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6:01 PM
@DanGrossman That was pretty good...
wouldn't that be a ddos failure?... only letting through one packet..
Although with compression I'm sure that you could reduce that to a few 100 mbps...
@mootinator tvtropes?
6:22 PM
Suggestion2 for the day: We should have a Closed as Should have used Google
@ircmaxell I would second that Suggestion2
Or at least allow LMGTFY a valid answer
6:37 PM
Anyone have experience with Puppet?

 The Comms Room

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Fair enough, thanks
@balpha I think you can add @radp's apparent dupe to your list o' [status-completed] as well (I think it's the same as the one you just marked, at least...).
oh yeah, thanks
6:43 PM
Q: Should moderators be able to convert answers into comments?

Jon SeigelExample of where it would be useful Another example Clearly, that was the result of an inexperienced user. If a question gets a bunch of replies, then the "comment" could easily get lost in the other answers. I think that if there is no activity on the "comment" (no comments, no votes, etc.), ...

@TimStone Thanks, I was about to flag it as exact dupe.
Let's play "spot the IT guy"
Yeah, that's a good one
browsing TDWTF?
I'm browsing the web. All of it.
Sep 17 at 19:37, by balpha
Spot the IT guy: http://bit.ly/bsqXSJ
6:55 PM
(why did I post this? no reason...)
Not until there's Mountain.SE
Extreme Ironing?
"How to iron while on a mountain?"
6:58 PM
I'm sure there's a programming metaphor in there somewhere.
@LanceRoberts You better not drop that, let alone use jQuery.
@LanceRoberts oh, I see it! jQuery works with no electricity.
That's the hidden message.
@radp Ironing.se would close questions about ironing.
That would open the floodgates to questions about ironing anywhere
They'd be flooded with questions like "How do I go about ironing in space?" and "Can I use a hot slab of brick to iron?" etc.
7:00 PM
or on a boat...
Or with a goat...
You asked for it.
You can not iron on a boat.
You will not, iron, with a goat.
You will not iron in the rain.
You will not iron on a train.
Not in the dark! Not in a tree!
Not in a car! You don't be silly!
You do not iron in a box.
You do not iron with a fox.
You shall not iron in a house.
You shall not iron with a mouse.
You shall not iron here or there.
You shall not iron ANYWHERE!
I have internet access? squee
7:20 PM
@mootinator it's only an illusion there is no internet
hello from $.humanPersonality(RADP)
@balpha I'm a well behaved jQuery plugin and clean up after myself.
This ensures I'm a singleton.
You wouldn't want arbitrarily many radp's around now would you?
7:25 PM
@radp but you could be instantiated multiple times and you could always be cloned by parent element level accessors
radp2 = radp.clone();
@radp maybe we could have one @radp and one @badp
@Zypher noop, there are only intertubes
@ircmaxell Object radp has no method 'clone'
@radp I thought it was a horse
@radp var badp = $( radp ).clone()[0]; jQuery can do ANYTHING! Including ironing in space
Ironing in space is easy... It's the whole steaming part that's tough...
7:28 PM
@drachenstern radp: error 5: another instance is already running
You throw your own exceptions? Wow!
@drachenstern try/catching has never been this exciting.
I can only imagine
watch out, @radp, or we'll inject some dependencies into you
This is starting to get a little weird even for me
moot isn't it your turn on wwf?
also, I'm so happy I got WwF today for $.99
7:31 PM
    del radp
    // If we can't have one, nobody can!
World Wildlife Fund?
@ircmaxell SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier
Words with Friends. AKA electronic crack
I'm also happy I have faster DSL at my house, but only got speedtest.net to show 140ms ping and 4up/.5down
7:32 PM
@balpha: Alex's comment is the funniest by a long shot
@ircmaxell pokemon!
@balpha no fair!!! What's the joke?
I don't own any iDevices.
@radp Depends on the language....
@ircmaxell they ported jQuery to Python?
@mootinator thought you said you were getting the game too ... <.<
oh holy crap
(doesn't have all comments, though)
that's jacked up
No, though your "Goes on sale tomorrow" comment makes more sense now.
7:35 PM
no but what makes it better is the image that's on there, don't know if I should screenshot it or if you guys see it
@radp: I don't need jQuery...
@balpha You should have migrated to Programmers instead!
@drachenstern It's not even that the OR query is different, it's that he's not understanding the feature change, I think. :P
> "We can stop here, and I can teach you." "Teach me what?" "The final getsugatensho."
7:37 PM
interesting that he tagged it [office]
And he has a 100% accept rate too
office "fun"
I liked the god programming one from a while ago too (I lost the link, so can't find it again)
Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Sex but were Afraid to Ask

Proposed Q&A site for anyone who likes sex and thinks it's a fun and pleasurable thing; anyone wanting to improve his/her sex life.

Currently in commitment.

7:40 PM
@radp I would participate in that site just for the undoubtedly awesome combined flair logo.
I would participate in that site just to drop in day one and ask, HOW IS BABBY FORMED.
merely for moderation purposes, so that other jokes can be quickly closed as duplicate :P
I suppose 'I accidentally' questions get closed as "not a real question" on SO.
You can't really search for deleted questions, can you...?
@radp Committed!
7:46 PM
@TimStone I think so but I wonder ... idk
@radp I'll have to make a good answer for that question so I can get the 'Reversal' badge ;)
@radp > You are already committed to the maximum allowable 3 proposals
Ahhh! Found it! (+10000 only):
I had to un-commit to Skeptics Exchange
I'm gonna uncommit IEEE/ACM
doesn't look like it's getting off the ground
7:50 PM
@drachenstern Let me put it this way. The code used by the multi-tag AND is the same as the multi-tag OR, because it's only like 50 lines of JavaScript. If there's something wrong with the OR, there should also be something wrong with the AND. No one else seems to see anything wrong, now that the other issue his fixed. Since his screenshot only illustrates that now-fixed issue, I have to assume that he's only searching for some tags and then getting highlights based on ones he didn't search for.
Which of course is [status-bydesign].
@TimStone I wonder if a good ole <ctrl><f5> wouldnt' fix his issues
Not if he's still expecting things to get highlighted that shouldn't. :P
users also committed to
32.1% only this proposal
I mean, Kevin obviously knows what he's doing, I think he would have realized if something else was wrong.
7:51 PM
And the answer is worth its weight in gold...
@drachenstern That being said, while I could find out if the problem is what I think it is, clearly my involvement isn't desired, so....oh well. :P
shrugs and eats a sandwich
@TimStone is it a good sandwhich?
It's a pretty good sandwich, yeah. ;)
7:57 PM
That's important you know
Food is always a top priority with me.
speaking of which
E-mail I just got
> There are too many small letters for me to read. I do not understand all the numbers and letters and I do not know how to find that information you are talking about. Could you paoosbly write in a bigger font and explain with simple ;words how to get the information? Yours sincerely, Marita
lol... reference to?
8:06 PM
A "you signed up but haven't logged in recently" reminder mail
What are "semi-colon words"? Is it like a bastardized version of Braille?
Not the reply I'd expect to that kind of email. :P
winkwords ... it's newspeak, she wants doublegoodplus flirtemails
@DanGrossman fetishest eh? :p
8:08 PM
Someone just came into PHP asking what the size limits on MySQL columns were. I pasted a link to docs and asked "why", he said he read on the internet that there was a 1024 character row limit in MySQL (that no row could store more than 1024 characters)...
protip: nobody thought that's what it meant, it's just a joke
Couldn't provide a link...
there is a maximum row size in mysql
65,535 bytes
but BLOB/TEXT columns are just pointers, not part of the row data
I know...
but he said that it was 1024 regardless of datatype
Right, because the row size marker is a 16-bit int...
8:25 PM
Hiya all, are we discussing databases?
if it were 1024, mysql wouldn't be so popular.
@Moshe we have a topic? oh crap, what were we thinking!?!?!
@drachenstern - heh.
runs for cover
8:29 PM
I have these 4 varchar(255) columns in my table and MySQL won't let me add a column. Whassup with that?
Where's @TheUnhandledException been?
Need some PHP help - eventually.
Hey, is there a service that can geneerate CRUD PHP for me based on my database?
I can help with PHP.
Josh has his hands full, maybe the rest of us can help
I've got the silver badge, that certifies me.
@DanGrossman lol
8:30 PM
@DanGrossman - Cool, thanks.
@Moshe howso? like an ORM?
@mootinator: be quiet
Most of the frameworks have crud generators
I'm looking at making a basic CMS, we've been through this here, but today, I'm not going to be lazy about it.
I have my DB set up.
I want to allow (a) user(s) with admin rights to upload files to our server.
The main site should be able to show the files to any user
Bitachon.org is the current site.
Bitachon.org/new is the new one.
if you were using Symfony, 1 command generates model objects from your existing database schema, 1 command generates CRUD for the front end, 1 command generates an administrative back end
8:32 PM
@DanGrossman What's involved in using Symfony?
How do I use it?
@Moshe 1 command... Hey-o.
@mootinator - yea, I knew I was re-inventing the wheel!
same as most frameworks in most languages... follow the naming and file hierarchy conventions
MVC and all that jazz
I love MVC, I do iOS stuff.
Speaking of which, on iOS, the yellow birds in Angry Birds say "Oy Vey" when the are launched. Listen closely.
MVC doesn't mean the same thing in the desktop and web worlds
8:34 PM
Just remember, magic that you don't understand is just that. And you can't rely upon magic, so learn how and why it works before relying upon it
Ok, so I assume I start by downloading the framework and installing it in my dev server...
getting started with something new is always a pain... learning curve and all
i'd start with the sandbox so you can see what a stupid hello world program looks like
Okay,. I have XAMPP for that.
Play around with it. Learn the how and the why...
8:36 PM
1.4, not 2.0 (preview)
Downloading now, thanks.
So Symfony is reliable?
As far as bugginess and databases go.
Yahoo! Answers and Del.icio.us run on it, among other sites
Oh, okay then! We're golden.
it comes with two ORMs for whatever reason... I use Doctrine, though I can't say why
they all seem the same to me
Please define...
8:39 PM
object relational mapping -- the database abstraction layer that maps objects to tables
grabs tap and mug, pours Josh a short stout
@Moshe I heard my name called...
so you can say "$user = new User(); $user->save();" instead of "INSERT INTO users"
@drachenstern Awesome, thanks! :-)
8:40 PM
In other words: voodoo that trys to make your life easier when you write database interaction
Ah, ok
that's the magic the CRUD generation gets built on top of
@Moshe it looks like @DanGrossman is handing out excellent advice as usual :-)
@TheUnhandledException - Yep
as usual? ha
8:41 PM
I have built my own ORM system but I can't advise trying that on your own!
@drachenstern Why a short one? He hasn't earned a tall one?
I can't wait to have this site done. The dean will be happy and I get paid!
@ircmaxell Nah, I've been neglecting my MSO duties ;-)
make sure the dean's servers can run symfony
Damn work getting in the way! :-)
8:41 PM
ahhh, ok
a server that hasn't been updated in 2 years won't have PHP >= 5.2.4
Which is why I've been absent @Moshe
@TheUnhandledException Ah, well.
@DanGrossman - We're hosted on 1and1
neither will many web hosts :x
8:42 PM
Small organization, this school is.
I'mma check with phpInfo, I suppose
@Moshe that's your best bet
Yep, hang on.
Tip: stay as far away as possible from 1&1...
I usually start my servers with CentOS/RHEL, but have to use external yum repositories to get recent versions of PHP/MySQL to actually run my sites
Uh oh?
PHP 4.4.9
I wonder if I can change it
8:44 PM
oh gosh
I usually start my servers with CentOS and compile PHP from scratch
that's not even a real language
like I said, stay as far away from them as possible
@ircmaxell he has work to do, can't have him sitting at the tavern all night ;)
8:45 PM
@ircmaxell - I've heard a lot about staying away from 1and1 as well as GoDaddy.
what are the more "reputable" hosts?
you're not going to run anything modern on PHP 4... PHP 5 is 7 years old
I use GoDaddy due to price and lack of anywhere else.
In my experience, the two worst shared hosts on the market
8:45 PM
@ircmaxell So who is better?
@Moshe I like LiquidWeb, but I think it was @ircmaxell who disagrees with me
doesn't use shared hosting, so I can't recommend shared. I can recommend VPS
GoDaddy is a domain registrar, not a web host.
@ircmaxell ok, so who do you recommend?
@The: I don't have any bad experience, so I don't remember disagreeing (but I may have, I dunno)
8:46 PM
what about somebody like squarespace? do they offer that?
they only do blogs don't they?
@ircmaxell I think I might be confusing you with someone else with a similar Gravatar :-)
pretends to not look like an idiot savant
squarespace is a fancy website builder software that happens to come with hosting
I highly recommend Spry or VPSLink
but both are not shared hosts, and are not "cheap"
Linode for small sites, Amazon EC2 once you grow up
8:47 PM
@the: It could have been me, I just don't remember...
ok hang on, 1and1 seems to offer PHP5, I need to look into it.
I had a lot of interaction with hosts when I was involved with a OS project...
@ircmaxell - what Os project?
Oh, and for shared, if you must: rochenhost.com
@Moshe: Joomla...
@Moshe Do they use cPanel?
8:49 PM
I have a 1and1 .htaccess for php5 handy...
cPanel sometimes has a way to change PHP versions in the control panel
@mootinator - huh?
That's all it takes?
@Moshe that's what the cPanel thing I was mentioning does
8:49 PM
Please share, @moot.
That is, if I can remember my login O_o
maybe using a framework is overkill for this project... at least for someone else on shared hosting...
@mootinator - thanks, please do.
it's a pain getting it set up like that, since you can't change the DocumentRoot of the virtual host yourself to point to the web folder...
@Moshe AddType x-mapp-php5 .php
8:52 PM
@DanGrossman - I hear ya, but that's what we have.
I also use CakePHP on 1and1 :/
@mootinator - Thanks!
cakephp and all that "baking"... :x
PHP 5.2.14
Yes, now what?
How do I get started with Symfony?
that's not >= 5.2.4
8:53 PM
Right, my bad
It's not?
`I was spacing out.
5.2.14 > 5.2.4
8:54 PM
I'm completely confused now.
they should use more dots
@Dan: no need. It's Major.Minor.Revision
So can I run Symfony or not?
Revision is simply a decimal counter
8:55 PM
apparently yes
As far as I know .4 is greater than .14
No it's not
4 < 14
oh, ok
so it should be 5.2.04
meh, whatever
Okay, great, then let's roll!
It could be, but then what happens with .104?
after 100 minor revisions, you should stop supporting that version =p
8:57 PM
@DanGrossman - No, we couldn't make up our minds
So we're rolling back to revision 9645.
And we're out of version numbers because we store that in a short.
So we're done.
Hey! Marketing?! Can we GET A NEW PRODUCT NAME PLEASE?!?!
@Moshe Gruntmaster 2000
@moot - Thanks.
@DanGrossman - So what's with Symfony
I don't even want to start with setting it up on shared hosting
Heaves sigh of relief that .4 is point four, not point forty
@Moshe dots in version numbers are NOT decimals
8:59 PM
@TheUnhandledException - Thanks.
That's a better way of saying it @the...
@TheUnhandledException - Did you see my Oy Vey joke of the day?

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