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12:00 AM
@Braiam Yeah, I see that every 1 out of 3 page loads or so.
@TimStone Thought you might like to know that Get Off My Lawn! comes out tomorrow. ;)
where is the "less ads" privilege?
@Braiam Reduce Ads is at 200 reputation
@Rafflesiaarnoldii where is the reference to sites with ads?
12:07 AM
I took that info from "advertise" page. This list of site is no longer there: only the trilogy is mentioned.
I assumed that the plan did not work out and was dropped from the advertising options. Apparently, this is not the case.
Too bad I did not take a screenshot of the page back then.
Drupal's privilege list says nothing about 200-rep reduced advertising.
exactly why I was confused
can't do screenshots on my phone... but that's funny.
^^ for historical record. (Screenshot from the Wayback machine).
would include that in your A
Well, this is not pertinent to that question, which was specifically about Math.SE. Math does not have ads, and apparently there are no plans to introduce them.
But it seems we have material for a Meta.SE question now... which sites carry ads?
12:16 AM
(Also, editing the post now to include most likely outdated information would be odd. Yes, Drupal has ads, but we've no idea if other sites remain in the ad program.)
12:33 AM
@cVplZ Wow, didn't realize you had cast over 10k dvs on SO.
I hate it when a question looks intelligent, and you put effort into a decent answer, then the OP comes back with some retarded question and you realize it was all for nothing.
This is what kills my motivation to answer SO questions.
@JasonC :(
That and seeing these stupid questions with obvious answers that get like 200 upvotes in a day.
@JasonC Are you talking about my first mortarboard and populist?
12:39 AM
@JasonC You should learn to see which simple questions have potential to go hot, and answer them.
@JanDvorak Haha, I dunno, your first 200 rep day looks pretty solid to me
@Frank I'm such a bad judge of that, I've reflected on that before, lol
My judgment is always the exact opposite. Except when I assume my judgment is the opposite and do the opposite; then it turns out I would have had it right.
Reduction of hexavalent chromium using fungi and bacteria isolated from contaminated soil and water samples
The reductive adsorption of hexavalent chromium (Cr6+) using six indigenous microorganisms isolated from contaminated soil and water samples was investigated. Quantification of Cr6+ reduction was deter- mined using the 1,5-diphenylcarbazide method followed measuring the absorbance at OD540. Bacterial isolates identified as Klebsiella pneumoniae, Bacillus firmus and Mycobacterium sp. were capable of absorbing Cr6+ efficiently into their biomass, whereas the fungal isolates, Aspergi
^ Should I do a presentation on that?
Sounds interesting.
@JasonC SO is too big for that anyway. When there's a hot question on GL, chances are I've answered it, as I've been answering over 50% of new content there.
Found an ad on AU, edited into @Braiam's post on meta.
12:44 AM
Now hoping it's not from some adware on my computer; how embarrassing that would be. happened to others
@JasonC Yay, ok. That's the paper.
@rtruszk How does the specific question have to do at all with project euler? Assuming the question isn't a strait-up quote of project euler (as that wouldn't be on topic for SO and the focus would then be to close and delete rather that apply extremely minor edits), it will be a smaller subset of the problem likely (and if not, we don't especially care about it as it won't benefit the community) relating to many other similar (and not) problems in which case project euler is utterly irrelevant to the core of the question. — bjb568 35 secs ago
12:58 AM
So, Game Dev and Web Apps also carry ads. This seems to be all, as far as that Wayback list is concerned. Still odd that SE removed the list of sites from mediakit page while putting the ads online.
1:22 AM
TIL how to pin a tab in FireFox
and it shines...
And sede brings Chrome to a task-manager-kill-worthy grinding halt yet again.
Am I pinging you, Jason? Edit
@bjb568 I don't know my volume was muted; try again.
@bjb568 Yeah it worked.
is glad my markdown parser doesn't do that
1:30 AM
Oh boy.
Hey bjb did that ping you?
> But when I tried printing it into the screen it will display all the data I need. I feel hopeless about this. Please debug my code.
1:46 AM
@Braiam No links to downvote, no fun.
@JasonC meh, is UL... and U NO REPZ ON UL, SO NO
Incidentally, a search for "please debug my code" reveals:
@user2506489 your code contains a number of mistakes,which i can't figure out why cannot you see,wrong use of braces,pointers,declarations just have a relook — C for .... Jun 21 '13 at 9:53
^ "Your code contains a number of mistakes, which I can't figure out why you cannot see." I'm going to start using that.
Step 1: make 12 suggested edits on every SE site. Step 2: downvote 40*130 = 5200 questions daily. Actually, this would not work: most sites don't get 40 new questions per day.
The tablet screen on mediakit page is actually draggable.
2:00 AM
@JasonC Actually no.
@bjb568 Aw
Showing wonky in history and transcript…
@bjb568 I did find a space that counts as not space though, so at least something interesting came out of it.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii "Reach the most relevant audience for your brand by focusing your ads in the right places." Yeah. Not at me. (supports adblock)
2:03 AM
You are not their audience, cats have virtually no disposable income.
Q: Burninate Project Euler

bjb568The wiki for project-euler says: Please be aware that the purpose of Project Euler is to encourage people to think and learn so publishing the solution or working code would render this process useless. Yeah… no. The tag wiki tells answerers to basically treat SO as a forum for Project Eule...

^ The current score of 0 is actually +28-28. Fair and balanced.
Yeah, I'm quite amazed by the votes on that post
Those who are opposed aren't exactly vocal about it which is strange.
2:08 AM
I think the solution is simple: split off projectEuler.se
Split ALL the topics
Join ALL the topics!
2:12 AM
Just like Yahoo Answers, but with downvotes
2:30 AM
The Google blurb is kinda funny. Very representative.
Q:"Can you get pregnant from watching a health class video?" A:"Not if you put condoms on your eyes."
2:48 AM
@Frank yep, only like 1700 aren't on now deleted posts
@JanDvorak and with more mature young people
I got 1556 on not-deleted posts out of 10150 total dvs. Or, as I prefer to call them, not-yet-deleted posts.
The tavern morning (or whatever) shift must look at our star wall every day and think we're total assholes.
I would like to hope that all 1700 of mine edited their post into a quality one. Maybe someday I'll go through some of em.
@JasonC they don't need to look at the star wall to know that
2:57 AM
@bjb568 Welp. Someone's not supporting Stack Exchange.
(I actually voted unclear but wish I could change; I cast my vote before his comment about the compiler error.)
@hichris123 It's a negotiation tactic. Won't unblock ads until you let me review more!
Huh; I didn't know Remy Lebeau was active on SO. He was a staple on the Borland/Embarcadero forums in my RAD Studio days (some of the darker days of my life). I like running into people on SO I've seen before.
pcpartpicker.com/p/gMCMmG - thoughts on my configuration so far? (yes, this again)
@hichris123 Why don't you get a hybrid drive?
3:04 AM
@JasonC I don't really see a point in it -- use the SSD for Windows & a little bit of other stuff, use the 1 TB for everything else.
Sure; although if you leave it up to the drive to figure out what it wants to put on the SSD half, you get the bonus of e.g. uncommonly accessed windows system files not taking up space on the SSD but commonly accessed program files being placed there instead.
eh, true. Though with a hybrid, you don't get the whole speed boost that you get with an SSD.
Yeah; that's the balance I guess; average access times hybrid vs. windows ssd + everything else hd. Er I'm too tired to make sentence of a sense making type for.
Or splurge and get a 1tb samsung 840 evo.
@JasonC How much is that? $400?
@hichris123 Yeah roughly. I've had one in my laptop about 6 months, it's been rock solid so far.
I don't know if new more competitive drives have come out since, I haven't followed it.
3:12 AM
@hichris123 that memory GB per buck is a bit pricey
@Braiam RAM or hard drive?
@hichris123 RAM. Are you into games?
@hichris123 You can save a few bucks on the case, too:
@Braiam Not super intensive games, more casual. But I would like to have 16 GB for... uh... compiling certain programs (cough chromium cough) and perhaps editing videos.
@JasonC xD
Q: How do I show ads on Trilogy and Stack Exchange sites with AdBlock enabled?

Alex AngasI would like to see advertising on Stack Overflow, Server Fault, Super User, and all Stack Exchange sites, however I have AdBlock installed. How do I do this?

Whoa. Ok I promise I won't get into post-shitloads-of-case-mod-pictures mode but this is pretty classy:
user image
3:18 AM
> latency is more important for non-linear applications like compiling code
you should look for low latency rather than raw speed
It is a 9 CAS.
also the SSD may help
Ah, the sweet sound of a cat making a hairball drifts in from a distant room.
meh, maybe I'm too serious trying to get more-per-buck
didn't found better deal for the ram that had that many reviews
@Rafflesiaarnoldii `Score: -2
3:27 AM
@Braiam It seemed pricey to me too, but I guess RAM is just a little on the expensive side.
Probably because we're talking about 16 GB & not 8 GB.
4:12 AM
^ drupal
4:30 AM
spam ^
^ synonyms ^
@SmokeDetector true
@InfiniteRecursion Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii can you see ads on Drupal now? I checked, no ads :/
4:42 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Yes, I can. Open a question, press F5 several times until an ad appears.
The ad is shown randomly, not always
4:43 AM
^ company chat, according to Kevin Montrose. Unclear what meaning site icons have here.
I am pressing F5, odds are that I will see new spam on Drupal before I see an ad
Hm. Maybe it's country dependent? SE offers targeted advertisement.
Got it now, saw an ad after several F5's
Also, spam gone...let's wait for the next one
drupal is the perfect honeycomb for spam
Spam gone btw
@Rafflesiaarnoldii wiki is blocked too. >,<
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I once worked on that :)
nobody in my college was able to understand what I did
^ shame on that user, they are a 1K and should know better
@SilentKiller You need a vpn..
or ssh
5:20 AM
@Unihedron using vpn.
5:48 AM
What..!! Where did everyone go?
/playing hide and seek
Only 16 users present in room :O
Looks left
Looks right
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Muscle Building Letest by wasion on meta.stackexchange.com
spam ^
@SmokeDetector true
i know you won't listen to me
5:50 AM
Seems no-one is here.
Let's hijack tavern :D
Hijacking tavern, Plan set in motion
Procedures initiated
for now, only me and @SilentKiller are on current page of messages
Soon we will take over :D
congrets.. :D
congrats to you too @SilentKiller
5:57 AM
@SilentKiller would you upvote, if I answer that spam?
lols. you want to get blocked..?? 3 4 mods watching us. :D
spam gone
Someone's here! SOMEONE'S HERE!!
hides behind that rock
pulls @SilentKiller with him too
I spent a few minutes looking at the explicit write access list, trying to understand how it was formed. Best guess so far: a lottery.
6:11 AM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii I think same of the owners too
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: P CHANNEL MOSFET AS ON-OFF SWITCH by Anlei on electronics.stackexchange.com
I'm unclear on what side of VLQ | spam these examples land.
is this good?
Some of your answers look like promoting a certain website. Please disclose the affiliation with the site on each answer to prevent misunderstanding. — Andrew T. 1 min ago
6:26 AM
Does not having c-cex.com as username disclose affiliation?
well, then should the answers be flagged? edited? ignored and move on?
I think they are VLQ in any case.
I raised spam flags, so mods will handle them I think, if community doesn't handle
Yay, drupal spam
Yay, drupal drupal!
6:29 AM
Yes, I like drupal. It's unambiguous.
The funny thing is that SO spam isn't gibberish, drupal spam is always gibberish
that's why some are also downvoted for no effort @ drupal
Yes, SO tends to have these scrappy little companies/individuals looking for questions that might or might not be solvable with their product, whatever it is.
true, and Drupal spammers are looking for users to use their vitamins and creams
drupal gone.
6:45 AM
I believe that StackOverflow is intended to enhance our knowldege,but at the same time some people giving answers to some queries are not enhancing the knowledge but just giving the solutions to the problem(or say short cuts but not efficient way).As these solutions make the OP's code run(the way he/seh wants),so they accept them as answers. But there are other correct and efficient ways by which the problem can be solved. I have seen this happening a lot on StackOverflow. — nobalG 11 mins ago
^isn't there a character limit on comments?
123 characters left (minus 2 **'s markdown = 119)
Current emotional status: Hungry and sleepy
you missed the typo on the title and other places :|
6:58 AM
added 1437 characters in body thinking i should not change that..
but that's a lot of Ctrl+Shift+F-ing...
some time still need to add 4 space
else most parent and first child remain in same line.
good job :)
@SilentKiller I usually just press space bar four times, then copy all the spaces. Then paste them wherever needed.
thanks Andrew. :)
@DroidDev did same. but sad thing is OP has 8.4k repo and still this kind of format. :/
@AndrewT. what should be the title ?
7:04 AM
@SilentKiller SO was made to collect knowledge database, but sadly, it is converted into reputation harvesting place and ask anything place.
Sometimes, it seems it has lost its purpose :(
that's why SE Police came into picture. :D
@Jan alive?
@SilentKiller Umm, not sure... just there are some typos, but not too critical
@SilentKiller people here are very dedicated towards community. But, then again, when I look at posts from Jeff himself and the lack of corporatedness in his answers, I wonder, why is that missing from the members that succeeded him.
No Comments spam still alive
@Su-AuHwang if the ID was incorrect, Eclipse wouldn't have let me compile the app. And, damn! I put it before setContentView()Basit Saeed 47 secs ago
And, damn! I put it before setContentView()
@SilentKiller if OP doesn't delete, flag it as "no-repro" or vtc, if it has some similar reason
and there must be a dupe for it
7:22 AM
@DroidDev nothing is really missing, maybe no one is so verbose about it anymore because the volume of stuff that needs cleaning has increased massively over time, e.g drupal.se didn't exist when those posts were written, so everyone is busy cleaning up ;)
I don't cv dupes, not enough domain knowledge in android
i am sure about this. @inf that it is dup'
@InfiniteRecursion yes, everyone is busy/dedicated towards making a better community. I said that. I talked about corporatedness because of some other incidents(I don't have the link now), where a reply from someone from inside the SE was needed and it wasn't there. Instead, some other high rep, experienced user replied with a perhaps this might be the reason answer.
7:36 AM
Hi all
Can I create a room to hangout with colleagues ?
the room will be for casual chat and frequent about technical discussions too
I can ofcourse create a room, but I just want to make sure whether I am breaking any rule or not
I will ask a question on meta.SE after 5 mins if I don't get response here :)
@Mr_Green I don't think many people are around right now. MSE might be the place
ok thanks
7:45 AM
@Mr_Green I can't say for general case, but seeing there are other rooms that are not really related to SE, probably it's safe to do that.
@AndrewT. thanks.. but still I will ask so that I can show proof if someone attack that room later :P
@Mr_Green My opinion only, but as long as you can moderate it, I guess it's okay :P
8:00 AM
Q: Can I create a casual chat room for my colleagues?

Mr_GreenI like the chat room features provided here on SE. I am planning to create a public chat room (possibly, with my company name) here where my colleagues and I can hangout. The reason of this chat room would be to have some fun while working in office. The fun can be related to funny stuff (mostly)...

^ grammar check pls
@Jan ^ :P
^^ grammatically sound, at least from me who is not a native speaker :x
I got downvote :(
ya, 2 of them. I think people disagree
yeah now 3.. but there are many chat rooms here?
8:05 AM
I haven't voted yet, but after reading it, I found it... a bit unconvincing to do that.
not sure.. will wait for a while.. still no comments but downvotes.. that is rude.
Given arguments are not strong enough, I guess
@AndrewT. you mean creating a chat room or downvoting?
chat room to have some fun (added: with colleagues), etc
@Mr_Green I think words "company name" and "for my colleagues" are reason for downvotes
8:07 AM
yeah I know.. that is why I was confuse to create one
you can also do it in your company. Like I have created a chat group on skype in mine
it just SE provide good features.. :|
but I agree.. I should not over use it
@Mr_Green hehe, like replying to one particular message etc. I know that feel ;)
8:24 AM
@SilentKiller not quite
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW DID THE GENERATION OF THE HUMAN PROCEED by Starry Son on christianity.stackexchange.com
@Mr_Green I posted a reply (and downvoted as I disagree)
^^unclear and shouting
@JanDvorak I am not shouting
grrr...I always get trapped between Smokey and meanie
8:32 AM
@DroidDev yeah :)
@InfiniteRecursion np
I agree I should not create a chat as I mentioned above. but still just for clarification: what if I create on SO (just like javascript chat room no company name) and also I am sure my colleagues are not interested in rep points? — Mr_Green 1 min ago
^that room facepalm
8:47 AM
Fewer users in the tavern today, why?
and less active too.
@InfiniteRecursion I had linked the same link in my post..
and also mentioned that the room which I creating will not fall under "inappropriate" as mentioned in that link
3 hours ago, by DroidDev
Seems no-one is here.
3 hours ago, by DroidDev
Let's hijack tavern :D
3 hours ago, by DroidDev
One of my ancient answers just got another upvote!
@Unihedron was it about how to extract iron from iron ore
was judging from word "ancient" :P
8:51 AM
@Tavern !!/alive?
Tavern : let me sleep
@Mr_Green yes, am looking for more appropriate documentation. All the posts about chat room topics seem to refer to the word solicitation wrt gals :/
your solicitation is of a different type, so am looking for something related to that
8:57 AM
spoiler Oh the irony
I thought the day might come. The decision will decide many things
Think of this as a branch of Tavern. Tavern which type of tree you are ? :P
9:02 AM
Follow-up question: are the rules for creating a chat room the same in Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange, and Meta Stack Exchange?
@InfiniteRecursion @DroidDev We are so far from Equestria, we are so far away. Maybe it is time to move a little closer.
@AndrewT. Not sure. But the help center says the rooms should be roughly on-topic for the main site.
9:03 AM
that room...
@AndrewT. you know that room?
@AndrewT. ya, that room
We were there few days ago
in seeking for MR.NiceGuy on Stack Overflow Chat, Nov 7 at 6:05, by boyee
room topic changed to Gayzone: (no tags)
and you didn't flag it?
9:05 AM
crap flag flag flag.
how do i flag room ? :/
@InfiniteRecursion I posted it here, everything, but no-one told me to do anything
@InfiniteRecursion Consider I forgot that there was a flag in chat room since I never do that
flag messages
@InfiniteRecursion I wrote an answer, then the moment of posting I realized it was an old question.
I flagged message from that room, so someone will go and take a look at it
9:07 AM
Ha! rule number 16 lolzzz...
@Unihedron answering old questions gets you badges :D
@InfiniteRecursion I flagged as valid
@DroidDev That's silly
@rene Thanks rene
@InfiniteRecursion I thought you'd reply :P
@DroidDev The "rules of the internet" thing is so outfashioned.
9:09 AM
@Unihedron What!! But, I never read a complete list!
stars the link to read it later
stars that too
10k users visiting room..
@inf there are many rooms like this for TimePass and kind of flirt.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: What can skin care products do for you? by flossiiethorp on drupal.stackexchange.com
9:17 AM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@ProgramFOX Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
drupal @ -6
25k repo user wake up and shouting on flags.
gone ^
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Muscle Building Supplement by sarayu diti on meta.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.

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