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3:00 PM
TIL middle-click on links to open in new tabs
@Unihedron Unless the mouse wheel fell out last week...
@InfiniteRecursion nope, just ducking around.
where are Bart and rene today?
@InfiniteRecursion I think rene was here this morning, not sure.
@InfiniteRecursion must be a Dutch thing today
Help fight ebola - Google.com
3:03 PM
Okay, I removed it, else he will joke again
think google had to do something since zuckerburg already did
doesn't like Google since they didn't join the international developers' day
use duckduckgo like bjb @uni
@InfiniteRecursion /me also
3:06 PM
user image
My OCD is suffering til I take the last place.
Nov 5 at 17:19, by Shog9
oh hey, the duck is back
^now I won't go @Mooseman
there's already the history/discovery channel for this soon to be closed proposal
The last week that I was not #1 on GL was Jul 6, 2014 - Jul 12, 2014
3:22 PM
@SmokeDetector false
@JasonC Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@hichris123 Is there a command to mute a specific post without affecting the filter?
@cVplZ That's on my todo:
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 4 mins ago, by ProgramFOX
puts on todo: !!/nopost command to make sure a question won't be posted anymore without registering it as false positive
@ProgramFOX With the goal of not messing up the filters; is it better to just let it go and do nothing instead of 'false' for now?
@JasonC Yes, that's better. If a question isn't worth it to be on the Bayesian "good" doctype, don't reply until the ignore command is there.
3:27 PM
@ProgramFOX Word; sorry. @SmokeDetector unfalse! UNFALSE!
@TimStone My cat went nuts on my screen when your avatar popped in just now. Sorry about that. I hope you're OK.
I'll use it as an excuse to take off work, it's okay.
Best employee email ever.
@Unihedron 0 more needed
@Unihedron I saw.
3:34 PM
I'm really tempted to do this guys' homework stackoverflow.com/q/26867689/616460 - just so I can write "It's dangerous to go alone, take this" with a code-only answer.
bump bump!
Q: Give high-rep users extra weight on close votes

Robert HarveyAs a person's commitment to the community increases, I think we should make it possible for high-reputation users to fast-track the closure of certain questions. See here for some of my rationale. Here's what I propose (subject to tweaking). To qualify: User must have 20K of reputation. Us...

@vba4all Do I want that?
inb4 abuse
I want extra weight!!!
3:39 PM
@vba4all can you weigh in on a question for me?
@vba4all Maybe on low activity sites. Couldn't disagree more on SO. I know so many high-rep users that definitely wouldn't deserve that privilege. Maybe I'd buy it if it were based on tag badges instead.
@JasonC People who don't deserve it won't be using it anyways
@vba4all When you get a moment: stackoverflow.com/a/13363481/656243
Please don't answer questions that need to be closed and deleted instead — Jan Dvorak 22 secs ago
@JanDvorak comment answer are messy and not fine.
@Frank For a one-line answer to a Q that will be deleted, they are fine.
3:46 PM
@JanDvorak You must be new here.
@Frank so, would you rather see a typo question answered and unroombaable?
@Frank Any answer to that question is not fine, comment or not; on the grounds of feeding vampires and/or positively re-enforcing the crap questions we like to complain about.
@JanDvorak If it's off topic, don't help them at all, or they might do it again.
I had to catch myself just to keep from typing "& _ does not insert spaces" in the comments.
@Frank sometimes the closevote reviewers need to see...
3:49 PM
Answerments imo are almost as bad as actually answers.
Just nuke every single post. The end is near!!!
@JanDvorak You can explain why it's off topic/other cv reason, but don't start answering the question, even in a comment.
@Frank It was not off-topic right off the bat. See the close reason: the question turned out to be caused by a simple typo. This isn't known until someone points it out. Once pointed out, though, the question becomes useless.
@Frank how?
@JanDvorak How what Jan? be specific.
3:52 PM
Put another way: until someone points out that the behavior in question was cause by a typo, there is not a reason to close/delete.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I know.
@Frank "this question was caused by a typo. In order not to encourage you to ask again, I won't tell you where the typo is, but close voters sure will be able to spot it easily"?
@LynnCrumbling sup?
@JanDvorak Oh, that kind. takes back most of what he said
@vba4all take a look at the comments that this user is leaving on my answer. stackoverflow.com/a/13363481/656243
@vba4all Any merit? Can the series actually be accessed by name?
@vba4all I can't make it work, and I see no indication in the docs that it's possible.
3:55 PM
.... the plants are multiplying....
multiplies rapidly
@LynnCrumbling No
@LynnCrumbling saying SeriesCollection(i) is in VBA is like saying SeriesCollection.Item(i) and the .Item() property only takes a number.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Right off the bat it was apparent that it was a typo.
@vba4all Ok. Just making sure that I'm not wrong. Yeah - I knew that .Item() was the same as using the index. I didn't see any other way to do it, other than examining the name property of each item in the collection.
@vba4all Is there any merit in his assertion that it worked in Office 2007?
weird day..
4:00 PM
@Frank Is that -100 a bounty or a serial upvoting reversal?
@LynnCrumbling I think he may be thinking Worksheets(some_string) or some other type of Collection that actually allows strings as arguments
@vba4all That's what I tried to tell him in my reply to that comment.
Has anybody here used the leap motion?
@LynnCrumbling bounty.
4:07 PM
you should make a bot for these
I don't know how to do
Q: Pay real money to set bountys (another method, not replacing rep method)

Strange PSN gamer.It may seem like a stupid thing, but could we please b able to pay real money to set a bounty. For example, if I had only 1 rep, I want to be able have a bounty. Here late the suggested prices in USD. Convert money here $0.49 for each 50 repulsion $0.99 for each week $1.99 for a month $9.99 ...

^ repulsion = reputation
Caterpillar Inc., is an American corporation which designs, manufactures, markets and sells machinery and engines and sells financial products and insurance to customers via a worldwide dealer network. Caterpillar is the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives. With more than US$89 billion in assets, Caterpillar was ranked number one in its industry and number 44 overall in the 2009 Fortune 500. Caterpillar stock is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Caterpillar Inc....
@InfiniteRecursion Wow. Seriously. Someone needs a life.
4:12 PM
Yes :) and a spell checker...that typo is so dumb
@InfiniteRecursion I propose an auction house! It did SO WELL for Diablo 3.....
@InfiniteRecursion Bad question... now, if they had suggested using BTC instead of USD, ...
No, I read the dupe and the answer Shog posted...someone needs to read it...
@Ahmad please read this post:
A: Offering actual money as a bounty?

Shog9If I know the answer but am not willing to put the time in to answer your question for free... then I'm probably not gonna do it for $20 either. But someone will. Guaranteed, someone, somewhere has time to burn and needs cash. No guarantee they know the answer, mind you... but they'll take a ...

@InfiniteRecursion I'm not sure whether to downvote or upvote. I want to downvote, but I don't want to decrease repulsion.
@InfiniteRecursion Wow. That's awesome. He makes some great points.
4:18 PM
@InfiniteRecursion you just remembered me I didn't ping him in the last days. ^_^
Let him take a break @SPArchaeologist, he must be tired of looking over our shoulders
@InfiniteRecursion soon it will be Christmas again. I will have to start annoying them soon if I want the Twilight Sparkle hat this year.
@SPArchaeologist he'll give you a Twilight Sparkle between your eyes....
Ohh! Then poke. Jan needs a new hat urgently...he hasn't changed his hat since a year
@LynnCrumbling turns out we were wrong, ive updated your answer
4:23 PM
I will be a yearling on SE by christmas :)
@rene I am making progress. First year an unicorn on the bash page, next year an horn hat AND Twilight in the hat spritesheet. Now it is time for the official mane 6 hat collection.
Has anybody here used the leap motion? I'm considering it, but when they have docs that link to w3schools, I think again.
@Mooseman you're kidding?
When I first joined SE, the winter hats were there, so I thought all registered users get hats throughout the year - I was very happy, but then the hats disappeared :(
@InfiniteRecursion that is an hat? I always assumed the owl was @Jan and the one underside it was just an artistic bird feeder pole.
4:25 PM
I never had a hat.
@rene This page: "If you've never used a switch statement before, take a peek at This Link."
@InfiniteRecursion I was similarly disappointed when my ability to increase my rep * 10 disappeared on April 2nd.
@vba4all Fascinating. So you've confirmed that code works?
He has become an owl living in that hat for a year now @SPArchaeologist, he forgot what his face looks like
@InfiniteRecursion would you have preferred him to use the mayan mask hat?
No, owl hat is fine
4:28 PM
@Mooseman I would report that as a bug ;) the rest looks ok....
@rene It does. What I really want to know if it works outside of "on paper".
Run! the wolf is here!
@Mooseman I can't help with that, sorry...
@Frank Meh, the tree that cried wolf...
quick sidequestion... someone of you has the link for the "my tab is sparkling" question??
It's kinda unnerving..
4:33 PM
That was annoying: stackoverflow.com/a/26869182/616460 converting crap answers to cw just to avoid downvotes.
Total lack of responsibility by not deleting. And there's nothing I can do about it.
Is there some community consensus on code-only answers that I can use to support an answer flag?
@JasonC NAA
@LynnCrumbling yes. I just ran a quick test in excel 10 and it works fine. ive added an explanation to why .... the Item() property does take an index but it's of Variant type so it could be anything... that's VBA for you haha
there isn't anyway to STOP notifications from @, is there?
@Frank It looks like that hit one of your relatives...
4:44 PM
@Sam Happens all the time.
@Sam to me it looks like a civil war ;P
@vba4all that big fat speaker on the top right, directly beside "all rooms"
at least you get the sound away ;)
or too broad? or why isn't this code working?
@Mooseman Much easier to just post a better answer and include zelda screenshots.
@JasonC Wait. What'd I do?
4:58 PM
@Mooseman No I mean for me to do. Re: The answer I was complaining about. Which, I guess... nobody cares about. Nevermind.
^ My thoughts exactly.
@JasonC Oh. Yes. Or, with snippets, outright one-click copy it. jk
@Mooseman @OP Please provide the URL at which I can submit the solution to your assignment.
@JasonC I was expecting it to be copy from somewhere but couldn't find one...I did get lost in all kind of fractal generating algorithms...
5:06 PM
5:10 PM
@InfiniteRecursion since I discover SO I really like it, clear, simple, fast and good community helping each other. BUT look what happen here just today: crypto.stackexchange.com/questions/2251/how-secure-is-aes-256/…, my answer was deleted after 1 year. it has got 2 downvotes but also 2 upvotes and I loose my points there just because the mikeazo moderator wake up suddenly and decide to consider that as comment. And I had post that answer before NSA spy scandals was discover proving the truth of that answer. I try to contact even via chat by no reply — albanx 9 mins ago
^ that user has answers with individual high scores like 60 on an answer and several other good posts on SO
How can we help him/her?
Answer-to-comment conversion is an extreme step, isn't it?
5:26 PM
@InfiniteRecursion To get the answer unconverted?
@InfiniteRecursion I don't see a comment; is it accessible by a 101 rep user?
@LynnCrumbling It should be.
If you mean the one-boxed comment, at least.
@ProgramFOX I was looking for the original answer posted on crypto that (I thought) was converted from an answer to a comment. Did I misunderstand?
@LynnCrumbling Oh, whoops, I thought you meant that you didn't see the comment on Meta that Inf one-boxed.
Then I also don't see a comment.
5:31 PM
@ProgramFOX I'd like to read the OP's answer.. see what the mods thought was naa.
Right, no comment there. Mod deleted the answer...I misread it
Oh.. ok - Does anyone have access to it as 10k?
THanks I just got a reply from mikeazo
Yes it was anwser
and it was deleted
I just made some edits
hoping now it gets better
@albanx did they offer to review it for undeleting after you edited it?
it offer the review just now
and the fact is that I was reviewing my questin
my answer
and after I made the review
it was deleted
5:37 PM
Thoughts? meta.stackexchange.com/q/243411/202832 (Sorry if this has been asked before)
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: GROUP BY MONTH IN ORACLE by branches on stackoverflow.com
You can edit the chat message, from the little drop down menu on the left of each message @albanx
So, did you edit an review your answer, and then the mod deleted it? @albanx
thank you for the instruction, I am new to this chat in stack
you are welcome
Can you share a screenshot of your answer?
I making some more edits
sorry how can I upload a screenshoot here?
5:45 PM
@albanx Take a screenshot to your clipboard, paste it in snag.gy, then paste the link here (cropping out sensitive info first if you choose).
If you're on Windows just press the print-screen button on the keyboard.
I am on centos
it does not work
I am doing it now from a windows
Here it is snag.gy/1ILJq.jpg
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PB2 PORTER - BETTER TASTE? by Bootsy7086 on homebrew.stackexchange.com
^Valid answer. Thoughts?
Lesson: never begin an answer with a disclaimer.
6:00 PM
Yes but it is just to be frank
They can downvote for that, but deletion is an extreme step, isn't it?
Unfortunately, some reviewers focus exactly on that. E.g., an answer starting with "I've had the same problem"... is at a risk of deletion, even if it completely solves the problem.
On math we have a meta thread for undeletion requests, since there is no queue for that. Works reasonably well.
user image
@Unihedron Night!
@TGMCians That should be the 404 page somewhere.
6:04 PM
@JasonC :D
@JasonC That fox pic should be the 404 page? Why?
All 404's on SE are like that...so...
Any documentation on what is eligible for deletion as comment? Like we have another castle for naa's
@TGMCians Aww, it's @Pro hunting for bugs...
@Louis You clearly have not journeyed deep enough into the land of SE 404 pages. You are probably wise in this decision.
@Sam yes correct hehe
6:11 PM
No opinions folks on that deletion/naa? :(
I just don't see this specific image as being appropriate. 404 = can't find the resource. However, the fox in this GIF is finding what it is looking for. That's how foxes hunt. They listen for prey under the snow. And when they have located their prey, they dive into the snow to catch it. I bet if that GIF went further, you'd see the fox come out with a rodent in its mouth.
@Sam Lol :D
Either way, it's a cool looking fox.
@Shog9, this isn't a comment naa, is it? snag.gy/1ILJq.jpg
Sorry to poke you, no one else seems to know
@InfiniteRecursion No idea.
6:14 PM
Thanks @Sam, I understood, so I poked Shog, he knows the best about naa's, I hope he will guide us
@Louis hey Louis, long time no see!
@InfiniteRecursion I think you need to sacrifice a goat first if you call for Shog intervention.
Louis : Were you hunting something ?
@TGMCians Yes, long time no see. Now, since you mention it...
6:20 PM
It seems to me both opinion based ("simplest"?? people often find simplest what they are familiar with) and also asking for external resource (" Which framework use?").
yes i did pob
@InfiniteRecursion doesn't appear to be; flag it & ask for mod review
@InfiniteRecursion Np. To be honest (IMO), it's more geared towards a conspiracy of the NSA recommending the use of a possibly broken hashing algo.
Rather than actually answering the Q.
I've voted already but looking at sede is seems that, against all odds, 3 folks decided the question should remain open so my vote was ineffective. :-/
ah ok
6:22 PM
Thanks Shog, will do
They accept conspiracy questions, apparently. :/
6:38 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Yes, I understand that. But the key questions here is "how secure is this cipher", whereas albanax's answer basically states that "AES and RES are not secure" (based on the premiss that they "do not have a mathematical proof of being secure"). Which, well, yes it "answers" (kinda) the question, but still, its lq to say the least.
@InfiniteRecursion Oh... o_O
I agree, but not mod-del worthy, is it? Votes are to indicate quality, not mod deletion
@Sam What's wrong with plain text?
Sorry, miss hit of the enter key ^_^.
@Mooseman No, no. Rolling out your own algo is better.
They should leave it to community to vote, over time.
@Sam Such as appending 123 at the end of each user's password? I don't think anybody will figure that out!
6:44 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Yeah, that'd probably be best.
@Mooseman Nope, you should append "BROWN!" instead, you get more entropy.
@Inf @bjb568 You have new positive reputation changes :)
@Sam Six chars rather than three? Sounds reasonable...
lol :D
yesterday, by Mooseman
@bjb568 The password is always "password". Never forget that. I use it for SE, email, windows, linux, etc. Better yet, I'll give some hacker a laugh when they crack it and see it was "password" all along.
I want to see nicael poke Mooseman's software for holes :P
6:49 PM
Yay, my first bounty on MSE :D
Thanks @nicael
@InfiniteRecursion even if it is awful enough to warrant deletion, that doesn't speak well for its value as a comment...
Not be tired good men!
@InfiniteRecursion I don't know how that proposal was useful for me, you know what?
Here I am no way to receive money!!! no Payapl or credit card.... I live in Iran...
And something, I don't know how to reply an offline chat message! :( oh no! reading more docs is not a good idea. please
@Shog9 I agree, it's hard to understand why they thought it would add value as a comment.
Hey @Shog9!
6:57 PM
@Shog9 we talked less together, you're always keep working, you should be that employee
ok sorry!
@Ahmad, You asked us if we get money, and you guessed that we have nothing better to do in life, so I shared that post, Shog explains why SE contributions are free and money-less
@InfiniteRecursion :) sure, I respect your job ;), mmmmm what can I say, you're a bit sensitive

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