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3:02 PM
@Sam i searched yt for it, couldn't find it through all the parodies, but found this one from 1997 youtube.com/watch?v=Jb5NTwAEi2w
@cVplZ It's probably a brand new ad (I only just saw it a few mins ago).
@cVplZ not available in Germany
another option: dress up as a slice of bread... and then toast
Today's Listening | Electronic / Progressive
3:08 PM
@ElfSlice GOOMH
@ElfSlice LOL I love that video
"from the makers of surgeon simulator"
of course. Why didn't I notice earlier?
I love the company for how crappy their games are.
> I would criticise this game for crappy controls, but the entire point of this game is that the controls suck.
3:17 PM
@WarmFuzzies so I'm fairly interested in the sites I listed because they're encountering a lot of the same problems that SO was years ago. But I'm not convinced they can - or should - follow the same path that SO did. In particular, a lot of the changes made to SO to deal with increased traffic ended up being stop-gaps - necessary, but not sustainable.
@Shog9 Why not give more close votes to the caretakers?
@Unihedron like we did on SO?
@Shog9 Yeah.
3:20 PM
Because it's a stop-gap
Don't get me wrong - I tend to think close votes should scale the way flags do, just on principle
But it's not a solution to an ever-growing influx of poor posts
I agree on that stance, it makes the attempted approach clearer.
Nothing is really sustainable. The sun running out of hydrogen is going to cause some problems...
But really, there's no perfect system.
3:22 PM
best we can hope for is to stave off entropy a little longer
Less CVs for when algorithm says the question is bad?
Best of luck!
@bjb568 so that was one of the ideas we discussed for triage - just closing everything that went in, making it one vote or edit to reopen.
@Shog9 one?
Could we have similar stuff for spam?
3:24 PM
sure. Think about how many people post lousy questions and then never come back
@JanDvorak then the punishment should be dropped for that, though...
If you could eliminate stuff that literally no one cares about, that'd be a pretty major reduction in noise right there
since there is too much abuse potential in that IMO..
I also mean questions that are rated meh by either humans or bots should have 1-4 CVs depending on mehness.
3:28 PM
But yeah. What I'm really hoping for here is that we can start to get away from closing as the man with the hammer here. Three paths: answering, editing, moderation - where failure to complete any path results in eventual deletion, so you're not forcing folks to moderate everything.
glasses here also..
@TGMCians @balpha is that an hint? this year we get clothes instead of just hats?
@Unihedron The game is out now, too.
Also Surgeon Simulator was actually really fun
@SPArchaeologist That's not new, last year wasn't all actual hats either
in fact the don draper hat was a very similar concept (suit and cigarette)
3:38 PM
The only problem is that I have 50 cv's. How is that enough to review cvq, low quality queue and traige?
@InfiniteRecursion plus just looking at random questions on SO, and cVplZ requests. It's not enough.
@cVplZ plus reviewing Pham's reports in the Low Quality Posts HQ.
@balpha And I even posted a bug report! The Don Draper hat is flipped upside down!
That could also explain why everyone was telling me to ate that cupcake instead of wearing it on my head.
3:45 PM
Anyway, @balpha. A friend of mine (totally not me) was asking me to remember you that hats need to be filled with rainbows & unicorns.
@Unihedron working for @JanDvorak, I assume...
@SPArchaeologist What? I'm totally not being a grammar person... oh wait..
Eek! Sounds terrible.
We are the Dvorak. Resistance is futile. Prepare to be assimilated
@Bart Janihedron :p
3:48 PM
@Bart since you posted that line, I am really tempted to repost the image that I sent to @ShadowWizard in the den about 1h ago...
but I will pass, seems to many users here suffer from diabetes.
Is there any difference between "must" and "has to"?
@bjb568 yes, one is one word while the other being two
4:01 PM
Low Quality A (100%): Just visit wikihow for more help, by Spandan Patil, on gis.stackexchange.com.
^ Wikihow advices on the internet are kind of stupid.
Offensive A (90.9%): **** **** *************************************, by ***********, on softwarerecs.stackexchange.com.
^ gone
4:18 PM
> Helpful Critical Guy
^ nothing describes you better @warm
4:32 PM
@Raff changed his name again? okay...
Low Quality A (100%): My head hurts My head hurts My head hurts My..., by POed, on unix.stackexchange.com.
^ I think his head hurts.
Low Quality A (21.8%): Thank you... Thank you... Thank you... Thank..., by Alan, on serverfault.com.
> You saved my life and my job, Thank you.
You gave us a free helpful flag. Thank you.
4:49 PM
@Shog9 Back when I was young and foolish, I advocated moving away from closing to liberally applied anonymous DVs. It never worked. People just don't do it nearly enough. Two weak ideas that will not change anything: (i) drop questions from the frontpage at -2 instead of -4; (ii) drop the blue nagging popup that (unintentionally?) teaches people that anonymous downvotes are bad.
yeah, for all the complaints, folks are really stingy with downvotes. Realistically, if your post is getting downvoted you should probably be doing a bit of introspection.
Hmm, Oded undeleted my answer but I hope it is not because Anna told him so ....
@Unihedron NAA clarification request, question should be VTC unclear...
@Unihedron meta tag parse error
4:54 PM
@rene Same here. I don't care about the reason, but I'm happy to see normality restored.
I'm not bothered
@Unihedron meta tag parse error
@Unihedron understood
4:56 PM
Two Questions:
yes yes
Q1: Can diamonds see deleted comments?
Q2: Can you see who flagged a question to close?
A1: yes A2: yes
stupid markup didn't work with line breaks
4:57 PM
@Unihedron Thanks Thanks
Good night!
A2 How?
@Farhan mod panel
@Unihedron Night!
that's not an answer
4:58 PM
@JanDvorak it's a follow-up question disguised as an answer
@Unihedron done. plase check
@JanDvorak Follow up on A2: How?
thinks Jan is gonna close @Farhan's question as unclear
@Unihedron Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
@rene Well done. I approve, here have a cookie point.
When you get ten cookie points you can redeem a cookie from me.
4:59 PM
@Farhan Mod panel.
@Unihedron Do bots get a discount?
@Unihedron Oh man, that means I've to run in the elections. I don't like running, would have lost 50 lbs if I did like it.
@Sam Only if they're great bots. You can contact thru email to request a discount. We only ask for the bots' credentials, the bots' owners' families' photos and names, as well as all your phone numbers and the willingness to complete a dozen of surveys. It's the best discount deal ever!
hi @gham
5:02 PM
@Unihedron ... right.
Night #uni
@Unihedron I don't deserve a cookie point for that but at least I tried
Stop chatting. Go sleep!
5:07 PM
Oh, sorry, goto sleep Uni
Hey! Hey @Unihedron! Hey! ..... good night.
Grow up will you ;)
At least act mature, like I do....
Nov 15 at 20:42, by Unihedron
Yeah pings still wake me up.
... no comment @rene
Very mature...
5:10 PM
I knew the comment was for him, not for me.
Something is wrong when a duckling is the mature one ...
... all the nerds around the world will be upset if glasses don't symbolize higher intellect any longer ...
They can still use segways and books
2 days ago, by nicael
user image
yay, Oded undeleted them!
@rene she didn't. You guys did. Didn't mean to cause all this angst (I sometimes forget how people care about their rep).
Then again. Perhaps this is me messing with you all.
I am evil, as @Bart kindly explained.
5:21 PM
You're welcome
clickety click
... that can't be good
@Oded Ha, no worries about me, other members in this room pointed me about my rep loss. They seem to care more about it then I do. After that I liked it to get it going..... Thanks for the initial comment when you deleted, that was enough for me to get the point.
can't we have a best approach question that isn't primarily opinion-based?
5:29 PM
@rene It was all in good intentions... didn't mean to upset anyone.
@Louis voted too broad
@JanDvorak works for me
"best approach" just gets to me: best how? fastest? easiest to maintain? clearest? most responsive (which sometimes is not the same as fastest)?
+ comment
@Oded same here. Have a stroopwafel from me!
@rene I know stoop, very well - mum is from Amsterdam
5:36 PM
Q: Auto-add site to "Your Communities" when clicking autocomplete

MoosemanSteps to reproduce: Click Stack Exchange logo for dropdown in the top left of the SE bar Click edit to the right of Your Communities Start typing the name of any SE site that isn't present in the list of Your Communities Click the name of any site that isn't present in the list of Your Communi...

@Mooseman meh
@JanDvorak What "configuration dialog", btw?
Can't find it now :-/
5:59 PM
@Oded We know what is lekker then. One small other question: Would this error also be visible in the server-side log?
Should be. Though that depends on the underlying issue...
Ok, I'll edit the question with a timestamp as soon as I hit the same issue again. Thnx
@TGMCians yay!
anyway i flagged
can someone hint him how stackoverflow works please ?
@TGMCians I just did
thanks so much :)
At least I try to start a conversation with the OP
i see
6:50 PM
Spam Q (100%): 1-844-780-6751 ///Hotmail For Email Technical Support Service Number US, by stace, on communitybuilding.stackexchange.com.
Low Quality Q (62.5%): What is the basic structure of MVC, Where can I start coding? or any Step by step ideas?, by Fred, on programmers.stackexchange.com.
@Pham I doubt if that community is very active given the fact that the SPAM already lives there for 18 minutes. They could use some community building....
7:08 PM
Yay, I can haz 1k this week!
Well done
7:27 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Red shield with number in Nike+ iOS app? by Judy on apple.stackexchange.com
7:38 PM
@rene Spam flagging is community building. A rare occasion when users with vastly different opinions on the site's purpose and function come together for some common goal.
Some SE sites need more spam.
I see. I'll send my spam over there for practice
7:51 PM
@WarmFuzzies Er... what is this common goal you speak of? Some users flag spam as spam. Some users flag spam for moderator attention. Some users simply downvote spam. Some users vote to close spam. And yet another group ignores the spam and trudges on to the next question.
@ArthurFischer You forgot those who edit spam, and those who retag spam/offensive posts. Well, that's Math.SE
@WarmFuzzies At least we don't see too many users answering spam. Mind you, I'm sure if the spammers started to add a simple integral to the end of the post that situation would change.
@SabreTooth How's the account deletion going?
still waiting...
8:07 PM
Maybe you should just post spam there, and thus get your account destroyed.
i still wish to keep my remaining 5 accounts
tis just hsm and gl I wish to be removed
Low Quality A (55.6%): BUT YOU ID NOT MENTION THE LIGHT SWITCH. IN ..., by louis aliperta, on diy.stackexchange.com.
Low Quality A (55.6%): BUT YOU ID NOT MENTION THE LIGHT SWITCH. IN ..., by louis aliperta, on diy.stackexchange.com.
@Pham are you afraid we missed your first message?
8:20 PM
Yeah, he's got short-term memory loss.
You so should have posted that twice @Sam
Ah, I didn't think of that.
@SmokeDetector true
8:27 PM
@Braiam Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
Q: Stack Exchange app - listing my tags

JasonHow do I get the app to show me a relevant listing of my tags? When I go into the stack overflow section of the app, and ask it to show me "my tags, unanswered" I get a list that dates back 3 or 4 years. The first 8 or so are from 2010 and 2011. Arguably useless to me. Is there a way to ...

Can't believe how did it remain unanswered till now...
I got a bounty on one of my answers on SO, Sinterklaas is early this year...
@nicael Because Meta.SE is hardly worth looking at these days, the topics are the layout of a silly vanity page, and the discussion of a number to put on it.
Meta.SO is where it's at nowadays.
@SmokeDetector true
@Doorknob冰 Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
yaaay, I figured out SD commands
what's up with all these new spam... I miss baba :(
8:59 PM
@Doorknob冰 Self-Destruct?
If he doesn't answer I assume it is yes
@rene Smoke Detector. :P
(I guess)
@rene Have you seen that user doing that more than once?
I thought your comment seemed a little harsh, but perhaps there is more context that I'm missing.
@jadarnel27 yes
9:02 PM
Ah, makes sense then.
On the same question 20 minutes earlier
@jadarnel27 I have a free ticket for harsh ...
@rene the ones that @Bart likes to give?
9:04 PM
@Braiam probably
do anyone knows the why of android tag here? stackoverflow.com/questions/27284606
APK -> Android
IMO, you can use keytool with non-APK files
actually, is the fact that he's signing an APK relevant?
In as much as that's what he's doing, yes.
Get this: in Chrome, $(document).width() returns 1920. np. IE? 2021. Same monitor...
9:14 PM
Drop that and try jQuery!
Oh wait…
@Mooseman But it's not the monitor, it's the size of the window you are looking at, and browser may decide to subtract scrollbar and whatnot.
@Mooseman Told you IE offers more...
@WarmFuzzies I ran $("*").css('overflow','hidden'); each time.
@Mooseman How about the whatnot?
I love Stack Overflow. It's awesome.
9:27 PM
Is it more awesome than brown?
@Doorknob冰 The whatnot and whatnot? Say what and whatnot?
Okay, in my case Chrome does return full screen width in a maximized window after overflow is hidden.
Do you have 110% zoom in Chrome, by any chance?
Zoom changes the document width.
Offensive A (100%): ***** * **** ***** *** ****** ** **** *** *****, by ****, on gaming.stackexchange.com.
9:32 PM
@Pham Huh, I didn't know you're supposed to censor "know." Ahh, I just used it twice uncensored in this message!
@Doorknob冰 Not quite. But it's closer than most other things.
@Doorknob冰 ATM he only knows there's a blacklisted term in the excerpt, so he'll censor the entire string. I'm working on only censoring the found term(s).
Until yesterday, GL's chat room had no owner.
@Frank For three years, PPCG's chat room has had no owner. (Aside from mods.)
@Sam Why does it censor, though?
9:35 PM
@Doorknob冰 Huh.
I was just made owner on the GL room (for some reason).
@hichris123 People requested it.
Now I can kb bad guys. :D
And I'm personally in favour of it too.
@hichris123 the tavern isn't a family friendly room, IMO
heck, it has "Tavern" as name
@WarmFuzzies IE was at 90%. facepalm
9:37 PM
@Sam I agree, it's nice to get a break from it.
@Braiam Also the word "fuck" was on the star wall for quite some time today (with 7 stars).
Unless Jason C. is here............
So yeah.
@Frank Agreed.
@jadarnel27 Doesn't mean it should be...
9:38 PM
Some results of triage are funny. Here the reviewers began with positive actions and then the mood soured.
Don't get me wrong, I'm in favor of the censoring on the auto-posted offensive stuff as well.
@WarmFuzzies Haha!
bjb says, 'unsalvageable'.
@Sam If you're going to censor, don't do it that way. It's useless. You might as well just remove the summary & username then show a bunch of stars.
No surprise there. For @bjb568 pretty much everything is unsalvageable -- even the posts where everyone else says Looks OK. Case 1, Case 2, Case 3.
@hichris123 ATM, it's better than nothing.
9:43 PM
Eh. It tells me nothing.
I like the stars, they convey the message that something is very wrong and I have to go look and prepare to find something ugly.
And since Pham only posts here under human supervision, you can guarantee that it's a TP.
But it still tells me nothing.
@WarmFuzzies Yeah, and in here, it's 'LQ, LQ, LQ, LQ, LQ, LQ, LQ.... you get the idea.
9:44 PM
@Sam True.
Show me at least some of the post.
You only need to know that it needs flagging.
Wait, @bjb568, how in the world is this "Unsalvageable"?! I don't see a single way it could be improved.
@hichris123 As I said, I'm working on that.
@Doorknob冰 Alas, bjb is unsalvageable.
9:44 PM
Yeah, "it tells me nothing" is definitely an exaggeration, @hichris123.
@WarmFuzzies wow... you said it!
@jadarnel27 Well, it shows me a link & a site name. That's as close to nothing as I think is possible.
Yuck, why'd you change your name to that? @WarmFuzzies
Well I'm off for the night, cya!
9:47 PM
@hichris123 It also says "Offensive A (100%):" which indicates that the following text is placeholder text for something that is too offensive to actually post.
I think it's fairly obvious.
Does unsalvageable in that context mean VLQ? Since that isn't how it works functionally.
On a cursory glance, it looks like all of @bjb568's Triage "reviews" are actually just roboreviews...
Not as useful as just censoring the offensive words.
But not useless.
@jadarnel27 Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I like knowing what I'm clicking on. And offensive language doesn't bother me. I mean, heck, I'm a moderator -- that's kind of my job.
If other people don't want to see it -- that's okay, I can live with it.
9:48 PM
@bjb568 "Unsalvageable" is generally a word that means a bad thing. Can you name one thing wrong with that post I just linked?
@bjb568 unsalvageable means 'impossible to repair'
@hichris123 How do you not know what you're clicking on? It's a link to a offensive question or answer. Why do you need to know exactly what offensive words are there before you click on it?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HELP ME PLEASE HELP by apple on apple.stackexchange.com
Wow, what a title.
@jadarnel27 brown
I don't mind seeing profanity / other offensive language, but it seems polite to hide it for those that don't want to see it.
9:51 PM
Encode with rot-1?
@jadarnel27 Well, is it spam that just happened to have a bad word in it? Did someone decide to use the word brown and the bot doesn't like it? Did someone decide to get mad at a moderator & I should alert a CM for speedy account deletion?
@WarmFuzzies rot-26 is more secure. Bigger number.
@hichris123 You click to find out.
@Frank But then it's link bait.
@Doorknob冰 That was probably a double review since I was reviewing it on a crappy connection. I agree it's fine.
9:53 PM
Eh, it's not a major deal -- but I just think it's so cluttersome if it's only going to have a link & a site name.
@hichris123 It's not because some action is required. The posts are previewed by a human (Sam).
@hichris123 tpd from the lqphq room, so you know it's real.
@Frank That button's popup contains close reasons.
I know.
I want to know what I'm clicking before I click it. So that I know beforehand what I need to do when I get there.
9:54 PM
@Undo Woah. Since when did you get here?
Q: Last activity date isn't updated when question is destination of merge

nicaelThis post just became a destination of merge. Clicking on the last activity date correctly goes to the answer which got moved to this question because of merge. But it is still written that last activity date was 5 months ago.

@hichris123 huh?
9:54 PM
@Undo You just jumped into a conversation. :P
@Undo Sam's on it.
@hichris123 So did I.
@hichris123 I'm fast at reading transcripts :D
@Doorknob冰 unclear. No question.
Please no.
I don't think this conversation is really going anywhere.
9:55 PM
The vote button just animated.
@bjb568 I'd assume he wants the error to go away.
@Doorknob冰 OT SF?
@bjb568 ... oh come on. There's a clear statement of what's going wrong.
OT13, TMI. Should be reduced.
9:57 PM
stackoverflow.com/review/triage/6391073 - does that animate the vote button thingy for anyone else?
@bjb568 cough 11,295 questions tagged [nginx] cough
@bjb568 ... I have no idea what you just said. O_o
@Doorknob冰 that are generally more programming and less confit related.
@Doorknob冰 Off Territory 13, This Might (be) Inedible.

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