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5:02 PM
@LynnCrumbling Isn't @ProgramFOX one of them? (thought it was @ProgramFOX and @Undo?).
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: how to solve this equation to find A by Rasika Prabodani on math.stackexchange.com
So... Android Enthusiasts just got Material design.
@AndrewT. eww
5:19 PM
Now I'm curious about the animation, but my internet on my PC is FUBAR currently...
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PRINT OUTPUT NOT SHOWN WHEN RUN PYTHON SCRIPT USING CRON by DONALD on raspberrypi.stackexchange.com
5:34 PM
Well that wording is awkward:
@ʎǝʞuoɯɹǝqʎɔ and @hichris123
5:56 PM
All Smokey devs got pinged to grant boolean privs to ʎǝʞuoɯɹǝqʎɔ, eggcellent!
oh, that's what he wants? :P
well that's easy enough
^ @ʎǝʞuoɯɹǝqʎɔ there you go
Now Smokey will listen to the Monkey :P
6:16 PM
@Undo Thanks :)
6:28 PM
I get the general idea of layers, but this combination of colors...
^ I picked a random post off the front page. Of course it turned out to be an old question bumped by a NAA.
@AndrewT. I don't see anything animated on the site.
> We drew inspiration from the Material Design colors, typography, and animations plus the other wonderful sites and apps that use the design principles.
6:40 PM
I guess this means they drew inspiration from animations, apps, etc.... but did not produce new animations, apps, etc.
the vote arrow and favorite icon
Oh, that. ... I like that.
well, Lollipop certainly has that kind of subtle animations
(stupid accidental edit mode :(
Delete all posts that match \bStack ?Egg\b
6:51 PM
Why do you need the \bs?
@bjb568 Are you a proud non-presser?
@bjb568 You're missing out.
Android voting animation uses animation-name: pulse; which Chrome doesn't recognize as a valid property name... prefixed version works though.
6:56 PM
@bjb568 It unlocks a page of reddit secrets
@SmokeDetector fp ` Run > Run With > __PHP (cli)__`
@pizza Registered answer as false positive.
@bjb568 It will give you immortality.
6:58 PM
@bjb568 The button will make all cats immortal.
@bjb568 It makes all other political views besides those of your choice disappear.
@bjb568 The button will make all low-quality posts on Stack Overflow cease to exist for eternity.
7:01 PM
@bjb568 You couldn't say to no that.
to no that?
@bjb568 no to that
@bjb568 The button could even make jQuery disappear forever, leaving everyone with only vanilla JS.
But you don't know because you haven't pushed it.
7:25 PM
@SmokeDetector fp ed sg
@pizza Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
Q: I improved an edit... but did I actually?

nicaelI don't know how I did manage to do it. I just improved this edit... Oh wait, did I do it actually? I actually simply approved it! You can see it in the revisions. Apparently, I made no changes myself. But now I'm struggling to understand how exactly was I able to do it, because in 79% of cases...

quite a strange bug....
Shouldn't people be doing that in elementary skewl?
7:42 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating words in body: Interleave two analog signals by user71370 on electronics.stackexchange.com
Ooh, Android Enthusiasts looks nice.
:3246487 fp, see my bug report in the Charcoal room.
@pizza Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
7:57 PM
@pizza lol
A: Updates to the site

nicaelSeems that every redesigned site gets svgifyied voting arrows and The Star, while GD is left with the old pngs: FixPleasE!

they can haz a bug.
Still don't like the color of the bulletin. Too aggressive for this much screen area.
@nicael They probably found the SVG voting/star icons to be misaligned by 0.1px and scrapped the idea.
Hey, I'm new to github :D balpha posted meta.stackexchange.com/a/252575/259214 so as anyone can play it? How?
@nicael Anyone who has a C# compiler installed, that is. tomasvera.com/programming/…
^^ OP's code doesn't cause the error described; problem was solved in the comments
8:39 PM
in elevator on first floor, no basement
"you going up?"
"no basement"
That's what they *want* you to think! :O
dammit, SE chat Markdown
I will never understand how markdown in chat messages is parsed
If it's a multiline message: not at all.
(A multiline message has _one or more_ *line breaks*)
DevDoodle parses MD properly!
8:47 PM
A: Markdown in chat fails for multi-line messages

Rebecca ChernoffIt is basically assumed that if you have something that is multi-line, you're either pasting a block of text and submitting it, or you're posting a block of code and the whole thing is going to be fixed-font/code. Markdown is only processed for single-line messages, unless the entire thing is co...

\              M.   .M
 \\         MM   M ~~~.M
   \\\.    MM M        ~~. __                    .~~~~~
     \\\``` M M         ..MMM                    M       M.
       M.MMM   M . M         M         ----.   .M         M
     ~.-   .M  M MM .MM  . MMM    MM.        M.M . M   M  M
       MM  MM   MM .M .   M M MM              M .M.  M.  M
               M    .MMM                       M     M  M.
         0    .MM    MM. ,~~~                  ..   M   M
             .M M       MM MM                  .M      .M.MM
worth it!
@SmokeDetector fp ed sg
@pizza Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
Use code for code, md should be applied if !code.
9:19 PM
in CoGro Musings, 9 hours ago, by Tim Post
I'm really delighted to see the new Cogro Ops Specialists dig in and start writing replies. What they're doing was something that was added on to our jobs, but not really part of it, it just fell on our team to do, so we did it, and we basically just tried our best to get through our turns. For these folks, it's their main job and they're taking a lot of ownership in it. Replies much more thoughtful than we usually wrote, and great attention to detail.
in CoGro Musings, 9 hours ago, by Tim Post
Now, we're known for really good user support, a lot of folks have said they don't expect our level of service even when they pay for products. But these two are raising that up even more, which makes me happy. They can afford to take the time and really listen, which means if you order two cakes from us and want happy birthday written on both of them, you're much less likely to get this:
One of "these two" is animuson, who is the other?
@pizza JNat.
Mar 30 at 17:11, by nicael
http://stackexchange.com/users/1399708/jnat?tab=accounts - (as of 41 mins he has a diamond)
I see... Failed to add the pieces together earlier:
23 hours ago, by Shog9
Include the phrase "JNat, use the cryptic 'dev actions' menu" in your email.
9:29 PM
Is it reasonable to guess that animuson handles SO inquiries, and JNat the rest of SE?
Q: Major design updates are now live!

Kurtis BeaversToday we moved the site's CSS to a newly refactored LESS system so that it's easier for us to fix SE network CSS bugs globally and launch new features in the future! The updates also allow us to use SVG for retina support. But while we were in there, we thought it would be a good idea to update...

OOO those voting animations!!!
@pizza nah.
yesterday, by Shog9
I'd blame myself, but that's what @animuson is for now
@pizza Wait, I found a bug in you. Since when "upvote" is the rule for you rather then "downvote"? :P
(Great you have been changed :D)
@nicael The message referred to you. And you don't have 125 on Android. :P
9:35 PM
My record there is 42 up 40 down. I wish I could upvote more, but I usually have no clue to whether the proposed solutions work.
But I can still click the downvote, the animations happen regardless of the fact you vote or not :p
Interesting, webfonts showing as . in DevTools. .—72 glyphs
That roboto is nice, though.
@pizza The animation is working fine here...
It works, just shows warning in DevTools (Chrome 41) when inspecting the CSS properties.
Hrm not in 42.
@hichris123 It's only if :hover or :active is forced on the element. According to caniuse, Chrome has the prefixed version only up to and including 42. Unprefixed in 43.
9:45 PM
ah, okay.
(I'm out of ammo, sadly)
Q: Links to comments in the Network Profile just send you to the question, and don't scroll to the specific comment

fedorquiI was checking my network profile and I noticed two things: Shouldn't "Activity" be renamed to "All Activities", to be in line with the main sites? The links to the comments just send you to the page itself, but not to the section of the page where the comment was written (the anchor)? See an...

10:01 PM
I need some advice, I could go for NAA here apple.stackexchange.com/a/179361/55266 but inspecting the link IMHO could also be seen as abuse or spam IMHO ?
abuse and spam both work, IMO
I'd go with spam, personally...
@hichris123 User blacklisted (120534 on apple.stackexchange.com).
10:17 PM
huh, so apparently animuson/JNat's new jobs are permanent
For some reason I thought they were just internships or something
@Undo ... yeah...
Big thanks to @pizza and compatriots for coming up with this idea
10:18 PM
m0sa & Kurtis made it happen
except the 'reputation >= 20k' thing, I dunno
screw you, Undo
Why not show actual rep?
10:18 PM
It claims I have 4k rep.
10:19 PM
Ohhhhh I see how it works
Maybe add a link to comments?
I thought the >=20k was like a guideline
And bluefeet has a 40/40. Of course.
Reputation 20K+ would be better.
@hichris123 I see 27/40
10:21 PM
Maybe add upvote:downvote ('d) ratio?
@Undo ...?
Maybe add how many steward badges?
@bjb568 Better not, knowing how voters react to those stats.
gah, singular foot, plural feet, whatever.
@pizza I mean the votes on the posts, not votes cast.
10:22 PM
Maybe add net bounty rep?
@Undo ^^
I feel like the whole thing could be put into a to-be-mod review dashboard with a bunch of widgets and charts and graphs and dataz.
@bjb568 Which would not do much for regular voters.
Gah, require steward somewhere on the network to vote at all :p
10:24 PM
In recent Stats election, the two also-rans had 0/40. Election was unnecessary.
@bjb568 ugh no.
Notice the ":p"
Interesting, google-chrome-arc had a question edited to include the tag by Jarrod. stackoverflow.com/revisions/25846837/2
Let's wait for an angry or confused post on GD meta about this score...
Guess Google wanted to sponsor it before people even started posting about it.
10:29 PM
That project was announced in mid-2014 or so, if I remember correctly.
But without much detail, so I guess there couldn't be questions about it until now...
@pizza Announced at I/O, IIRC. Which was end of June.
@pizza seems like a new design for user cards in the mod election?
@nicael Yes, that's what it is.
The purpose being to display mod-related accomplishments of the user in an easily digestible form.
miracle coincidence of user name name and site here : gaming.stackexchange.com/a/212364/93824
I am careful with spam flags on this page
something weird
I'm presuming those where at the moment of the election
10:41 PM
so where'd @hichris123 get his screenshot?
> - CVE-2015-1233: A combination of V8, Gamepad and IPC bugs that can lead
to remote code execution outside of the sandbox.
- CVE-2015-1234: Buffer overflow via race condition in GPU. Credit to
lokihardt working with Pwn2Own and HP’s Zero Day Initiative.
upgrade chrome NOW!
@Shog9 On the previous SO election page the candidate scores are wrong now: some badges are missing. There is no Deputy for bluefeet (!) and nobody has more than 2 participation badges.
@pizza yeah, something is broken. We're investigating.
Oh wow that's fancy
Graphic Design shows up correctly (it seems).
10:53 PM
By which I mean, "I'm waiting for the guy who wrote it to wake up so I can run around screaming with my hands in the air"
woah the rep display is awesome. Exactly what I was thinking, actually:
Mar 17 at 21:07, by Doorknob
A thought I've had for a while now but also never have gotten around to posting is that perhaps for users running for mod, only their rep "bracket" (20k+, 15k-20k, 10k-15k, etc.) should be shown (site-wide).
Because that's how I fix things now. I really love being a normal user.
Usability testing: I find myself wondering which badges are counted in which category, and looking for a link that would explain that.
I see the tooltip with earned badges, but that's just the visible side of it. When it's 1/6, I wonder what's lacking.
11:02 PM
@Undo Same place.
I think it's borked
I think so too. @Shog9 can we double the screaming?
Especially because the bug makes @hichris123's candidate card look so pathetic...
Oh noes!
@Shog9 if (user.username == "hichris123") { // break this guy's account, we don't like him breakAccount(); }
11:06 PM
syntax error, expected }
It's commented out :P
ah, well, we're calling this psudocode. :P
Psuedocode where the commented out part runs?
more reasons to prefer C-style comments
even in pseudocode
actually, forget pseudocode. Just write C. It's easier.
11:08 PM
I can write C in any language.
if (strcmp(user.username, "hichris123") == 0) { /* break stuff */ }
/* my comments are horrible */
@Shog9 Make it C++ and we got a deal.
@Shog9 Poor hichris12345.
I dislike alloc & malloc.
Actually, dislike isn't strong enough.
Oh wait, I failed at understanding strcmp. Never mind.
11:09 PM
Hate with a passion?
alloca() is pretty nice
@hichris123 you can hate with passion, but with a passion????
It means he yearns to nail up malloc and watch it bleed out in front of an angry mob
> If the allocation causes stack overflow, program behaviour is undefined.
11:15 PM
so, don't overflow your stack
> this is not so much an exclusion as it's a check for a certain amount of English in the title - I don't have the specifics in front of me - so it may make sense to flip this check on for language learner sites. But that's a feature-request. I don't know off-hand what the impact would be and whether the change is desirable. Anna Lear
That's pretty much very-bad-news no matter what method you use to trigger it.
How do I do that if my browser has a "Stack Overflow" page open?
I think it's desirable. Down with crazy moon languages in sidebars.
Q: How Does A Stack Overflow Occur and How Do You Prevent It?

JasonMichaelHow does a stack overflow occurs and what are the best ways to make sure it doesn't happen, or ways to prevent one - particularly on web servers, but other examples would be interesting, as well.

11:16 PM
@Braiam Apparently this is slang. Huh. Urban Dictionary has a page on it... but it's Urban.
@Shog9 "How do I prevent a Stack Overflow error" asks a question on Stack Overflow. Are we meta enough?
no. We need to figure out how to cause a Stack Overflow on Stack Overflow by viewing the Stack Overflow question on Stack Overflow.
Does OOM in a browser count?
I find it funny when there's a burninate request for a tag @Shog9 created:
Q: Remove [sony-xperia] [xperia] tag?

Alex P.I came across this tag while answering some Android related questions. From my experience most questions tagged with it are either off-topic and/or low quality and should be closed. While the rest are just generic Android questions which in no way benefit from specifying the brand/model of the de...

no matter what you do, you'll make someone unhappy.
Not that you know that by experience or anything.
> 135 little questions with the tag
135 little questions with the tag
edit one leave it be
2255 little questions with the tag
11:24 PM
The newest ones are off-topic. Doesn't seem like the older ones are.
And this is when I want a close-hammer.
Cue generic comment saying that that tag is too... generic? — Braiam 45 secs ago
OI, you add the href link to comments on load?!?!?
11:37 PM
@hichris123 30+ questions can be deleted by tomorrow with one DV.
Let's get cracking!

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