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11:00 PM
plz do ^_^
ok, add it as a github issue
You could also do it by yourself!
DD chat should have at least three themes: dark, darker, and #001 on #000.
OK @James - please explain WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE FORMATTING? I followed the instructions as shown on the page? F*** your opinions about what is "welcomed" on the site - Lame A** Jackoff — user3826864 30 secs ago
Terms of Service Violation #2.
@bjb568 I'll try to!
11:01 PM
@tchrist Post deleted
@Unihedro Maybe just a client-side thing. Like a cookie with some extra CSS added if cookie present.
@pizza Self-deleted even.
@bjb568 declined - Nah, not yet.
already flagged
11:04 PM
School starts today for me, which means I have to head out soon.
Skewl starts tomorrow for me.
La escuela comenza mañana para me.
*para mí
such complicate
yeah, yeah, I have a C
11:06 PM
I’m here to help. :)
> CMYK monitor user here
I didn't know there was such thing.
The CMYK color model (process color, four color) is a subtractive color model, used in color printing, and is also used to describe the printing process itself. CMYK refers to the four inks used in some color printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). Though it varies by print house, press operator, press manufacturer, and press run, ink is typically applied in the order of the abbreviation. The "K" in CMYK stands for key because in four-color printing, cyan, magenta, and yellow printing plates are carefully keyed, or aligned, with the key of the black key plate. Some sources suggest that...
@bjb568 I read that as, “school eats apples for me”... think I need to work on my Spanish
The entire issue tracker is filled with [enhancement]...
If there were bugs, I would fix them.
11:08 PM
@Unihedro Where printer magenta = 330° instead of web magenta = 300° as in RGB.
Except when I don't.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: INTERNET BROWSER ICON by Meghin on android.stackexchange.com
@yellowantphil Las manzanas me las come la escuela.
And it would be por mí in that case if you really needed to put it there.
11:11 PM
@tchrist why is escuela at the end? it looks like apples eat the school, except it isn’t “comen”
@yellowantphil Because the object is being emphasized, so you put it first.
The subject is still the school, which is singular.
@tchrist gracias
2015 Moderator Election primary voting begins soon! Remember to vote for @bjb568.
^ star for PSA plz
@yellowantphil You can tell which is subject and which is object because when the direct object comes before the verb, it is mandatory to double it with an accusative clitic, here las. That way you can tell which is which even when no personal a applies.
And no, I am not talking dirty. :)
Like in English when we say "This one I will not eat."
11:15 PM
@yellowantphil Oops, wrong trigger.
all I know is what duolingo tells me... not sure it's possible to get good at Spanish with only an app
@Unihedro Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Primaries begin in 0 days, 20 hours, 44 minutes and 49 seconds.
@tchrist My Spanish is pretty bad too, so...how does "me las come" mean "eats for me"? Wouldn't there have to be a "para" or "a" or some other word in there?
@Unihedro oh right
11:15 PM
@Ixrec It’s a dative of interest.
On my behalf.
Indirect object.
ok, indirect objects I know
We'll maybe get around to learning that this quarter.
so an indirect object on a non-bitransitive verb implies acting on the direct object on behalf of said indirect object?
Te lo diré en seguida.
@Ixrec u wot?
11:17 PM
There’s your indirect object.
Yes, give is bitransitive.
So is tell.
Tell me a story.
yeah, those are the verbs I'm used to seeing indirect objects on
@tchrist It was a dark and stormy night…
You can use an indirect object whenever you what to indicate the interested/affected party.
11:18 PM
3 men sat around a fire.
@tchrist okay, cool
One of them, named tchrist, said, "Tell me a story.". And this is the story bjb told:
> It was a dark and stormy night…
@bjb568 a verb is intransitive, transitive or bitransitive based on how many "objects" it acts on; eg "I run" is intransitive, "I eat X" is transitive, and "I tell X that Y" is bitransitive
> 3 men sat around a fire.
No me queda nada de la ensalada, pues me la comieron.
11:19 PM
Q: Is an answer in another programming language if the question is specifically about a certain language a valid answer?

Alexis KingRecently, I came across this question asking about collecting a list into sublists in Scheme. The OP received a very comprehensive answer, which was accepted. However, another answer was posted in a completely different language, Java. In my opinion, this is completely ridiculous for a number of...

in Spanish there are separate pronouns for direct and indirect objects, which means you can often leave out the "that" between X and Y
No salad left for me, as they eat it all up on me.
which I thought was one of the neatest things about the language
and that's about where my knowledge ends
I could tell you a tale.
11:20 PM
Q: Burninate [element]

bjb568I hate elements. They make chemical things. Chemicals are bad. BURNINATE!

hey, people really do hate fun.
> Cuentan los hombres dignos de fe (pero Alá sabe más)
que en los primeros días hubo un rey de las islas
de Babilonia que congregó a sus arquitectos y magos
y les mandó construir un laberinto tan perplejo y
sutil que los varones más prudentes no se aventuraban
a entrar, y los que entraban se perdían. Esa obra
era un escándalo, porque la confusión y la maravilla
son operaciones propias de Dios y no de los hombres.
Con el andar del tiempo vino a su corte un rey de
los árabes, y el rey de Babilonia (para hacer burla
Ok, so they’re telling you the tale. Same diff.
@bjb568 It’s because you’re being flip, Wilson.
@tchrist Are those supplemental mathematical symbols?
count the men something of something something and... therefore he doesn't die?
@hichris123 Some are, some aren’t. Would you like me to tell you?
@tchrist edited
11:23 PM
Thanks, Bill.
@tchrist No, but you're forcing me to plug in my external hard drive.
As you please.
U+0003D ‭ = BLK=Basic_Latin SC=Common EQUALS SIGN
U+00347 ‭ ○͇ BLK=Combining_Diacritical_Marks SC=Inherited COMBINING EQUALS SIGN BELOW
U+0034C ‭ ○͌ BLK=Combining_Diacritical_Marks SC=Inherited COMBINING ALMOST EQUAL TO ABOVE
U+01DFD ‭ ○᷽ BLK=Combining_Diacritical_Marks_Supplement SC=Inherited COMBINING ALMOST EQUAL TO BELOW
U+0207C ‭ ⁼ BLK=Superscripts_and_Subscripts SC=Common SUPERSCRIPT EQUALS SIGN
U+0208C ‭ ₌ BLK=Superscripts_and_Subscripts SC=Common SUBSCRIPT EQUALS SIGN
Thank goodness it autohides.
Please don’t use U+E003D: it’s strongly deprecated.
Canary doesn't do much better... but what about with my patch?
@yellowantphil Recount, not count.
11:26 PM
@tchrist I suspected that. I’d have to take a day to get through that whole thing though :-\
something about Babylonians constructing a labyrinth that none dared enter...and that's about where I stopped
Quite a bit better, but still some boxes.
I see no boxes over here.
¡un rey de las islas de Babilonia! I can read that part
Fix it.
11:27 PM
that makes it look like "@pizza" is a unicode character
@bjb568 I am.
I can't decide which one I hate more - white, bright yellow, or light blue...
@Ixrec 🍕
@yellowantphil 🍕
11:27 PM
If you use \therefore or \because, I hate you.
Supplemental Arrows & Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols hrm...
@pizza Why?
> As recounted by the worthy men of faith (but God knows more), in the
earliest days there was a king of the isles of Babylon who gathered
together his architects and mages and commanded them to build a
labyrinth so perplexing and subtle that the most prudent men would not
dare to enter it, and those who did enter would be lost. That work was a
scandal, for confusion and wonder are attributes peculiar to God, not to
men. Over time there came to his court a king of the Arabs, and the king
of Babylon (to make a fool of the simplicity of his guest) forced the
Because it's stupid. Use English instead.
Ok, I do that.
11:28 PM
@pizza not when you're doing formal logic
I see no QED box there, that disappoints me
only a generic empty box
QED box is not a binary relation.
@yellowantphil Done.
yeah we render pretty much none of those.
It’s Borges, of course.
11:30 PM
@tchrist I read one of the previous posts out of context so imagine my surprise when "me las come" was translated as eats for me as opposed to...
!ping 🍕
Prepare to be pinged, @🍕.
@tchrist Thanks. I’ll compare those two texts when I have enough time. Won’t take a full day now
@Ixrec Q⃞E⃞D⃞
Does that ping? ^
11:32 PM
Zero width space after @?
■ there we go
@terdon Cállate chaval, que no te la coman. :)
Now we know, the more you know :p
@tchrist there's a stray windows-1252 character in that English text. contamination!
or something weird happened when I copied it
11:34 PM
@Unihedro No.
@AstroCB Thanks!
> There was a scripting error on this page. While it is being addressed by site editors, you can view partial content below.
@Ixrec Don’t think of there being "non-bitransitive verbs" when you have datives of interest. It is still the indirect object.
@yellowantphil I promise I emitted no Microsoft crap.
11:36 PM
@tchrist hmm, I’ll see if I can find where my U+0092 came from...
Problem executing template APIRef:
    1 | <div>{{APIRef("DOM")}}</div><h2 name="Summary"><br></h2><h2 id="Summary" name="Summary">Summary</h2><p>Returns a non-live <a data-cke-saved-href="/en-US/docs/DOM/NodeList" href="/en-US/docs/DOM/NodeList" title="DOM/NodeList"><code>NodeList</code></a> of all elements descended from the element on which it is invoked that match the specified group of CSS selectors.</p><h2 id="Syntax" name="Syntax">Syntax</h2><pre class="syntaxbox"><em>elementList</em> = baseElement.querySelectorAll(<em>selectors</em>);
@yellowantphil I beg your pardon? U+0092 is PRIVATE USE TWO from the C1 control set.
it smells like an apostrophe from Windows-1252
% byte2uni --enc cp1252 0x92
cp1252       92  ⇒  U+2019  < ’ >  \N{RIGHT SINGLE QUOTATION MARK}
But 0x92 is not U+0092. U+0092 is PRIVATE USE TWO.
ok, but why do I have a U+0092?
11:39 PM
You don't!!!!!
I don’t know if chromium is messing me up, and I don’t know how to wget this page
well I do, but it didn’t have that text in it
U+0092 is "\xC2\x92" in UTF-8.
It is a control character.
If you are talking about a byte whose value is 0x92, that is not legal UTF-8, and it is not a Unicode code point. It is some legacy encoding.
cp1252 0x92 is U+2019.
I have a U+0092
11:41 PM
as if windows-1252 got incorrectly converted to utf-8
I'm not blaming you
but a U+0092 is staring me in the face
professes innocence
why can't I wget this page? I don't trust chromium
11:42 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW CAN I HELP? by Andy Berlino on askubuntu.com
@yellowantphil wget the logue
I wgot (?) the permalink, and didn't see the text
@SmokeDetector By not posting all-caps titles and triggering Smokey.
maybe it uses AJAX to fetch the rest of the text... it's below the expand button
Sometimes I imagine that every third one of you is a girl.
11:43 PM
And by not posting too broad off-topic questions.
I’m always wrong.
And the actual girls I always think are boys. Life is tough.
^ Out of context on the star board.
@tchrist Be gender-agnostic :p
It's of a very low chance that you'll meet anyone here irl anyway.
I wonder what you people look like in real life...
11:46 PM
@tchrist OK, wget this: http://chat.meta.stackexchange.com/messages/89/3296353
look at the fourth from the last line, after “captive”
I look like a yellow ant
@AstroCB I can take a selfie right now and post it if you really want to know :P
That sounds . . . indecent. :)
Let the mystery live on.
@Unihedro wait until Astro finishes his message-deleting userscript.
@Unihedro Not completely.
11:47 PM
I'll wear a figurine head first, of course.
I'll never show my face :P
There are distressingly many Google images of me at the top of the search.
you're famous
@tchrist And a bio.
Does it say “Like your maid, I don’t do Windows”?
@tchrist See for yourself - play.google.com/store/books/details?id=IzdJIax6J5oC "About the Authors"
11:50 PM
@hichris123 Please don’t post The Oatmeal. :)
@tchrist hrm?
I wont downrate because you are new, but this doesn't even remotely answer my question. I can read documentation, and your command is missing a lot, like the instance name. I should note to be fair though, that this is part of an installer so the instance name is pretty critical. — JABFreeware Apr 6 at 9:49
can i vote for bjb yet?
11:52 PM
@Roombatron5000 not quite
@AstroCB downrates
You know someone's made it when their SE username is on their Wikipedia page. glances at @tchrist
I hope you know I have utterly zero to do with that ugly page.
how bout them renegade control characters in running text 😒 chat.meta.stackexchange.com/messages/89/3296353
You're Mr. Sunshine today, aren't you, @tchrist?
11:55 PM
@yellowantphil What the hell?!
bindings and abandoned him in the middle of the desert, where the King
of Babylon died of hunger and of thirst. Glory be with That which does
blame stack exchange? I don’t know
blames SE
@tchrist I wasn't aware that you're a "racing driver"
@yellowantphil It's yellowantphil's fault.
11:56 PM
!xkcd blame Stack Exchange
It's Stack Exchange's fault.
@AstroCB It could be worse. In the 90s there was a Danish porn star with my name. Male.
Not me!
...thanks for that clarification
a relative of mine changed his name because he was in a similar situation
@hichris123 Day in, day out, though weeping last all the night long, joy cometh in the morning.
I am bitter by night and ebullient by morning.
@xkcdBot But the bitterness may come early today.
@xkcdBot One minute until stars are replenished...
@AstroCB Never!
Why did you match...

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