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12:01 AM
Possible LQQ: (nocap AND ["jQuery"]) jQuery dataTables export to Excel / PDF
@bjb568 How is this "nocap"? jQuery begins with lowercase letter. Also, this is davidkconrad on editing spree, changing titles of old questions.
But tp
@bjb568 :D
Definitely tp, android is LQ :P
12:10 AM
^ hat-grabbing move :)
> Is this just a creative replacement for a certain other word that has the same length and ends with the same letter?
Like what?
35 mins ago, by Doorknob 冰
@Behaviour You just wait until I get my Kofia hat :P
@bjb568 Like a certain word that begins with F, and would fit in the context of the quotes I posted... do you need any more clues? ;)
Flak? Fisk? Firk? Fink? Feck? Fank? Faik?
12:16 AM
...damn you, Winterbash! We want actual users ;) — Danu ♦ 9 mins ago
@bjb568 So is iOS.
... yeah. That's indisputable. Look at the quality of the iOS questions!
@bjb568 Android > iOS, if your opinion is different than mine then your opinion is wrong!
12:19 AM
I'm just going to keep referencing XKCD. :P
... and?
C'mon, you didn't even form a sentence there @bjb568. That's an adjective, and a sentence needs a verb and a noun.
Well, noun/pronoun, but...
52 secs ago, by hichris123
... and?
That XKCD is overused.
12:22 AM
8 secs ago, by hichris123
But we still have no quantifier on what that matters.
So far, Bugdroid was earned more often network-wide than Not a Cherry.
Oh, I'm going to have fun with this. Such fun. :D
@Behaviour Wait, how do you know that?
12:22 AM
^ based on this user's hats.
Hats are listed by rarity.
To play devil's advocate: Maybe because Android emulators are much more accessible than iOS emulators.
It takes a while to find a user with sufficiently few hats so that these would show up, yet with both of the hats. Found one on page 20 of the leaderboard.
12:25 AM
@Doorknob冰 Yeah, but it's hard to get the APK of the Android app onto the emulator.
Oh, also:
3 mins ago, by hichris123
Apparently, it's impossible to get one's source files back from Chrome Store developer's dashboard? Only .crx is offered.
(Upload requires the source files, simply zipped).
Huh. 3rd one on that post.
I think my socks are too small.
@bjb568 growing pains
1:14 AM
the heck... google just 500 me! D:
@bjb568 the drive, not the search engine product
@Braiam icloud.com
Merry Christmas!
1:43 AM
Merry Christmas!
@bjb568 apple?
what the heck man, I just want to read stuff someone posts
1:48 AM
sorry Frank
A: Hide or show if radio button is checked

bjb568 #show:not(:checked) ~ p { display: none } <input type="checkbox" id="show" /> <label for="show">Show</label> <p>Why use jQuery when you can use CSS?</p>

2:29 AM
Think of all the happy botlings and kittens this Christmas! Be happy!
If I have a question draft, can I just log into the SE app and post it? .....I already got the hats I want from using the app ( :P ), but I want to ask a question about the Android app and forgot what version I'm using; I already wrote the question and don't want to have to rewrite it, once I open the app.
I much prefer typing on a physical keyboard, when I can get one.
Email yourself.
@Shokhet from my understanding the draft should be saved, don't see why it wouldn't be saved on the android app.. but just in case you could copy/paste your question and email yourself
@bjb568 Not a bad idea.
2:40 AM
BTW, is my hat on right?
@bjb568 it looks like a snorkel
@Sompuperoo @bjb568 I might do that. IAE, I did a better search and found that my question was asked already....but I might leave the draft up there, just to see if it will be there when I open the app.
@bjb568 It's very cute :)
@Shokhet IAE?
@Shokhet :)
@bjb568 In any event
2:42 AM
@bjb568 I'm actually not used to having people ask me those questions; usually, I'm the one asking :P
@bjb568 Possible LQQ: (["help"]) Is Mi Yodeya helpful?
@bjb568 is your bot's name Borked?
Not borked!
@Shokhet wat
2:46 AM
@bjb568 You put up a "Possible LQQ" with the word "help" in it; I found another.
I see some others on the star wall
I know… the wat was for the question.
Too late to migrate.
@bjb568 Click on it; that's a real Mi Yodeya (Judaism.SE) question
I know.
But it's so OT but highly voted.
Not very highly voted.
Not so OT either; since it asks if the site is "bittul Torah," which approximately means "waste of useful time"
It might be POB, though
It seems very meh.

Low Quality Posts HQ

Home of bots for catching low quality posts (and sometimes spa...
^ There are the ones which are less certain
Q: Discharge of static electricity under the wings of flocks of birds fly from trees mistaken for UFO?

steinbiturI witnessed an amazing display of lights in my garden. It's wintertime and the trees have no leaves. I have these twin oak trees of some sort leaning high as a 7 story building in my yard. The sparkling night sky is the only thing you see really when you stand in the yard. Depending on where you ...

Is this one OT?
2:52 AM
@hichris123 you could have just oneboxed 1 of the previous 85 times it's been posted :p
Seeing 17 here.
@bjb568 I see.
.....shouldn't those be dealt with in each site's own chat?
I haven't added any AI things.
@Shokhet Meh, we can deal with whatever here.
@bjb568 All right; whatever you think.
we do what we want, as long as it's ok with @Inf (AKA: Room Owner #4)
2:57 AM
....I do see that that room could be a source of humor, sometimes
@Sompuperoo Don't let me tell you how to run your site :P
BTW, you can interact with my other bot, e.g.:
!eval 5+5
!eval 2*6
507626sec left! (UTC)
2:59 AM
507594sec left! (UTC)
^^^^ ....I'm not checking if this is correct.
seems kinda high at a glance
It's right.
3:00 AM
!eval 999^999
No powers?
!eval Math.pow(999, 999)
Should parse math notation.
@bjb568 If 2015 is a 6-digit number, in seconds.....it doesn't really make sense that 2018 should also be a 6-digit number of seconds....
!eval 6 * 60 * 60 * 24
3:01 AM
@Shokhet ^^^ that doesn't count as "checking"
@Shokhet That one was a response to "newyear"
@bjb568 Ah. Got it.
I offered a bounty on my duplicate question.
Q: Evaluate $\int_0^{\pi/2} \frac{\ln\left(e^{2x} + 1\right)}{1 + \sin2x}\mathrm dx$

NickHere's my Xmas gift to all of you! I just encountered a very tough integral. $$\int_{0}^{\pi/2} \frac{\ln\left(e^{2x} + 1\right)}{1 + \sin2x}\mathrm dx$$ I have tried for a few hours. This task is just daunting. I've been using by-parts bcause that's the only tool I know how to use in this situ...

@bjb568 I don't know enough math for that to make sense to me :(
3:08 AM
Think of all the happy botlings and kittens this Christmas! Be happy!
@bjb568 :D
/ me, being happy
3:11 AM
^ The key part
(basically the question is how much area is under the curve)
@bjb568 I already told you, I don't know math. I understood the rest of the question, that's the part that threw me :(
Maybe I should make it rate-limit that message.
@Shokhet Santa needs it for his sleigh?
@bjb568 Yeah. I got everything else ( not :P )
This comment to that question is fascinating; though I'm not sure if I should believe Nick or it it's more dry humor:
@AhaanS.Rungta: I found it in the notes of a deceased professor. He was looking for an elegant way to solve it and a few other ones at the time of his death. A friend of a friend was his grandson and he showed me the prof's old notebooks. They were cool to see. It had some very simple problems and very difficult ones like the one above. I thought this integral was worth sharing with the community. — Nick Dec 19 at 11:26
@Shokhet Oh look, there's a hat for that. Cool!
my question is an official HNQ!!
hot network question
3:39 AM
plox low quality question? fml?
Hot network questions that are reported as possible low quality questions make you want to fork your life?
What features do you want to add to the fork?
Less TotM participation, fewer acronyms, health improvements...
3:46 AM
Theater of the Mind?
4:02 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username: 携帯電話 買取ドクは負傷しエルメス バッグ by bagprada on drupal.stackexchange.com
@bjb568 Tavern on the Meta.
Oh, duur.
@bjb568 Smokey already captures all-caps, no need for duplication.
@Behaviour Hey, there are other bots too that capture all caps.
And mine uses a different regex.
4:04 AM
This isn't all-caps. This is no-chars.
Yes, a regex that considers all Japanese titles to be LQQ. Which is, all JASO questions.
JASO seems to either be inactive or absent from the RTT.
There is also Japanese Language
JASE seems to either be inactive, mostly english or absent from the RTT.
Does anybody think community building will survive?
4:09 AM
JASO is in Japanese, but most titles contain at least one English word, like Markdown or jQuery. Possibly because their tags are in English and they are in the habit of putting tags in titles.
The site? Haven't heard about it in quite a while.
@bjb568 Go post there for the Kofia hat.
@Behaviour Already posted.
A: We miss you, please come back!

bjb568I've found that the most successful way that's least perceived as spammy and annoying (meaning I won't stab you thru the internet for it, probably) is to send an update to everybody about a new feature. This does mean you have to have a new feature, which makes sense since somebody who left befor...

@Sompuperoo You make it sound very scary :(
Think of all the happy botlings and kittens this Christmas! Be happy!
@InfiniteHappiness tpu
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: The Man'S Information To Skin Care by gawama on askubuntu.com
4:31 AM
@SmokeDetector Spammity spam spam
How can we handle the tpu? Should I kick him? :P
I really should get 125 on SU... There are not enough downvoters there.
4:34 AM
Anyone has a funny driver installation screenshot to post?
@Braiam So you watch Monk? (thumbs up)
one more vote needed, plus a bunch for the answer
If my API is returning something like "Error: No email specified.", is 409 appropriate?
4:52 AM
403 forbidden?
It's not forbidden.
It's just a missing thing.
I noticed the rate limiting here on chat is 409s.
"conflict" is ambiguous enough…
It is not abmiguous.
409 Conflict
Indicates that the request could not be processed because of conflict in the request, such as an edit conflict in the case of multiple updates.
400 bad request?
Conflict: Server says "wat" basically because the request has a conflict.
> due to malformed syntax
Not 400
4:56 AM
A missing field is a malformed syntax
400 it is, then.
409 for "suspicious request"?
from the RFC:
6.5.1. 400 Bad Request

The 400 (Bad Request) status code indicates that the server cannot or
will not process the request due to something that is perceived to be
a client error (e.g., malformed request syntax, invalid request
message framing, or deceptive request routing).
6.5.8. 409 Conflict

The 409 (Conflict) status code indicates that the request could not
be completed due to a conflict with the current state of the target
resource. This code is used in situations where the user might be
able to resolve the conflict and resubmit the request. The server
SHOULD generate a payload that includes enough information for a user
to recognize the source of the conflict.

Conflicts are most likely to occur in response to a PUT request. For
example, if versioning were being used and the representation being
Does "Error: Email address must be no longer than 256 characters." count as malformed syntax?
yes. But what if my email is longer than 256 characters?
Then screw you.
Who has that long of email?
4:59 AM
Then I'm going to sue you for discrimination
or you can flag him :P
for snorkel hat
it looks like a camera on a tripod
5:14 AM
About to publish a huge DD update.
(the code, not anything a user would see)
@bjb568 MEW
@DroidDev MEEEEW!
Mew too
5:23 AM
sounds like related to google support--> stackoverflow.com/q/27653093/2389078
5:44 AM
13001 downvotes on Mathematics... still behind Community, which has 21200.
@bjb568 Why are you posting them here? Just go fix all of it yourself :P
7 hours ago, by Behaviour
@bjb568 Yeah, how smart is it to grab all posts with jQuery or "Please" in title. My Chrome extension has a bunch of such warning signs implemented and you know what... I handle those questions myself.
What's wrong with others helping out?
Regex-ing is easy; evaluating, editing, voting on the questions is hard. You do the easy part and leave the hard part for others.
5:57 AM
@bjb568 Eh... After five reports, I stopped going through the questions because four out of the five were false positives.
It's one thing to point out a question you analyzed and found bad. Quite another to mechanically post "Possible LQQ: (["Help"])", leaving analysis to others.
Define "analyzed"
Read and evaluated by engaging your brain.
Fine, I stopped the bot. Happy?
@bjb568 When you go into the question and look at it to decide if it's edit / vote / flag worthy, it's analyzed.
6:00 AM
Low Quality A (60.9%): Thanks a lot. It works :) I was stuck with this problem., by Naeem Rind, on superuser.com.
Low Quality Q (70.6%): I want to be a guy of robotics, by akshay, on robotics.stackexchange.com.
github.com/bjb568/DevDoodle/pull/152 New pull request @ProgramFOX @Uni @Jason
that's a 404
Yeah, you don't have access to the repo.
...and I don't know, for whom it is
maybe, you should reply to their message
to make it somewhat clear
6:04 AM
@bjb568 -1 removes santa hat
@Unihedro That's over now!
> Sorry, we could not display the entire diff because too many files (501) changed.
Do you know how to run DevDoodle on localhost?
@hichris Oh yeah, you're also a collaborator. See ^
I'll clone it at my dev server...
You need to have node and mongodb.
6:09 AM
...and I need a six month vacation, twice a year
sudo apt-get install -y mongodb-org
Looks right.
Looks left.
hums a song while the stuff is being set up
Looks up!
6:12 AM
Low Quality Q (31.8%): Why am i getting this error?, by Haya, on magento.stackexchange.com.
needs title and body formatting fix
Did that.
@Uni Mongodb done yet?
lol, can I flag this as a spam? :P
Hi zorglub76 i have two java files in android to browse and select a file and i want to integrate those with phonegap can you please help me how to do that from my two java files.I posted question in this link please help me i really need of it.stackoverflow.com/questions/11859022/…android phonegap Aug 13 '12 at 7:15
and in the link, accepted answer points to the question on which comment is. Going for duplicate
6:29 AM

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