete-voting anymore
@Vogel612'sShadow You have to, or it won't go away. Most of them.
Lots of closed stuff is roomba-exempt.
I wonder why there isn’t any Portuguese.SE site, given that there are French.SE, Spanish.SE, Italian.SE — and not to mention Portuguese.SO!
6:27 PM
@Vogel612'sShadow that's probably the sad part...
@Braiam I have a sad hunch that I have DV’d more posts on ELU than everyone else but together. And it is frustrating beyond belief that there is no DV queue, so I end up DV’ing the same thing again and again, because otherwise you can’t know that you did so.
A: Can we get some more review queues - questions with delete votes, recently closed etc.?

tchristSome high-rep users regularly go through the recently-close-voted and recently-delete-voted queues accessible from the 10k tools. You can tell this is happening because you often wind up putting the final delete vote on postings whose first two delete votes are from the same small set of delete-v...

On SO, there are people who nibble away at the 10k Most-Delete-Votes-Last-30-Days list. A few.
I don’t think it makes sense to entice people with badges, but it could be made easier and less frustrating.
there was a hat for voting to delete
@AstroCB I recall that is a bug
6:53 PM
@SmokeDetector fpu
@cybermonkey Registered question as false positive, whitelisted user and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@SmokeDetector delete

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