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12:12 AM
Anybody for raising the upvote threshold to 300 rep?
first we had turtles, then puppies, then cats, but nobody could have imagined that the latest thing will be goats:
@bummi One more...
@Moosemaniseatingpizza thx
12:40 AM
(and CV if you want)
mhhhmmm ... I did like the info showing the different close reasons by user more info
Goat Simulator is a third-person perspective simulation video game developed by Coffee Stain Studios. It was released for Microsoft Windows via Steam on 1 April 2014, and ports for Mac OS X and Linux were released on 27 June 2014. Versions for iOS and Android were released on 17 September 2014. A version for Xbox One co-developed by Double Eleven (responsible for LittleBigPlanet PS Vita) is also in progress. The game has been compared by the developer as akin to skateboarding games, but where the player controls a goat aimed at doing as much damage as possible around an open-world map, without...
Q: Proper use cases for Android UserManager.isUserAGoat()?

Ovidiu LatcuI was looking at the new APIs introduced in Android 4.2. While looking at the UserManager class I came across the following method: public boolean isUserAGoat () Used to determine whether the user making this call is subject to teleportations. Returns whether the user making this ...

I've been feeding the Roomba recently, and it had me wondering: how many questions does the Roomba delete per... say week that had been ineligible and became eligible (because of a downvote, deleted answer, deleted comment, etc.)?
1:20 AM
@hichris123 Depends on how much time I have.
@Behaviour Go downvote stackoverflow.com/…, then!
how does Community user upvote a post? I know it downvote thru spam/offensive flag.
Actually I don't spend that much time on SO recently, so... not likely.
@AndrewT. When a very active user is deleted, SE sometimes keeps the votes by transferring them to Community.
@Behaviour ah, I see, thanks. I have to tell someone on meta.ja.so that it doesn't only downvote posts (FAQ about Community user)
1:28 AM
@hichris123 probalby not an actual answer to your question but maybe some info is here meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/262077/…
@Sompuperoo Some, yes, but not in terms of the current Roomba stats, IIRC.
@hichris123 3
(Educated guess)
The whole Roomba-feeding thing would not be a thing if one vote did not make such huge difference in the fate of a question.
Closed, no answer, 0 => have 9 days to live.
Closed, no answer, +1 => lives forever
If it was a sliding scale, with each closed question allotted some time based on its score (100 days per vote maybe), nobody would care to feed the Roomba.
@Shog9 Of course! Because three... is a magic number!
1:38 AM
@hichris123 sure, why not
You're particularly helpful today, @Shog9. ;)
can't wait for February
s/helpful/busy hunting for hats/
@Behaviour You should propose that on the mSO question.
@Shog9 Okay, I'll bite: February?
In February I get to look forward to March
1:44 AM
3 is the best number
I think MichaelT proposed something to this effect there, so I did not want to duplicate. One probably has to consider the views and so on... although the views can be harmful views: where someone looks for an answer to their question, and finds it closed with a message about how it's not a real question, and with no information given. Back to Google, -1 to SO search rating, -10 to SO image.
I'm not going to try to understand Shog logic.
So, yeah - I really don't think we need to care about the score or the views of closed questions after some time period
If something has no answers and sits closed for a while, who cares what the score is? No one can answer it, it's less work to just re-ask it, get rid of it.
Sometimes there's a comment, though. "No, there is no API for Google Keep".
So predicate deletion on the absence of comments then.
1:47 AM
Then nothing gets deleted because every closed post has some snarky comments under it.
Or just hope deleting it prompts someone to re-ask the question so someone can post that as a damn answer
@Shog9 Yeah, pretty much that. In all the questions I've looked at to feed the roomba, I've found some helpful comments, but no action has been taken in 1+ years, so it really doesn't matter.
Q: Test NEON-optimized cv::threshold() on mobile device

sammyI have been writing some optimizations for the OpenCV's threshold function, for ARM devices (mobile phones). It should be working on both Android and iPhone. However, I do not have a device to test it on, so I am looking for volunteers to give me a little help. If that motivates you more, I am p...

@hichris123 Are you really sure you were not borderline to begin with?
^ That's an even worse example... "I am looking for volunteers to give me a little help."
@Behaviour huh?
@hichris123 that quote
1:51 AM
@Behaviour oh. Well, I consider myself a biased judge, and it's a subjective question, sooo... shrugs. Probably not. Maybe.
Q: How to do authentication with a REST API right? (Browser + Native clients)

Benjamin MI'm building a web application using Rails. At the moment I'm using Devise with HTTP sessions which was pretty easy to set up and it's working well. The application consists of one URL providing an AJAX web application. The rest of the URLs available belong to the REST API. So everything and eve...

Yes, I saw that a few times (in less extreme form): answers edited into a question, because of some silly restriction on posting own answer for N hours. Then the question got mod-closed as "not a real question". Naturally, I did not Roomba-feed those, but who knows how many vanished because they had the score of 0.
yeah, I'm converting a few of these into proper Q&A
Q: Warning the user/local/mysql/data directory is not owned by the mysql user

KronosI can't start the mysql service in Snow Leopard, and in the panel prefs appears the message, warning the user/local/mysql/data directory is not owned by the mysql user How can I fix this?

A: Server 2012 IIS 8 MVC app shows default IIS home page or 403 / 404 errors

Hillbilly CoderI spent 2 days trying to find a solution to this, and finally did. Wanted to share with the community in case it helps anyone else. All the articles and forum messages I ran across on the Internet started to mirror each other in one form or another. One solution talked about making sure you ha...

You deserve a secret hat for that.
@Behaviour We need a Shog hat.
2:06 AM
I wear many hats already
^ Should be used for Winter Bash 2015.
I think it's sufficiently distinctive to be recognized.
2:23 AM
@Behaviour FWIW, we dropped that restriction recently, along with beefing up the warning message that shows up when you try to self-answer. That was always a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to folks posting comments as answers, which are now handled fairly easily by LQ review.
@hichris123 Maybe it can be migrated somewhere? So much interest in the puzzle.
Ah, 2011. Probably not.
@Behaviour lol. Has it been cross-posted on PPCG yet?
I imagine one bloodless solution is to post it there, and link from here. Only question is whether it actually is on topic at PPCG. Maybe @Doorknob冰 can tell.
2:38 AM
@Shog9 Mind doing this one too? stackoverflow.com/questions/11934904/…
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 53.2152: Before Christmas day we can give you more fifa coins! on gaming.stackexchange.com
@hichris123 ok
Surprised this never got reopened: stackoverflow.com/posts/17035518/revisions
@Shog9 Thanks!
@Behaviour Wouldn't be on-topic as it stands. No objective winning criterion.
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 77.1449: i can't install sharepoint server 2013 in my computer on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
3:00 AM
SEDE data was updated one hour ago? (Looks at the calendar, not weekend). What is going on?
and my work here tonight has earned me Timelord. Excellent.
You hat whore!
Oh, @Shog9, speaking of hats, I still don't have my lightbulb. Y u no give?! :P
A: Display statistics for question and answer referrals

bjb568http://jsfiddle.net/bbwqzmmo/1/ A progress indicator, less sucky than those in review.

Do you think sqrt works well there?
@Doorknob冰 ... you know he's just going to give another hat to someone else now, right? ;)
@Shog9 Well, I mean we did force you to do some work.... so it's a win-win.
@Behaviour hmm, does it make queries faster?
Yes! It does.
3:15 AM
@hichris123 Don't know about faster, but I was very surprised that a query I wrote a few minutes ago suddenly returned today's result. Did they upgrade something?
Whatever happened, I'm thanking @TimStone. Even though it probably wasn't his doing. But I've blamed him enough.
@Behaviour shrugs Something happened.
Tab management on a laptop is hard. :/
user image
Thank you my Stack Exchange overlords for including at least one food based hat this year so I can do this again
Okay, not as fast as I though, but still faster.
wait, no. oops.
@Behaviour thank jmac & craver - JASO needed some public data.
@hichris123 ... don't you dare @Shog9. watches as @hichris123 suddenly gets all hats
3:30 AM
Ah. I briefly dreamed of a world where SEDE updates daily. What a strange, wonderful world that would be.
to make room for the frozen strawberries & whipped cream
3:48 AM
A: CSS square brackets selector for classes

gordonThe brackets are used so that Yahoo webmail doesn't apply your mobile styling to desktop breakpoints. I'm not certain of the details but hopefully that gives you enough to look into it more.

^^ needs care
JASO is such a neat abbreviation for a site. Compared to "PTSO" which is usually pt.SO, and not pronounceable anyway.
@Doorknob冰 I was referring to this:
yesterday, by Tim Stone
You should give someone else the hat just to mess with @hichris123.
4:12 AM
Ahaha, @JonSkeet's hat fits perfectly.
Jon Skeet, Reading, United Kingdom
735k 318 4860 6196
too.. many.. golds!
@ɥʇǝS I think I have your lightbulb. I commented on Abby's post seconds after you posted your answer here and got both Hairboat and Eureka shortly after. If I could give it up I would. — RubberDuck 5 mins ago
@RubberDuck That's odd, I posted my comment 26 minutes before you posted yours, it took me that long to get the hat, realize what happened and post the answer... Odd :/ — ɥʇǝS 14 secs ago
@Doorknob冰 Only 8 hats?
4:16 AM
@bjb568 735K rep. I think it comes out evenly
@hichris123 I think it's still unclear... well, at least for me. Does he need to open Google Map? Or is it embedded Google Map? Based on Google's doc, I think it's still possible, but using Google's own SDK, not MKMapView... is it the answer that he wants? (not iOS developer, only avid Google Search user)
it seems I was just repeating this comment, basically
Man what is the deal with closing perfectly reasonable questions? This is why Quora has a chance. Google has just recently released an SDK to allow developers to utilize their maps. You need to register for a key however, and they are rolling out these somewhat slowly it seems. — Stunner Dec 25 '12 at 7:24
JASO has killed "interesting easter egg", but still accepting recommendation questions.
I think it'd be rough journey for JASO to establish the site, userbase, and its rules...
4:35 AM
Today's debate: "Should comments saying "google it." be flagged?"
LPT: Use screen sharing. The native app. On mac. SO GOOD! Join.me sux.
@Shog9 --^
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 84.2298: Web Part Error: Access Denied on sharepoint.stackexchange.com
aha! I got my eureka.
Apparently it isn't manually awarded.
Or someone from SE is trolling me >.>
4:42 AM
@ɥʇǝS It's the latter one.
An employee is trolling me?
Someone runs a search on chat transcripts once in a while, I presume.
hmm.. what makes you think that @Behaviour?
How else would they do it? They are not in all chat rooms at all times.
I got Eureka some hours after discussing Chameleon in chat, iirc.
4:44 AM
oh really? hm, that's odd, but a script could check chat just as well as main.
Still, perhaps you are right.
Last year it was manual. And Shog9 implied it's the same this year in a conversation with hichris.
yesterday, by Shog9
Especially since that's been documented for like 2 years now.
hmm, ok then :)
5:24 AM
no happy hour? surprised
Gah, clueless Drupal users closing spam with custom reason
regret I spoke too soon
5:27 AM
@AndrewT. I looked at Drupal because you reminded me... and there it was. It's an hour old spam.
are they nuts?!
one hour! come'on!!!
No, just uneducated in SE ways.
hmm...we need someone on their meta
The happy hour is always happen on my lunchtime while I am enjoying drama on MSO
Dec 4 at 19:51, by Arthur Fischer
@WarmFuzzies Er... what is this common goal you speak of? Some users flag spam as spam. Some users flag spam for moderator attention. Some users simply downvote spam. Some users vote to close spam. And yet another group ignores the spam and trudges on to the next question.
5:29 AM
its been 2^1024 years, since I went to MSO, other then the links posted here...
Next time, there should be an SE blog post only for handling spam, and it'll be always featured.
is this room for goofing off?
@DaemonOfTheWest no, any problem related to any site of SE, you can talk about it here, until there is no problem, you can goof around ;)
@SmokeDetector borken markdown
I just realized hats on smaller avatar on chat sometimes bork
@SmokeDetector space in the end of username
5:45 AM
Interesting. A username can contain a trailing space. Hmmm, how to exploit this?
the question is WAT too
in the meantime, http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/6506189
6:30 AM
A: Hatless in Sea-hat-le

balphaHats. Hats hats hats. Hats hats hats, hats hats hats hats hats. Hats hats: Hats hats hats (hats; hats hats) Hats Hats hats – hats hats hats. Hats.

What the heck is a tardis hat? I don't see it anywhere? i just see people mentioning it somewhere sometimes in chat/comment
is it some joke?
Because it is date specific?
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 83.0803: Need to recover partitions on superuser.com
Beware of the extra '.' you need to use for git add -A. See my answer belowVonC Apr 23 '13 at 6:33
not constructive?
6:37 AM
@DroidDev why?
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 65.3066: Selected Excel File opens in Mac Excel-VBA on stackoverflow.com
cv-plz "why isn't this code working?" stackoverflow.com/q/27519639/2389078
@Behaviour what's the hat for?
@JanDvorak I was asking, that is it "not constructive", because, it doesn't add anything or ask, the user is just asking to see his answer below.
It says "Beware of the extra '.' you need to use for git add -A."
6:39 AM
but, that just looks like excuse to "see my answer below"
but is it?
@SmokeDetector tpu
@Sompuperoo Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
6:41 AM
make it abusive before there is a link
now... SPAM!
Though I don't usually read long posts, but, this one, I read it all...
yup, already read all of the answers.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: FINDING THE ANSWER by jlucia on physics.stackexchange.com
6:52 AM
@Behaviour oh, tardis is Time Lord hat... a tardis is from doctor who , ugh..
@DroidDev tl;dr Roomba-feed all the things
7:08 AM
y no option to flag as vlq?
@Behaviour just remove the link from that comment and your comment will be hilarious... lol...
oh! you already edited it...
I'm all about helping slow beta sites. They don't get their share of all-caps posts.
renewal tag, with no summary and 32 questions...
congratulation for the added tags.... facepalm
and it's still not closed :(
I wish it was on MSO/MSE, we would be having lot of fun in comments then...
out of cv's srry
i did low quality flag though
3 upvotes in 4 views - 1 google probabyl, suspicious? stackoverflow.com/q/27519929/3041194
could just be people voting for hats though
@MartijnPieters @Mysticial Fixed. I also think I've found the bug causing this.
7:41 AM
Everything you do affect environment in a way... This questions would be off topic anywhere. — Р̀СТȢѸ́ФХѾЦЧШЩЪЫЬѢѤЮѦѪѨѬѠѺѮѰѲѴ 2 mins ago
just like seeing that user and his disregard for realizing that space is a finite resource, or is it?
...on the other hand, those characters might actually mean something O_o
@DroidDev Google Translate detects it as Belarusian, in English it is RSTȢѸFHѾTSCHSHSCHYѢѤYUѦѪѨѬѠѺѮѰѲѴ
@balpha Thanks! Is the bug interesting enough to tell?
@DroidDev Google Translate detects it as Belarusian, in English it is RSTȢѸFHѾTSCHSHSCHYѢѤYUѦѪѨѬѠѺѮѰѲѴ
7:45 AM
...maybe some ancient language, the user might be actual Baba Ji... :/
Or maybe his username is written in 12 different languages.
should I edit man boobs to the correct technical term of "moobs"?
too late to edit :)
7:50 AM
^ the last one is of a different kind
1nd & 2st drupal gone
Drupal still has Meta question "do we want hats" featured. sigh
[featured] can be removed and [status-completed] added, since the Dec 1 deadline has passed. — Doorknob 冰 Dec 3 at 1:10
8:07 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: AN INTERESTING AREAS QUESTION by user160431 on math.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector NSFW, probably
@Behaviour No, it's SFW.
Lame joke. "Interesting areas".
8:23 AM
@Pham Read any good spam lately?
@Behaviour Nope, but first. I... must... get... coffee!
Not a command, yet ;)
Spam Q (90.9%): prestigious battle for many who have, by hoima, on askubuntu.com.
8:35 AM
@ProgramFOX Yes please!
                          )     (
               .-""       )    (          ""-.
         .-'``'|-._             )         _.-|
        /  .--.|   `""---...........---""`   |
       /  /    |                             |
       |  |    |                             |
        \  \   |                             |
         `\ `\ |                             |
           `\ `|                             |
           _/ /\                             /
-1 looks detached on mobile
Then... don't use mobile :P
why the pointless line breaks at the start?
8:42 AM
@Braiam Oh, that's probably because I copied it from a previous message. That probably added some whitespace.
Lifehacks is 100% answered!!!
With baby wipes, duct tape and WD-40.
hey @Unihedro I can't find hacker news theme link for firefox. Any help?
@Behaviour is there another way?
@ProgramFOX ya, they radiate!
8:45 AM
@Droid what's that ?
@Unihedro the theme with inverted colors
which one are you using for your firefox?
@DroidDev Uni doesn't use Firefox, and he uses a color-inversion CSS.
Hacker Vision is a chrome plugin, the firefox equilivient is called Illuminator?
@ProgramFOX oh!
@Unihedro ok, thanks
I don't know, but you can make-do with a simple userstyle
s,simple,ugly hack
8:47 AM
@Unihedro never played with scripts...
@ProgramFOX Wonderful. Just what I needed.
@Unihedro Coffee and mobiles don't go well.
Bad Tag(s) Used: [crash] | Random crash on android, by Yossi Beck, on stackoverflow.com.
^ cv-plz
Q: Insights: How we evaluate a private beta

Robert CartainoIf you haven't read, we are extending this private beta another week to see where this site is headed. During last week's evaluation, I shared some thoughts (internally) with the Community Team about what to look for going forward. I thought that perhaps sharing this guidance with you (publicly...

> Are meta resolutions making out to the actual site? Are problem areas even on their radar?
8:50 AM
I've been wondering about that, and not only on Lifehacks.
Hi @balpha. Can I ask you one thing? (if you have time, it is just a little curiosity about Winter Bash)
I just realized dupe banner doesn't mention bounty suggestion? Only auto-comment on VLQ answer?
Does first post between 12/26 and 1/1 this means you're first post can be on dec, 26th?
Or does it count from the 27th?
9:08 AM
@rene I agree
Still on decaf?
@rene nope. Full on Lungo Forte
Still have to introduce the concept of a mug over here, but at least it's not decaf
@Pham gone
9:19 AM
Spam Q (55.6%): How To Choose The Best Anti-Aging Cream?, by user41285, on drupal.stackexchange.com.
Drupal ^^
@Unihedro that won't help you in the elections...
@Braiam What? Why would I run for mod on Drupal? I don't even like it :P
Become a mod! Delete all things spam!
9:22 AM
Ah, SpamMagnet.SE you mean?
@AnnaLear, do you by any chance have a minute to spare? nothing really important, just a curiosity.
@PatrickHofman poof!
As nobody responded to my earlier question I assumed it was not that wrong so: meta.stackexchange.com/a/245531/158100
@rene Thanks
@rene I think you are correct.
9:35 AM
@rene You assumed?
@Unihedro Yes?
9:48 AM
Hi :D
10:19 AM
Off-topic question that should be on Network Engineering stackoverflow.com/q/22855740/1864610
sometimes, I see my own code and want to upvote it, but then again, IDEs don't provide that functionality :/
@DroidDev I never have that problem.
Downvotes though ....

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