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12:01 AM
Gold makes good electrical connections which saves lives.
Probably somehow.
John Oliver is so awesome
^ applicable not only to a single site, and referenced in most meta
12:12 AM
awsm for "reopen"
y knw m Jnd ;)
ay gt n idey, lts ! tipe ny crrct wrd fr rst ov duy!
1:01 AM
Question Title: Create and increment file name if the name exists
OP: Does anyone have an idea how this is possible?
Me: Just keep incrementing the counter and trying filenames until the file name does not exist.
OP: I didn't think of that. I will try using this method!
if I'm not mistaken, Linux includes a binary just to do that
actually, just a loop with a nested if is enough
8 hours ago, by ProgramFOX
I'm out of CVs by the way, don't expect me to cast more close votes today :P
@Braiam I just thought it was kind of goofy that he didn't think to try exactly what his title said he wanted to do. All I did was state the logical negative.
@cVplZ that was yesterday's UTC.. today is a new UTC day :/
1:17 AM
Which free image hosting service has the simplest api?
define "simple api"
define "hosting service"
The old laptop in my office works pretty well as an image host when I need a free one.
define "free"
define "define"
#define ridiculous_definitions.h
1:23 AM
Uhoh, see new user in room.
is there a SO tool/rec chat room?
@bjb568 ! your question appears to be off-topic for this chat room, please consider asking here instead!
lol, jk kitty
Watever, asked.
Q: Are hosting recommendation requests on-topic?

UndoI just saw this question: Looking for hosting for Laravel It's asking for a hosting recommendation. Are these on topic here?

1:41 AM
hosting != api
Duplicate of
in Gaming, Jul 14 '10 at 23:44, by Jeff Atwood
A: Are web API recommendations on-topic?

IzzyMake sure you differentiate between asking for a Web API (which I agree with Gilles is on-topic here), and asking for a Web Service / Provider. I know it's hard to draw a line here, so please look at some examples of "dos and don'ts": Can I ask for recommended websites? No, you can't. Are host...

Are "Are ... recommendations on-topic" on-topic?
1:47 AM
this is copy/paste of this --- out of cv's srry
@Braiam They need API for me to upload. Then they need to host it.
@cVplZ No, it's spam.
See added link.
what does link go to?
bad.solutions is funny
New tactic.
@cVplZ Link goes to a reddit comment that contains a bunch of spam for some online video streaming site. (reddit.com/r/twd5x7/comments/2n7m88, sfw)
@Shog9 ^ Check out that new spam tactic. Tricky.
which is spam elsewhere too
@cVplZ Haha, indeed.
btw, those that also love to moderate reddit, may want to report the spam
1:52 AM
wat me no understand imgur api
@JasonC I saw the Shog post a comment on meta , he must be hiding from here
@JasonC Shog9 is busy with psychoanalysis today; just posted this on SF Meta.
A: I'm challenging us to make the Christmas 2014 season be known as "killing them with kindness"

Shog9The night before you posted this, I had a long conversation with Gabe (my co-worker) about an attitude he keeps encountering on pt.stackoverflow.com: certain types of questions seem to spark an immediate, visceral reaction from some members, even when they aren't attracting problematic answers or...

@JasonC not really new
The "live streaming video" spammers (remember them?) looooved that tactic
Or do you mean the "copied existing question verbatim" bit
1:54 AM
@Shog9 Yeah, that part.
It took more than a few seconds to figure out it was spam. I know it went unnoticed by at least cvplz first, too.
yeah, that's fairly recent; those've been showing up for a couple of months now, mostly as answers
@Rafflesiaarnoldii is he acting as the psycho or the analyst ?
The summer of love on SO failed and caused horrible disasters. DV CV VLQ DelV! — bjb568 7 secs ago
^ My stance on "being nice"
@Shog9 err... that tactic has more than a year
Really? I hadn't seen them until recently then.
1:56 AM
Incidentally "fear" of traumatic past events is also why I'm wary about @Shog9's new posts.
@bjb568 You should probably at least wait until I turn to look at something shiny...
Lol deleted!
At least you followed my advice.
With the DelV part.
Amusingly, there were some horrible disasters caused by SoL - mostly caused by folks who didn't read any of the blog posts, but still.
Aw I have to recover my reddit password to report spam there. Too complicated.
Good reminder to be very careful about what you name things. Some folks don't read any further than that.
See also: SOA
1:58 AM
You're on acid again?
Shog's on acid?
meh, I believe in tight to almost suffocate, and then slowly soften it a bit
never. Only all-natural hallucinogens here. Body is a temple & all.
1:59 AM
Dec 21 '10 at 18:03, by mootinator
We need to start saying new things.
Didn't the SoL cause the removal of the close options that caused it to be harder to close which caused CV queue build up which caused quality decrease?
the environment known as "Tavern on the Meta" is in an eternal cycle repeating everything it was said, again, and again @jason
@JasonC Hahahahlolil
I think A in SOA made it look comical. What would be a better title though? "Online Communication for Programmers" [101]?
the environment known as "Tavern on the Meta" is in an eternal cycle repeating everything it was said, again, and again @jason
2:01 AM
@bjb568 +1
speaking of harder to close, can we have "lack of knowledge" back?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Or maybe "Failed Q&A version of the help center"
@JanDvorak And "iz crapz"?
@JanDvorak The part of me that wants that back so bad is in constant conflict with the part of me that knows that's a crappy close reason.
Seriously, I like this part:
> Fear doesn't wait for indications of a problem; it jumps at shadows, lashes out at memories. Caution avoids a question because the problem is unclear; fear screams at the asker because he might be a vampire.
2:03 AM
I'm tempted to say "Crappy questions need crappy close reasons."
Then we could just have "Closed for a crappy reason" as a reason.
@JanDvorak I agree. If you can't put effort into wasting our time, we won't.
I think I'll try to close a little bit slower for a while to see how it goes. Holiday season and all.
Not going to be good.
Maybe something along the lines of "the question sucks so hard any answer would be actively harmful to the site"?
2:04 AM
meh, people should know that a bit of paranoia and fear is healthy.... you need every bit of emotion you can generate, good or bad, to be a sane human being
Wait, that's the entire point of closing
Remember: just because you're paranoid doen't mean they're not out there to get you.
"This question doesn't meet the quality standards of our site and has been deleted (N UR QUESTION BANNED IMMEDIATELY) so other users don't see your question as a bad example"
@Braiam That's silly. It's waaay easier for me to blame you for being paranoid and fearful than it is for me to take responsibility for my fragile self-esteem. Duh.
@Braiam yet IRL people tend to hate me for that
They keep saying I'm too loud
2:08 AM
@JanDvorak Your behavior is incompatible with the collective. Please report to the psychological reconditioning and purification center immediately.
@bjb568 no. We rolled out the close queue during that period.
So it is when it got super-long
@AndrewT. -6, still there... stop downvoting this stuff, people!
@Shog9 Yeah, so? If you did that without removing the close reasons, things could have turned out differently.
@Doorknob Tell it to the duck
2:09 AM
Q: Make the keyboard shortcuts activation global

BraiamOne of things SE can do with our profiles is syncing. In fact there's a box called "Save And Copy Profile To All Stack Exchange Accounts". Why isn't the keyboard shortcuts part of this functionality? Is there any technical problem that can't be solved?

@JanDvorak Nope, it started out with a massive backlog. Which was greatly reduced initially, and then, over the course of the next spring/summer, got really big.
A: What is Stack Overflow’s goal?

Hans PassantIt is probably getting difficult to imagine what a programmer's life was like BSO (Before Stack Overflow, prior to 2008). Back when Joel Spolsky and Jeff Atwood were still programming for a living. And ran into the same problem that everybody was experiencing back then, finding help to get you ...

Do you have a graph?
@Shog9 Hey is it still pretty low? Did that fuzzying the number thing help?
@Doorknob finally gone, phew
2:10 AM
@bjb568 Close reasons didn't change until... Look, are you sure you want to know the full history of this? I sadly know it very well, but it's really boring.
@JanDvorak somewhere, yeah
@Shog9 I'm blaming the close reason changing, whenever it happened. I like long boring stories.
@JanDvorak there's a graph in this: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/252586/…
@bjb568 lacks mandatory xkcd
My problem with the CV queue is... I've tried it once. The next thing I remember was "thanks for dumping your close votes on some old questions. Now please wait 19 hours before you can close vote again"
2:12 AM
please no boring stories in chat
Y NO 2014?
So yeah, the close queue started out somewhere north of 70K
ok, you got me hooked ^ now
and then what?
Oh hey @Shog9 I just remembered your username was in my dream last night.
Some super crappy cartoon came on and Shog9 was the name of a character. And I remember thinking "Who the heck would pick a username from this shitty cartoon?"
I think that if we managed the CV queue like an economic resource instead of just a Weep Wall, we could be more efficient about it
2:13 AM
That's it.
70K was roughly a year's worth of accumulation
1 year
prior to July 2011, votes always expired very quickly
Solution: First posts queue before questions get posted with the default action being don't post requiring only 2 people (not 8). 3 people to CV. Lower delv rep threshold to 5k. Give 10k tools out at 1k.
@bjb568 If you saw those 10k tools, you would not want to have them. :-/
@Braiam hence the "unfuzzy" changes: shit that doesn't keep collecting votes drops out
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Fine, then add "don't make them suck" to the list.
2:15 AM
Should probably turn that on on AU as well, but got two other changes that need to go in first
Also, CV's should not expire.
CVs absolutely need to expire, but they need to expire more intelligently
100 views is a very rough approximation of "people are looking at this"
Could we please be able to recast our votes once they expire?
Especially if "expire" means a declined flag a year ago?
2:17 AM
@bjb568 I think we fixed that?
@Shog9 checking…
maybe if it averages 5 views a day since it was created, has over 100 views, and at least 1 edit since the first close vote was cast, then start expiring
If you're talking about the "can't vote if flagged before had close privs" thing
@Shog9 I was referring to the user/reviewer time, but instead let me ask something else: how many 3kers have been active in the last 7 days?
@Braiam which site?
2:18 AM
There's nothing worse than seeing a spam magnet at 3/5 + expired vote + someone claiming theirs has expired as well.
and what do you mean by "active"
@Shog9 Ooh yay
Hai, @Qantas94Heavy
G'day @bjb568
@Shog9 pick your venom, and I mean the same kind of "active" that updates the last seen field
@Braiam on SO, we got 10,012
2:24 AM
How many of those actually participate in moderation?
wait, that's wrong. That's not a cumulative total
oh yes it is. But that was the wrong week. Fixed.
@JanDvorak what sort of moderation?
Close votes. Say, at least one per week?
@JanDvorak 3191
I'm glad to see those. OTOH, can we do something about the remaining 6k?
follow up: how many used their 40 alloted reviews for at least a day?
2:34 AM
40 reviews, 50 closevotes.
@JanDvorak doubtful. The highest that's ever been is ~3600
Downvotes scale so much easier than close votes. Get more users to cast them. Remove that blue pop-up that apparently teaches users "don't downvote unless you are also commenting" (which isn't what it says, but -- the pop-up is shown at the moment of downvote, so the connection is clear).
@Braiam I could look that up, or I could make cinnamon rolls
So many users are unhappy with what's posted on the site [math in my case] yet hardly ever downvote.
2:36 AM
Or maybe just show the "you should comment" nag less often?
^ that's what I'm referring to. Although it does not say this, users read it "own up to your downvote, or be a coward / bad person".
Or at least have it respect the network rep?
Hence, "-1" comments and so forth. Which are still blocked, btw. What's the score of that Meta post? (-27)
Banned for failing one audit again.
Apparently this is the golden standard of posts.
bet you didn't click "Edit", did you...
2:40 AM
@Shog9 let me change the question then, how many has never participated in it (reviews = 0)?
@Shog9 Nope, so I'll take the hit for that (I'm not saying I don't deserve it); I just think it's another glowing example of wonderful audits that find their way into the queue.
(sorry, but I really am making dough right now - too much typing)
Maybe audits should be based on score/views rather than just plain score.
@JanDvorak they should be based on score given by highly active users in the tags
2:44 AM
@JanDvorak they are
thanks for remember me that I have to write that FR
Then how did that become an audit?
the threshold is like 100 views
only on SO, IIRC
Not sure off-hand if that applies to all audits either, but for that one wouldn't matter
I mean, 5 votes in 100 views seems like a much better question than 100 votes in 10 000 000 views.
Should SE store 3k views separately and use that to select audits?
funny you should suggest that...
That's pretty hard to do. But it is possible to approximate that.
The infamous pirate joins us again
3:01 AM
Soundex kinda sucks.
still better than nothing
I guess
Do any of you guys know of a decent string matching algorithm focused more on qwerty keyboard typos than phonetics?
@JasonC Yeah, it's called stareatakeyboardandwriteasimplepythagoreanfunctionthing.
3:07 AM
@bjb568 That's not a real word. Not even a german one.
@bjb568 Not complicated, but not that simple with character transpositions too.
You are talking avout making that about right?
I'm also tlaking abuot tihs.
Also aabout thdees kinds of things. Super sloppy.
Ugh, why do you need that anyway?
Sounds complicated and expensive.
@Shog9 Holy crap this is awesome. Thanks.
Otherwise, just search for n-gram spelling correction - there are tons of implementations
And the pricing doesn't seem that bad either.
Aw no production use for the developer license.
3:33 AM
Can someone confirm this q as ot? stackoverflow.com/q/27097431/656243
<form action="http://imgur.com/upload" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data">
	<input type="file" name="Filedata" multiple="multiple" />
	<button type="submit">Submit</button>
^ Seems to post to imgur
Screw the API
Now, I'll have to spoof the multipart/form-data by ajax somehow.
Or something like that.
Nah, cross-origin. I'll have to open a pop-up window.
@LynnCrumbling gone
4:05 AM
@JanDvorak y u no like duckz?
@bjb568 Yeah, and the OP was really short in their tone. Started the question with, "First, this is NOT off-topic" and linked to a meta post saying to post on Programmers.
4:25 AM
Some users do that, I edit it out to educate them by example that noise isn't acceptable. After editing, cv it.
@LynnCrumbling Wow; all of that guys questions are shit.
So many of those "I want to do X. Here is some random code that does something else. Tell me how."
post = '';
req.on('data', function(data) {
	post += data;
req.on('end', function() {
	var imgurreq = http.request({
		hostname: 'imgur.com',
		path: '/upload',
		method: 'POST',
		headers: {Connection: 'keep-alive'}
	}, function(imgurres) {
		imgurres.on('data', function(chunk) {
			try {
				chunk = JSON.parse(chunk).data.hash;
			} catch(e) {}
	imgurreq.on('error', function() { console.log(arguments) });
	imgurreq.write(post, 'utf8');
^ Fails with "No files to upload." (works fine when form submitted directly to imgur without proxy)
Yay! I am a good 3K'er as per the above criteria - used all her cv's in a day (atleast once) and cast one cv in a week :D
Q: Playing mp4 in Layout android

JRE.exeI have an activity in which i want to play a video from "raw" folder in it's own layout,(when the app starts) not in any default app. but i have no idea where to start from as i am new to coding and android here is my layout - <RelativeLayout xmlns:android="http://schemas.android.com/apk/res/an...

^ For example.
@InfiniteRecursion Challenge: Use all up/down votes, CVs, reviews, post flags, and comment flags in one day.
4:30 AM
This is like, a classic example of the SO questions and answers I hate the most.
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 63.3467: Thumbnail With Next/Prev Links Not Showing Next Post? on wordpress.stackexchange.com
Already done that @bjb568 :D
@InfiniteRecursion Hm… then do it again with a sock!
> i have code for playing two audios, one is a random audio from list and other one is set on button click. but whenever i press the button it keeps force closing randomly. please tell me resolution for this problem. Thanks!
Challenge declined @bjb568, ducks don't use socks...ever!!
4:35 AM
@JasonC inb5 need 4 audios
yes i want to do it and i dont care about what is written in the documentation. can you figure it out? — JRE.exe May 9 at 16:56
"Vote to ban" on user profiles.
JasonC dislikes "inb4", don't use it
@InfiniteRecursion Don't worry I'm distracted by things I hate even more right now.
4:37 AM
voted to ban Jason C for requesting "Vote to ban" on user profiles
@AndrewT. Vote for "vote to ban" and you can totally vote to ban Jason C for requesting "Vote to ban"!
@JasonC Do you have a link to their profile? I want to look at the q's.
@LynnCrumbling stackoverflow.com/users/3528756/… I have not found a single one not worthy of one of my CVs yet.
Welp, they're tagged with . Expected.
4:40 AM
No wait I did find one. I can't remember which though.
It's not advisable to look at them, will spoil your mood
It was dubious but not close-worthy.
Odd profile message.
Almost all the answers (for the ones that are answered) are just as bad. And then we wonder why these people keep coming back.
4:42 AM
> 14 years in Prison. <<--OP's "about me"
You can't star me out of context :P
I just used 32 closevotes on that guy.
Luckily there is no serial-vote script for closevotes.
	hostname: 'imgur.com',
	path: '/upload',
	method: 'POST',
	headers: {
		'Content-Type': 'multipart/form-data; boundary=----WebKitFormBoundaryJqQxY6nFyjt6rkBy',
		'Connection': 'keep-alive'
}, function(imgurres) {
	imgurres.on('data', function(chunk) {
}).end("------WebKitFormBoundaryJqQxY6nFyjt6rkBy\r\nContent-Disposition: form-data; name=\"Filedata\"; filename=\"test\"\r\nContent-Type: image/gif\r\n\r\nGIF89a\u0001\u0000\u0001\u0000�\u0000\u0000���\u0000\u0000\u0000!�\u0004\u0001\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000,\u0000\u0000\u0000\
^ Condensed
fix plox
@Rafflesiaarnoldii If there were I'd still argue my case here; these are all closeworthy.
4:50 AM
Can't argue with a script. :P
There's always somebody to argue with.
@JasonC Wow. That's impressive.
@JasonC Heading to the profile now...
Philosophically I'm pretty anti "tavern-" or "meta-" effect; so don't go too crazy unless you're equally annoyed by it.
@ANBU.SANKAR backticks are not intended for emphasis and “e.g.” does not go at the beginning of a sentence. Please do not vandalize questions even if the system rewards it. — Pascal Cuoq 40 secs ago
@JasonC Ok... well, that mp4 question is a clear offender. cv + dv.
^ /me files "Please do not vandalize questions even if the system rewards it." away for future use.
5:00 AM
@JasonC I cast the 3rd reject vote.
@JasonC REALLY?? An entire logcat dump, instead of just the exception?
@LynnCrumbling Yeah. The kid has zero problem solving and critical thinking skills (at least as far as programming goes), probably because people keep feeding crap answers to his crap questions. It's such a fucked up, rant-worthy system in general.
And a pls-send-teh-codez to boot. How does this user have 300+ rep already??
Drupal happy hour begins.
@LynnCrumbling He's got a couple mediocre answers on super-popular questions.
5:08 AM
So after reading Shog's psychoanalysis I first thought I would closevote less and comment more, and removed my 1-click closing bookmarklet from the toolbar.
In about an hour I put it back in. I'll try to comment more, however...
10% of the way to that marshal badge.
For the question badges, what is a "well-received" question?
@JasonC Well, one of his most popular answers listing a bunch of links went wiki, so he won't be getting any more +10's off of that.
@JasonC See here under Curious, if you are curious.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii This is still only at -3... the 3 of us, I guess.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Thanks
5:22 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii flagged gone
> Cannot write to `-' (Success).
5:38 AM
starts a series of question in the workplace with the phrase " A co-worker is using my...." to get rep
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Skin Care Tags use by te sion on meta.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 91.3277: Skin Care Tags use on meta.stackexchange.com
^ spam
You've just wasted 5 other devs' time by making them read this to determine if it's a valid answer to an Android L question. Why would you do this? — Lynn Crumbling 25 secs ago
5:48 AM
> The multiple installs/deletes of Eclipse (both standalone and the ADT bundle), various deletes and downloads of Java, the GIT nightmare....and on and on....are very eye-opening.
Sure, if by "eye-opening" you mean you realized that you're a fucking idiot.
6:03 AM
bedtime. 'night all.
6:19 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title: Instant payday Loans @ 3monthpaydayloans.co catering to your fiscal stress by Jeni Smith on scifi.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector gone
@JasonC Not sure if matters, but Zephyr does not pick up . It appears to be trained on [optional reason] url.
(I don't know if this matters, because not many people spend their time in LQ headquarters)
6:32 AM
I am only marginally aware of zephyr's existence and purpose.
Is [optional reason] free form or are there specific values?
in Low Quality Posts HQ, yesterday, by Zephyr
Close Vote Request for http://stackoverflow.com/q/27074495/3622940 by Unihedron from Tavern on the Meta Reason: write me the book
It's free form:
Originally posted as: (tag formatting seems to be optional)
yesterday, by Unihedron
cv-pls write me the book http://stackoverflow.com/q/27074495/3622940
6:43 AM
Hey cool, it worked.
Strips the hyphen though.
Just as a test:
@Rafflesiaarnoldii ^ A tag works for spam too, it seems.
I am about to reach 100 flags per day, currently on 73 :D
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 77.5498: How to take care of your skin on meta.stackexchange.com
I guess it ignores the tag; or just searches the string for "spam" or "cv-pls". Case insensitive.
@hichris123 true
And it does not directly pick up other bots, which makes sense.
6:49 AM
Meta spam is very short-lived anyway. Gone already
Why is SmokeDetector sometimes hichris? I think hichris' privileged users are different than SmokeDetectors, too.
hichris cloned Undo's smokey and modified for himself
One is Undo's instance, one is hichris. Undo has a sockpuppet account for it, hichris uses his own.
And hichris does not have any privileged users; he is more... human.
It seems like the drupal spam's been a little quieter the past few days, I wonder if SE's spam filters are getting smarter.
6:52 AM
I think they should just copy smokey's and hichris' spam keywords to their spam filters
and Pham's
ya! that one too...
Pham has been out of operation for a while, hit with SE throttle. (If I understood right)
btw, what happened to MSE police, tavern has so less traffic today :/
Weekend. Cinnamon buns.

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