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12:00 AM
@Mooseman Every time I see that video I feel ashamed of how much I love it.
It's the construction workers, they get me every time.
@JasonC I loathe the song, but once it's in your head... D:
That song is so awful.
12:14 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA by Dreamwaverz on stackoverflow.com
@JasonC Grr, I don't have enough rep to downvote that many answers.
12:33 AM
Yea, no kik.
You should offer popcorn. You can't be annoying if you offer popcorn.
It's like popcorn is a... checkbox... or something...
I wonder how you find these. SEDE query for questions with >N answers of length <L and score <S?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii SEDE query for comments containing "whore", sorted oldest to newest. Generally a sign of a gem of a topic.
12:49 AM
No idea about stackoverflow.com/questions/1746548 - seems like a reasonable question, but the answers are wandering.
What do you take me for @Jimmy, some rep whore ! @Sam got 3 upvotes and a big green tick for an answer even less informative than mine. I'm leaving in a huff, maybe a minute-and-a-huff, but I'm leaving. — High Performance Mark Feb 4 '10 at 10:07
So much stupid, everywhere...
1:07 AM
So I read the blog podcast post, and it was alright. Glad that they let worldbuilding go through. THat is a very cool site.
I didn't even know that webdesign.SE even was in beta.. lol
> Okay that’s great. Next! Joel tries to bring up diversity (spoiler alert: we’re pro-diversity), but we decide to devote more of a podcast to it later.
I'm all for diversity, but really , it appears to be a non-issue on the sites, since we focus on content.
@cVplZ Worldbuilding is tons of fun to read, I love that site too.
1:09 AM
I heard on the news someone say "When you say young black man and a white cop", you dehumanize the people. We are people. No need for SE to put us into groups based on our skin or sex. We are all people, except for some bots.
I get excited every time a wb questions pops up in the hot list.
This query was a mistake. I'm drowning in crap.
The discussion of comments begins at 29:30: Joel mentions that comments should have been made to expire in 21 days...
> good I have a DVD backup morotola atrix give me your email and I'll spend all the quer this there is a disc that supports all programs of that time I served my whole or comunicate with Torrent igo are bringing it down to more fast
i'd do NAA if i had account there
1:16 AM
Heh, speaking of that "Your Common Sense" guy; stackoverflow.com/questions/3500140/…
flagged VLQ, though there isn't much difference nowadays.
flagged anyway
1:36 AM
del'd answer in favor of Jason's
A: Maximum and Minimum values for ints

The_Akward_GentlemenIndubitably, i think you are all amazing people and you should buy my foot cream

flagged abuse
I did spam, since he wants us to buy his foot cream
1:43 AM
flagged spam, same reason ^
Meh, seems more like a joke than anything else.
No link or phone number or anything.
Flagged abusive even though it's most likely a failed piece of spam
Not even a brand name.
Couldn't flag since it's already gone
Maybe he meant that.
1:45 AM
Maybe "foot" is a unit of length referring to the container?
this user seems to be promoting an ide or something on every answer stackoverflow.com/questions/27139477/…
note: just his 4 answers today. THe past ones don't seem to have it
I'd assume good faith that he wants to let user run the code, albeit with wrong approach (the code should be posted as code-block, not image)
just like using ideone
looks like all his 4 answers today just got nuked
o well ._.
Oh, @animuson deleted it; I tried to edit it to give the guy a hint. (I rolled it back seeing the delete, though)
1:53 AM
I imagine the IDE comes with a "share to SO" button that automatically posts giant screenshot with its logo...
I'm sending him a message.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii lol!
Lol; actually it doesn't seem to have a button like that. Doesn't seem like a bad little tool, the guy just seemed to suck at sharing things.
in retrospect , i think he knew what he was doing
Turns out paiza.io supports Japanese language, compared to ideone.com, and the poster is Japanese too
1:55 AM
the screenshot said it's in beta though
Grr, at this age someone still posts an answer to "how to round a number in Java" instead of CVing as duplicate.
> because answering is easier than finding the dupe
> and no green for dup
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Show me I'll close it.
@JasonC You saw it (maybe, it was one of IDE things).
2:01 AM
@AndrewT. The canonical dupe is #1 Google hit.
Blame the asker :D
and the answerer too
And their parents, and the schools, and big corporations, and maybe Canada.
Oh, and SUVs.
Hey, Google is a big corporation.
And they are on our side. Usually.
That's what they want us to think.
@YiJiang Wheel of blame: Canada, please.
2:13 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii nope
They bring traffic to SO. Ads pay the SE bills. What more to expect?
@cVplZ Yesh!
Sometimes I am concerned about my users…
What is statechange? Oh. I was parsing it wrong.
2:17 AM
Activity state of the chat user. 2 is writing, 1 is active (but not writing)
I thought it was missing x in there. Too much time on SE.
^ me too :)
A list of hottest meta posts around SE. Main sites are boring.
That thing about me from yesterday had some potential, but a mod nuked it before long.
2:26 AM
^ that would make a neat answer there.
2:38 AM
@bjb568 DD now salts properly
Why does Apple think it's a good idea to make a programming language that doesn't make you end every statement with semicolons?
Why not?
Haskell doesn't need semicolons
Ruby doesn't need semicolons
Also JavaScript
2:45 AM
Python doesn't need semicolons
well, obviously python doesn't need semicolons
i mean, for indent-based languages, I guess
We need the reverse of this question
but I'm just saying... code would be nicer if it used semicolons at the end of every statement
There are probably some exceptions
"Sorry if this question seems rhetorical at all."
String result = "asdfsasdfs"
               + "asdfs"
               + "asdfsdf";
^how would you do that in swift? It's just smart enough to know?
I'm actually asking, I don't know
I guess the compiler is that smart...
but for humans, for HUMANS!
it's simply good for humans to look at and understand...
2:49 AM
In javascript the rule is that if two lines can be joined, they will be joined
with one nonsensical exception whose only purpose seems to be to force OTBS.
Why don't I come up with some "Garden path" code
i had it, but i was too lazy to share...
anyway, I think code that doesn't use semicolons at the end of some statements looks ugly
The description to this chat has changed... and my version that pulls up everyone in the chat and puts them on the wheel wasn't put up... I wonder if they think it doesn't need any updates
I remember when I went too far and made it come up with a random number from random.org...
3:05 AM
I wonder if "full of stars" is only a reference to free-wheeling starring habits, or also a reference to the presence of all those ghostly looking individuals. -->
Google Translate doesn't think that's an actual language
It's not; it's either a bunch of words from different languages, or a bunch of random words from bigrams or something, I can't tell.
Anybody know why people get all worked up about console logs on production sites?
Or just random letters. Or something. It's weird.
Arrrgh. Keep your dirty logs out of my console.
3:10 AM
Maybe scrambled words?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii That's what she said.
@bjb568 Back in the day it used to break IE's execution of the script...that and blame and shame
IE iz stupidz
3:11 AM
If that's not an actual language, then what's the point?
@TimStone How long ago was back in the day?
Q: Should I be removing console.log from production code?

Sean AndersonI currently have this JS statement everywhere in my code: window.console && console.log("Foo"); I am wondering if this is costly at all, or has any negative side-effects in production. Am I free to leave client-side logging in, or should it go? EDIT: In the end, I suppose the best argument I...

^ Ugh, noook!
Let's be professional... we can have a test server with fancy logs a bunch of crap and a real server that doesn't get filled with all that junk
Plus console.log is just the println of JavaScript, use a debugger ya silly.
But if the user complains about a bug (and this is a site where the users are programmers), it's alright to have logging so they can post that?
3:14 AM
Can someone elaborate on Apple's Human Interface guidelines? They say important stuff is at the top towards the left and non-important stuff right bottom
@TheWobbuffet Elaborate on what part of it?
The part where they talk about screen priority stuff
let me find a url
Best practices say you should replace all those console.log statements with alert()s.
@jadarnel27 umm.... wat?
3:16 AM
@jadarnel27 Never forget
@jadarnel27 No, confirm()s... alerts can be exited out of too quickly
confirm()s make you think.
@TheWobbuffet Put important things at the top left, where left-to-right top-to-bottom readers will most likely read it.
And always use alert, prompt, and confirm instead of modal dialogs
I think it's Khmer
@TheWobbuffet no. Use repeating prompts with captchas
3:17 AM
@JanDvorak And a wait 5 seconds message before
@bjb568 The thing is... what if we have an Arabic reader?
@TheWobbuffet Then the concept if flipped.
They read right-to-left...
Or top to bottom
No, wait, that's Japan
@bjb568 Maybe they should explain about that localization fix in the guidelines :/
What if our readers read clockwise inwards?
3:20 AM
which language does that?
some old languages do, I guess they're from Africa
that's the problem... now we need translators to do more work and to tell us to re-think the design/ui
@TimStone I wouldn't dream of it.
Even SE complies with these industry standards:
Q: LOL debugging are we? - Stack Overflow homepage alerts false

StephenRefreshing the Stack Overflow index page is giving me an alert('false');.

Next they tell you the color red is offensive to Tauris
(thanks for reminding me of that, @TimStone)
3:22 AM
I do what I can
Next they tell you to boycott nintendo because music plays during an islamic prayer in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time during the fire temple
or that they can't stand the number four because it's homophonic to "death"
@jadarnel27 nobody make any vote score changes to this post
Fun fact: the Czech language cannot distinguish between "dragon" and "kite" except in some plural forms.
lol and what do we see? the same thing with the accepted answer
@JanDvorak My friend told me something about the origination of the word Chili in Korean. I'm going to translate it and see what I find, because I remember something was going on with multiple meanings
Yep, I feel bad for Matt
3:27 AM
Hey, it's a gold badge
or silver, depends on lighting
Let's see if it's on his actual profile
****!!@$!@$ Who upvoted?
Lol Matt Sherman doesn't have any gold badges :/
he does on SO, though
Now from that picture, I'd assume a lot of people in the SE headquarters have hunchbacks
or unicorns
Lol that made me remember a post from a while ago I made, I'll pull it up ^
Btw, I tend to change my identity on different sites
I've done it on maybe 2? Including this one:
Q: Why can't I buy Unicoins?

The WobbuffetI don't want to wait until tomorrow because for my wife's birthday I wanted to buy her Unicoins and today is her birthday. What is this error, though? I want Unicoins! PS: I'm not really married and I don't have a wife, I just made that up for the sake of story.

3:32 AM
That webapps thing is still sitting there at -7 score, btw
I learned to hate Firefox today.
And ng-grid.
> "+1 for not really being married "
And someone downvoted because they didn't understand how I was married
This guy named "Sawa"
> "If you say your question is not incomprehensible, then please explain how you can have a wife without getting married."
@jadarnel27 why?
Q: Should students get full credit for getting the correct answer (without work)?

The WobbuffetPre-algebra If the student is taking this branch of mathematics, they are expected to show their work because they're expected to solve specific problems in a certain way. Ex, when they're solving for a variable they're supposed to manually find the value of x by isolating it rather than enterin...

^ Here I pretended to be a math educator
@JanDvorak I was working on a problem with a web app today, where Firefox was becoming unresponsive and not showing fonts. But only on pages with an ng-grid.
In Firebug, I could see that the browser was repeatedly requesting the Google Font files referenced in my @font-face declaration.
It's frustratingly similar to this bug in Firefox, but it really only happens on pages with ng-grid.
Other pages use the same @font-face statements, and work fine.
Removing the ng-grid from the page causes it to work fine.
3:41 AM
blame Angular
I assume the directive is somehow causing the CSS rules to get reprocessed, and triggers FF to re-request the font files. But I don't really know for sure.
@JanDvorak Oh, I do.
And the problem doesn't happen if the browser gets the fonts from cache.
Sounds like a Firefox bug
(so it only happens the first time you load the page / if you ctrl+F5 - load the page again, and there are no problems)
Yeah, it might be.
Maybe I'll create a simple recreation of the problem in my free time and report it.
In the meantime, I discovered that upgrading to ng-grid 3.0 (ui-grid) fixes it. So I'm replacing all of our grids.
I now I shall stop boring the room with my web development woes. I just had to get that off my chest.
@TheWobbuffet Hey, pretending to be a math educator is my job.
3:52 AM
And I do not empirically observe "full credit for unsupported correct answer" on algebra level, or calculus level, or graduate level for that matter.
Morning :)
Morning :)
Morning :)
4:10 AM
> You have been awarded with $7 Million as donation by Mr Jim McCullar the winner of 190Million jackpot send me only your name to claim $7 Million.
@TheWobbuffet Solution: Call left-to-right people "inhuman"
@cVplZ Oh, good FSM, I thot you asked it.
@cVplZ If I were the kind of guy to leave rude, flippant comments on SO questions, I'd make a joke about just returning zero for the average, since they cheated.
why have I never heard of this guy before
kawaii *blargh*
4:17 AM
I'm tempted to follow this, just b.c I could answer lots of questions probably. Funny when I hear the term American Culture used though, since there is like hundreds of different cultures now, not one specific one, imo.
That's not just in your opinion. That's real reality, man.
@Frank Is this a valid QR code? I don't see positioning elements.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii :D
4:22 AM
Pretty sure I have a detached retina now. Thanks for that, @Frank.
@jadarnel27 yep, np
@cVplZ closes site as not constructive
@Frank +1 for animated jpg
The proposal is also for natives (and permanent immigrants, etc), not just for expats.
4:26 AM
@AndrewT. that seems to maybe be more for immigration laws and hassles? whereas the other one is just every day life?
I deleted that optical illusion image from the browser because I'm a "hacker." My other hacking skills include typing things into my friend's logged-in social media that they left unattended, that thing that reverses your monitor display, and defrag.
@jadarnel27 Reverses your monitor display? Like uni colors? Or like flipityflop?
Flippity-flop, obviously.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: STM VCP USB_BUSY? by Tim on electronics.stackexchange.com
4:31 AM
False positive, @SmokeDetector. Things posted by a Tim are always high-quality posts.
@SmokeDetector false
@JasonC Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
(Tims aside, that actually is a legitimately capitalized title.)
Well played, @JasonC.
> captureEvents: No appreciable effect. Do not use.
Very thorough, Microsoft.
At least they're honest.
4:41 AM
"What did you accomplish today?" "I created web-based documentation for methods that don't do anything useful for consuming developers."
No appreciable effect. Do not hire.
Reminds me of a lot of comments I've seen in code.
// Gets the users
public void GetUsers()
@jadarnel27 I do that in my code. Tells myself "no, this function really doesn't do anything else but what the function name says. Stop second-guessing yourself."
You shouldn't be second-guessing yourself, since your functions should only be doing one thing anyway (ideally) =)
You could always skip the comment and name the function GetUsersAndDontDoAnythingElse().
Happy hour!
Yeah well back when I was a noob my entire website ran out of one file, separated into three functions.
I can definitely relate to that.
I wonder if Amazon is actually going to give me a $1 digital credit for every one of these orders I selected No-Rush shipping on...
Hehheh, me like!
4:58 AM
That's spyware.
I like that I'm blocking it.
If I follow this link to podcast, with ?cb=1, the page is unstyled. Without ?cb=1 it shows up normally. Anyone else has this?
Yes @Rafflesia me too.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii For whatever reason that appendage is forcing the blog to go to the mobile theme.
I think this was reported already, long time back; can't find it now.
5:06 AM
Here it is, with status-no-repro. :-/
vote for reopen..
If I click on Bulletin link on meta.SE, the blog shows up normally. Although the link is the same. Clicking from SO shows mobile theme. Cookie-related, perhaps?
I call an answer spoon feeding when it is like your and cant see the fact that OP maybe be confused in the future about lots of primitive types and classes with the same name. I call answers like yours that just want to marked as answer with coding for OP's spoon feeding! — Ali Amiri 2 mins ago
I think op's problem is not that, his problem is that he think, int is a Integer and boolean is Boolean, and for that I posted this answer, because this is what OP asked about. — Ali Amiri 11 mins ago
even after OP's issue solved :P
5:13 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Muscle Building Supplement by lilahearn on meta.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 93.6690: Muscle Building Supplement on meta.stackexchange.com
(spam long gone, btw)
5:30 AM
spam gone
23 hours ago, by Andy
What if the input is brown? — thefourtheye 5 mins ago
@Oded it happens again... — Shadow Wizard 10 hours ago
^ Regressions, regressions... Now the names on profile pages on Meta are shifted again.
5:56 AM
We should always try to keep at least one "that's what she said" on the star wall, to apply to whatever is above it.
I don't see the starboard on this Chromebook... only the top message there. The window height is too small, and that field does not scroll. :(
The link "show 9 more" looks promising...
6:00 AM
Aww. (meta spam gone, btw)
Yeah, the starboard needs a scrollbar. It bugs me on the desktop site on my tablet and phone too.
Granted, this is with 125% zoom in Chrome, and SE does not support zoom.
For the love of god, stackoverflow.com/questions/27141880 really needs to be put out of its misery.
6:09 AM
I have already voted.. needs 2 more votes
Me has already flajjed :D
drupal spam gone
7:00 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username: Web Developer interview questions by Baba on programmers.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector fpu hahaha
What happened to Inf's avatar!?
@SmokeDetector fpu
@InfiniteRecursion Registered as false positive, added title to Bayesian doctype 'good', whitelisted user.
@AndrewT. Cloudy like cVplZ :)
7:08 AM
@cVplZ <3 you are offline...time to test :D
7:20 AM
Hi @Inf :)
Do any of you guys know of any software that's good for just like, managing time and tasks? Personal, not for a team. Something beyond Google Tasks and a spreadsheet. Preferably with some fun mobile app to go with it.
Not necessarily free.
Hiya @MysticMagic :)
@InfiniteRecursion how's you?
Good. How's you?
@InfiniteRecursion I'm going to make you a christmas present.
I'm not telling you what it is, you just remember this moment.
7:37 AM
The last time you gave me a surprise, the chicken butt incident happened @JasonC :D
Sure, I will be waiting for your present.
No this will be a good one.
Unless it totally exceeds my attention span, which may happen, in which case, don't remember this moment.
Okie dokie
For a moment I thought that the Close Vote feature was removed across all sites because we're only left with high-quality content....
8:17 AM
@InfiniteRecursion me fine :)
This site is dedicated to nothing at all o.O
I don't know why he just didn't change it and posted Question
@MysticMagic 5 users think they found the solution...
8:31 AM
spam about ink cartridge with username "bag prada", great...
Puff!! gone :)

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