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3:07 PM
@Unihedro Thanks. (...and I've got a few more to upload from my vacation.) ;)
@Sompuperoo thoughts about the question?
should be closed
done that ^^
voted that is
3:24 PM
@rene thx
Hiya @Sam @Sam @Sam @Sam
Hiya @Inf @Inf @Inf
Hiya @s/ph/gham
3:36 PM
@bummi closed and spam gone
@Sompuperoo ???!!!
@rene it's a Christmas Miracle on Stack Overflow!
@Sompuperoo Christmas is over, Santa is going home, hats will be gone in a few more days. After that everything will be back to normal....
@Unihedro I wasn't doing a string replace , I was doing a s/he thingy majig
!comp ways to say good bye
@rene Trolling
The same kind of trolls I see on twitch usually; wall of text with unbelievable stories.
3:52 PM
@Sam Hiya!
@Sumurai8 what's twitch?
twitch.tv : It's a site where people stream games. It has a chatsystem where viewers can talk with other viewers and the streamer.
Yay, no more compile errors.
Now fix all compile warnings! :P
4:04 PM
Now download more RAM so your program runs faster.
@Sumurai8 lol. I actually have 16 GB, sooo... :P
@hichris123 Fine! Download extra harddrive-space then!
goes to downloadmorestorage.com
(I'm not usually stalking like this, but if it's for investigation purpose... or for science...)
4:09 PM
@rene Another one of these... :/ Why do people go to mSE?
I find it unlikely that any sane person would ask a question like that if they genuinely were worried. She mentions "her boyfriend throwing up" as a sign of she being pregnant?!
> now my fiance has this weird thing about him that when he gets a girl pregnant he throws up
which is disgusting on its own though
Such stories start out relatively normal and get progressively more insane as it goes on.
But I guess I can consider the fact that she is just really really really dumb.
that's... acceptable
4:43 PM
Who is "she"?
@InfiniteHappiness OP of this question.
~25 people reached
Oded could have nuked it :/
Will you keep the hat on Pham? :O
4:55 PM
pokes @Sam: can Pham keep the hat? :D
Yes, of course! :D
5:23 PM
@Unihedro Didn't your name have an extra n in it?
@Sumurai8 It used to.
Do I dare to ask what happened to it?
@Sumurai8 No, you don't.
But I'll say it anyway!
Not now, though.
/me gains a coward-point for not daring to ask a question
Good work! Do that sixty nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine more times and you'll get a coward plush shipped for free!
5:27 PM
Do I get a free coward-privelege with it?
Oooh; someone is doing something spacial in their site. First 3D-site confirmed?
Not the first.
Q: text under input text in appearance of autocomplete

anonicodeim trying to do something spacial in my site with jquery, but i dont even know from where to start do that. it is hard for me to explane (my english is bad), so i will show you in pictures(A picture is worth a thousand words?). this is input: and after the user is typing a window will Appea...

5:45 PM
@bjb568 Is that the kitteh botling?
JK it's just a sleeping kitteh
sigh More compile errors.
Oh, your Cing?
@bjb568 Yup. It's really C++, though.
5:52 PM
Whacha translating?
@bjb568 s/writing/translating/
@hichris123 Obsolete!
@hichris123 Is it s sekrit?
5:58 PM
@Sumurai8 We got cool new names for winter, that's how Unihedron became Unihedro
And I became bjb568 has changed his name.
(doesn't add - and I'm just too lazy to change it back)
you just added
Mooseman became "Mooseman is eating pizza"
6:01 PM
So I must consider changing my name to "The Last Sumurai"
Append, don't prepend. I don't want to change pings.
I changed too
I notice that
Shog9 became "Shogging through the snow"
Why haven't you chosen Recursive Happiness instead?
6:03 PM
Because @inf ping.
Don't change the ping or else!
InfRecursive Happiness :3
@bjb568 or else?...
I have received better advice:
Dec 14 at 17:58, by ProgramFOX
Infinite Confusion
6:05 PM
:D :D
{:D|i in 0 .. ∞}
6:09 PM
6:12 PM
Star Wars VIII ~ The Tavern Strikes Back
@Sam The "Star" should apparently be taken literally...
6:27 PM
Eek. Stars! @InfiniteHappiness you know what to do. :P
With Infinite Power comes Infinite Responsibility
> You have already voted, but the voting has been cleared by a moderator
6:29 PM
@Unihedro Ha! Ha!
tl;dr The tavern made really strange faces towards each other. It is very important that you know this has happened.
inb4 *happened
6:31 PM
@Unihedro inb4itactuallyhap(p)ened
Sep 7 at 16:51, by hichris123
Do I really have to say this? Please stop starring trivial things. Thanks.
@Sumurai8 inb4 everybody actually cared :D
@hichris123 no

Tavern on the Meta

MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS AND BACKLOG! General friendly chit-...
6:33 PM
@hichris123 Well I can always turn on my star troll detector bot if you want...
nooo not the triangles!!!
inb4 whole tavern says "no"
@ProgramFOX Yes. Please
@hichris123 This is the tavern. There are rarely very important things you need to know about that happened in the past. If it happens, they likely outstar anything else.
6:34 PM
@Sumurai8 And? It's just annoying. I like seeing actual funny quotes or stuff from @Bart in the starwall, not ":P" and other trivial stuff.
Recommend kick hichris reason off-topic
I dare you to star stuff!
6:39 PM
@hichris123 Bot?
@ProgramFOX Perhaps. :P
saw someone starring lots, didn't see anything special happening
@JanDvorak Nuke complete. Requesting order.
@ProgramFOX Yeah, got an error. That was me testing.
I was testing!
No, I meant flagging @bjb568's gif.
(even though I didn't)
oh, lol, thought it was your star bot :P
6:44 PM
@PatrickHofman 1 more vote
So the secret is finally revealed! Your botling is an owl @bjb568 ;)
A wild star detector bot has appeared!
6:47 PM
oh, nice, the star board has been cleaned up
I caught you, @JanDvorak
@FOX9000 ?
@JanDvorak Lol, it detects people who star 3 messages in a minute :P
Thanks all
@ProgramFOX I didn't
6:49 PM
@JanDvorak Well, unstarring also counts. So if you star 2 and unstar 1, the bot will also catch you.
Both actions are in the same web socket event, so...
Not easy to get rid of.
check the action ID?
That's 6 for both starring and unstarring.
6:50 PM
there must be a difference
Nope, there isn't.
I caught you, @hichris123
Yup, you're right @ProgramFOX -- unstarring counts.
I caught you, @JanDvorak
I caught you, @JanDvorak
I caught you, @JanDvorak
6:53 PM
Should I kick him? :D
I caught you, @Sam
Along with hichris.
I caught you, @Sam
I caught you, @Sam
kick Fox
6:53 PM
I caught you, @Sam
I caught you, @Sam
@Sam ... wow
@bjb568 >:(
6:54 PM
6 hours ago, by bjb568
Please kick me
I think I'll just stick with my own star detector.
I caught you, @hichris123
I caught you, @Sam
I caught you, @Sam
I caught you, @hichris123
I caught you, @TGMCians
I caught you, @hichris123
I caught you, @hichris123
@FOX9000 lol you're way behind.
6:55 PM
I caught you, @FOX9000
I caught you, @Sam
@FOX9000 ah
I caught you, @Sam
I caught you, @Sam
I caught you, @Sam
Battle of the bots...
6:56 PM
@hichris123 Yeah, it's suffering from rate limiting.
I caught you, @Sam
I caught you, @Sam
I caught you, @JanDvorak
I caught you, @JanDvorak
6:56 PM
I caught you, @JanDvorak
I caught you, @JanDvorak
I caught you, @bjb568
Oh well, I wanted to write a bot to avoid people star-spamming and what's the result? Indeed, star-spamming.
I caught you, @JanDvorak
I caught you, @JanDvorak
gets Gham and Pham...
6:57 PM
And it turns out my bot really does work!
I caught you, @hichris123
I caught you, @hichris123
I caught you, @hichris123
Somebody please kill that rate limiting.
No, it's not catching me, @bjb568.
I caught you, @hichris123
I caught you, @hichris123
6:58 PM
I caught you, @hichris123
@hichris123 What?
I caught you, @JanDvorak
I caught you, @JanDvorak
@ProgramFOX How are you throttling the bot?
I'm not even listening to the sockets, I'm just using mimik!
6:58 PM
@Sam I use ChatExchange, so it automatically tries to avoid being rate-limited.
I caught you, @InfiniteHappiness
@ProgramFOX Read throttle message -> sleep -> retry?
6:59 PM
@Sam Yeah, indeed, like that.
@Sam Yeah, people cannot spam the chatrooms with yours ;)
Oooh, yay, compile errors fixed.
7:01 PM
I caught you, @InfiniteHappiness
I caught you, @Sam
I caught you, @Sam
I caught you, @Sam
It probably catches if Inf is clearing stars -- that's also an event 6.
I caught you, @TGMCians
I caught you, @TGMCians
I caught you, @TGMCians
7:02 PM
@ProgramFOX wat
I caught you, @hichris123
I caught you, @hichris123
@bjb568 Yeah, seems like all starring events have a web socket ID of 6.
7:04 PM
@TGMCians Of course
@SmokeDetector i doubt :D
I caught you, @Pham
inb4 a bot monitoring own star activity to help keep it below 3/min is implemented
7:07 PM
Now to use CUDA! (hopefully)
I have to go now, cya!
shuts down the bot
cya ProgramFOX
7:25 PM
I hate it when people retag questions on MSE to feature request when I doubt that is what the OP wanted...
Monica to the rescue!
Upvoted that ^^^^
So nice to have site a with all the answers
7:44 PM
The difference between content and transfer encoding is @Frank
It is
@SmokeDetector That was upvoted.
8:43 PM
@InfiniteHappiness Hey, why did you want to be deleted from Life Hacks? Did you think that I'll lose 60 reps? :D
Flagged abuse…
9:15 PM
Why's it still at -1?
Is it okay to edit a Meta Stack Exchange question to add a large block of content of my own because it isn't quite an answer to the question?
It depends on the block of content and the associated question.
(The OP forgot to add a screenshot to the question, while I was able to reproduce the bug with a screenshot.)
Q: Review Audit with no option to flag, downvote or comment

Martijn PietersI came across a late answer review for a Community Wiki post. It was (to me) obvious it was an audit. However, I did not have any options to do anything about the post. My options were to Skip, or to select No Action Needed. The former does nothing to prove I knew how to handle the post, the lat...

Oh, that's probably a quite helpful addition.
Edit posted.
See ya
9:22 PM
Where is shog post on abuse flag?
oh found it
@bjb568 Just flag some stuff incorrectly and he will send you the link in your suspension message
Lounge <C++> considered harmful.
Yup, helpful.
9:48 PM
Low Quality A (21.8%): Python 2, 296 s=input();e=[];n=[];c=0 for t in s: if t Each node i..., by ***********, on codegolf.stackexchange.com.
@Pham why
@hichris123 Term found: (?i)thank(s| you) (Sensitivity: 25.1%. Specificity: 82.5%. Ignored: 89.1%. Score: 19.4. Auto: False)
> Thanks to @Optimizer for catching a bug in an earlier version
that's terrible noise
9:50 PM
Edit it.
should be burned with fire
If you think that's noise, you're going to have a heck of a time editing it out of 1110 other posts.
@Doorknob冰 we should build bot army that will edit all of those for us ;)
raises hand
uh… I'll volunteer
9:56 PM
Hey look, people to suspend. :P
@Doorknob冰 huh? where? /hides
10:11 PM
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 1 min ago, by Pham
Spam Q (100%): service solahart 082122541663, by davinatama, on ux.stackexchange.com TPA Acknowledged.
@Sam done
that took way too long
-5 points in 12 hours
@Unihedro It was -3 until now.
11:29 PM
Does this guy know what he's talking about?
Nope, definitely a guy who only does QAs faking
tl;dw (w = watch)
11:44 PM
wow, that guy has done some damage :P
@Frank gardening.stackexchange.com/users/8586/plantluvr spamming your site , no respect
@Frank The upside: At least now I have a G&L account. :P
On the other hand, some of his answers are sensible and could be edited instead of deletion.
Look for plagiarism and stuff tho.
But they do look ok.
A G&L mod (Niall) is on the case.
11:48 PM
I could not edit out the signatures myself, because of 6-character thing. Apparently, removing more than 6 characters isn't considered substantial.
huh, that's odd
but I guess it makes sense
It really doesn't, but whatever.
well, it protects against crazy people deleting half a post
sigh CUDA
lol, how long have you been fighting that?
11:50 PM
@UndotheSnowman They already do that.
@UndotheSnowman Days. :P
Yes, typing in [removed] would not be too difficult. Or aaaaaa.
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Mar 30 at 23:23, by hichris123
I totally need to learn how to use CUDA/OpenGL.
I totally didn't remember that. :P
11:52 PM
OpenGL rules
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Mar 30 at 23:25, by hichris123
... yes, I mean CL, not GL. :P
There, fixed.

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