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2:01 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: जय शनिदेव देव+91-9950211818 world famous love guru on english.stackexchange.com
why baba don't get those problems @ShadowWizard?
@Braiam I think he's too lonely
2:24 PM
@JanDvorak need one more cv
closed now
@JanDvorak aaaand that user is back to 1 rep
until the question gets deleted, at least
@rene -7 now (+2/-9)
2:32 PM
who the hell upvotes these?
@JanDvorak robo-first post reviewers?
@Unihedron wasn't a first post
Q: Type Casting and Rounding

user3491684 Using the following declarations, rewrite the statements to include the appropriate type casting, most accurate rounding where necessary. If type casting is not necessary, explain why. int j = 5; double k = 1.6; int y; double z; a) y = j * k; b) z = j * k; c) z = k * k; d) k = j; ...

why the onebox?
^ Forgot the
2:35 PM
@Unihedron to solicit more of our anger towards that guy
^ But that's an added effect.
-11 gg
in 2 minutes
There is serious need for StackExchange to curate and show leadership. The distractions and the video network etc. aren't doing anything about the fact that things are starting to go to the lowest common denominator. I hate to pack up and say "okay, let it die" because I thought there was good management. I now do not believe it.
Today's Listening | Electronic / Pop
2:38 PM
@HostileFork will we ever amount to anything?
When you think about it, having a job, leading a project, being a moderator, etc... There's no such thing as a "good management", less to anyone amounting for good reasons.
@Unihedron I think there has been tremendous value from the site, else I wouldn't have participated, but empires do fall.
@AstroCB Two upvotes, wtf is wrong with the users? xD
@Braiam what's wrong with it?
@GnomeSlice I'm not really a fan of the rant, especially the zalgo rant-supporting part, but thanks for the link!
@Unihedron exactly, we don't know what's wrong if he doesn't show us his work
2:42 PM
Q: What's the list of how to precisely talk about problems in C/C++ code within the spec?

HostileForkThe C and C++ specifications leave a lot of leeway such that when you write bad code, compiler authors are not responsible for defining a specific mode of failure. We know of course that is Undefined Behavior. (For those unaware, once there was a cutesy stunt to launch Tetris if you used a #pra...

@HostileFork that comment was offensive
Sorry, but I'm getting mad. There is no recourse, no authority.
No voice of reason.
@HostileFork Maybe you should go take a walk.
It's just evolution.
@Braiam He added code.
2:45 PM
@HostileFork only if an ape walks in front of you
@Unihedron I know... but my flag was already casted my flag...
@Unihedron huh. I did an online Python regex tester and it didn't work.
I flag/vote first and ask questions later
I might try it just with a simple script.
2:45 PM
@ProgramFOX It posted after I removed the ellipses.
Might be a buffering issue..
@hichris123 it should work with ellipses and without it
yes see my ideone demo ^^^^
@Unihedron What version of Python is that?
2:46 PM
The only thing I could think is that it's 2.7 vs 3.
In the meantime, we have gems like this:
A: Is gender a result of Kamma?

dmspYes it's a result of kamma. Being born as a male is considered a result of a higher kamma. In Paramatthajotika by Buddhaghosha thera(can't find the english translation) it is mentioned that being born as a female is due to the violation of the third precept in a previous life. In Therigatha 400...

because the syntax is not python 3
Oh, well that doesn't matter then.
Let's upvote that and green check mark it.
@hichris123 It should work with it. Perhaps it was a glitch with the websockets.
2:47 PM
@ProgramFOX Perhaps.
@HostileFork What's wrong with it?
It's correct according to Buddhism
We can worry about it when it happens again, @hichris123 @ProgramFOX
@GnomeSlice good reason not to be a buddhist then, I guess
waits for the next happening
2:48 PM
@Unihedron It's happened before though.
@GnomeSlice I think it's just a matter of talking about what the point of all this is; the "making the internet suck less" part has pretty much fallen by the wayside.
@hichris123 Good chances it's a simple glitch since it works on both the theoretical layer and the testing stage.
people upvote things they like
there's no way you can change that
Q: What is it about TF2 and hats?

jmfsgI see in a lot of posts talk about Team Fortress 2 and hats, what is that about? What is so special about hats in that game?

@HostileFork not really
2:49 PM
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Aug 29 at 23:25, by hichris123
@Undo is SmokeDetecctor alive?
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Aug 29 at 23:25, by hichris123

abdel adim ennHEY GUYS I WANT KNOW WHATS THE FIRSTS STEPS TO BE AN ENGINEER OF INFORMATIQUE (engineer of computers ) thank you ;:!

That title would match perfectly fine, maybe /realtime was lagging?
@GnomeSlice you mean this
Q: Which doge represents what number?

FEichingerFrom the original 2048 it was rather easy to tell which numbers I'm combining - after all, it says so right on the tile. But now with doge2048 there is much doge. What doge is 16? What is 32? Is this doge secretly 2048 and the game actually keeps going beyond that? very confuse wow

@Unihedron I'm not sure.
Well, that one didn't have an ellipsis, so there is no consistency between the posts that it didn't match.
I really should set up a realtime logging for it.
2:51 PM
@Braiam ugh
why the heck is changing the link to http://chat.stackexchange.com//stackoverflow.com/questions/25577453/hey-guys-i-‌​want-know-whats-the-firsts-steps-to-be-an-engineer-of-informatique?
@hichris123 Another possibility is that the machine Smokey's running on doesn't have a smooth connection, so stuff is getting loaded slow.
@SantaClaus Command not found.
2:52 PM
I'll watch /realtime for a bit, if I see a caps post that doesn't get caught by smokey i'll link it and we can investigate more then.
Yes, yes, I will implement a listcommands command.
@SantaClaus Command not found.
(stares at secondary monitor)
now if you excuse me, while @Uni watches the realtime tab, I'll go get some food. BBL
2:54 PM
Enjoy :)
I use my secondary monitor for music.
I use my tertiary monitor for those, but I gotcha
Bot started.
Bot started.
@ProgramFOX Commands: translationswitch, randomint, random, shuffle, help, translationchain, randomchoice, translate, listcommands
@ProgramFOX I'm FOX 9000, ProgramFOX's chatbot. You can find the source code on GitHub. You can get a list of all commands by running >>listcommands
3:06 PM
@Unihedron @JanDvorak ^
>>help random
@Unihedron I'm FOX 9000, ProgramFOX's chatbot. You can find the source code on GitHub. You can get a list of all commands by running >>listcommands
>>help ban
>>listcommands random
@TGMCians I'm FOX 9000, ProgramFOX's chatbot. You can find the source code on GitHub. You can get a list of all commands by running >>listcommands
@Unihedron Commands: translationswitch, randomint, random, shuffle, help, translationchain, randomchoice, translate, listcommands
3:07 PM
Currently there is no per-command help, will add that.
@Unihedron no per-command help
You should give him help pages for every command. :)
Q: Glass block table application

Edmond GreaneyLooking for colored lucite blocks as follows: 5"x5"x21/2"thick four in grass green & 4 in Ruby Red....also 4 blocks 71/2"x71/2" by 3" thick in cobalt blue and one 71/2"x 71/'2 b3" thick in Brass color. These will be used to make the base for a coffee table - - -to appear like a stain glass windo...

@InfiniteRecursion Commands: translationswitch, randomint, random, shuffle, help, translationchain, randomchoice, translate, listcommands
wc @uni :)
I never knew there's so many bad posts when I first joined SO! Now that I watch the realtime tab it makes me cry..
That oneboxed post about gender is silly.
Hmm, I joined SO just to clean it up.
I joined to answer questions because it was fun. Now I'm the one helping to clean them up... :P
@Unihedron my brain blew trying to read it... apparently such words are too advanced for me to understand
3:24 PM
Then you should cv it @Braiam.
@InfiniteRecursion for that you should first upvote me till I reach 3k :P
@Braiam reason-pls
@Unihedron "Blatantly off topic"
3:27 PM
For that, write some good posts @Braiam :D
stupid dictionary
@Braiam 3k+ers has to write why it's blatantly offtopic..
@Unihedron if is not a programing question, then what is it?
Sam wrote an amazing post, so uni and I are giving 200 as bounties each on it.
It might push sam to 3k, I'm not sure.
After your bounty expires, I will give a bounty on of the remaining amount which he needs to reach 3k @uni
you're so kind @inf
@uni both are general computing ... software questions
Not kind, I really liked the post @sam wrote.
3:33 PM
@GnomeSlice I missed the music recommendation, can I has?
55 mins ago, by GnomeSlice
Today's Listening | Electronic / Pop
You give a lot of bounties @uni, you are the kind one:)
@ProgramFOX nice. Is there any sense behind the order of commands listed?
@GnomeSlice Thanks :)
@Unihedron I rage quit ...
3:35 PM
@JanDvorak No, there isn't. I will add sorting later.
not yet; help close questions @rene
since I'm review banned, i'm watching the realtime tab :P
Why @rene?
@InfiniteRecursion his meta post
writes a correct and well-said meta post; gets downvoted to -7
Whose meta post?
3:37 PM
@Unihedron it wasn't really correct
@Unihedron answered
I reversed my vote on her meta post. Stay @rene
The world will enrage if I accept your answer :P
You either stand for the choices you make or don't vote ... ;)
@InfiniteRecursion There is no need to reverse your vote
@rene I stand by my downvote
3:40 PM
I'm perfectly aware what is going on with that post
@Unihedron need 1 more cv
And I was awake when I wrote that...
My understanding improved after reading the other answers too. The reject and edit button is relatively new, so it took some time. I saw new meaning when I re-read your post as an enlightened person.
so, the problem is that you weren't sleeping when you wrote that post... noted
the problem with the reject and edit bottom and audits is that behaves like "improve" and "uncheck this edit was helpful" when actually that doesn't happen
It doesn't. You start with the original post instead of the editors' version.
3:44 PM
exactly, but from the auditing point of view, it doesn't
Ah. So it is a bug.
More of a 'no one thought about this' than a bug.
@rene: write a rant on MSO, it has been a long time since we saw one...
a -5 totally deserves a rant!
@InfiniteRecursion I might write one about all those users that claim a bug once they hit a review ban....
@InfiniteRecursion now it is -4...
3:46 PM
that answer got one upvote from me..
Will everyone please keep his downvotes on this question and not reverse them because it is discussed in chat with me? Thank you! — rene 11 secs ago
conclusion: all of us are rene's socks
his/her :(
-3 atm...
@InfiniteRecursion fixed, sorry
3:49 PM
I upvoted since the very beginning, so I'm not reversing it as well.. — Unihedron 10 secs ago
@InfiniteRecursion Thanks.
@Unihedron >:-(
rene, write your rant quickly...your socks are upvoting
But I liked the stance!!
@Unihedron so, you don't like it anymore, so you should downvote
3:50 PM
see? inf agrees with me
I might flag it for voting irregularities
-8 and counting
@JanDvorak What exactly should I be downvoting?
3:53 PM
@SantaClaus @rene's meta post
@SantaClaus because the audit behavior clearly is incorrect?
@SantaClaus yes
Ha, I have to gift to be a moderator. When I see a post title that seems like it's going to get downvoted / closed, I open it on a new tab, and its state proves my beliefs.
And I add mine. :P
@JanDvorak done
3:55 PM
Now it gets rant worthy...
Oh, did I mention ES got its first spammy edit yesterday?
@Unihedron I know the draft is saved serverside. It would be nice if you could already tell the user don't post that... based on the title....
@hichris123 But Toms Shoes are awesome!
@rene Good idea, but while my instincts are accurate, I probably can't build a program to reproduce my instincts.. xD
@Unihedron Can't that be done with regex?
4:00 PM
@rene my sense of "this question is going to suck" comes with the misuse of word qualities, misspelling a language in title, and having abundant tags as well..
Just add /I (instant instinct)
So I'm trying to give a 1 rep user (SantaBot) write access to a chat room I created, but I keep getting the error "Users must have at least 20 reputation to talk". This doesn't make sense because it says "Even when this room is read-only or their reputation is too low, these users will be able to talk in this room." Am I missing something?
4:09 PM
@SantaClaus Only mods can give a user with <20 rep write access to a room.
@SantaClaus I thought you can only add them when they're above the rep req, otherwise you'd have to be a mod for the explicit adding.
@ProgramFOX Ah, okay. Thanks.
No problem.
@TGMCians hey! that's the same guy
4:09 PM
If theres a mod here that has nothing better to do, SantaBot would like to talk here
all his questions are getting closed...
not urgent cv, opinion-based stackoverflow.com/q/25594733/3622940
@SantaClaus Just answer a low-hanging question ;-)
@JanDvorak Just check the suggested edits queue in a little bit
4:13 PM
no, don't do it @Jan, is a @Santa trap!
I'm too tired. There's no caps title around /realtime.
Not sure if I like the idea of SantaBot :/
Did you add a profanity filter @santa?
@InfiniteRecursion I haven't done anything much yet
@InfiniteRecursion I'm just earning rep atm
@InfiniteRecursion profanity filters are hard
Mmm, reputation. I haven't earned any since my last post.
I infinitely disagree with the idea of allowing SantaBot
4:17 PM
> I will say, though, that, in my opinion, How do I get to WalMart from here? is an excellent question. That's useful stuff, man. My GPS is always trying to sell me something anyway. Oh - and go synthetic.
@InfiniteRecursion You don't even know what it will do?
@SantaClaus Deliver your sacks of coal for you?
@bjb568 'yellow!
4:20 PM
Q: Arrays and LinkedList

Need HelpTo create code blocks or other preformatted text, indent by four spaces: This will be displayed in a monospaced font. The first four spaces will be stripped off, but all other whitespace will be preserved. Markdown and HTML are turned off in code blocks: <i>This is not italic</i>, and [this is ...

@Sam How'd you guess...
@Unihedron Brown.
Oh, have I ever told the story of how a kid punched me in the face?
It wasn't at the mall.
I'm done. I can't stand /realtime anymore. @Jan, I'm so sorry.
4:21 PM
Trust matters on SE, and I don't trust you with bots @santa.
@SantaClaus No…
@InfiniteRecursion Why is that?
@hic why is that oneboxed?
@SantaClaus cough >>translate command abuse cough
@InfiniteRecursion ... because it is?
4:22 PM
@ProgramFOX It seems you have a cold.
cough feeds abuse cough
Oh, feeds already got its revenge.
@InfiniteRecursion It seems the flu is going around...
SantaBot's vocabulary might be inspired by its author's vocabulary
Q: Cart page and Checkout page process in a popup in Product Listing Page in WooCommerce

Balram SinghI want the cart page and checkout page process in a popup in Product Listing Page. Can anyone suggest some solution? ‪#‎woocommerce‬ ‪#‎ecommerce‬

Hashtags FTW!
For now it's just flu. Once SantaBot enters, headache will be going around @santa
4:27 PM
A: JQuery Plugin To Reveal Website on Complete Loading

AxelUnfortunately I'm out of time by now but I'll give you advice ASAP.

^ great answer
^^ lol
JKing. NAA it
I like the cold humor though. The OP writes >Kindly reply me ASAP.
It's a placeholder answer, these things are quite popular on SO nowadays. Free flags :)
@InfiniteRecursion But headaches aren't fun. And I've been told you all like fun.
4:30 PM
Guys like fun, not me. I like flags.
@InfiniteRecursion Oh, so you want flags for christmas?
I want stars for christmas.
@πάνταῥεῖ I disagree. This OP comes here to ask if this question fits on SO. That is one of the goals of meta. If the OP posts this on SO it will get downvoted into oblivion and I don't want to get the credits for that. At best this question is a duplicate of Are there legitimate “fix my code” questions?rene 1 min ago
Guess what? It's not christmas yet, but you can have a star.
@InfiniteRecursion I can manage that.
4:32 PM
Thanks @uni. You are the best!
@Unihedron Aaaahhh, deleted before I could upvote
@rene Upvote? You're crazy..
4:33 PM
Out of cvs. :(
Used all 50?
without visiting the cvq - that's how harsh /realtime is o_O
4:36 PM
:2381963 pending edit
@Unihedron I saw that once I viewed it as my 3k user
mild headache commences
Oh, it's late! Good night, Meta!
@Unihedron night!
4:39 PM
4:46 PM
4:50 PM
@InfiniteRecursion How could you tell?
@InfiniteRecursion you are weird.
Do I really have to say this? Please stop starring trivial things. Thanks.
4:51 PM
@bjb: ducks know everything
34 secs ago, by Awal Garg
@InfiniteRecursion you are weird.
May I ask why @awal?
@AwalGarg Yes.
@InfiniteRecursion NOOO!!!
@bjb568 nice prank
4:54 PM
and here comes a new account
It's rude to call people weird twice in a row. So @Awal, you are rude. Please mind your manners.
@JanDvorak Huh. They changed the create new SE account thing.
Whom did I call weird?
that's two assoc bonuses today so far
4:55 PM
@AwalGarg *whom
@JanDvorak What?! I've been watching realtime tab for two hours and it's all peaceful, yet now you find spam :P
Not to mention, it's weird to just randomly call someone else "weird".
@bjb568 answered a poor question and got one upvote which got removed?
4:56 PM
@Unihedron Appreciated :-)
@JanDvorak *Whom
@Unihedron Poor question? Never would I answer!
@JanDvorak /me creating account.
flagged, gone
@TGM \o/
yeah \o/
4:57 PM
wow \o/
6 mins ago, by hichris123
Do I really have to say this? Please stop starring trivial things. Thanks.
I am leaving, don't want to be in the room with rude users.
@TGMCians Remove what?

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