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6:01 PM
Low Quality A (19.4%): Chuck D Loves the D, adores the D., by user4363467, on stackoverflow.com.
@Cerbrus <---- me too
I don't have any votes left :(
How to handle such a "spam" link farm ? stackoverflow.com/q/9728279/1699210
I still need two vote specific hats D:
@ɥʇǝS find something salvageable you downvoted.
6:04 PM
hmm, good idea.
Someone should edit the description of the room to "MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF HATS!".
@Cerbrus I got crab!
Uni: Downvote>edit>upvote
@Cerbrus: I have made an educated guess about the HairBoat hat.
We'll see if it pans out..
Something to do with a stylist and a boat?
@Cerbrus If I am correct, it may be I can't share the solution, as it means someone is going to get a lot of email.
6:17 PM
Wow clever
Not even with the current Mr. Hat? :P
@Cerbrus I was wrong, but Abby is going to remove the suggestion to email him what you had for lunch now..
ah, no, he didn't remove it, just qualified it:
> If you'd like to tell me what you had for lunch, you can email me at [email protected]. (Note that doing so will not earn you a hat.)
Nice try, though xD
> hair-boating - a potentially dangerous syndrome characterized by an irresistable urge to paddle in conditions that challenge the limits of sanity.
Challenging sanity..
Meta participation maybe?
40 reviews in the CVQ?
6:22 PM
Tried something...
Hm, I doubt editing a massively downvoted answer is the solution
@JanDvorak Oded earned it on Meta.SE, not SO.
Meta detectives at work
Yea, that's not it
@bluefeet mandatory booby i.imgur.com/7ql3IJP.png
Spoiler alert: it's not funny
@SterlingArcher boobies are always funny
6:33 PM
@SterlingArcher hey, no need to be a tit about it.
@AnnaLear I'm only responding in shame because I don't know any other pun birds to respond to you :(
@SterlingArcher it's okay, don't be all emu about it.
Why are you ostrichizing me?
6:36 PM
Something something rough-faced shag
I'm owl about bird puns
tucan stop now D:
(I know, that one was pushing it)
You all are a lot of fun.
Oh goodness, these puns.
6:38 PM
@AnnaLear You could sparrow him a moment to teach him some.
@jadarnel27 let us know wren you get sick of it.
I knew it was Bart's tern.
I got a penguin @Bart replied to my message, and I knew it would be funny.
This is a very pheasant conversation.
6:42 PM
I'm pretty sure we could carrion forever.
^ needs a hat
We may be too eagle to keep it going, though. The cardinal rule of puns is that they have to sound natural.
this conversation is no longer punny
Oh man, Anna just doubled up. #won
@AnnaLear indeed. You wouldn't want for it to get hawkward.
6:47 PM
@Bart /highfive
@Bart We must all carry the birden, lest we egret it later.
I should stop now, before I ruffle too many feathers.
Bird bird bird bird bird.
I should stick to Twitter instead.
That's fowl play @jadarnel27
@Bart Seriously, right? The gull.
6:49 PM
It was only logical.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: OPAMP SATURATION PROBLEM by berker on electronics.stackexchange.com
Let osprey for the souls of this conversation.
And remind ourselves of the fact that no matter how good we are, we'll never beat paraskeet
I think this is my queue to get back to work.
Likewise, my boss is crowing at me.
Bye! Thanks for the puns guys!
7:03 PM
@Sam it got migrated to meta
Thx. And from there... DV to oblivion.
I should have said "this is my cue" up there. You can tell I'm a programmer and not an actor (or whoever else commonly uses the word "cue").
Snooker players ...
I'm afraid to Google what that is.
Yes, but "this is my cue" has a very different meaning in the context of snooker.
And, judging by the fact that a cue is a long stick used to hit balls, I might say it would be mildly inappropriate.
@TGMCians Ever so ta!
Low Quality A (35.2%): INTRODUCTION TO MANY BODY PHYSICS BY PIERS COLEMAN, by , on physics.stackexchange.com.
So wait...is snooker the same thing as billiards ("pool")?
7:23 PM
@jadarnel27: in principle
@jadarnel27 A member of a family of games involving a table, balls, and a stick.
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 54.3196: Outlook express recovery on superuser.com
@Behaviour Ah, thanks. Where do I post the guess to get the hat?
Thanks @nneonneo and @Behaviour.
@jadarnel27 I like your shirt!
7:32 PM
@Shokhet Likewise =P
@hichris123 I don't know how SE team handles it this year. I got Eureka after discussing Chameleon in Math chat. But now there is a thread on Meta about secret hats, which is a confusing factor.
@Behaviour Ah. Chameleon is the one I think I figured out...
Q: Spoiler alert: I think I guessed what Chameleon is for

ShokhetI think I guessed what the Chameleon hat is for. I guessed this when I noticed that My suspicion was confirmed when I did the same thing, and promptly received the hat. Am I right?

^^^^ Spoiler tags in oneboxed questions are awkward.
7:51 PM
Question, how did my parent user on chat.SO get changed to MSO?
8:15 PM
@gnat Thanks for the bounty! :)
I'd have thought that I would be notified automatically when a bounty is offered on my own question, but apparently not.......
Is someone here who is active on SF? Can you have a look at this should it go on SU instead? It is not for SO for sure.
> (Re-Posting from Serverfault as they don't seem to like the question over there and don't bother to explain why.)
definitely not SF.
@rene Did you mean "SU"?
SF = Scifi; SU = Superuser
@Shokhet SF = Server Fault usually.
8:20 PM
@ɥʇǝS Oh; got it.
@ɥʇǝS but SU would fit?
@ɥʇǝS I saw that quote and figured if so, then probably not....SU was the only other thing that came to mind
@ɥʇǝS And what is the rationale behind doesn't belong on SF
To clarify: I'm not sure that it belongs on SU.....that's just the only other site that I could think of
@rene SF rejected it, SF doesn't want it.
8:21 PM
@rene Server Fault is for 'professional' questions. This looks like a home setup
Ah, that make sense
I would never send someone to SF, if I could help it.
Rarely anything good comes of it.
@ɥʇǝS Although.....the question hasn't been closed over there (SF), just has one DV
And SF does have a racoon tag....
I'm all out of closevotes, too :(
8:23 PM
Though someone should tell this user something about cross-posting.
@Shokhet He better asked on meta-SF or MSO where his post should go
@rene That's a fair point.
8:46 PM
Low Quality A (19.4%): Try using a ByteArrayInputStream., by Vineet Manohar, on stackoverflow.com.
Not not an answer.
No, not that either.
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 51.0905: recover deleted file from network share on superuser.com
^ Spam seed.
Can we flag already @hichris123 ?
9:01 PM
I just flagged for closure.
@hichris123 how do you know?
@ɥʇǝS Hat power.
@ɥʇǝS It just looks like a filerepairforum question. May not be, but...
9:06 PM
Well, it's been 10 mins without any spam answers (so far)...
@vba4all If you're around can you have a look here if there is something I missed in explaining/asking?
Is there a way to wear multiple hats, or is it one at a time?
one at a time
13 hours ago, by DroidDev
We should be able to wear multiple hats.
aaaaaw.....I think Spock would look cool with the werewolf hunter crossbow....oh well
yeah, i agree that we should have at least one "hat" and one "shirt" on at a time
9:21 PM
I think three is a nice number -- hat, hair, and shirt....I would probably only use two, though.
3 iz bad. 2 and 4 r bettah.
@Oded Which one are you wearing? ....I can't tell
'tis the HairBoat
9:34 PM
@Oded Cute! What's it for.....or is it a secret?
Secret boat is secret
Apparently, no one's figured it out yet:
A: Winter Bash 2014 Secret Hats

janosThis guy has a HairBoat! How?... No idea... (By being an uber-mod?) If we can believe the rumors that there are 8 secret hats, then maybe this is the last one not mentioned yet? (I for one don't believe in such rumors.)

maybe it's answer a question in ?
Apparently, you, @Oded, are the "this guy" in that answer ;-)
I lost interest when people spoiled the secrets.
9:36 PM
row, row, row your boat
@Shokhet yep, I noticed that ;)
I've seen at least two others with it so far
Is there something wrong with my question here stackoverflow.com/q/27474351/554807 or did a couple of folk just loose their keys?
Hairboat is the last secret!
9:37 PM
Sooo happy I came up with it :)
That's not fair! ......you probably got it on purpose! :P
@GreenAsJade 0/-2, no close votes. only thing I can say is, other than the title, there is no question mark
I'm still sad there wasn't a mad hatter hat :(
though I wouldn't agree to -2
@ɥʇǝS Maybe as a secret hat?
9:39 PM
heh - thx OK. shrug ... 'people' Maybe they were going for the crab ...
pretty sure all of those have been found :(
@GreenAsJade maybe, hats make people do strange things
story so far
More - As far as I can see, only Oded has this hat. Looking at his activity, it can be one of these three things : comments, added tags, answers. Its not the added tags, as all of them are mod specific tags. It cannot be comments as many other people here are doing similar comments. Looking at his answers, he has 3 accepted answers, on a negative voted question, duplicated question, highly voted question. With both high votes answer and low votes answer. After searching for a while, I found many users falling into all such scenarios without the hat. So I am at dead end now. — Optimizer 4 mins ago
although , it seems that i am wrong at the "only oded has this hat" part
@Optimizer Hm.....good luck!
@Optimizer Where's your hat? I don't see you wearing any!
9:42 PM
dunno why its not shown here
Unfortunately, there aren't many hats that work well with a knife gravatar.....Spock is okay, but I might have to pick a picture with a head for the next two weeks......
so anyone trying to figure out hairboat ?
@Shokhet - is that your profession? With that avatar and user name...
@Shokhet Ctrl+Shift+Reload.
9:50 PM
@Oded No....I'm learning, though.
Good luck with that then
@ɥʇǝS Now I see it; thanks! :)
@Oded Thanks :)
10:08 PM
Low Quality A (47.2%): did you manage to solve your problem?, by dereu, on apple.stackexchange.com.
10:23 PM
@JanDvorak Last downvote of the day.
@JanDvorak Yeah, probably.
When someone admits they didn't think... then it's time to stop the conversation. ;P
I wanted to suggest not to ask without thinking the next time :-)
I observed a hairboat hat floating along on Lifehacks
I observe a huge chameleon on my head.
10:33 PM
Oh. I was wondering what it was
btw @Shog9 I totally guessed a secret hat's trigger. May I have a hat now? And a meta hat for guessing the trigger for that hat? ;)
@hichris123 noh
@bjb568 Oh, now you're Shog, eh? ;P
@hichris123 what, you think there's a hat that gets awarded for guessing that hats can be manually awarded?
That'd be a bit... silly, wouldn't it?
Especially since that's been documented for like 2 years now.
10:36 PM
@Shog9 Well, I guessed the trigger for a secret hat... right?
@hichris123 Uh… yeah! Totally!
@JanDvorak I didn't think anything... — yaou 12 mins ago
@hichris123 If I confirmed or denied that, it wouldn't be much of a secret.
@Shog9 You're a talking head wearing a hat and somehow holding a crossbow. I think we've crossed that line. :P
No, not yet
10:37 PM
Nail -> Head -> "Correct; you didn't think before posting.. did you?"
@Shog9 Confirming could be in the form of ahem a hat ahem.
but what would that confirm, exactly?
- That there's a hat that can be awarded on a whim?
- That you correctly guessed something?
- That you incorrectly guessed something but I like to mess with people?
E) All of the above
D) All of the above
You should give someone else the hat just to mess with @hichris123.
10:39 PM
@TimStone Thanks. You're really helping my case here. ;)
I try
I can't imagine you as a defense attorney. "My client is not guil... sorry, he actually stole the hats. Give him life in prison!"
@hichris123 I don't think it's that simple. I figured out Timelord (and pinged Shog) before it got posted on meta. But I didn't get Eureka. That said, I didn't get the requirements for Timelord exactly correct, I said "retag" instead of "edit".
@Oded: just a yes or no will do; has the last hat anything to do with Bosun? On the podcast I heard that there was a another choice for the name that didn't make it..
@Mysticial Hmm well the other option is @Shog9 is just trolling us all. Which is always a possibility. I mean, he's a floating head!
@bjb568 I don't get it...
Although that's probably a good thing if it's NSFW.
Night all!
I got a second secret hat for reasons unknown to me and that's exciting for some reason.
night all
11:11 PM
@hichris123 So not buying it.
@bummi Still on?
@bummi Got your message the other day re: the declined flag. Don't worry about it. I should have looked closed before flagging it.
11:24 PM
@jadarnel27 You welcomed a new user.
@Shokhet Any luck ?
Hey, I've dressed :)
Changed avatar also, will take a while for it to be changed in chat.
11:41 PM
@nicael No Chameleon hat on top of the chameleon on her shoulder?
Can't wear all hats at once :(

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