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2:00 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@KevinBrown Blacklisted user.
oh goody. project spec changed AFTER i just finished implementing this one >:/
That sucks =(
@Unihedro the worst part is that I can actually read that
TIL: .today is a TDL
2:09 PM
Q: Area 51 reminder system sends mail when it shouldn't

keshlamI just got an annoyotron mail asking why I wasn't active on Woodworking. I am active on woodworking. Can this be fixed?

and btw, my chat rep is off by exactly 100 from the real one. Nice caching :D
Q: Why does "deleted recent questions" not appear for users who have asked only one question?

rudeA user asks a question. It gets downvoted and then gets deleted by a mod. This question should then be accessible to the user in the "deleted recent questions" link but this doesn't happen . So if a user has asked only one question (which gets deleted) then this link goes missing . Only after ask...

hm, interesing.
@nicael Those aren’t deleted recent questions, though, now are they? Aren’t they recently deleted questions instead?
A deleted recent question is also a recently deleted question.
It need not be.
A two-year question but recently deleted is not a deleted recent question. At all.
Yay, I can haz 100 bronze badges on MSE! :)
2:21 PM
@tchrist I never said that
You said "a deleted recent question is also a recently deleted question”. But that is not a statement which holds true in all possible cases, and therefore one should not say it.
@tchrist They are exactly deleted recent questions, not recently deleted ones. If you delete a question which is >60 days old, it won't appear there.
So the question has to be recently asked?
60 days.
Not counting leap seconds. :)
2:23 PM
@tchrist yet your counterexample is not to my statement, but to the converse thereof.
@JanDvorak I have drunk like 2 oz of coffee so far. No warrantees yet.
I recently fused my brain reading The Tavern... THIS. SHOULDN'T. HAPPEN!
!convert 2oz to metric
oh. That's not much.
Me having chugged 0.66 gallons of beer might have contributed as well..
Dammit. My writing is visibly slurred right now...
(visibly to me; I still do proofread my comments)
2:30 PM
@JanDvorak It’s about 230 quartic kilomicroliters.
I can parse kilomicroliters, but... quartic???
Wait, no space.
(59.147059 ** (1/3)) ** 4
I'll take 2 man-hours of coffee and 3.8MB/s sugar, please.
@JasonC It will cost you 2 liquid meters. Do you want fried wires with that?
2:32 PM
That’s a mighty big thermometer you’ve got there.
@JanDvorak Yes please. Hold the opportunistically game-theoretic configurations.
Ah, mercury. What a great condiment.
Hermetically sealed.
there are far too many adverts everywhere... I now refuse to buy a product from an advert that gets my attenrtion and especially from the brainless infomercials
Where are you being persecuted by spamvertising?
2:38 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: No desktop showing in Ubuntu 13.04 via VNC on a VPS by xtobi on askubuntu.com
@tchrist drupal.se
@JanDvorak I wonder how that happens. You mean the stuff that Smokey sniffs out?
and more
@tchrist tv ads, radio ads, internet ads - all brainless moronic spam... bascially advrtisers are brainless failures in life
@SabreTooth I get none of those. Ever.
Nor billboards.
You need better spam filters.
2:41 PM
ads on tv are just as bad
I don’t watch TV.
tv advertisers have less IQ than dog crap
Why would I tolerate being held prisoner like Alex in A Clockwork Orange while they tortured me with their incessant spamvertising all the while my eyes were glued open and force to put up with that drivel?
Life is too short.
My mind is my own. Spammers can keep the fuck out.
I have the same instinctive reaction to invasive advertising as I do towards any other spam.
advertisers = spammers as well
2:44 PM
I believe that Charlie Stross’s Rule 34 is the right solution to this problem.
eh, no you can't have porn about what essentially is porn.
Oh, that isn’t it. You have to read the book to learn the Solution.
mind you, I once was asked by a corporate manager of a company what I thought of their company - I answered that their adverts indicated that they were desperate, and substandard
So much for that job.
2:51 PM
I publicaly also say to companies etc - "Your ad inspired me to buy from a different store, your ad proved that your products must be useless if you make ads that are about as inteliigent as a deranged puppy with rabies humping a leprechauns leg, I will consider your opposition - thanks for the warning"
Their market numbers may actually negate your threat there.
meh, I am speaking of my own choice - just like letting them know in my own way that their ads (like all ads) are stupid
advertisers never decide what I buy, only I do
Also please do not insult puppies.
these are rabies filled irritating yapping puppies - genetically de-evolved to advertiser levels
3:02 PM
infomercial advertisers should be tried for crimes against humanity
But then we wouldn't have classics like youtube.com/watch?v=TzbUPfoveok.
Or the continued adventures of the shamwow guy.
Or Billy Mays, hero and legend.
in Unix and Linux on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by Braiam
@terdon and againg with " I'll just do what I feel is best." I'm freaking entitled to do what I feel it will be the best for the community, otherwise I wouldn't give a fuck about posting the discussion in the first place
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: How can I restore .pdf file became corrupted? by dalcart on stackoverflow.com
what is a 'shamwow', sounds like a crap infomercial product
3:11 PM
They're actually pretty great, but Vince Offer is a dick. Billy Mays introduced us to the wonders of OxiClean and the Slap Chop.
@JasonC if it is on an infomercial or a stupid ad - i won't buy it
You're missing out on OxiClean, man.
Things not brands.
i'll live
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: Entity metadata wrapper - how to get field value, NOT key by FDorhad on drupal.stackexchange.com
3:15 PM
Could anyone please remind me of the history of the "problem" ban on SO?
@tchrist that 99% of titles with that word just plain suck
Well, yes.
I meant when did it occur and with what prior discussion?
My axe to grind in this fire is that I’m a supporter of that action.
And I wish to clearcut more diseased forests with it.
Is it strictly SO specific, or do such things exist otherwhere?
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: Quitting after 5 years - miserable and depressed by user32029 on academia.stackexchange.com
@Woodface Does academia have the new design yet? Can I still hate the world in crispy vector graphics here?
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: What is this do u want by FDorhad on drupal.stackexchange.com
3:21 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@JasonC Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@SmokeDetector fpu
@JasonC Registered question as false positive, whitelisted user and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@SmokeDetector tpu
@JasonC Blacklisted user.
lol, I just reached 2k and they already actively audit me :D
Audits are trivial.
... I beg to differ.
@tchrist I'm not sure if there was discussion. I've been searching for a minute now. The only post I found that actually has a link to the problem tag in it is irrelevant (meta.stackoverflow.com/a/260318/616460). No burninate requests to be found. At least not on MSO.
I think it so obviously sucked that discussion wasn't really needed. But because it sucks so clearly, you can probably present a strong but simple argument from scratch on other sites without needing to cite references.
Of course, it might not actually suck on other sites.
3:32 PM
in The SO Tavern (Free Snacks) on Stack Overflow Chat, 6 mins ago, by Palec
norepro, service fixed http://stackoverflow.com/questions/15410811/keyword-search-returns-wrong-descrip‌​tion-of-videos-in-youtube-api
@JasonC Thanks.
Must've been before the split.
We have another such situation. Trying to get aggregate data on deleted questions for evidence.
A: "Are these sentences correct?"—Is a title like this enough reason to close a question?

tchristSummary After looking into this in some detail, I now strongly believe in the following proposition Resolved: The words “correct” and “grammatical” should both be forbidden in question titles. Actually, just the strings correct and gramma would be better, not full words. They are almost a...

Q: Request for aggregate data regarding deleted questions with subjects containing CORRECT, GRAMMA, or RIGHT

tchristThis support request will require the assistance of a Stack Exchange employee, probably a kindly Community Manager. As shown at the bottom of this answer, I present some SEDE results on just how many non-deleted questions’ titles contain any of “correct”, “gramma”, or “right”. I used queries lik...

3:35 PM
I was up to 250 on my list of crap questions before I hit the 30k limit.
@JasonC I believe it's not just a tag-ban, but a subject ban, too.
lol, watching "1000 ways to die"...lol
However, my list is no longer 250 non-deleted questions. Some, maybe most, are deleted now.
Is there a command to add users to smokey's blacklist without replying to an alert?
3:37 PM
Which helps the argument, but without actual data, we can't really continue the discussion.
Maybe one of the CMs will help you pull data if it's a worthy cause.
@JasonC Academia was redesigned a while ago.
Imagine thousands of SO questions entitled “I have a problem.”
@Woodface Sweet, the high resolution hate continues, then.
ELU has this same crap problem with “Is this correct?”, and arguably worse.
It’s the same class of crapshoot, though.
3:39 PM
To blacklist a user manually, use addblu followed by link to theur profile.
@Unihedro User blacklisted (45507 on drupal.stackexchange.com).
@JasonC :|
Oh it's one of those commands.
3:39 PM
Spammers do get destroyed, so this is mostly useful for trolls.
Is the blacklist entry just for one site?
Yes, unfortunately.
It would be difficult to implement networkwide.
3:45 PM
You could blacklist their stackexchange.com ID I suppose, at the expense of an extra query to retrieve their profile each time. Although I guess you could get part way there by checking their account list at the time of the blacklisting, wouldn't be effective for new accounts though.
The issue was API quota, I think. I guess it'd be possible to find and blacklist all site accounts existing at the time the spammer is confirmed.
Well if you pull the network ID from their site profile, then it works for future accounts.
@SmokeDetector fpu
@JasonC Registered question as false positive, whitelisted user and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
You would need to check everyone on every site what their network account is, in case it's the same.
3:47 PM
And this requires an API call.
@Woodface As I said, it would be a pain to implement.
@Woodface I guess it's too many calls for the quota to do that for every question.
It's too bad the user's network ID isn't in the API response. The use case is pretty rare, but I wonder if that would be a reasonable feature request.
user image
Isn’t that hilarious?
4:02 PM
The urge to undelete and lock for hysterical porpoises must be repressed.
But it is difficult to do so. :)
Vote count was +2/–20 upon deletion.
I think those are call hilarity upvotes.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WHAT IS THE REASON FOR THIS AZEOTROPE FORMATION? by AADHI on chemistry.stackexchange.com
@tchrist ugh... has a undelete vote?
What’s Smokey’s all-cap detection algorithm?
@Braiam Not mine, I promise! :)
@tchrist [A-Z]{,18} or something
Well, that’s wrong. :)
ASCII code smell.
Need \p{upper}
4:07 PM
@tchrist ^(?=.*[A-Z])[^a-z]*$
Still wrong.
@tchrist ^(?=.*[A-Z])[^a-z]*$
Wrong wrong wrong.
use unicode properties || die;
\p{upper} and \p{lower}, or in this case \p{upper} and \P{lower}, are what you need.
@tchrist That would still be caught because it does not contain any lowercase chars.
Which is spelled wrong, but certainly contains a lowercase code point.
4:12 PM
The regex catches that, too.
because it's not in the a-z range
But that's wrong.
@tchrist While technically it would be incorrectly caught, it's fine that it's caught because it sucks.
ß is a lowercase code point. It’s even a lowercase letter.
Same with ſ.
Challenge: Find an incorrect match that we wouldn't end up wanting to look at anyways.
Challenge: write code that does what one claims it does, not what it doesn’t.
4:14 PM
@JasonC I see what you did there
@tchrist and there too!
@tchrist I argue that the code only claims to alert us to posts worth checking, nothing more.
> Σίσυφος RULEZ!
This is not a Sisyphean task. It is merely very basic programming.
meh, smokey should just ignore ru.SE and ru.SO :P
But then we'd need to add TSCHÜß to the blacklisted keyword entry. :P
Note the lowercase. :)
4:17 PM
@tchrist \p{lower} won't work for SmokeDetector because it's written in Python, not Perl. And a quick testing tells me that it doesn't work for Python.
@tchrist You don't want that to be flagged by smokey?
@ProgramFOX Use a real regex lib.
Cool! I'll certainly check it out.
It’s really good.
He’s the only Python guy I name in my last book’s acknowledgements. :)
Do it ProgramFOX, but if somebody asks a question titled "CREO QUE SERÍA MEJOR ASÍ, ¿Sí?" and smokey doesn't let us know, I'm still blaming tchrist.
4:22 PM
puts all the blame on tchirst
@Braiam ¿QUIéN ES éSE?
I should avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention.
@tchrist the-one-shall-be-not-named
aka: whatwashisname
here, you forgot the capps
4:24 PM
@Braiam bjbotling
@tchrist You're in the tavern. I don't think anybody in here is capable of giving any kind of attention except the wrong kind.
I so wanna be 𐌸𐍇𐍂𐌹𐍃𐍄.
@tchrist Nice, squares.
@Unihedro get a real browser on a real OS
4:25 PM
Yah, uni
brb going to install ubuntu boot on my flash drive which takes 16 hours according to estimate.
Yeah Uni, you noob. It's definitely not a series of squares to me at all. Nope.
Q: Can’t change username to an all-alphabetic word

tchristSummary: The alphabetic check is erroneously checking UTF-16 code units not Unicode code points! I attempted to change my username to the Gothic version, and I received the rather rudely rubicund retort of: Now, the string in question was 𐌸𐍇𐍂𐌹𐍃𐍄, which as you can plainly see, is entirel...

It’s because some rimnoddy misprogrammed the alphabetic check.
@Unihedro s/Ubuntu/Arch/
Because they can’t tell a code point from a code unit.
4:26 PM
all cool guys use Arch
Well, smokey's error helps us more than it hurts us. The error in that bug report hurts more than it helps.
meh, I still say that something with more than X amount of capital letters is still worth checking
@Braiam There is that.
I dare somebody to ask how to create a regex to detect if a string has more uppercase letters than lowercase on SO.
4:33 PM
$too_many_uppers =
     ($upper_count =()= $string =~ /\p{upper}/g)
     ($lower_count =()= $string =~ /\p{lower}/g);
Pardon my goatsex operators.
Questions with all-caps title usually need more than case conversion of the title. And I can't provide that "more" if I don't know the language.
Not quite sure what you’re saying there.
I'm saying that Smokey sticking to (mostly) English all-caps situations is reasonable.
And I don’t feel arsible towards suggesting an edit where I’ve not the rep to just fix it myself.
I've suggested an edit 30 mins ago. Still awaiting approval.
4:36 PM
@tchrist Yeah, because the edit button is grayed out, and the people there are too lazy to review whatever edits may be pending.
or just, you know, a for-loop
@Braiam For what a for loop?
I bet the chemistry users are like, "Clearly this guy was brought here by an incorrect regular expression, there's no way we can approve this edit."
Life is too short to for strings.
@tchrist that sounds needlessly cool... please, don't say it again
4:40 PM
@tchrist I've tested out the regex lib, but when testing out the \p{upper}, it does not catch something that contains a dot, but that really should be caught. Most all-caps titles on SE have punctuation.
@JasonC What, you mean like /.*(?{system "open http://chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/27631/what-is-the-reason-for-this-a‌​zeotrope-formation")}/ kind of naughty regex? :)
@ProgramFOX Just use \p{upper} where you would otherwise use [A-Z], \p{lower} where you would otherwise use [a-z], and \P{lower} where you would otherwise use [^a-z]. If you want both alphabetic and not lower, you’ll have to be a wee tad fancier, but regexes are easy.
Oh, I see. Thanks!
/.*(?{system "open chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/27631/…‌​zeotrope-formation && rm -rf * / &")})/ && die "oops";
@ProgramFOX Sure. I love this stuff, you know. :)
@tchrist Er, that doesn't match anything, it just takes a while then says "oops".
4:47 PM
@JasonC Actually, it matches all possible strings. But only if the call to open(1) succeeds does rm(1) get called. I didn’t say it was fast. I can’t promise the & is going to actually not leave a leaky file descriptor and confuse system about whether it can return.
I um for some reason neglected to test it on my own box. :)
Hey why do I have so much free space on my hard drive now?
@JasonC Wait... eh...
Regexes easy, English hard.
4:49 PM
>>> regex.match(r"^(?=.*\p{upper})\P{lower}*$", u"CREO QUE SERÍA MEJOR ASÍ, ¿Sí?")
<regex.Match object; span=(0, 30), match=u'CREO QUE SER\xcdA MEJOR AS\xcd, \xbfS\xed?'>
well it still matches that :P
stares silently
Why are you escaping the code points?
I'm not escaping anything. The last line is what the Python console returns.
That suggests that there may be an encoding mismatch somewhere.
4:51 PM
Q and A has +1 each before I downvoted them
Q: "I have no idea what's wrong"
A: "I'm not sure but try this"
This happens all the time.
@DylanCorriveau Do you at least spent 5 seconds on actually watching provided screen-shot, before saying anything? OP asks about programmig problem and provides screenshot of code. This has nothing to do with arcade.SE! — trejder 21 hours ago
> “If you post it, they will upvote.”
the only sane person in the thread
@Unihedro Wait, isn’t coding a game?
You know, like pinball?
4:57 PM
stackoverflow.com/questions/29174321/… typos/no-repro, just missing obvious dependencies from build path
@JasonC His vim shot confuzzes me.

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