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12:00 AM
"One minute until stars are replenished..."
@xkcdBot Ladies and gentlemen, tchrist.
No me apetece.
@AstroCB stars aren't replenished at start of new utc day? or are they?
@Roombatron5000 They are.
I'm pretty sure we had a discussion about this before somewhere.
Restellation is always at 0 UTC.
Everything is replenished at 0 UTC, except API quota.
12:09 AM
Let's give @tchrist his favorite 'stache.
> Understood, but how do I vote for you? – fahadash 5 hours ago
Actually, this one's the best:
Aug 13 '14 at 4:32, by AstroCB
To address our earlier conversation about stars: they are based on UTC.
12:25 AM
In Smoke Detector School, Smokey keeps reporting all "try this code" answers as gibberish. Maybe he's on to something.
Ugh – SE's using target="_blank" for their Network ads.
Worth a Meta post?
@AstroCB Due to the problem with the destination having access to window.parent()?
@meagar Due to all of the problems with target="_blank".
I don't think XHTML even allows it anymore.
Remember XHTML?
12:38 AM
A: Is it alright use to target="_blank" in HTML5?

Homer"it's by the easiest way to open a new window for something like a PDF" It's also the easiest way to annoy non-Windows users. PDF open just fine in browsers on other platforms. Opening a new windows also messes up the navigation history and complicates matter on smaller platforms like smartphone...

> THAT being said, web developers should make it absolutely clear where their links go, what types and/or formats of sources they reference, and what they do. Tooltips can be your friend (unless you're using a tablet or phone; in that case, specify these on the mobile site). We all know how much it sucks to be taken somewhere we weren't expecting or make something happen we didn't mean to.
xkcdBot initialized.
Disclosure: the link after SPAM in my message above leads to a spam post (and opens in a new window/tab despite not having target="_blank")
Blacklist candidate http://www.moneyonlineinvestment.com/
When manipulating the Document Object Model with Vanilla JS, you will be directly be accessing the [`Document`](developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Document) and [`Node`](developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Node)s. A document contains [`Element`](developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/Element)s, particularly [`HTMLElement`](developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/HTMLElement)s and [`SVGElement`](developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/API/SVGElement)s which are both `Node`s. An `Element` may contain [`Text`](developer.mozilla.org/en-
What do you think?
12:42 AM
snippets make writing really slow
Q: How can I manipulate the DOM without a library like jQuery?

bjb568I am used to using jQuery for manipulating the DOM, for example: var mything = $("#mything"); mything.on("click", function() { mything.addClass("red"); mything.html("I have sinned."); }); But now I want to do the same things with Vanilla Javascript. Is this possible? How can I do it? ...

* JavaScript
Vanilla yogurt is yogurt with vanilla flavor added to it. What does one add to JS to get Vanilla JS?
12:49 AM
Adding nothing to yogurt makes plain yogurt, not vanilla yogurt.
s/plain yogurt/yuk/
Is "yogurt" already a name of some programming language? Hard to find a word that isn't.
What's the command?
@pizza I'm SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam and low-quality posts on the network and posts alerts to chat. A command list is available here.
12:51 AM
@bjb568 Watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
> A command list is available here.
@pizza Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Primaries begin in 0 days, 19 hours, 8 minutes and 12 seconds.
12:52 AM
@pizza Try pure.
Yes, that'll work.
Where’s the Javascript Purity Test at these days, anyway?
↖ ?
12:56 AM
yes, me!
yesses @bj
One could do better.
Google translate: Cobweb purity test!
@tchrist purity test
@tchrist no labels for checkboxes
@tchrist dies
> direct Javascript DOM manipulation
> virgin Javascript DOM manipulation
> purely Javascript DOM manipulation
> 100% extra virgin Javascript DOM manipulation
> unsullied Javascript DOM manipulation
> framework-free Javascript DOM manipulation
> unfettered Javascript DOM manipulation
@Astro I don't see why the edit, broad questions generally aren't allowed.
Yay for direct DOM manipulation using browser devtools.
I don't know how nobody came up with this earlier, in the Era of 100MB GIFs.
Uh, but that really is too broad for a single question. I thought you were targeting "How to write this jQuery code with vanilla JS" or so only. Can you link specific already-asked questions that I might close? — Bergi 4 mins ago
search sux
1:15 AM
@Doorknob Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Primaries begin in 0 days, 18 hours, 44 minutes and 25 seconds.
@astro thanks for edit
Seriously, please remove Vanilla, either completely or replacing it with something in lowercase.
@bjb568 It doesn't matter; that's the nature of canonical dupes. It's effectively the same thing as self-answering a question and saying "THIS IS A SELF-ANSWERED QUESTION. THANKS.", which is generally discouraged.
!xkcd find JavaScript
@xkcdBot What...does that have to do with JavaScript?
1:21 AM
… nothing?
did they write the Saturn V code in JavaScript? Did Nazis invent JavaScript?
!xkcd find doorknob
I guess... I guess there are germs on doorknobs?
Is it April Fools' Part 2? What is Google doing?
1:22 AM
!xkcd find cat
@xkcdBot yes! I was hoping for that one :D
> Who knows what weevils lurk in the hearts of men? The Google knows!
!xkcd find weevil
1:23 AM
!xkcd find ''
No results found.
!xkcd find no results found
1:23 AM
haha, I guess...?
The green ones will turn you into a bunny.
Wait, so you're just pulling together things that have already been answered in a more piece-wise fashion, and then expect all of the others to be closed? Why...? — monners 1 min ago
hears Jeopardy theme playing
not everyone is as canonical as you are?
1:26 AM
@bjb568 Nikon shooters.
@bjb Your canonical dupe just got duped.
passes around collection jar
Quick! Close that question as a dupe of yours!
1:27 AM
Vroom vroom vroom.
Ever closer to the deadly embrace.
@Qantas94Heavy No, that's barely tangentially related. — bjb568 19 secs ago
Or deadly embarrassment. Only time will tell.
every single comment there is at +1 except for stackoverflow.com/questions/29596357/…
Not anymore.
Whoever wins the argument on bjb's canonical post, goes through the primary voting phase.
1:29 AM
well, umm... i'm out of the election again
@TheWobbuffet a victim of the deathmatch. que the sad music ♪
no I was writing in French. What the sad music. ?
it's not over yet
and I always whine about "barbeque"... alas
@TheWobbuffet better earn some rep fast though
1:31 AM
starts mockingjay music
I know you're desperately trying hard for reputation, but creating fake canonical questions doesn't really work.
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 45 mins ago, by bjb568
A: How can I manipulate the DOM without a library like jQuery?

bjb568When manipulating the Document Object Model with Vanilla JS, you will be directly be accessing the Document and Nodes. A document contains Elements, particularly HTMLElements and SVGElements which are both Nodes. An Element may contain Text too. Finding Elements You can get the first element wh...

in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 45 mins ago, by bjb568
Y'all'd better like this.
@yellowantphil ¿Qué?
And you wonder why it's not being well received.
@Qantas94Heavy that's not how i role
1:32 AM
@AstroCB Mirabile visu.
@tchrist it's French. or a grievous misspelling. or both
@AstroCB Benjamin likes them, at least, I thot he was representative.
Take not the name of Thoth in vain.
1:33 AM
!comp Mirabile visu
it's impossible for me to pass bjb or astro unless i get a lot of accepted answers
@bjb568 Voted to close as too broad
One huge master question isn't a good idea
@tchrist Thoth, the neutral god of the Wizard pantheon?
@TheWobbuffet or a bounty. it's how Astro did it
> Wonderful to behold.
1:34 AM
There are no search terms that will lead to such a question
@yellowantphil Bounties bypass the cap?
@yellowantphil it's a bit late for a bounty now.
@meagar You disagree with all canonical dups? What?
@TheWobbuffet Of course.
1:34 AM
@Doorknob Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Primaries begin in 0 days, 18 hours, 25 minutes and 14 seconds.
^ that much time left.
At least with something like "How can I look up an element by ID without JavaScript" some SEO is possible
@bjb568 No, obviously I don't
Otherwise, there would be no bounties above 200.
i'm stupid
@meagar Well, you should know that almost everybody on meta disagrees with you.
1:35 AM
well, i've never gotten a bounty before
wait, let's say somebody serial upvotes The Wobbuffet. (No, don't do it.) Then he makes it to the primaries before the voting is reversed. Then what?
Then they can vote to reopen if it gets closed?
And democracy will live on
@TheWobbuffet It takes some work.
@yellowantphil then he's in the primaries.
This is a great canonical answer: stackoverflow.com/questions/14220321/…
1:35 AM
by treachery!!!
Unless you're an SE dev, in which case it can be as simple as adding a space somewhere.
Or really, if you're on Meta at all.
i'm not going to serial upvote myself
someone else's treachery
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: What would you call a person that nags a lot? by Cynthia stevens on english.stackexchange.com
Where's that update summary from a dev?
1:37 AM
@SmokeDetector NAA
> I'd like to start by dedicating this release to Meta user Floris for asking "Allow switching apps in iOS a [sic] without losing edit". [sic] I spent literally 7 weeks of my life and my sanity implementing state restoration and got like 55 rep from it. In the weeks following, I've earned 1000 on tiny feature requests here and there. That said, the feature is really awesome and I'm super excited about it.
You should read that.
1:38 AM
@tchrist Egyptian mythology?
@hichris123 Zelazny.
But yes.
Don't feel like downloading the pdf.
Buy the book.

Proposed Q&A site for theologians, professors, historians and scholars who want to learn about the gods and their stories. Anyone willing to learn and have a taste for mythology are welcome. All types of Mythology from across the globe will be covered here.

Currently in commitment.

1:39 AM
So close.
hrm, interesting.
It is beyond awesome. And brief.
@tchrist Or go to the library.
Creatures of Light and Darkness is a 1969 science fiction novel by Roger Zelazny. Long out of print, it was reissued in April 2010. == Plot introduction == The novel is set in the far future, with humans on many worlds. Some have god-like powers, or perhaps are gods — the names and aspects of various Egyptian Gods are used. Elements of horror and technology are mixed, and it has points in common with Cyberpunk. Creatures of Light and Darkness was originally conceived and written as nothing more than a writing exercise in perspective by Roger Zelazny. He wrote it in present tense, constructed an...
Morning everyone
1:40 AM
@tchrist so... “serial upvote” or “serially upvote”?
as in, “some one serially upvoted the Wobbuffet”
option B
@yellowantphil I would use #2.
Otherwise you would have to hyphenate it.
Wel, hafta is strong.
or turn serialupvote into a word
> Unlike other books by Zelazny, such as Lord of Light or the series The Chronicles of Amber, this novel is more poetic in style, and contains less straightforward action. However, like other novels, Zelazny incorporates ancient myth, in this case from Egyptian and some Greek myth, and weaves ultra-futuristic technology with fantasy elements.
> The Universe was once ruled by the god Thoth, who administered the different forces in the Universe to keep things in balance. In time, he delegated this administration to his "Angels" (other god-like beings), who were each in charge of different "stations", or forces in the Universe. Such stations included the House of the Dead, the House of Life, the House of Fire, and so on.
> Thoth's son Set, who through an anomaly in Time is also his father, fights the creature across a devastated planet. Just as Set is about to destroy the creature, he is attacked by the Angel Osiris, who unleashes the Hammer That Smashes Suns, a powerful weapon that nearly kills Set and the creature. Thoth's brother, Typhon, who was helping Set in the battle, vanishes without a trace and is presumed dead.
Now, read no more spoilers and read the book.
1:43 AM
> Thoth's son Set, who through an anomaly in Time is also his father
would it work to steal astro's bounty
@tchrist that doesn't exactly sound like sci-fi with all those Angels of Life and so on
@TheWobbuffet how are you going to steal a bounty?
The angels are the powers appointed to the stations. The stationmasters.
@yellowantphil the less you know
Horus gets bitchslapped by Thoth:
1:44 AM
@tchrist maybe I’ll read it
> “Cursed be my mother’s name!”
Suddenly, the Prince stands before him on the floor of the chamber and slaps him with the back of his hand.
“I could have slain you a dozen times over, had I chosen,” says the Prince, “as you stood there. But I refrained, for you are my brother. I could slay you now, but I will not. For you are my brother. I bear no arms, for I need none. I bear no malice, or the burden of my life would be staggering. But do not speak ill of our mother, for her ways are her own. I neither praise nor do I blame. I know that you have come here to kill me. If you wish to enjoy a
@TheWobbuffet If you want to steal bjb's spot, you need to earn 356 rep in 18 hours.
That is, you have to repcap and then somehow gain 156 extra rep (ex. via 11 accepted answers).
“I bear no malice, or the burden of my life would be staggering.” ← words to live by
There is wisdom here, too.
@Qantas94Heavy "What is the DOM" ≠ "How can I manipulate it with Vanilla JS" — bjb568 11 secs ago
Election stats: (30 / 32 noms, 3 positions)
Ty221              3231 17/40
The Wobbuffet      4557 15/40
bjb568             4912 21/40
hichris123         5043 22/40
AstroCB            5110 22/40
Shree              5460 17/40
Unihedro           6612 24/40
Hemang             7241 22/40
Andy              11211 29/40
Undo              11415 30/40
Michael Irigoyen  12183 29/40
Mooseman          12270 29/40
Ed Cottrell       14117 33/40
Sergey K.         15282 34/40
Jason C           18435 36/40
rekire            19001 37/40
1:47 AM
i need to go into the past and make myself care about rep
@bjb568 Why Do You Keep Majusculating In Public?
maybe he’s German
@tchrist what?
i'm not even going to try getting a bounty
because if someone accepts it within time then it's only 1/2
@bjb568 Your lacunae mentis can be stultifying. Have you no tutor of life?
1:51 AM
Swiss-cheese brain for cultural references.
I was trying to be polite.
But you insisted on something else.
@tchrist don't
@tchrist yes
majuscule = capital letter
Majusculating = probably something tchrist made up
I can do that, you know: I have a native speaker’s licence.
@yellowantphil So what did I do?
Use capitals?
1:53 AM
to appease tchrist? stop capitalizing vanilla
domain names are case-insensentive anyway
> Final size: 0 bytes uncompressed, 25 bytes gzipped.
1:54 AM
Sidenote: Vanilla JS is a real thing. Unless you meant that, you probably wanted to use "pure JavaScript" as described on the tag info. — Andrew T. 1 min ago
everything is a real thing :-|
my old macbook only has audio out, no in :(
@AndrewT. ... uhhhh, you might want to look at that link more closely
1:54 AM
Pass the frawlpin, please.
I'm stupid
I blame the Vanilla JS people for all of this
Reading the odyssey.
> children and fools, they killed and feasted on the cattle of Lord Hêlios
1:58 AM
Which translation?
Robert Fitzgerald
That’s not bad.
I do like Fagles. And Pope.
@TheWobbuffet you withdraw your nomination? there's still a chance if 2 other people suddenly withdraw... somehow...

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