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12:00 AM
Yes, NAA and VLQ flags on accepted answers do not even enter the review queue; only mods get those.
@Behaviour Do enough flags still kill the post, when it's accepted?
jk, I can't
@Doorknob冰 as a Mod is the flagging as mentioned above enough, I chosed NAA because it is faster handled or would an other flag be expected, asking to close the question and delete the NAA and refund the bounty? stackoverflow.com/a/27605660/1699210
12:04 AM
@Frank At least you're frank about it ;-)
No will eval
I'm a bad bot.
holds breath for two minutes
No will eval
!eval "I have coal in my stocking."
I have coal in my stocking.
12:06 AM
This is kinda mean
@UndotheSnowman Hey, it's a lesson to tell kids to sanitize input, eh? :P
Or at least put the "[from bot]" back in.
No will eval
No will eval
!eval ['Please k', 'i', 'c', 'k', ' me, @InfiniteHappiness'].join('')
Please kick me, @InfiniteHappiness
12:09 AM
@bummi NAA should be sufficient.
Please kick me, @InfiniteHappiness
@Doorknob冰 thx
@Frank why?
Oy, @bjb568.
12:12 AM
@Frank No it's not
oh, no it's not.
I lied. I actually use Android devices, not iOS devices. Apple is a horrible company.
starred for, "Apple is a horrible company."
@Frank You mean 6 spam flags on an accepted answer? I don't know. Has this ever happened?
@Behaviour Dunno, just curious
12:18 AM
NAA flags don't delete anything by themselves, they only prompt other people to do it.
Still no announcement of LH pro tem mods.
@Behaviour Probably will be none until the new year, since the CMs are probably on vacation.
@Behaviour Do they email teh nominees?
I don't know, ask hichris.
12:21 AM
Huh, I got pinged for that but no highlight.
@Frank Yes.
Was that highlighted?
yup. It's the ^^ part that threw it off.
Oh, I see.
12:23 AM
It's probably anything following the name, @Frankenstein?
@Behaviour didn't ping me.
So, if it's extra alphabetic characters, it does not ping at all; extra ^ pings but does not highlight...
Yes, no ping in this case.
@Behaviour I wonder about non-alphabet characters.
12:25 AM
Like this? @Frank123
The dot pinged.
@Behaviour Hmm, no ping.
@Behaviour Did your name highlight?
Okay, so it's by word boundary \b or something. I forgot to check highlight, @Frank. Try it here.
@Behaviour Yes.
If I weren't a good sport, I'd flag y'all.
@Frank lel
12:34 AM
!eval "!ping"
!eval "!ping @bjb568 recursion plox"
!ping @bjb568 recursion plox
@68 recursion plox HALLO
12:38 AM
!ping plox hichris
@hichris HALLO
!eval "!ping plox bjb568 hi!"
!ping plox bjb568 hi!
@bjb568 hi! HALLO
!eval "!ping plox bjb568 "!ping plox bjb568 hi!""
!eval "!ping plox bjb568 !ping plox bjb568 hi!"
12:40 AM
!ping plox bjb568 !ping plox bjb568 hi!
@bjb568 !ping plox bjb568 hi! HALLO
!eval "!eval"
No will eval
!eval "!ping plox bjb568 ”!ping plox bjb568 hi”"
!ping plox bjb568 ”!ping plox bjb568 hi”
@bjb568 ”!ping plox bjb568 hi” HALLO
!eval "!ping plox bjb568 !eval "hi!""
12:43 AM
No will eval
!eval ['ping plox bjb568'+'e'+'val "hi!"'].join('')
ping plox bjb568eval "hi!"
!eval ['ping plox bjb568'+' !e'+'val "hi!"'].join('')
ping plox bjb568 !eval "hi!"
No will eval
!eval ['!'+'ev'+'al'+' "hi"'].join(")
!eval ['!'+'ev'+'al'+' hi'].join(")
!eval ['!'+'ev'+'al'+' hi'].join('')
12:47 AM
!eval hi
!eval ['!'+'ev'+'al'+' "hi"'].join('')
!eval "hi"
!eval ['!'+'e'+'val "hi"'].join('')
!eval "hi"
!eval ['!e'+'val "hi"'].join('')
12:48 AM
!eval "hi"
!eval ['!e'+'val "!e'+'val "hi""'].join('')
!eval "!eval "hi""
No will eval
Okay, I'm getting tired of this. :P
!eval eval(1+1)
12:54 AM
No will eval
!eval null
!eval NaN
!eval undefined
!eval undefined = true
!eval undefined == true
12:58 AM
!eval say="true"
!eval say="!eval true"
No will eval
12:59 AM
!eval say=eval()
!eval true
!eval say=eval()
No will eval
!eval annoy=1
1:01 AM
!eval annoy == 1
!eval annoy=0
!eval annoy == 0
There, you get to control that.
1:01 AM
!eval chat = ""
!eval "test"
!eval lastMsg = "!eval"
!eval Object.freeze(lastMsg)
!eval "test"
!eval "test"
My god.
You must abuse everything.
1:05 AM
Oh no!
@bjb568 Nope. I must convince you to turn off the eval part of the bot. :P
!eval typeof Object.freeze
All right, I'll make a better bot now.
!eval typeof Object.freeze
!eval typeof Object.freeze
!eval "better"
Ok, disabled old bot. Enabled new one.
1:21 AM
!eval "still works"
No it doesn't.
But the new bot is better!
!neweval "this maybe?"
uhhh how do I abuse it?
Nah, it's better.
so no eval?
!eval Object.new_freeze=function(e){var t=Object.getOwnPropertyNames(e);for(var n=0;n<t.length;n++){var r=Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(e,t[n]);if("value"in r){r.writable=false}r.configurable=false;Object.defineProperty(e,t[n],r)}return Object.preventExtensions(e)}
1:22 AM
that's a masterpiece.
!eval Object.new_freeze(lastMsg)
@UndotheSnowman Copy paste for the win! :P
!eval "test"
@bjb568 Bot borked.
... or not.
It's more… human.
!ping test
!ping plox test test
1:23 AM
!eval plox "foo"
... it doesn't seem to do anything @bjb.
It's shy.
1:24 AM
Plz no kick.
want so post
Someone said kick?
1:25 AM
@Shoggingthroughthesnow Well, I think I did too, soo....................
Let it not be said that I am stingy this close to Christmas
@Shoggingthroughthesnow if you're not terribly busy, lifehacks.stackexchange.com/questions/2129/… might do well with a protection
@Behaviour Sure, give me a link. I don't trust bjb's link
Hey, that was actually a nice Christmas present @Shoggingthroughthesnow! Thanks! :P
@hichris123 Yes, to see bjb get kicked is always fun :D
1:28 AM
@UndotheSnowman Community auto-protected it when I deleted an answer.
@InfiniteHappiness I got kicked too. :P
@Shog is there a limit on how many messages are shown in chat?
Your browser will start to crawl after the DOM exhausts available memory.
Assuming you're running a 32-bit browser, there's a reasonable chance it'll crash once you exceed 2GB
Hm… better implement a manual limit myself.
Your was a gentleman kinda kick because you asked for it @hichris123
1:30 AM
@InfiniteHappiness hehe.
@Shoggingthroughthesnow If you're running a 32-bit browser... what is wrong with you?
This is what conflicts me about LifeHacks... There are some good hacky answers there, but... I'm afraid this is the proper answer unless you are infirm:
A: How can I not hurt my fingers when using a hammer

user3796133Start the nail first, ie a light tap on the nail, enough to at least have the nail support it self in the wood or what ever you are nailing into first. Then move your hand and swing away. If your having to go to the clothesline to hammer in a nail, then maybe you should put the hammer down and ...

@hichris123 Agreed for once!
Boiled down version:
You don't need a life-hack. You just need to learn to use a hammer properly. — David Richerby 2 days ago
@bjb568 Okay, perhaps in some conditions where you're forced to use IE6, I understand. But even a computer made in the past 8 years should be able to run a 64-bit browser.
apaul34208's answer is essentially the same as well, and that's the accepted one - which means the author didn't really need a LifeHack, he needed to learn to use a hammer.
1:33 AM
That's a tough thing to make a close reason for, too - you can't really have a "OFF-TOPIC: You need to learn how" reason. Or I guess you can.
> I want to wash my hair without using any chemicals.
Uhh... g... good luck with that
@InfiniteHappiness Water is a chemical too, you know. :P
@UndotheSnowman Yeah.
I love using that on the organic-healthy people.
Baking soda isn't a chemical @hichris123 :P
1:35 AM
it's a solution of chemicals
@InfiniteHappiness Hmm, is the world a chemical? We need some broad statement! :P
(Actually, is the world a chemical?)
go ask on Chemistry.
I mean, it's made up of chemicals...
Yes, good thing that SE has a site for lifehacks, OP can finally shampoo his/her hair ;)
@UndotheSnowman Seems more ELU'y. Since it's more word lawyering than science.
1:38 AM
^ Apparently the world is a chicken.
@Frank Not at all. LIES!
1:41 AM
test :D
Q: How to a prevent spoon from falling into soup?

VillageWhen preparing a soup, the spoon which I use to stir the soup with, often falls in. Is there any way to prevent the spoon from falling into the soup?

Q: How to stop a serving spoon from falling into the food?

ShokhetWhen food is served in big pans in school, the serving spoon will sometimes fall into the food, as shown below: What can I do to prevent this? We could try only leaning the spoon against the long side of the pan, but that's inconvenient, and you can't expect everyone who takes food to do that...

@Frank ^One example of how users are actively copying questions from other sites to LH. This includes SE and non-SE sites. Not good.
in The Junk Drawer on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, yesterday, by iliveunderawesomerock
@Shokhet There's always new stuff, have you gone to Stumbleupon? Or WikiHow? And FanPop is always popping?
@InfiniteHappiness He did that on purpose, afaik
I know they do it on purpose. Do you think it's good?
@InfiniteHappiness Not if most of them are that way.
A lot of them have to be rephrased to be on-topic anyway.
Hmm. "a lot" is the disturbing part. A lot of stuff is taken from cooking.se. Just wanted to know if you are aware of this being done by them on purpose.
@InfiniteHappiness Actually most of it isn't.
1:57 AM
OK, if you are sure about the volume, it's good. :)
I look at all the questions that come in.
and my hat is cooler than yours.
Do you see cooking.se and Skeptics? I follow them and if I go to LH after a few days, I see poor copies. A community needs to build something on it's own, copying will not take it very far. I thought you weren't aware of it, but it's nice to see that you know :)
You are frozen @Frank, so your hat is cooler ;)
@InfiniteHappiness Yeah I'm on both.
Do you like my new bot? It's only posted once in this room.
no its awful
2:03 AM
Please kill your bot, Christmas is over.
19 hours ago, by Behaviour
Christmas is over, botling. Move on.
2:07 AM
Anyway, bjbotling is done.
I killed it.
And officially ended support for it.
You get my new bot now.
Not yay!
2:09 AM
Ohh no!
It'll be fine, I promise!
That laugh totally gave you away.
I won't kick it, I promise!
2:13 AM
Anyway, I'm going to watch the interview. So if I post anything, it's the bot.
… but I'm still here now.
DDG is bettah!
How is "The world is a vampire" better in your opinion?
Hey, it's just better.
the star troll like Inf.
Everybody likes me, not a scary owner :D
2:17 AM
lol, why?
my reasons, O scary owner, are mine.
You couldn't scare me if you tried.
I know, you are scareproof. And soon you are going to be a diamond tree :D
To the movie! Bye
2:22 AM
have fun cat
@InfiniteHappiness Ah! It even has creepy tentacles!
Are those supposed to be roots?
You can remove those, they should be underground IRL
3:08 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Is Captain Kirk a man whore? by user38730 on scifi.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector ignore
@hichris123 Post ignored; alerts about it will not longer be posted.
3:50 AM
@bjb568 I just realized I'm not entirely certain what you're asking here.
I assumed you were trying to load an insane amount of history into a live room by repeatedly clicking the "load older messages" button
I had... a reason... to construct a single-page transcript for a room once. This is a little bit different, in that you can automate loading each transcript page with a bit less overhead than loading them into a live room
Still, it ended up being a very heavy page.
4:05 AM
API for chat.
@Shoggingthroughthesnow is just text!
<div class="monologue user-213575">
    <div class="signature"><div class="tiny-signature">

            <div class="avatar avatar-16">
                <img width="16" height="16" src="//www.gravatar.com/avatar/fe47011419fe78b6f8411e909cee9215?s=16&amp;d=identicon&amp;r=PG" alt="Braiam">

        <div class="username"><a href="/users/213575/braiam" title="Braiam">Braiam</a></div>

    <div class="messages">

            <div class="message highlight" id="message-2832352">
why so much blank lines :(
4:20 AM
@Shoggingthroughthesnow That's what I meant.
Movie was good.
Yay, my bot didn't do stupid stuff.
That sounds like something a bot would say
@bjb568 The new wheel of blame fiddle complains about hotlinking of jquery.easing instead of using CDN.
@Behaviour … I don't see it.
It seems the old version has this problem.
4:26 AM
Not the /132 revision. False alarm.
I thought not including the revision number would lead to the most recent version... Apparently not with jsfiddle.
Oh, my computer shut off. That's why my bot didn't do stupid things.
You should abort the bot. My global inbox if full of !eval "Please kick me @Inf" and messages from your account saying "Please kick me @Inf" :P
Uh… blames @hichris
4:35 AM
Oh, must not be off.
I was amused to see Shog kick both of you
@bjb568 IIRC not my fault!
Yes, your fault.
4:42 AM
@InfiniteHappiness Yes, we do need the new wheel of blame here; as far as I can see it's safe.
I think it was a coconspirator!
(says a guy who spent half the day on trivial JS bugs)
Old wheel of blame (in case anyone needs to revert) jsfiddle.net/Ldvwp8uv/1/embedded/result
room topic changed to Tavern on the Meta: MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS AND BOTS! Wheel of blame link bolted on for your ease of use: jsfiddle.net/AYPpF/132/embedded/result [bug] [crickets] [discussion] [excuses] [support] [waffles]
"It's Doorknob's fault".
Much better!
4:48 AM
Test before kick :D
Ok, not botling
It's more sophisticated.
Your unsophisticated botling made a mess in the transcript since the past 2 days. So I have my doubts.
Anybody still doing Triage on SO? Just curious.
4:52 AM
I do, sometimes.
The queue is always empty, and based on the reviews I do, I still think reviewers don't review properly.
This post never got justice stackoverflow.com/review/triage/6560799
Yay! I reached 60K people :D

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