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4:02 AM
@InfiniteHappiness yah.
@Frank do questioners need to say what they've tried now? someone mentioned its not necessary anymore?
Q: Should Stack Overflow (and Stack Exchange in general) be awarding "A"s for Effort?

Shogging through the snowThis just came up again: homework is not acceptable if the asker has made no effort whatsoever I'm developing a bit of an involuntary twitch that manifests itself when I encounter the word "effort" on Stack Overflow these days. Don't get me wrong — effort is good. At least, productive eff...

talking about lifehacks, the default SE site
Default as in unable to pay its electricity bill?
@Sompuperoo Still necessary, yeah, but can be worded as 'these common methods wouldn't work for me because [very good reason here]'
4:12 AM
!comp definition of default
1 | noun | loss due to not showing up
2 | noun | act of failing to meet a financial obligation
3 | noun | loss resulting from failure of a debt to be paid
4 | noun | an option that is selected automatically unless an alternative is specified
5 | verb | fail to pay up
(5 meanings)
@Behaviour #4 ^ :)
A: What is happening when I compose * with + in Haskell?

Aadit M ShahI understand how you feel. I found function composition to be quite difficult to grasp at first too. What helped me grok the matter were type signatures. Consider: (*) :: Num x => x -> x -> x (+) :: Num y => y -> y -> y (.) :: (b -> c) -> (a -> b) -> a -> c Now when you write (*) . (+) it is a...

I'm starting to worry that this may not become [status-completed]
@Sompuperoo I'm worried that you think that's a good idea -_-
היי הפונדקאים ! אם אתה יכול לקרוא את זה בלי תרגום אז אתה ממש טוב .
just practicing
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 9 secs ago, by Doorknob 冰
(from Hebrew) The host?! If you can read it without subtitles, so you're really good.
I have a feeling that's very, very far from the original :P
or אני מתאמן רק
4:30 AM
Isn't it Hi hosts! Not The host?!
taverners, not hosts.
@Frank yeah, well, MT sucks, what can I say?
@Braiam Lots of things.
> Hey taverners! If you can read this without translating, you're really good.
is what I said
I know some machine translations that very innocuous phrases end up like some unreadable erotica
4:32 AM
!comp definition of innocuous
1 | adjective | not injurious to physical or mental health
2 | adjective | not causing disapproval
3 | adjective | lacking intent or capacity to injure
אתה אנשים פשוט צריכים ללמוד איך לקרוא את השפה באופן שוטף עברית
We lost another one.
go google it @Braiam
4:33 AM
@UndotheSnowman עוד מה?
dun wanna
oh, google don't even know the plane is lost...
@Doorknob冰 3 people got the red baron?
Not including me :(
whats the path / to view vote time history?
> It disappears on radar and stops squawking over Sungai Johor (Johor River) near Pasir Gudang, Johor shortly after 0825hrs.
@Braiam What's the deal with this plane?
@Braiam Why u no wear a cool hat?
4:38 AM
@bjb568 gone. Disappeared.
ok, it's posts/questionID/timeline
@UndotheSnowman What was it doing?
yeah, no it was, um, driving.
@UndotheSnowman Now what is it doing?
4:38 AM
I assume it wasn't sitting on the ground, that'd be one hell of a magic trick
@Doorknob冰 either landed or crashed. Or flying around in the middle of the ocean with its transponder switched off waiting to crash.
Crashed into the air?
Or abducted by aliens?
I'm gonna make this pencil... disappear!
It's gone!
I'm not much of a conspiracy theorist, but this makes way too much sense
I hope we at least find wreckage from this one
@UndotheSnowman If you actually read it, yeah it does...
4:42 AM
Oh, is it that one that was on the news a while ago?
... you mean the Malaysian Air one?
ugh, timeline don't show vote timeline
@Sompuperoo as a normal user you're not going to find a vote timeline
prolly hyperspaced and is hiding behing mars laughing
Closest thing will probably be the owner's rep history
4:43 AM
@UndotheSnowman Yeah only abnormal user can see those
I'm abnormal? :(
Just pointing out the poor choice of wording.
@Doorknob冰 yes
4:45 AM
@UndotheSnowman Unterminated s command
@UndotheSnowman no.
Soon you'll join the dark side, then you'll get it :D
that depends
I might not get picked
I'm confused. We've been called "abnormal," "immortal," and "the dark side" in a matter of seconds.
@Doorknob冰 at least no one's calling u pigs.
4:47 AM
None of them has cookies... that I verified
@Frank Well that's a possibility.
@Doorknob冰 let's go rename TL to Pig Lounge.
Which is why I said that...
@UndotheSnowman *Nazi Den
Nazi pig pub
Never take my above post out of context.
I will kill you.
4:51 AM
Frank is disrespectful to moderators, see:
2 mins ago, by Frank
Nazi pig pub
He's mean!
Anyone familiar with ^[gG]it(Hub)?$?
And I'm not even taking him out of context totally!
@Doorknob冰 y u regex
@bjb568 Now I have to kill you.
I'm not sure creating branches is the right way to handle "saving" a specific commit
@Doorknob冰 yeah, I create branches all summer.
4:52 AM
@bjb568 [Bb]ecause reasons(!)+
@Doorknob冰 Saving? You can bookmark in your browser.
@Frank :D
Beware, don't follow the weight loss advice on Drupal, or this could happen to you too!
@bjb568 No, not like that. I need a thing to link to, for example if I want a link to "FooBazzer v. 1.0.3"
@Sompuperoo lol
4:53 AM
@Doorknob冰 Releases!
Ah, thanks!
... where do I find that page?
@Doorknob冰 He's not telling
@Doorknob冰 you need to increase your git-foo
4:56 AM
@UndotheSnowman What about my git-bar?
Or git-baz?
Someone needs to go make a candy bar named that
Git Bar!
nam nam chocolate
No, this would be a granola bar
wots a nam nam
4:57 AM
!comp definition of nam nam
actually, I think it's supposed to be nom nom
@UndotheSnowman ... Push Pops make so much more sense now
That's what happens when it gets rejected, right?
I'm off - cya!
4:59 AM
Thanks for not pinging. appreciate dat
you have awakened the beast @Frank
sure thing, @Frank
5:00 AM
no problem, @Frank
@UndotheSnowman shh, whisper or else she can hear you
You could have gotten away with it, but noooo, you had to provoke us :D
@Frank glad to be of service
5:03 AM
resists temptation
how am I not anywhere on the star board? >:[
Nice try.
@Sompuperoo heard you
I just realized… Inf is she.
Did you really say all that?
@bjb568 who said wat?
5:08 AM
she said… things.
Maybe, dunno
I checked .... NO, I didn't say all that
@Doorknob BTW it's called tagging in Git.
@InfiniteHappiness aww
5:18 AM
CVQ on SO is decreasing. Is it due to the winter bash?
I show 7.2k
not b.c of winter bash, no way
I show 8k
Maybe because I haven't been reviewing.
think it has to do with questions older than a year being roomb'ed by users and just going from 51 weeks to 52 weeks, all dropping off, then in a couple days, it'll go back to 9-10k questions in queue
7.2k for me, I thought users may be reviewing for hats to get silver and gold badges
Hmm, roomba sounds more logical
> Company told me to make ecommerce website like amazon
5:29 AM
^ Beware Amazon, your future competitor
!compute how much is amazon worth
amazon's capitalization is $143.15 billion — Lashane 3 mins ago
@Sompuperoo ugg, someone put in shape that q
ugg, the accepted answer should be nuked
5:39 AM
@InfiniteHappiness Why? What better answer can be expected there?
It's a question about procedures of accessing some API, and the procedure happens to hinge on sending email or whatnot.
I think the answer says "send an email to the company's customer care", which is unfit for an api related question.
The comment under the question is more informative than the accepted answer.
We need to complete burnination
I can see deleted posts :D
^ how the api tag will end
agrees with Braiam
I'm an agreeable 2D being
5:51 AM
I just made a cool looking dark stylesheet for DevDoodle.
I'll use it on the about us page.
About us should be dark to indicate how dark we are
Is there a way to make an element have opacity 0 then start going to opacity 1 at n seconds and be at opacity 1 at m seconds in CSS easily? Without having to define a special @keyframes…
jQuery solves that, I'm sure
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TIMER INTERRUPT by Sean on arduino.stackexchange.com
@Braiam NO!
@InfiniteHappiness Post ignored; alerts about it will not longer be posted.
6:12 AM
Q: No sign of Community Promotion Ads - 2015?

OddthinkingPreviously, in early December, a special post would go out to each of the public Meta sites (*except, perhaps, StackOverflow) asking the community to suggest and vote for Community Promotion Ads for the following year. We haven't seen one this year yet. Should we be preparing our range of advert...

I've been wondering the same thing. Maybe most sites don't care about those?
On Math, these always generate attention and clicks.
6:57 AM
@InfiniteHappiness there's a query dedicated to find all random's revision comments
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title: How is this?nightatthemuseum2.tumblr.com by Myrna Jo Lariosa on webmasters.stackexchange.com
7:18 AM
weird, some images are not showing
Yes, NAA. I flagged.
why are some images not showing for me.. is it due to my computer?
Do you mean the second image in nicael's post? I had the same here. Some trouble at imgur.
Although now it's back to normal.
7:24 AM
across many images across my sits too
Internet has become sentient and decided it had enough of silly images?
nope, I am still seeing (rather, not seeing) images
example, in both the question and answer here earthscience.stackexchange.com/questions/3045/…
okay, nevermind, pics are back
7:27 AM
you saw nothing...
imgur is becoming sentinent, and sarcastic...
7:40 AM
@SmokeDetector not enough spam flag
@AndrewT. flagged it before , you would agree with being spam?
3 different sites to download HD movies. I'm certain
@bummi Yeah, look at the sites that are linked there... spammy spam.
since this was not officially announced.
7:45 AM
No happy hour on Drupal today.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: IDENIFICATION REQUEST by Brandon Jordan on anime.stackexchange.com
8:07 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username: How can we connect our java application with salesforce? by BABA on salesforce.stackexchange.com
images down again
On the SE hiring page...
> You should work in the best environment, with the smartest people, doing challenging and different things everyday. You'll be happiest if you receive stock options, free lunches, and top-notch benefits, so we'll give you those things too. In fact, we'll give you whatever you need to get your job done.
Do the words "whatever you need" look like a link there?
8:54 AM
I honestly wanted to click to find out what this "whatever you need" really meant... how far will SE go to satisfy my needs? Alas.
@Unihedro take a look at the question too
@bummi one more CV needed
Bad question, cv'ed as unclear
It's a "typo" question, the guy saved some files as .jpg and that's it.
A: How to add image on my <ul> <li> tab in my case?

user4399200Im so handsome woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lol

8:59 AM
uni is having fun in the LQRQ :D
Fun? No joke: link only answer - facepalms, goes to post and flags VLQ - goes back to recommend deletion, rinse and repeat
Why is there so many link-only answers in the queue anyway? :D
But why flag VLQ if it's already there in the LQRQ?
9:01 AM
(sorry about wrecking your mornings)
Call it a just in case flag, I'm definitely not farming free flags
@Unihedro It's a pointer to a palette of link only posts :)
@bummi yes... too many link only posts, SO needs a "let's fix all link-only posts" expenditure
9:16 AM
yeah ... kitti haz h@!
Ooo, secret hat :'(
what in the hell is going on with imgur...
9:55 AM
imgur becomes funny after jww's MSO post?
Wait, they have an MSO post? Where?
10:44 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: I AM 22 YEARS OLD IWANT TO GROW MY HEIGHT by charan on fitness.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TWO XBOX'S, ONE ISSUE by Craig Butikofer on gaming.stackexchange.com
11:03 AM
@Unihedro Two !s ;)
@JanDvorak "rec-tool"?
@nyuszika7h He means "please close this question as off-topic because it requests a tool".
@ProgramFOX Oh, I see.
11:29 AM
I wonder why chat rooms I'm in on different sites don't show up in the list of rooms in the sidebar
@nyuszika7h Because it would be too big otherwise.
FYI, on chat.SO my sidebar is already overflowing with rooms:
@Unihedro seems legit
@uni I am still surprised by your skill of shuffling between so many rooms o_O
@InfiniteHappiness It's not many rooms though; Saving bandwidth for running Pham, so not on IRC lately :p
11:42 AM
>saving bandwidth >not on IRC
IRC uses just a few kilobytes, perhaps a few megabytes
@nyuszika7h Eh, you're underestimating how I use IRC.
I'm usually in over thirty rooms.
haha, you're not even close
1 windows used (0 vertically / 0 horizontally split). 207 (of which 0 merged) buffers open: 1 core, 10 irc servers, 194 irc channels, 2 irc queries
11:44 AM
Didn't I just see you in The SO Tavern the other day?
Visiting all the Taverns? :P
/me thinks to self that he may be seeing nyu pretty often from now on
I used to be very active on SO back when I didn't know about IRC and/or was a noob to it, and I mainly coded in JS at that time, which is how I earned my rep there ;)
11:49 AM
why that face?
I have always heard about IRC but hardly used one
yeah! I got a frog hat!
I thought you can edit chat messages for 5 minutes?
when was that changed? o_O
11:51 AM
It's been two minutes for quite a while, only editing main site comments are five minutes
Ping yet?
!comp is bjb sleeping?
No, I was checking if the botling is running :D
Normally he leaves a note that it's running and I should kick it if it goes crazy :P
11:54 AM
@InfiniteHappiness I couldn't find the MSE Tavern but I found the SO one in meantime ¯_(ツ)_/¯
thinks the SO Tavern is better than MSE Tavern
^ spam (RO is promoting his room)
@InfiniteHappiness No no, it's a room where we have free snacks, not free spam.
@InfiniteHappiness It's not spam because spam is This message is not useful or relevant; It is effectively a promotion with no disclosure, which my message was not.
@ProgramFOX Another spam by another RO!
You had NO disclosure @uni
12:01 PM
@InfiniteHappiness But it's totally useful and relevant!
It's also not an effective promotion, no matter which perspective you take.
#trainwreck ;)
12:04 PM
stares at wrecked train sadly
12:15 PM
/me won't wreck trains
Is it OK to raise sockpuppets to vote to close questions with?
> if you are thinking about posting ads in online site go for quikr.com or click.in
at least offensive
12:41 PM
@Doorknob冰 If that's python, give py.test a try. It's much nicer than nose/unittest-based unit tests. For example, there's no need to use classes and thus no self argument you never use ;) Also, you can use plain assert foo == bar (and most other simple expressions) without losing the more verbose errors in case of a failure
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username: How can we connect our java application with salesforce? by BABA on salesforce.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector fpu
@InfiniteHappiness Registered as false positive, added title to Bayesian doctype 'good', whitelisted user.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: OPTIMISING FEED QUERY IN PHP (LARAVEL) by user3057156 on codereview.stackexchange.com
1:01 PM
@balpha: what is going on here? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/281212/…
OP got the Epic badge, but no Werewolf hat has been awarded.
@MartijnPieters probably caching
@Unihedro There was a typo in your message. Blame caching for that.
@ProgramFOX :O
@Unihedro Yeah, not a chance. (response may be inaccurate due to caching).
1:11 PM
wakey @bjb568
@bjb568 WAKE UP!!! Tavern is on fire!!!
!comp concatenate "test" "test"
!comp concatenate "Please ki" "ck me"
1:16 PM
Please kick me
lol, should I kick? ;)
@ThiefMaster Thanks, but I'd rather keep the dependencies to a minimum. I might give it a try later, though.
@InfiniteHappiness He asked for it ;)
16 secs ago, by ProgramFOX
!comp concatenate "WHO DARE " "WAKEY ME???"
1:26 PM
@Doorknob is one hoopy frood
@bjb568 Why thank you!
I have no idea. It is your software. You can either add an if to step over the code that is useless if there are no urls or if it is incorrect that urls.Count == 0 you should fix the url parsing stuff. And if you want us to assist in that you need to provide an mcverene 1 min ago
!comp concatenate "@Doorknob冰 needs to " "review @ProgramFOX's pull request"
@Doorknob\:51b0 needs to review @ProgramFOX's pull request
1:28 PM
boo, you cannot even parse the Ice character correctly
I'm back
lol, Unicode
@Frank Welcome back!
@Frank Hi
1:28 PM
Laziness is the new 42.
Doorknob was on when I went to bed last night. Does he ever sleep?
@Frank What is "sleep"?
(I just woke up :P)
@Frank If a Doorknob sleeps how do you open a door #lifehack
1:32 PM
I see my mad grouchy face on the star wall. Why would someone star that....
@rene uhh, use the door handle.
sleep is for the weak.
@Unihedro Unless you're tired
Then sleep is for the week
@Frank tired people are weak
@Unihedro Tired trees aren't
eh eh eh
2:21 PM
Merry Easter!
@Doorknob冰 "keeping the dependencies a minimum" is a dangerous attitude in Python. You risk ending up with the kind of crap that still happens in PHP a lot: Re-inventing the wheel just because you don't want to use someone else's code. I mean I totally agree that you don't want some dependencies (like asciitable which now pulls in astropy which depends on numpy just for rendering ascii-art tables on the shell. wtf.) but for cheap/simple stuff: who cares.
2:36 PM
@Sam Hiya!
Hi :)
Hi all.
@Sompuperoo what struck me on that NSFW post discussion was that also most of the answers contained that link.
2:55 PM
@JanDvorak Still in alpha.

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