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6:01 PM
Also, it increases the computational overhead as the list of spammer ids increase. We see about 10 new ids per day on Drupal. Matching them after that forever isn't sane/optimal
@InfiniteRecursion True, but the ID's could be made to expire.
Ok! Who starred owlie's grammar correction...please confess now!!
Jan, you can rejoice, at least one star troll likes you.
My dislike increased further, btw.
Dislike of what?
6:05 PM
Jan's annoying behaviour
annoying to whom?
oh, I thought the intent right now was playful.
His playfulness is weird. He needs a vacation.
But who will be watching drupal for spam, then?
The server side spam filter
6:09 PM
@InfiniteRecursion doesn't quite work out
and Rafflesiaarnoldii and Pham and Andrew
and SmokeDetector
But who will be watching Pham, then?
k... cya
6:11 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: XBOX RROD NO FANS OR DISC TRAY WORKING by user92167 on gaming.stackexchange.com
RROD = Red Ring of Death?
I can just imagine that Xbox sitting right next to the teletype this individual is using to post.
@AndrewT. likely
@Louis I thought teletypes had lowercase?
6:14 PM
Maybe some of them.
Don't they have to support all of ASCII?
I like the ID expiry idea @Sam, should significantly reduce the overhead.
Thx. IMO, a ~week should be enough.
@JanDvorak Some of them supported ASCII, not all of them.
6:19 PM
Some of them used the BCD code for instance:
BCD ("Binary-Coded Decimal"), also called alphanumeric BCD, alphameric BCD, BCD Interchange Code, or BCDIC, is a term for a family of representations of numerals, uppercase Latin letters, and some special and control characters as six-bit character codes. Unlike later encodings such as ASCII, BCD codes were not standardized. Different computer manufacturers, and even different product lines of the same manufacturer, often had their own variants, and sometimes included unique characters. Other six-bit encodings with completely different mappings, such as Fieldata and Transcode are sometimes ...
Well, I say the BCD but apparently it depends who you talk to as to which BCD is meant.
"My teletype uses BCD!" "Yay, mine too, let's chat!" "WTH are you sending me gibberish?!?" :(
Have you actually read the post? It's written perfectly well, I wouldn't accept a crappy, vaporous answer. I have edited 912 posts since May 2013, my sole aim was to improve legibility, coherence, grammar, and spelling. Things that are perhaps secondary on SO. RF's post is written in clear English, and I enjoyed reading it! And who is to say that non native speakers didn't learn something from that same post? This is a language site; it's about communication, it's about exchanging our ideas with one another. It's not about writing the shortest answer possible. — Mari-Lou A 26 mins ago
@LightnessRacesinOrbit but that's your opinion. In mine, it was fine as it was. And who was asking the question in the first place? Me. — Mari-Lou A 8 mins ago
I can't understand their stubbornness...
Yeah, I saw Mari-Lou's stuff. I've resisted the urge to engage with her comments.
6:30 PM
Good decision. I see her stuff frequently because she posts a lot of stuff, described in her own words - not good quality.
Seriously, on Stack Overflow I'm sure much worse happens. Do I need to trudge through the posts and pick out the memes that have become legendary over there? Can't we have some "related" banter and exchange between ourselves? The question itself was not exactly high brow stuff was it? — Mari-Lou A 4 hours ago
> The question itself was not exactly high brow stuff was it?
If one knows, then why do they post it.
@InfiniteRecursion 'Cause of the (unfortunately) common "gimmeh deh anzer!" mentality.
and "gimmeh deh repulsion!" (that's how someone called "rep" recently in a meta post).
6:36 PM
Nov 11 at 16:16, by Jason C
@InfiniteRecursion I'm not sure whether to downvote or upvote. I want to downvote, but I don't want to decrease repulsion.
I start to feel that SE mod intervention is needed, or at least will be needed soon enough. I hope not.
Regarding the comments on ELU?
regarding the topic itself, and also the comment thread, more-or-less
This is more depressing than reading 10 rants on MSO or MSE
"This is more depressing..." perhaps? ;)
... depressing and tragic.
6:44 PM
@Louis whoopsie, thanks :p
It won't be required @AndrewT., Lightness is a seasoned user, he will handle it well.
And the lounge and tavern are watching and supporting, so SE intervention may not be required. Their mods are amusing though. Apart from a tiny comment, not a word from any of them.
Atleast they can nuke all the comments about rep and SO.
Nice, I go back to my main page and see I have received two down votes on my questions. Great class, great civility, and maturity. Did you downvote me? I can't possibly know. But it happened while I was on meta. So allow me to compliment the person/s who did, on their petty mindedness — Mari-Lou A 2 mins ago
Yeah, I mentioned to Shog earlier that I find the lack of mod response there very puzzling. I can completely understand not stepping into all issues. Users who are not mods are quite capable of giving excellent guidance. We see it all the time on Meta.SO. However.... the initial direction in which the answers and comments were going there seemed to me to be completely flying in the face of good network-wide policy, and in light of this, I would have expected a mod there to say something.
It is puzzling, and very disappointing.
6:59 PM
Without friction there is no heat...
Q: Moderators' policy on bullying

ivanhoescottI would like to know the moderators' policy on bullying. It seems easy to bully a user. For it takes only 5 users who have sufficient reps to close a question.

^I still couldn't understand why he added trolling tag to that.
@AndrewT., I oneboxed that depressing post for you :)
decided not to fill this room with more depressing post :x
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I disagree. The whole thing was his answer, he was giving supporting evidence and nuance from examples. He might have worded it better, or given a final wrap up sentence to make it better, but it was still content. Why start an edit war? Comment first. From the very new names on this question (both meta and main), you've brought in a lot of lurkers and infrequent visitors to this case that don't seem to share the ELU culture. — Mitch 24 mins ago
7:18 PM
(be careful not to click the following transcript to ELU's chatroom)
in English Language & Usage on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 2 mins ago, by Matt Эллен
to be honest, I prefer the post after LRiO's edit
^ Mod's response
"accidentally" clicks on trans link...
nvm, I forgot it will open the transcript itself, not automatically join the room :/
in English Language & Usage on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 57 mins ago, by Mitch
@medica Since everybody is guessing about everybody else's motives, I'll do the same. I think all the upvoters in Lightness's favor and downvoters against Roaring Fish are similar to Lightness, lurkers and low frequency visitors. Commentary in an answer here gives needed nuance.
7:29 PM
spam gone
It's funny how they keep harping on "these are outsiders, therefore they are wrong." I guess my answer showing that it is not ELU vs SO but a network-wide principle did not sink in. Or it is rejected but without explanation.
Thanks for the answer @Louis. Now I don't have to write it. :)
@Bart I read your comments there and felt the strong urge to say something more. :) You were an inspiration.
They often compare with SO, a few days ago they were trying to remove a mod...they did the same thing.
Remove a mod??
7:32 PM
Pff, what exactly is the harm caused by somewhat inactive moderators?
@Bart inflated mod count?
Oh god no, the horror!
7:35 PM
Fewer tiny comments on posts which require their presence
I think the case here is a moderator who had to take an extended leave of absence. (I'm not opining one way or the other, just saying that it is more than somewhat inactive.)
If that is a problem, I'm sure the team will deal with it. Big fat meh. :)
You seem to have understood the question. Can you clarify it?
Not cv-eligible
7:38 PM
@AndrewT. might be useful
and doesn't seem too broad
I got 4 of 5 BC calc problems right on a quiz I didn't need to take! \o/
Am I mistaken? I was under the impression that each kick-mute caused a moderator flag.
Hi Travis
Hi @Jan :)
@TravisJ Where'd you get that from?
7:39 PM
We don't close what can be closed, we close what has to be closed @AndrewT.
(We were just discussing this)
@bjb568 well done
@InfiniteRecursion nah, close all the things. Then see if you have to undo some of it.
Okay, thanks all. I think I was too self-aware reading my own old answers, and feeling that the question... didn't show effort.
@bjb568 - Probably from being wrong lol Just wanted to see if I could get some sort of semi official confirmation
@AndrewT. did it not? Effort in explaining the issue also counts
7:41 PM
@TravisJ No mention of it from what I've read.
@InfiniteRecursion why?
Some say I'm too broad @JanDvorak
> close all the things. Then see if you have to undo some of it.
Or primarily opinion based
7:43 PM
@JanDvorak I see, I think I'm already used to no-code-no-effort paradigm now... might need to adjust myself again
First thing to close: Glasses !!!
Not door?
We'd have to close prenty of users as unclear
Leave the doors open @AndrewT.
First let's close the glasses.
7:51 PM
I am unable to flag this, are any of you able to see flag option from transcript?
Or do I need to enter the room and flag?
Better not, she is there
@InfiniteRecursion what's the issue?
A: Editing policy for responses to Questions: should we allow the edit to change the response?

Shog9 This edit raises two issues: No, it doesn't. You raised those issues. But you raised them in a way that took the focus off of you and started a big argument about tangential topics. That's not really fair to anyone involved, including yourself. So, in the future, try to avoid that. If you're...

@Shog9 All that needs is a "mic drop" at the end.
@Shog9 +9000
Nice answer Shog, that comment looked like an offensive mockery to me...preceded by the blockquote and succeeded by the "SE policy" repetition that follows after that comment.
8:01 PM
Doesn't really read all that offensive to me @InfiniteRecursion.
Then again, I have used "bovine manure" on occasion ... so perhaps my standards are different. :)
That quote is bovine manure? :)
"people see it's downvotes and I'm not a high rep user, so they downvote out of instinct? That's my guess because that's usually what happens on SO" ... I call bovine manure — Bart Jul 23 '13 at 19:36
@Shog9 Thanks.
8:07 PM
Is there any topic on which you don't quote yourself @Bart? Everyone quotes Shog, and you quote yourself :D
"No" - Bart
Well, time to rest... it's already early morning here
here 2:00 am
8:12 PM
i'am also going to sleep now
Night @TGMCians
Night @AndrewT.
And @TGMCians
You should have a generic "night" which you can quote for everyone @Bart
8:18 PM
Dec 12 '13 at 13:53, by Bart
Good night
@Bart Was that the first time you were polite?
@rene if it was then I can assure you it was accidental.
Huh? He is always polite, isn't he?
Nah, he dutch...
8:21 PM
That too.
8:35 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WHICH DECALS ON A 1948 RUDGE? by Pete Penguin on bicycles.stackexchange.com
Can someone spend one extra stackoverflow.com/questions/11438724/… to get this in the CVQ?
8:49 PM
Only funny if you're a Republican I guess: puzzling.stackexchange.com/a/4682/370
9:10 PM
@Frank hi
9:43 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: FATAL ERROR ON MAGENTO WEBSITE by Lima on stackoverflow.com
I bet no one at GL was expecting this.
Q: Can I grow pineapple plants from seed, rather than crowns?

J. MusserThe other day, As I was eating pineapple, I noticed that it was full of seeds (see pic below for what they look like). I have grown plants from the crowns on top of the fruit (even a couple patented ones that were mutated to prevent propagation - don't tell anyone :P), but I'm actually interested...

But it's for the topic challenge.
Typo in "The other day, As"
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I see.
Actually I don't; just fixed.
Funny how this was massively downvoted...
Q: How could I ignore questions from users with less than 20 reputation?

djangofanI found that I am often answering questions for persons who have a 20 or less reputation. This isn't on purpose... most of the time, by the time I write out my answer and finished, I finally realize that the low reputation of the user makes the likelihood of them marking the question as answered...

9:53 PM
... and then implemented.
Q: Feedback requested: New "recommended" homepage, phase 4 - filters

Jarrod DixonWe've implemented the unpolished filters mockup from this question in an equally unpolished manner. Currently, this is only on the "recommended" tab, found here: http://stackoverflow.com/?tab=recommended A few notes: each option has a tooltip with more information (available on mouse o...

I'm focusing on suggesting edits on SO. Gotta have reputation, or my questions will be invisible. (Assuming I ever ask a question there.)
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Why not answer?
Nov 2 at 0:04, by just a brick in the wall
I'm not that bad at JS... I even considered answering JS questions on SO at some point. Took some water and extra rest, and it passed.
10:06 PM
Answering on SO can't be that bad, unless you suck...
10:18 PM
@Frank What was the mortality rate among tropical plants?
@Rafflesiaarnoldii 0%, although some had some major dieoff, none completely died.
10:37 PM
Is this a dupe?
Q: Please show proper weekly/monthly etc. reputation on mobile

FrankOn mobile, if I search users by ?tab=reputation&filter=[week][month][quarter][year], the users are listed properly for the respective filters, in proper order of rep gained in that time period, but their reputation shown is their all-time rep. It would be more useful if their reputation shown act...

10:55 PM
in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, 3 mins ago, by Sam
typo http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23996185/why-does-it-take-longer-to-access-to‌​-a-previously-created-variable-than-a-variab
11:07 PM
I vote to his first reversal badge on MSE!
A: Restriction on down votes when the question has been stablished and has an accepted answer

Louis According to the above I suggest if a question already have been established (moderated) and have an accepted answer then down-vote to the question loose its main functionality, and I suggest to be restricted. I don't know what you mean exactly by "established (moderated)". However, the pres...

@Frank Thanks.
@Louis That wasn't me, I already voted..
do it right.
Dunno how. Teach me!
11:11 PM
Well, Frank, you brought attention to it. So thanks, still. :) And thanks to all who voted.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii [status-mission-accomplished]
no 'tag:'
@Louis :P
Oh.... that works.
Ah, that does not work. :(
11:13 PM
I guess you have to have the [status- bit.
Just came across a nice SEDE query: Reviews on your posts. Who reviewed your very first post (and how), etc. Turned out someone threw a CV on my question once (all three reviewers turned it down, of course).
… who thinks of politics when using a slider? — bjb568 11 secs ago
^ UX people are weird
Not a dupe. Bad behavior on the site != offensive profile page
11:45 PM
Seems like a dupe of that.
The user is being abusive.
Seems right.
Too bad I can't redo flags.
I flagged with your new link.
Should write a feature request: allow flag withdraw within a short time-period in case of mistakes.
Hmm... I don't think there would be much enthousiasm for such request. Mind you, it is not a bad request (IMO) but the harm caused by not being able to withdraw and reflag is not huge.
So the question is "should devs spend time on this or something else (that may yield greater benefits)?"
11:52 PM
There is some support for this...
Q: Cancel misclicked flags

AlbireoI'm wondering (since it just happened to me), is it possible to "cancel" ("undo", "delete", whatever) a flag I just raised if I misclicked it, so the mods won't waste time? I looked everywhere, but I can't find such a feature.

Ok, I stand corrected. There would be enthousiasm for such request. But it has slight chance of being implemented any time soon. :)
I like that request.
And it would be a dupe...
/me votes and favorites
@Louis soic.
11:55 PM
The request to withdraw closevotes was implemented more than 4 years after being made. The request about flags is from April 2011. Don't lose hope...
I'm still thinking the request about withdrawing flags won't happen any time soon.
pokes @shog wondering about withdrawing flags
If I'm wrong you can always quote back my skeptical prediction to me and gloat. :)
wonders if a +500 bounty would help at all
quotes and gloats

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