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12:00 AM
!comp d/dx 1/arcsin(x)
Python's lack of use strict is utterly intolerable.
Oh – that's right. No equations.
@tchrist What would a Python "use strict" do?
@Ixrec Make you declare your bloody variables so you get compiler errors on typos.
...oh yeah
12:01 AM
@AstroCB Write as (arcsin(x))^(-1) and use the chain rule: get -(arcsin(x))^(-2) times the derivative of arcsin.
I'm so used to Javascript I had no idea Python was like that
It suckissimos.
@pizza Nice
argh that was the cat
12:03 AM
Age, weight, sex, color, hair length?
I though ack was the cat, not argh.
> Kool-Aid fuelled stories of ‘success’
I assume he means the metaphorical Kool-Aid
@tchrist about 7 mo. about 11 lbs. about male. about striped grey. about 1 1/2" hair.
!comp cat
Felis catus
12:08 AM
Felix the Cat.
!comp cat
Felis catus
!comp !comp
!find !find
Bringin’ home the bacon:
The deerhunter:
Same-sex coupling:
Deerhunter II:
He actually swiped the deer’s nose.
Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird!
12:13 AM
The Tavern is full of high-quality submissions recently.
The Flash:
is this your cat?
They are.
Last summer I woke up to this in my back yard:
The blue cat is more than 50% heavier than the pink cat, but they look the same size.
But the pink guy won’t let the blue guy lord it over him by throwing his weight around. Definitely punches above his weight, that one.
12:30 AM
is it ever okay to ask someone to delete their question? Like, when a question gets solved in the comments and the question is highly unlikely to help future visitors + the question is kinda off topic too.
@DaveChen yeah
but it has to be not the dutch way
12:44 AM
> If you talk with them nicely - they’ll be pleasant, if you talk with them rudely - they’ll be unpleasant.
I've done that once already here (10K), but I just wanted to double check, because asking someone to delete their question feels really harsh
in Stack Overflow 2015 Moderator Election Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 17 mins ago, by EnglishMaster
Seems like I am in a right place, the Javascript room
1:02 AM
@AstroCB: pity we can't find Grace in chat; it'd be helpful to get a room owner about thereabouts.
Or we could wait 2 weeks for all these new moderators to start swinging their new truncheons. :-)
@AstroCB: and those remarks are on the mild side for EM.
@MartijnPieters I can report that he has sometimes been unsettling in ELU chat.
Strange person.
Wait – animuson was actually hired?
I thought that was a joke...
@AstroCB He has an awful lot of diamonds otherwise.
@tchrist I was looking at the Users tab and clicked on Moderators unintentionally – "where's animuson?" searches Huh. He's won quite a few elections in the past few weeks.
Q: Some one help those codes

Assen RobinI updated my Xcode, right now it’s swift 1.2. But here’s some problems that I can’t figure it out with new language.(I wrote those codes with swift 1.1) user.signUpInBackgroundWithBlock{ (success:Bool!,error:NSError!)->Void in if !(error != nil) { println("sign up s...

^ This guy's codes need help!
1:18 AM
@Undo How long until AI creates a Stack Overflow account and asks for help on writing itself?
@tchrist He's been thoroughly and shockingly rude to a female member in the Python chat room.
And continued doing so after being asked to stop.
@zopatista Thanks! I started on the 30th (last Monday).
A: Function argument list changed in Swift 1.2

Yi Chensir, in my opinion, this is the problem with Parse freamwork you can add my Skype u can tell you how

@MartijnPieters CM, I assume?
> Stack Exchange Community Growth Operations Specialist
@AstroCB he's on a non-CM team. Kind of.
@MartijnPieters For a second there I thought you were talking about animuson and was absolutely baffled.
1:21 AM
yeah, CoGro
in CoGro Musings, Apr 2 at 12:23, by Tim Post
I'm really delighted to see the new Cogro Ops Specialists dig in and start writing replies. What they're doing was something that was added on to our jobs, but not really part of it, it just fell on our team to do, so we did it, and we basically just tried our best to get through our turns. For these folks, it's their main job and they're taking a lot of ownership in it. Replies much more thoughtful than we usually wrote, and great attention to detail.
@AlexisKing ah, no, sorry.
@MartijnPieters Nono, it's fine, I just misunderstood, haha. It was just surprising because animuson is the nicest person ever.
in English Language & Usage on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Feb 10 at 15:29, by EnglishMaster
Guys, if you are suppose to divorce your partner, but you don't want your money and properties split in half, what would you do to prevent it?

1) Lock your partner in an mental asylum and date a hot-chick in the meantime.
2) apologize sincerely to your partner about everything happened before. And have a good sex to forget everything.
3) Just kill her/him
1:23 AM
There’s a lot more where that came from. And worse.
@tchrist The worst excesses in the Python chat room have been perma-nuked.
Yes, I can’t show you those.
I mean, we have those too.
Although I think they are merely deleted.
Don’t really care to look. As I said, it’s unsettling.
1:25 AM
Don't you love it when you get one declined flag and you get that angry red text on the flag popup for the next week?
@AstroCB Huh?
Never heard of it.
@AstroCB I thought that wouldn't trigger unless there's >x total flags.
@MartijnPieters Oh, these are ones that mods deleted and so are harder to look at, not just what what room owners shovelled off. Well, I think.
@AstroCB a userscript to hide it?
What he is is creepy.
1:27 AM
@pizza Good idea.
@tchrist I see that the one I was thinking of was deleted by the user themselves.
@AstroCB Hrm, don't think that should be happening
Not sure
@AstroCB Never saw such a thing.
Actually, it was feeds that deleted the message. I think that means it was deleted due to flagging.
1:30 AM
There are so many Swift 1.2 "the method signature changed and I'm freaking out because Xcode is yelling at me" questions right now.
Interesting, and not unexpected.
@MartijnPieters That makes more sense.
@MartijnPieters yep, that's what it means
Anyway, the user is a troll and should be kept at arms-length.
His English is so poor I keep telling him we're going to strip him of his name. :)
1:35 AM
Interesting though that exposing him as a troll in the election room shut him up.
There is so much offensive garbage of his in the transcript. I wonder if I can move them into the trash even if they aren't active.
I won't even paste them here. They are horrible.
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected, repeating characters in answer: How can I tell whether it is the volume or the issue number that is given? by user33013 on academia.stackexchange.com
@tchrist Turning it around, at least Python raises bloody AttributeErrors when you try to access typos properties. ;)
And I suspect the ratio of property lookups in JavaScript is significantly larger than the ratio of variable assignments in Python, so JavaScript will catch fewer errors even with 'use strict'.
I really should use more Go.
1:51 AM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@LynnCrumbling Blacklisted user.
Are long-term chat-specific bans possible?
@JeremyBanks Runtime or compile?
Run-time. Oops.
2:00 AM
Yeah, that’s no great trick.
Not impressed. :)
I want to be told about mistakes at compile time, not when a rare code path is taken.
I even use compile time hash key error detection when I care.
JavaScript should have an option to throw on defined attribute lookup; as I said I think that's a more common occurrence than mis-typed variable names.
I think that's part of the 'use sound' or 'use safe' proposal, so we hopefully will get it eventually.
Having used JavaScript and Python a reasonable amount I find that causing me headaches a lot more often than Python variable typos. Others might have a different experience, though. :)
Can’t help you. I’m a C-thinking type person, not a Javascript-thinking type person.
^ proof of greatness right there
C is the One True Language
2:06 AM
Apr 2 at 23:09, by hichris123
I dislike alloc & malloc.
I forgot calloc in there...
I always forget about calloc. Poor calloc...
Those are all just toys.
sbrk(2) is all you get, chaps.
I have been out-UNIXed :-|
2:07 AM
Happy arena corruption.
@yellowantphil I’ve been doing Unix for something like 33 years. This should not be hard. :)
I haven't been alive quite that long...
@tchrist So you... manually define your program's memory space & then give your variables an address manually?
There you have it.
@hichris123 Dynamic linking is especially fun. :)
I'm hopeful that we'll get some sanity with TypeScript being widely adopted, and eventually merged into JavaScript. It's not the most powerful of type systems, but any standard static checking will beat the current state of affairs.
I just don’t want to play around with web crab. User interfaces. Users. FTN.
2:10 AM
web crab... like spiders, but cooler
@JeremyBanks yes
Nothing that has to do with browsers. Nothing.
I’d rather cut my throat than think about IE 8.
Certainly an understandable position. :P But I am really hoping for improvements, for the sake of the majority of all modern developers.
All of the Swift 1.2 method signature questions: google.com/…
I deal with web crap, but fortunately it's nothing before IE10, usually IE11, so it isn't as bad as it could be.
2:12 AM
@JeremyBanks Ever notice that modern gets used as a put-down?
@JeremyBanks I'm scared to ask what I'm dealing with right now -- hoping it's Chrome, FF, and IE 10+.
I’m used to it, though.
I specifically build my sites to not work on any version of IE. Makes it a bunch easier
@tchrist shrug. Some times. The reality is that there is a lot less demand these days (proportionally) for low-level skills than in the past; I just meant it as an accurate description.
@Undo IE 10/11 are actually decent in feature support.
2:14 AM
I don't think it's inherently better or worse, its just a different set of skills. (Probably a lower barrier-to entry, but excellence takes a lot of work in either case.)
@JeremyBanks Gotta have low-level devs to build a browser for higher-level implementations.
I don't think anybody would dispute that. :P
@JeremyBanks You were thinking Perl was low level? Really? That's interesting.
@tchrist Huh?
What is the best community for website recommendations? I thought this was asking to recommend an SE site on which to ask for recommendations of SE sites on which to ask.
2:17 AM
Let me clarify; I think I'm being unclear.
When we see a commercial Unix kernel written in Javascrypt, I'll pay it some heed. That said, I'm fond of Go.
I've lost interest in Go when I saw a discussion about how map is entirely useless and less readable than a for loop.
@pizza I think the SE recommendations site recommendations site is in private beta.
@JanDvorak Sigh.
All I'm saying is that over the last 10 years the explosion of the web has created massive demand for web developers, so they now probably make up the majority of all programmers, even though the number of non-web developers has also increased. Unfortunately, the languages they need to use are not great. Improving those languages might probably increase the average's programmers experience more than improvements to almost any other area.
We still need more low-level folks to support our expanding tech civilization, but we need even more people working on potentially-boring web apps filling the business and social needs to create the demand for things like computers and web browsers.
2:24 AM
Front-end devs: 21st century's working class
Pretty sure class is education-based these days.
Wait, you already said that. :)
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: How To Achieve This URL Structure? by Porter on wordpress.stackexchange.com
I have essentially no education and am currently working as a front-end dev, so I fit that description. :V
Please don’t write filesystem code. :(
Any filesystem I wrote would have end-to-end data integrity, so at least you'd know how badly I'd managed to corrupt it.
2:27 AM
@SmokeDetector fp ed sg
@pizza Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@JeremyBanks Sure. Now build it on top of UDP.
"ed sg"?
edit suggested
@tchrist without a home-brewn TCP intermediate layer?
2:29 AM
@tchrist I'm getting an impression that you may be frequently harassed by JavaScript developers.
@JanDvorak Right.
@JeremyBanks Right.
Kinda hate the whole lot.


Topic: Anything JavaScript, ECMAScript including Node, React, ...
Good thing I'm not a Javascript dev.
People who wouldn’t recognize a resource starvation situation to save their lives.
Because nothing costs anything.
2:30 AM
...ah, you're one of the authors the camel book?
No, I just play one on SO.
That casts this conversation in a bit of a different light.
@JeremyBanks I'm trying to view it in wireframe mode
fml I'm just a lowly JavaScript dev
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: QUANTITATIVE TECHNIQUES by Peter Phiri on math.stackexchange.com
2:35 AM
@Qantas94Heavy Aren't we all?
And what do you do when you get a spec that’s defined in bits and you need to do 200 megabytes per day traffic and double every ten months for the next few years?
Different world.
Hint: Don’t call a javascript programmer. :)
You sounds such a stereotypical bitter old man. :P
I’m sure that’s it.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: Duvida sobre variaveis e structs by Alexsander Borgesdamaceno on pt.stackoverflow.com
Morlocks and Eloi.
The world will always need real programmers for big problems, even if they are locked away in the cellar.
2:39 AM
@SmokeDetector fp
@pizza Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@pizza You forgot to fix the Brazilian. :)
It’s nice to see a fresh SO though.
He’ll probably get his question answered, not downvoted to –20 and dupclosed.
So anyone else qualify for Google Code Jam? :)
nope, I have a life to live. ;)
@tchrist I have my hands full with ru.SO (top voter, flagger, among top editors since site migration). Not going to branch out into editing pt.SO
2:52 AM
Pois. :)
Nov 20 '14 at 2:14, by Rafflesia arnoldii
I get it. (maybe). I've no plans to even look at ru.SO when it launches.
non-famous last words
@pizza Thank you for doing that.
well, that proves that @pizza can resist everything... except the temptation of being eaten
From sabelotodo to comelotodo in just one byte.
3:04 AM
@tchrist ru.SO has eaten all his time :/
Watched cosi fan tutte
@yellowantphil Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Primaries begin in 1 day, 16 hours, 44 minutes and 45 seconds.
3:23 AM
@bjb568 Ooh culcha. Did you get schooled?
Yeah, skewled
Not skewered tho.
Nelle arti amarose?
I hear it does that.
@tchrist wat?
Okay not so schooled after all. ;)
> Così fan tutte, ossia La scuola degli amanti
3:32 AM
You don't even know its name? :(
italian has to be...
Asi hacen todas, o la escuela de los amantes
There, subtitled!
I bet the "o" is an exclamation
@bjb568 Any other requests? :)
3:36 AM
@Doorknob I looked at problem 1. Nope. I'll look at the next one. I looked at problem 2. Nope. I'll look at the next one. I looked at problem 3. I'm not doing this.
@AstroCB Link to problems?
yesterday, by Santa Claus
Oh, and in case nobody noticed, Google Code Jam started.
I just answered a 30ker's question without realizing it until I hit "Post Your Answer."
One of the scariest moments of my life.
@bjb568 Sign in/register.
3:45 AM
Typical google.
Very helpful, thank you. This explains everything. — TIMEX 27 secs ago
30kers aren't special.
They're just a lil' moar whoreier.
[bug] $x$ should be rendered with mathjax, right?
[bug] What's this space doing?
[bug] What's the pipe separating there?
[bug] Color contrast is too low. Again.
Does SE like… test their pages at all?
on you
3:56 AM
On Math, I answered five questions by users with rep > mine.
@pizza I'm surprised I went that high.
@bjb568 This is not the biggest problem with that blog post.
I see an angry comment.
It was low risk – lots of answers and a fairly easy problem.
It shouldn't have been started, honestly. A lot of effort put by several users into posts that almost nobody will read.
The time and effort would be better spent on moderation.
So I don't contribute there.
3:59 AM
@AstroCB Problem A was actually really easy if you just read it carefully.
@bjb568 Nowhere, because the qualification round is over and round 1 hasn't started yet.
@Doorknob Is that the standing ovation one?
@Doorknob oh
@AstroCB Yeah. I solved the small and large datasets for that one, and then the small dataset for problem D.
@bjb568 answered one question by 20K+ user.
> CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets.
4:02 AM
@bjb, CSS guru.
@astro why that edit summary?
I was trying to emphasize the fact that it's an initialism and so should be capitalized.
Yeah, I know. But why not "Capitalized CSS (as initialism)"
2nd suspicious dv.
@AstroCB Missed the chance to reword "And to select this only with CSS is not possible?"
@bjb568 Too bad color contrast isn't something you could, like, measure.
4:06 AM
@pizza And to eat hot pocket a I am doing?
@tchrist Hm… I guess that's like totally true…
@bjb568 yeah, well, that's just, like, your opinion, man
yeah, like, yeah, man
I apologize for dragging Facebook in here.
With synonymizer, I have more badges than astro now!
@bjb568 For subtlety, I guess.
4:09 AM
looks weird
Y tu mama tambien.
@bjb568 You should see the other ones; I really need to update those reasons.
ok, I understood that.
accent in mamá?
@AstroCB go
Now you're speaking bjb's language.
4:11 AM
And on last vowel.
@bjb The CSS and PHP crowds are very generous with their upvotes.
This kind of stuff shows up in Low Quality Posts all of the time and it's at +4 right now.
@AstroCB :p
@SmokeDetector ignore
@pizza Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
4:23 AM
Poll: Is it taco bell or taco bell?
It's Pachebel
Taco, from way back when.
And in 2014
4:30 AM
> Redesigned Stack Exchange user profiles coming Real Soon Now. Here's what mine will look like meta.stackexchange.com/users/4/joel-spolsky -- Joel Spolsky at 8:52 AM - 20 Feb 2015 via Twitter
The universe is some airy-fairy mathematical construct! — bjb568 9 secs ago
@AndrewT. Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Primaries begin in 1 day, 15 hours, 27 minutes and 49 seconds.
in the end, it's only around 30+ nominations, not 42
4:33 AM
Down to 31 now, someone withdrew... but there may be last-day nominations.
@pizza Interestingly, none of the top six there are accepted.
and I just realized bjb reapplied for the nomination, taking the top spot (hey, that might be tricky marketing method)
I think we have a troll here
4:39 AM
@bjb568 pls... no onebox
too late
the fact that the subdomain is giant. has me worried
now I need a userscript to prevent oneboxing gif image on chat.se...
or a very slow connection....
still loading for me
deleted node and yay!
4:41 AM
here are some earthclifs instead
@Braiam good idea, you just saved my Chrome
Just have Caprica work here
.user-image {
    visibility: hidden;
still loads them
4:46 AM
@AstroCB img is childfree
@bjb568 Why, did it get the snip?
yeah, that
function callback(data) {
    for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {
        if (data[i].addedNodes[0] && data[i].addedNodes[0].childNodes[0]) {
            obs.observe(data[i].addedNodes[0].childNodes[1], config);
            var base = data[i].addedNodes[0].childNodes[1].childNodes[0];
            if (!base.innerText) {
                base = data[i].addedNodes[0];
            if (base.children[1].children[0].children[0].children[0].src.match(/\.gif/)) {
4:51 AM
Ugh; indentation.
> This message has been edited 4 times
Sorry to see that you're out @Alexis.
@TheWobbuffet You're back in.

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