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12:00 AM
can I vote to keep open a question encountered directly (instead of through the queue)?
@Frank No.
12:15 AM
Q: Has the 10k deleted list lost the distinction between posts I can undelete and those I can't?

Undo the SnowmanI was rummaging through mSO's 10k tools recently. I decided to look through the 10k deleted list (to see what the latest programming question was), and noticed posts deleted by a moderator (or that I otherwise can't vote to undelete) are no longer shown greyed out. Could we please add that bac...

@animuson ok, thanks.
12:40 AM
I think 'voting to keep it open' is just not a close vote. I don't think it actually records it as an 'open' vote.
@GnomeSlice For flagged close votes, I believe the behavior is that a certain amount of "Keep Open" votes will invalidate the flag. Assuming it didn't collect any other close votes from 3k+ users, that means it would be tossed out of the queue.
Can a mod please take care of this TWP question?
(onebox removed for foul language)
Preferably with fire and extreme prejudice.
I like how he created separate accounts for each post.
How do you know it was a he animuson? It could be an evil reptilian genderless being!
1:31 AM
Area 51 login doesn't work
@ColeJohnson yeah it does.
@Shog9 with google?
I'm getting an error
We apologize for any inconvenience, but an unexpected error occurred while you were browsing our site.

It's not you, it's us. This is our fault.

Detailed information about this error has automatically been recorded and we have been notified.

Yes, we do look at every error. We even try to fix some of them.

It's not strictly necessary, but if you'd like to give us additional information about this error, do so at our feedback site, meta.stackoverflow.com.
@ColeJohnson yeah, works just fine.
what URL?
@ColeJohnson There's your problem -- it says that you should address it on meta, and you are doing it at chat.meta. That clearly made the problem worse.
1:39 AM
@ColeJohnson ok, what URL before you click whatever button ends up giving you an error. Does it get as far as sending you over to Google?
@Shog9 no. I'm on the login page, click google, then get the error
@ColeJohnson try a private/incognito window, let me know if anything changes.
Having a returnurl parameter causes it
I removed it and it worked
still can't reproduce
what was your returnurl?
I clicked google, and it error'd
Just reproduced
1:42 AM
what browser?
Chrome Mobile (latest)
you should've said
@ColeJohnson Still can't reproduce it in chrome mobile though.
Eh. I got through by removing returnurl.
That's all I care about
1:45 AM
version 31.0.1650.59
2:03 AM
Tonight's listening ^
2:55 AM
"Windows Explorer has stopped responding" -_-
Stop yelling at it and it won't ignore you.
3:10 AM
@ColeJohnson -1, pistol is too modern
@ColeJohnson ?
This is Uncle Spam
Copy and paste him everywhere to help takeover Stack Exchange
@ColeJohnson ... no thanks.
@ColeJohnson Why are you doing this
@GnomeSlice idk
3:14 AM
Well, yeah kinda.
What's with you and spam anyway?
Spam Review
1 hour later…
4:40 AM
4 hours later…
8:42 AM
Does meta have a different definition of duplicate? For instance, this question already has a close vote as a duplicate of meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/56161/….
It's not a duplicate question. Perhaps, yes, that question is the source of the answer.
I.e. "No, we won't fix that".
Yeah, Meta can be a bit different in that regard. It allows a bit more of "that's going to be your answer" rather than "that's the exact same question".
Dear God... I've just realised you were in my dream last night, Bart.
Now that's a little disconcerting.
Must have been all that talk yesterday of floating glasses that stuck in my mind.
user image
Haha, I don't blame you.
Don't worry. It was only a brief moment where I thought "That's that Bart fellow", before I continued running away from monsters, or whatever.
9:08 AM
Ah well, at least your therapist will have a nice Christmas
9:30 AM
This is pretty handy for Firefox users. Makes it really easy to do a Google search with site:www.foo.com <terms> where foo.com is the site you're currently on: addons.mozilla.org/En-us/firefox/addon/search-site
I:.e. perfect for a quick SO search while browsing.
1 hour later…
10:43 AM
I've noticed on several occasions now that the "possible duplicate..." auto comment doesn't seem to get +1-ed when other people vote to close. Has anyone else seen this?
got an example?
Hmm, are those +1-s for close votes, or for flags?
I thought each close vote gave a +1, if the duplicate was identical.
We could try a quick test on a meta question.
I voted to close that one and nothing happened
10:56 AM
Did you used to think this behaviour existed, @Bart?
Perhaps I was always confusing drive-by comment up-voters with automatic behaviour.
Yeah, I thought something similar was in place
2 hours later…
1:02 PM
where is my beer, is this a tavern or what
Don't forget...
:1673140 Thank you, Bart, i appreciate. ![enter image description here][1]

  [1]: i.sstatic.net/u7FSo.jpg
me dumb with formatting
No need, just dump the image link
thank you
1:11 PM
Sorry, I only accept GBP. I suspect Bart would prefer Euros.
Swiss Francs please.
Do rants, insults and threats actually ever work for anyone? I never understand what the logic behind it is. (Then again, I'm most likely an idiot for trying to find logic)
its like a 2 year old holding their breath
i have alot of bags full of money
@Scrooge agreed
@Bart I suspect it works for those people in real life. They moan and bitch at people, who in turn enable the behaviour by giving in. Hence their obvious confusion and anger when a bunch of dispassionate geeks tell them to sit on their hands and calm down.
1:19 PM
I can assure you that you wouldn't get nearly as far with me IRL if you behaved like that.
nor me
I suspect most of these people still live with their mothers. Social interaction probably doesn't extend much beyond that.
We could call their moms.
they'll get their spanking
1:22 PM
this guy is persisting... it is entertaining somewhat
He's persisting because many users feel the need to keep interacting with him. That's what he wants.
i am pmsl at the moment
I am conflicted, I very much like there to be a way back from the Q ban. Equally I really don't want him to make his way back
i am conflicted - do i wander the street and buy chips or stay for the entertainment
1:27 PM
@RichardTingle There are plenty of ways. And if you don't behave like a total *ss, there'd be more than enough people willing to help out. Up to community managers.
this is true
@Bart Ah the personal vs impersonal you, just gave me a bit of a shock. I miss "one"
should i go out and buy munchies?
Yes please.
@Scrooge Sounds like the sort out personal decision you should leave out of the hands of strangers.
1:30 PM
it's quite philosophical
@AnnaLear I recall a MSO comment about the team@se email address not being checked - something to do with GMail? This was a few weeks ago but if you could be point me in the right direction I'd appriciate it.
well, in compairson, if you're thin and poor guy, you definitely shold be scared when someone big is angry and going right on you telling bad words. but also you can have steel balls even if you're not as good in mortal combat as it needed at this moment, also, if you're just a child who want to show off, of course it's not srs and you look like a little badass... depends on situation... if i corectly understood question
It was in relation to this particular gem @Flextra.
Top tip: if help is what you want to get, don't insult or threaten those who need to do the helping.
1:40 PM
@Bart my apologies. ya sure. but , may this could be linked with so-called carma-fuckers ? so, maybe the result could be different if his questions didn't get some bunch of "-" ...
that's it - time to get some food...almost midnight here - and a snak beckons
lol.... i should thank that guy... just got the Pundit bdge
Wait, you were not suggesting to get us all snacks @Scrooge?
hey @Bart buy me a pizza
1:49 PM
No problem. I'll have it delivered over here in 30 mins. If you're not there, I might just eat it.
i am always here, and there, and everywhere
in other news, I am going to bed
Good night
2:19 PM
it's only 18.19 here
It's 01:20 here, and I should be asleep.
So I'm going to log off.
good night , pals
3:16 PM
Gotta love single letter variable names. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate a good "i" or "x" in a for loop or something. But b = inv.get_Inv(Convert.ToInt32(ddl_product.SelectedValue)); is not one of those cases where it makes sense.
I used to have a colleague like that. qp was as descriptive a variable name as you got. The guy was brilliant, but his code unmaintainable. That's researchers for ya. Why use types when you can just as well use void*everywhere.
Haha, right. "Isn't it obvious what type to use?"
I like the Java approach of spelling out exactly what the variable is for. Even if it gets a bit long-winded.
Luckily, this was code I saw on SO, and not something from a coworker.
I don't think that's just a Java approach, @Duncan. That's just good practice =)
Also, this review audit was BS.
"So what is this qp?" "Probably a vector of some sort" "Of floats?" "Or doubles" "And its length?" "Just check where it gets used?" "And what values does it hold?" "Oh, that's arbitrary" ..... such fun.
3:23 PM
Yes, probably true @jadarnel27. I see it a lot in enterprise Java, long method names etc.
@jadarnel27 What is the problem with that post?
@Bart I don't know PHP, but it looks like a reasonable question to me. So I picked "leave open" and failed an audit.
Ah yeah, it seems very reasonable to me, so I was wondering. No idea on the topic, so I might be missing a point somewhere.
Apparently, from the comments, at least part of the issue was a typo.
So I can kinda see closing it I guess.
3:25 PM
Seems so. I'll let others vote on it I guess.
I even knew it was an audit, because I'm filtered on ASP.NET.
But I thought it was an obvious "leave open."
The comments arrived just about within the 5 minute edit window.
So perhaps the code was complete rubbish, then was corrected.
And the close votes just piled on, as they do.
Asides from some missing double-quotes, the code doesn't look awful to me.
However, I guess not fixing the double-quotes isn't great on the OP's behalf. Perhaps deserves the closed question.
Yeah, I think you might be right.
I normally just point out the typo and vote to close on those types of questions.
I sort of knee-jerk voted to reopen that one. But the reopen queue will probably shut it down.
3:43 PM
Perhaps not - it's a subtle one.
4:05 PM
I think it's funny when I complain about an annoying, repetitive, or unnecessary task I have to do, and the person I'm talking to says, "Hey, job security!"
Yeah, I guess. But if the thing providing job security is annoying crap that everyone hates to do, maybe there's a bigger issue at play.
Sometimes I can vote on comments in the close vote review queue, and sometimes I cannot. What's up with that?
4:35 PM
Oh. I think maybe it only lets me do that when there are enough comments to have the "show more comments" link. Gotta find another review with a bunch of comments.
@tombull89 wait, what? it's always being checked. it's more that sometimes gmail routes legit emails into spam (and then we can't see them because we get a ton of spam and we use Zendesk to manage most of the incoming mail now), so using the contact form is recommended if possible.
5:11 PM
Confirmed the (rather minor) bug with this review. Clicking on "show more comments" enables the comment voting / flagging controls.
Of course, I think those should be enabled all the time, so I don't mind. But the behavior is inconsistent.
5:34 PM
I don't think this guy understands what drivers actually do: amazon.com/review/R36KPOITCDACRM#Mx1PEV4MY4LJFER
5:54 PM
@animuson well.. that manufacturer is known for its 'quality` drivers.. could be a sort of default BOFH response
Q: Arrays and ArrayLists, when should an array be used instead of an ArrayList?

abysmaldanIt seems that ArrayLists are a lot better to use for most programs i have done as they allow a change in length and have other useful methods. When should one use a normal array in place of an ArrayList? It seems as though the ArrayList is always better, however this is most likely incorrect, c...

Welcome to the graveyard
1 hour later…
6:59 PM
@AnnaLear yeah...that was kinda garbled, sorry.
7:26 PM
Someone suggested an edit to one of my answers and it was rejected by a couple people. But I'm certain the edit was in fact correct.
@AlexandreJasmin you'll have to copy the changes in yourself then.
I guess I can still edit my own answer and credit the user who suggested the change in the edit summary...
@AlexandreJasmin yup
see also:
Q: Allow the owner of a post to approve a suggested edit even if it was rejected by reviewers

hammarA user recently suggested a great edit which added useful information to one of my answers. However, because it was a substantial edit, it was rejected by the reviewers. That's fine. However, as the owner of the post I would like to be able to overrule their decision after reviewing the edit myse...

Is there where the cool kids hang out?
7:48 PM
Q: Import XML into MySQL table?

UndoI have an XML file that looks like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <comments> <row Id="1" PostId="1" Score="3" Text="Maxis uses this in The Sims when clicking on your person to perform actions. ex: call-&gt;friend-&gt;[friends name]" CreationDate="2010-08-09T19:52:30.690" UserId="...

^ Trying to import the comments table into MySQL to run some queries testing Jon Ericson's ideas.
Any SQL wizards here want to help?
One of these days that's going to onebox
And that will be the greatest day ever.
Funny story: I was trying to import a comment table, and I tried to write my own parser. I needed a small site to test it on, so I, in my infinite stupidness, chose DBA.SE. Good grief, the comments there are made to cause SQL injections.
@Undo Prepare for "what have you tried" comments.
@jadarnel27 I know...
CC @TimStone
7:54 PM
I'm working on making a nice thingy with what I've tried.
Seriously, though. You probably should post what you've tried. Or at least what technology you want to use. Are you looking for a tool? Or code? Or something native to mySQL?
Any of the above - anything that will make the comments go in to my DB.
But I see what you mean.
I think I have a MySQL loader for the data dump somewhere...
Q: Fast Multi Platform Data Dump Import for SQL Server (2000/2005/2008), SQLite and MySQL

Sky SandersUpdated compilation platform to enable execution on x86 and x64. UPDATE: Confirmed with March, April, May and June dumps. The application readme file and hosting will be moved to http://soapi.info/tools/soddi.aspx. Links are in the readme text below. Stack Overflow Data Dump Import v.11...

Or wait, that's not yours.
It doesn't help me much anyway, as it's Windows.
If the platform is important, you may want to mention that in your question, @Undo.
8:04 PM
I am terrible at asking SO questions, aren't I? :P
Haha, I'm not trying to nitpick, really. Just trying to help =)
Thanks ;)
I'm not very good at asking questions in general, so...
Pretty sure that no one really is.
Except Skeet.
A: Import XML with content specified as attributes into a MySQL table?

Bill KarwinSee http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.6/en/load-xml.html for the XML formats supported by the LOAD XML INFILE statement. The manual page states: the import routine automatically detects the format for each row and interprets it correctly. Tags are matched based on the tag or attribute name a...

Can somebody explain or has a pointer why my name is still in the top reviewers today? stackoverflow.com/review/close/stats I'm under the impression that that page is faked somehow....or favouring me because I'm looking at it...
8:15 PM
It is for me.
I think the ordering there is kinda weird when everyone has done 40.
Exactly and there must be a lot more people now that have done 40. I;ve done mine 5 hours ago.
I already tried searching for questions on it on meta but couldn't find one yet
I always thought it listed the people who completed their 40 first, in order of completion.
Probably not, but it'd make the most sense.
No, that is not the logic because Richard Tingle, HamZa and acheong87 completed their 40 before me, and they are nowhere on that list
If I refresh my name moves in that list...strange...
Woohoo! LOAD XML INFILE worked!
@rene How many total reviews have you done in that queue?
8:28 PM
Maybe it's just random?
@animuson It's probably a SELECT stuff FROM reviewers ORDER BY numberOfThingsDoneToday DESC LIMIT 40 and beyond that they don't really care how it's ordered.
Is there anything else on stackoverflow random? I'm a software engineer, there has to be logic!
@rene Well, more a lack of order.
I doubt they specifically wrote code to display it randomly.
Well by not sorting by a secondary number, it's kind of inherently random.
Even if the randomness doesn't change.
8:33 PM
tries to debug SEGFAULT thrown by brain on animuson.lastmessage:2
maybe SELECT stuff FROM reviewers ORDER BY reviewDate = GetDate() /* in your timezone */, reputation DESC LIMIT 40
Q: Is there some order for sorting the top reviewers of the day?

Praveen VinnyI see that my name appears at some 3rd position in the list of top reviewers of the day. But as the day progresses, I see that some people go up the order, even though they had cast the same number of votes as that of me. If it was some alphabetical sorting, my name should appear second acco...

@jadarnel27 good find!
No answer....
8:49 PM
I shall draw attention to it by making a helpful edit.
To make it less like the post is just whining about getting pushed down the list.
SELECT stuff FROM reviewers ORDER BY numberReviews DESC, brownFactor LIMIT 40
Because the answer is always brown.
Probably needz moar SQL Server syntax.
@jadarnel27 Tnx, nice edit
brown is the new 42?
Mmmmm chips.
9:09 PM
@animuson Would you please clear the comments from that "top reviewers" question (except the first one)?
They are obsolete, and off-topic besides.
Thanks, man.
Oh, and you're welcome, @rene. I have been curious about this several times.
So I am interested as well.
We'll see if a dev is able to untangle a WTF...
I'm pretty sure there's no rhyme or reason to that order beyond what SQL Server serves up.
9:32 PM
@AnnaLear that could be the final answer...
9:49 PM
Does anybody know at what rate I can hit the chat transcript without being throttled? I need to crawl a year's worth of transcript.
10:00 PM
Is it throttled? From this you would say that GET is not throttled at all?
Q: Etiquette of Screen-scraping Stack Overflow?

Ian ElliottIs there any reasonable guidelines for how much/often I can screen scrape from SO? I've been looking around heavily in related topics and have seen Jeff's enthusiastic response to the user information grabber made in python, a post of someone implimenting this program to scrape the user profile o...

Apparently, that question is closed as a duplicate of the API =P
@rene The transcript is heavily throttled :(
@jadarnel27 Even with an API key I have been throttled and still occasionally am for my previous project
Even when staying within the API limits
1 hour later…
11:19 PM
Anyone here know how to programatically query Google?
You don't programatically query Google; Google programatically queries you.
I'm thinking of building something that would automagically run new posts through Google, checking for plagiarism.
11:42 PM
@jmac Nope, it's our geo data from Yahoo getting mucked up. Usually just takes a cache clean up. I'll get someone on it. — Juice 9 hours ago
@jmac I'm no programmer, I do supporty things. I really just string together words I hear the devs say to make up plausible excuses. Kidding........ sorta. — Juice 1 min ago
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! SE staff admits to using caching as a legitimate-sounding excuse for something going wrong:
@Shog9 Maybe you should let the people in the Bridge cool down a bit
@rene The ordering of equally-scored non-accepted answers is also random. This may be a related
(meta-stag would be awesome too)

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