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12:00 AM
@JasonC Best I could get for 3k.
@animuson It seems that "too localized" was a reaction of some people to OP's behavior (which included blanking out the question twice). I don't see anything majorly wrong with it in the current form. It could be reopened as is. The OP was last seen in 2010, so his behavior should not weigh down on the question now.
@Frank Lol I'm just being a dick, I didn't mean to like, actually make you feel bad...
I didn't even look at the picture.
@Bart I like Jason. I just hate his animated gif attacks.
@cVplZ Don't tempt me.
@JasonC uh... some internet person make me feel bad? You don't know me at all.
12:02 AM
Also your truck is total crap.
@Frank damn, you could fit some nice tree trunks back there, I like your truck
@cVplZ better before the edit...
It had a bit of a "that's what she said" vibe before the edit.
@JasonC Thanks, but I think my truck is TOTALLY METAL! (as you sometimes put it) - not...
That's right!
I forgot about that conversation.
12:06 AM
@JasonC Which may be for the better...
Aw man then you can roll up in the truck and take your rake out of the back
But instead of raking leaves you can rake SOULS
@JasonC A scythe, more like. (is the grim reaper)
I just got kind of a funny image of the grim reaper working in a wheat field for half minimum wage.
@JasonC Haha! I feel sorry for the guy...
I'll go offer him some Dr. Pepper.
Oh wait... that's me!
I know, right. Boiling shoe leather for his kids dinner.
12:11 AM
finds another line of work
You know what would be awesome
A killer truck, that craves the blood of deer running across the street
Like at night it goes out deer hunting
Exactly what I actually do would be awesome for me.
Nobody can figure out why every morning there's some blood stains on the driveway and hints of fur around the grill.
OH MAN and like
12:14 AM
like this one?
One night some random teenagers break into the truck and are making out
Oh sweet!
Haha actually this reminds me, hold on lemme dig it up...
@JasonC and I DON'T find them, right?
@Frank Oh yeah sorry I got sidetracked. No the truck does its thing and they freak the fuck out and are never seen again.
Or like
Some bits of their clothes are found in the front grill in the morning
But anyways; digging up this comic, its kinda old school internet comics
@Frank ^ That may not be worth the hype but finding it was satisfying.
1999 webcomic style.
That's kinda disturbing.
12:31 AM
That whole series was kinda disturbing. They actually still make new ones but they're missing some of the magic.
data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/250470/… kinda fun. Tweak the score limits and raise the question weight to find some other good ones.
1:27 AM
Oh dear, there's two of us. — Mike Miller 19 hours ago
1:39 AM
@Doorknob TWSS?
1:56 AM
A: The moderators have decided to have a little yuletide fun, join us will you?

HodofHodTTTO: I Had a Little Dreidel I had a little question, But it was slightly flawed. And when the mean mods closed it, They said it was "Too Broad". [Chorus] Oh question question question They closed you, oh, so fast I thought I really liked this site But the liking didn't last I had a...

@bjb568 These are great. meta.stackexchange.com/a/158625/230261 made me laugh out loud among the others for some reason.
2:53 AM
/me sees question titled "Creating a Program.", knows it will be a good one.
@JasonC For morbidly curious (and having 10K on SO) I can recommend the bottom of this list
Oh man, good times.
Do soft deleted posts stick around indefinitely?
3:14 AM
@JasonC yep
Yes, forever. It takes developer action to remove a post from the database. In the history of SE there may have been a couple of such actions: "programming on a boat" is the notorious example. But, such excision is more or less routine for revisions containing sensitive information (that is, PostHistory table gets modified, not Posts).
neither hichris nor me have 10K on SO, so...
^ something like that
Yeah, that's the right link. Logs into my account to view deleted posts on SO. :P
3:18 AM
Ooh, nice. Hopefully not too many people know about it, or SE might become unhappy.
Luckily, nobody from SE is ever in this room.
I vaguely remember that "nobody cares" post before it's deleted
Heh, another round of meta.math drama
Q: User with multiple accounts abuse of votes

Partly Putrid Pile of PusI believe the user Potato=Rafflesia Arnoldii and this is an abuse, since there total votes per day sometimes exceeds the maximum across the two accounts. Rafflesia arnoldii has 11000 downvotes, and Potato has 10600 upvotes. What you will find is, potato was extremely active on meta, up until the...

3:33 AM
I remember you said that there was a troll(?) that created and used your previous usernames?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii The one thing I like about MSO is the fact that no one encourages calling out users by name. I have seen this practice of calling out names on meta.ELU as well. If this was on MSO, I would have edited out the username mentioned in the post by now. They should raise a mod flag for investigation, if they suspect a user is abusing via multiple accounts. This is not good.
@AndrewT. That's a harmless joke by someone who names new low-activity accounts after mine. Imitation is a form of flattery. This post is about a different thing.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I wouldn't make an appearance there if I were you. Just flag it and move on. I've already flagged for comment cleanup, and separately for closure. The OP is pretty uh... I don't know what the word is.
Yeah, I wasn't going to participate there. This isn't the first (or even second) thread about me.
Pretentious, maybe.
3:48 AM
I don't understand why teachers assign huge amounts of work at the beginning of each quarter then almost nothing toward the end… My midterms always look like something stupid got slaughtered but my finals are respectable…
@bjb568 What's the topic du jour in calc?
Lol, "like something stupid got slaughtered"?
Hilarious mental images ensue.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii What's a du jour?
3:51 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Wat
@InfiniteRecursion OH NO.
@InfiniteRecursion they stupid
n need slaughter
Will it be like facebook.SO without a subdomain?
I suppose the IE section is already crap. Now the garbage from the MSDN forums is going to, uh... overflow on to SO, even more than it already has. No thanks. — Qix 7 mins ago
3:54 AM
Please increase our cv-per-day limit to deal with this recent development
Feature request: Block questions and hell ban askers posting with the [internet-explorer] tag :P — bjb568 49 secs ago
@InfiniteRecursion If it gets raised to at least 80, I'll make a bot to effectively lower the CV threshold to 4!
@bjb568 :D
Dear @jonathansampson: Please don't dump your garbage on us. Sincerely, a member of #stackoverflow. https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/ie/en-US/8ba70824-dba2-4425-bc75-247c2c29bde1/ie-web-development-support-moving-to-stack-overflow?forum=iewebdevelopment
expects cv-queue to rapidly grow in the coming weeks
SO is too big. Navigation is slow. SEDE times out. Split all the things. ie.stackexchange.com
3:59 AM
@bjb568 "du jour" \approx "of the day"
@Rafflesiaarnoldii AB morning was a calculator test over "chapter 3", derivatives. BC afternoon was a powerpoint on alternating series and approximating infinite summations.
Those are neat. The alternating series that converge -- but don't converge absolutely -- are tricky. One can change their sum by rearranging the terms. (Not obvious)
@InfiniteRecursion To clear the close votes off of it.
@InfiniteRecursion He did it just to clear the CVs.
I'm going to give shog about another week before I call him out on leaving that "just for testing" filter around.
4:03 AM
@animuson Ok
@JasonC Are +1/-1 comments really worth the volume of discussion you have been having with Shog about this?
@InfiniteRecursion It's not just that; it's everything else already mentioned in the comment discussions on that post.
@InfiniteRecursion Depends on if you see the volume of discussion as cost or benefit. :)
In the end, some just moved +1/-1 to the end of the post, which doesn't really solve the issue?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I see it as cost.
Also I don't mind uh... voluminous (?) discussions.
4:05 AM
^ my point.
Oh yeah, that's totally the right word!
> 3. Of great volume, or bulk; large.
Don't worry, I know about the crappy wiktionary one-boxing.
Interesting. For me, it's relative. If something is worth discussing, I discuss. I think everybody's time is too precious, and they shouldn't spend it on trivial stuff. But that's just me :)
@InfiniteRecursion Yeah but trivial is in the eye of the beholder.
Quarter GPA will be best case 3.75 and worst case 3.25… Ugh, I hope the tests aren't hard.
@JasonC True.
4:09 AM
3.25 is not a bad worst case.
Heh, I finished off my freshman year with a 3.95, and plummeted to like a 1.1 by the end of sophomore year.
Then I got kicked out, came back, dropped out, had my freshman year internship turn into my dream job, and said fuck it and did cool stuff for 7 years.
Actually, the stupid calculator on the webernet may not be weighting properly, causing it to be reported lower.
@JasonC What's your dream job?
4:11 AM
@JasonC You mean freshman year of college, or HS?
That company was/is a medical robotics R&D company in Pittsburgh.
Oooh. Sounds fun.
Me likey robots and not dying
It was great. The only reason I still don't work there is because I wanted to get out of Pittsburgh, so I moved to NYC. Now I do mostly freelance work for tech artists and occasionally a security systems or random job.
4:13 AM
Oooh. Sounds fun.
It's cool, I get to travel a lot and do some fun stuff, but I miss the pure R&D badly. When I get out of NYC I want to either get back into medical tech, or defense research.
The work I have now is making my brain soft.
What do you recommend I do?
Wtf kind of question is that?
Don't drop out of HS.
^ For starters.
4:15 AM
Uh… ok. Not dropping out.
I think, if I have to give some life advice, I'd say to make sure you always leave yourself some time on the side to pursue things you are personally interested in, and pursue them fully. Because you never know what you might uncover or where that will take you.
… K
Well you know, like DevDoodle for instance.
I feel like recommendation questions should be easily filterable.
stackoverflow.com/questions/27118341/… gonna be a rough transition.
Anyone want to run an analysis of word sequences or something for closed rec-books?
I actually side with the OP on that one; even though the question classically is off-topic, I think he was misled, and I think many others will be too.
@JasonC gone
4:25 AM
Kind of strange that this is not a new user asking it. He knew what SO is. Did he expect SO to suddenly acquire knowledge of MSFT internal decisions?
I think there should be a message shown to people coming from MS warning them if MS won't do it.
@InfiniteRecursion DVed; it will be roomba'd in 9 days anyway.
4:31 AM
...at least we will have a Unicorn Face emoji
I think "hotdog" and "unicorn face" can be combined into a single Unicode character.
Or just "hotdog face".
GIS time.
user image
Google delivers, again.
Ugh. Meanwhile, @Frank is hard to work on topic challenges. Reporting the outcome of the most recent one:
The topic challenges are such a great idea though.
4:41 AM
Let's have one on SO. Topic of the week: Internet Explorer.
I don't think we're going to need a special challenge for that one.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii YES!!! That's what I'm talkin about!
"Why is it and how is it helpful?" almost sounds like a normal SO question title.
"Does It very Works?" is also an SO-like title.
stackedit.io is slow :(
is funny @Shog9 that people still trip the "WHYT" block... is like, they never learned
4:50 AM
Does it very works? VERY YES
Drupal spam gone
@SmokeDetector falseu
@JasonC Registered as false positive, added title to Bayesian doctype 'good', whitelisted user.
5:05 AM
I followed Social Conventions although it's hard to imagine it working on SE platform. But if there is Workplace...
Then again, I think Workplace = Western Workplace in practice.
I am open-minded about it and not fully confident that it can work.
But it might; like Workplace, as you say, or some of the other "slightly different" SE sites.
Whether it works or not is really going to depend on getting intelligent participants to give high quality answers, more so than on some of the other sites I think. And to curate the questions well, so it doesn't degenerate into, like "HOW TO ASK A GIRL OUT??"
5:18 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii There's also Personal Productivity.SE...
@Rafflesiaarnoldii O-o
6:11 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 64.3199: Weight lose supplement on meta.stackexchange.com
@hichris123 tpu
> car robbery
No it's not! At least not a real one.
6:34 AM
What if the input is brown? — thefourtheye 5 mins ago
Hopefully the output will not also be brown.
6:54 AM
You can find many helpful resources there, such as a "message board about shit", and the "average life expectancy of shit".
Lol Saw Kok shit
somebody was really funny those days
Yeah, and Wah-la-He Such Shit
That link Andy posted is kind of pissing me off because the op screwed up "the quick brown fox". I hate that.
Yeah, @DroidDev has cast the 6th spam flag - spammer will hunt him down now! :D
@ShadowWizard I wish :D
@DroidDev he will strike you with giant boobs, you really want it? :P
@JasonC who starred this!!?!
@ShadowWizard hahaha, I would not say that here :P
7:55 AM
:2700660 lol, jk
Thanks @cVplZ, for reminding me.
@cVplZ ?
@cVplZ Somebody awesome, I'd imagine.
ninja edits, ninja deletion.... it's full with ninjas here!
7:57 AM
@ShadowWizard guess who ninjafied it :P
14 hours ago, by jadarnel27
Jan is a reasonable person-with-a-bird-cartoon-on-his-face, and I would appreciate it if you all would cease your libelous chatter about him.
Oh I held off on a full on gif attack @cVplZ, but there's one I was saving for you. One moment.
@cVplZ but.... what is "libelous"? Too lazy to Google. :D
Lol actually, nevermind. I can't post this in good conscience.
@JasonC too NSFW, even for you?
7:58 AM
@ShadowWizard "containing a libel"
@cVplZ and... what is a "libel"?
@ShadowWizard Lol I don't think it's NSFW, it's just kind of goofy
@ShadowWizard an untrue statement damaging someones reputation
> defamatory, denigratory, vilifying, disparaging, derogatory, aspersive, calumnious, calumniatory, slanderous, false, untrue, misrepresentative, traducing, maligning, insulting, scurrilous, slurring, smearing;
Wow. So many new words
7:59 AM
@JasonC this goofy?
Oh fine
@InfiniteRecursion wasn't doing any of that. Not sure if jardarnel was kidding or not
It's ok @cVplZ, I ignored the person now to be safe :)
@InfiniteRecursion smearing? really? never imagined that word got other meanings! LOL
Ping me when you're done posting lame sexual animated gif jokes
8:01 AM
Lol see
@ShadowWizard ^ And now you know.
@JasonC hahaha, you know the appropriate place for these :P
@JasonC yup. crawling back to the warm Den
@JasonC I was about to flag it
@JanDvorak Blame ShadowWizard for encouraging it. I totally had good initial judgment.
@JasonC I agree, I'm to blame for that one ;)
8:02 AM
Tell Jan it's safe now, lol.
Sensitivity level here is about 99/100
@ShadowWizard ....and in Den?
TASTELESS, that's the word I was looking for. Not goofy.
nope, 101/100
I was wondering if we are sensitive at all... :/
8:04 AM
shines a flashlight on DroidDev
@DroidDev depends. When @SPArchaeologist is around it's about 50/100 when he's away it's 1/100 :D
Ewww....please, turn it off :P
@ShadowWizard ya, he is sensitive about pink, but we changed him a bit yesterday :D
I'm about -100/100, I don't think you guys appreciate how much self restraint I show in here. Give me some credit.
Sensitive to light: check
credit given ^
8:08 AM
1 unicoin
Cha ching
Turn off what @DroidDev?
7 mins ago, by Jan Dvorak
shines a flashlight on DroidDev
ignoring :)
@InfiniteRecursion Ignoring what?
8:12 AM
she's ignoring Jan, obviously
I am not gonna ask reasons and get into that... I like to stay away from fights....
Until they are not physical ;)
15 mins ago, by Infinite Recursion
It's ok @cVplZ, I ignored the person now to be safe :)
8:15 AM
@DroidDev yup, and talking about sensitivity, Inf's level when it comes to talking about her is 1000/100
@ShadowWizard Lol, I think she'll flag every single message in Den then :P
@DroidDev well, if she will decide to "formally" join the Den I'm willing to restrain myself. Can't say for others though ;)
@ShadowWizard Well..we all did. There is now a regular female visitor there and its going all good :)
@DroidDev yeah, but so far she didn't really show any signs of sensitivity. Or has she?
8:25 AM
Thanks @ShadowWizard, but the tavern is better suited for my sensitivity level ;)
She just seems to ignore the "not nice" words ;)
@InfiniteRecursion I know and totally understand :)
anyway, the Den is now full with stuff Jan won't like, lol
@ShadowWizard No signs, because there was nothing in particular that much sensitive. We also changed previous awesomest, coolest and epicest quote of the day ;)
You changed it for her? Nice :)
@InfiniteRecursion no, it was due to @SPArchaeologist request
he has... well, it's complicated :D
I am confused. You are right...complicated.
8:31 AM
@InfiniteRecursion he's sensitive for certain words, especially one starting with "b" ;)
@ShadowWizard and for certain color too, especially pink :P
Yay! he is finally here :D
I am turning him into a ninja now :D
the search feature works very well
I assume the Sugarcube is inside the Den
@ShadowWizard actually, you asked first
in Shadow's Den, Nov 13 at 14:50, by Shadow Wizard
@DroidDev yup. By the way if @SPArchaeologist can come with a funny boobless quote I might consider this, to make it more fair. :D
8:38 AM
@SPArchaeologist well, current one isn't funny at all :P
@SPArchaeologist no, I posted in in Den too, to tell @Sha about it
@SPArchaeologist lol!
hah! I pinged three users in message above
@SPArchaeologist true, and like I said there you totally deserve to have a say in the Den. :)
@DroidDev aaah, so it was a quote.
@SPArchaeologist guess so... :/
8:40 AM
@DroidDev It is Poe. Wasn't mean to be funny.
@DroidDev by the way, my assumption above about MM's sensitivity proved true, she replied to a "dirty" word :D
@ShadowWizard but we shouldn't be pushing her. I don't think its good
@DroidDev true, but she can just say if something bothers her :)
@ShadowWizard I don't think she will
Inf can teach her a lesson about it..... :D
@ShadowWizard @inf has only lived in clean clear water ponds, green luscious grass areas, and slept in cribs made for a princess.. thus she is sensitive to dirty things
In your company, she will eventually learn to be vocal ;)
Sep 12 at 3:52, by lostsock
user image
^ my crib <3
@cVplZ ohh, this explains a lot
8:48 AM
BTW, I am not the sensitive one. The one who completely changed his behaviour, stopped reporting spam, is sensitive. I avoid causing further damage, because apparently, I am the reason behind the change.
I thought you didn't want me to keep reporting?
Oh well. Time to fix my canary...
Sorry :-/
8:51 AM
@Jan she does not see what you write.
hmm... but....
Scratches his head and starts think whats happening
Tells himself he should read some old messages
Now she can see!
8:51 AM
But then tells himself to leave it
Leave it, it's complicated @DroidDev
please report spam @jan
@InfiniteRecursion Ya and me iz not good at searching either.
Easiest way to coexist is to ignore
8:55 AM
@InfiniteRecursion ... it makes for interesting conversations though.
and good morning.
and good morning.
good morning @vog :)
and good morning.
good morning ♪
8:56 AM
Foggy and cold here
but still...
Time for coffee
It's rainy... and cold... and...
I knew he was here all along!
Morning @Bart :)
We'll see about that
8:59 AM
Sep 14 at 1:15, by lostsock
whenever you're alone in a room but you feel like someone else is there, it's @Bart

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