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10:00 AM
spam going bye super fast
^ the spammer has badge...
@AndrewT. They're a good spammer. Still doesn't free their spam from flags though.
no changes on this suggested edit?
10:18 AM
@SilentKiller then all of them should be nuked
this is a q and a site
lol.. @inf, stop editing/deleting your comments, makes me look like my comments have no relevance to what was just said
1 hour ago, by SilentKiller
@inf there are many rooms like this for TimePass and kind of flirt.
@InfiniteRecursion agreed but most of time user say sorry and all emotional blackmail and mod leave them with warning mod should not be harsh as they are not
around 6 month ago on SO chat rooms there was a war named flag revenge war
@SilentKiller Sorry, I do not agree with that point of view...mods are right if they stop them and/or throw them out of SE for good
This isn't facebook
I hope someone nukes that room and all those user accounts soon
@InfiniteRecursion this sentence should refer to mods. i just said what i observe. many of deleted rooms too but still there are several rooms.
@SilentKiller okay
10:24 AM
and main barrier is that none of SO mod know hindi. so they actually can't get the meaning
that's not a barrier
I translated some of your messages from a frozen room on SE where you were saying stuff about mods, google translates stuff fairly well
a room which balpha froze after you did that
poor dev who are not able to describe to their problem in english uses local lang and they became victim of language.
even i had been victim of language.
after that i followed this method.
in Smart Developers' Lab on Stack Overflow Chat, Aug 28 at 8:13, by SilentKiller
Hindi : आप मुझे फिर चिह्नित सकते हैं
English : You can flag me again
any other language want then please specity
nope, you were explicit and said stuff in English too...let them hear if they want...am gonna abuse in English kinda things...will find it later if you really can't recall
if you can recall, easier for me, I hate seeing bad things
@InfiniteRecursion even this message was flagged too.
I rather read a nice novel than read crap
10:28 AM
:-) google reverse image search says the nearest matches are several impressionist paintings and youtube video of drug use. Strike out. — Bryce Dec 26 '13 at 4:10
@inf thats why i stop roaming in SO chat rooms and spending my time on SE chats and on cleansing stuff.
that was an SE room, that's why I saw it, I never go to SO chat...except today when I was doing research to compose my answer for my MSE post
closed ^
10:32 AM
@PatrickHofman narrowed down by OP
@JanDvorak Sorry, don't get it. The last change I see was 28 minutes ago.
@PatrickHofman check his last comment or the suggested edit
Side note, you might like MiaouUnihedron 6 secs ago
Shameless self-promotion detected
@JanDvorak self-promotion? :P
11:02 AM
@JanDvorak That narrows it down a little bit, but it are still six different questions in one. Also, one of the is a recommendation.
@PatrickHofman Aren't they six aspects of one question?
@JanDvorak Not in my opinion.
11:15 AM
please reject, it breaks Java semantics stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/6204604
near i=0
@Unihedron how does it?
@JanDvorak it changes i = 0 to i=0
@Unihedron umm... so?
and puts the decrement on a different line
*the same
11:18 AM
Are you trying to push us into incorrect reviews?
@JanDvorak No, it makes the code formatting worse and actively harms readability.
@Unihedron now that's a rejection reason. As for removing whitespace, meh, but does adding the newline hurt?
@JanDvorak No it doesn't, so on second thought I should had rejected and edited.
The edit also fixed indentation
OTOH, why bother fixing it at all?
11:21 AM
It actually didn't, but the editor edited the suggested edit, so you're looking at something different from when I posted the link.
oh. Well then
IMHO, editing suggested edits should not be allowed altogether.
g2g food; bye
Perhaps I should suggest removing grace edits altogether? Thoughts?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: GROUP BY MONTH IN ORACLE by branches on stackoverflow.com
@JanDvorak no, I do a lot of grace edits and fix typos
oops, you are eating
11:58 AM
I don't think removing grace edits are a bad idea, but they do get useful. Maybe it only gets disabled when one more binding task vote is needed.
That's more accurate and ensures that the binding reviewer vote doesn't gets dealt wrongly.
It sure is quiet today echo, echo, echo...
...there goes my hope to squeeze a 1 Hour Later... message in tavern :(
3 hours ago, by DroidDev
3 hours ago, by DroidDev
Seems no-one is here.
3 hours ago, by DroidDev
3 hours ago, by DroidDev
Let's hijack tavern :D
3 hours ago, by DroidDev
3 hours ago, by DroidDev
@Sam Morning!
@Unihedron Morning!
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: FILTHY STOVE TOP WIRES UNDER EACH ELEMENT by dani on diy.stackexchange.com
12:10 PM
Also mobile client is a pain...
And having to sit here for 30 more minutes waiting for the others to finish their nonsensical German exam is a pain, too
@Vogel612'sShadow I feel you.
Every quiz for programming course: aces it in 5 minutes; wonders what to do with my life for the remaining 55 minutes
Btw you saw Junior is in a working state now? @Unihedron
@Vogel612'sShadow Yes! I commented on your PR. Really great work. :)
12:26 PM
@Unihedron Ace it in 9 more programming languages
@JanDvorak 10/10 epic idea, will definitely do
Bonus points if you can ace networking stuff in without using the documentation
Networking stuff? You're kidding, our class only covers data types at the moment. And basic assignments.
Data types? Who needs data types?
Like this:
12:30 PM
9 programming languages???? Isn't that a bit much?
@Vogel612'sShadow Why?
@Unihedron schools have always been a limitation to one's expansion in his/her knowledge/interest domain
  int0, int1, int2 : postint = 0;
@JanDvorak it's getting hard after the fourth for me...
@Vogel612'sShadow Which ones?
12:31 PM
@DroidDev I wholeheartedly agree.
@Unihedron :)
C# java vba php and then I'm more guessing than programmin with phython and c++
@Unihedron of-course, unless, you are able to get admission in MIT :D
@Vogel612'sShadow ditch VBA and PHP
I can do: Pascal, Java, Java8, (sufficient) Scala, C++, python, php, javascript, (sufficient) vba, Golang
12:33 PM
Java is verbose but it's everywhere
Java8 is actually great, btw.
But java still sucks.
Oh, I also know a bit of Ruby, if it concerns. I can't write a full program in ruby though.
We had php classes in school. Vba was the language if a legacy app I had to maintain...
I am not doing anything with them anymore but it's enough...
@Unihedron I make my living by coding in JAVA only
@DroidDev JAVA or Java?
I can do: Java (rusty), Javascript, PHP (rusty), Ruby, Haskell, a little Python, C/C++ (rusty), Assembly (very rusty), C# (read-only)
12:35 PM
@DroidDev JAVA is indeed one of the mainstream languages. java sucks though.
@Vogel612'sShadow I was shouting JAVA :P
@Unihedron better java than JAVA...
@Unihedron That's easy: gets is console input, puts is console output
/me only knows C#, VB.Net (rusty) & C++ (rusty).
@Unihedron that argument can last till the end of times
12:36 PM
The lack of knowledge in cr questions about Java is proportional to the amount of uppercased letters
btw, I only know C(rusty), C++(rusty), C#(rusty), COBOL(rusty), Java
I want to learn COBOL!
@Unihedron do we kill people in it?
@DroidDev No, you control a character in linear motion.
12:38 PM
@Unihedron no fun after 1 hour :P
That. .
oh... I also know some lua
@JanDvorak Lua is a scripting language.
There are also many flavours of lua, so.
5 Minutes until freedom
So is Ruby and Javascript ;-)
@Unihedron the one in Manufactoid
12:39 PM
@Unihedron as is Python and php
oh... I also know some clisp
@Frank Are all of them reposts that I've handled already?
@JanDvorak Probably.
@Unihedron a guy said hi to you in the Garden Shed.
@Frank ?!
frantically rushes into the room
Oh, it was from three hours ago.
12:43 PM
@Unihedron Yeah, he didn't ping.
starts looking around for Garden Shed
Bbl... finally free.
wonders what Bbl... means
be back later
be back later
12:45 PM
usually typed in all-caps
notes the meaning and start looking for Garden Shed again
@DroidDev It's the general chat room for Gardening & Landscaping.
Anyone else thinks that paper tool bindings in minecraft are nonsense and shouldn't be possible?
@Frank oh! never been to that site
@JanDvorak Didn't know they existed but they sound dumb.
12:47 PM
@JanDvorak never played minecraft
Unlike other paper tool parts, paper tool binding has no downsides
I only know about paper bombs from anime series Naruto
Today I got 55 rep on MSE and only 9 on GL!
goes to work on GL
Why does stackoverflow.com/questions/26831279/… have more than one reopen flag? o.O
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: How do I make my own porn site? by CindiLuv on superuser.com
12:55 PM
^ lol
vlq/2broad/rec-tool/possible trolling
Q: Why is the DNA codon table "equal" to the RNA codon table

SosiBefore anything else please pay attention of the double quotes on the "equal" in the title - I know they are not equal, but you will understand in a bit. If I look at the DNA codon table here or in wikipedia, and at the RNA codon table here or in wikipedia, their only difference is that the form...

Please answer^
I don't have the knowledge.
@Frank If only I remembered high school.
Ramhound, many men want to see me :) — CindiLuv 23 mins ago
who the hell upvoted that comment!!??
I vlq'd the question.
Should'a flagged it as offensive.
@Unihedron So did I.
1:31 PM
rejected unanimously
@DroidDev More confusingly, I'm surprised Ramhound took the bait.
I enjoy using sites developed by pr0n models, and watch pr0n with web developers.
@Vogel612'sShadow priceonomics.com/man-writes-dissenting-opinion-in-all-caps "His guide advises voters based on a simple algorithmic approach: it takes in the opinions on a measure published in the information pamphlet the city mails to every registered voter before elections, and tells you to vote with whichever side is most sparing in its use of ALL CAPS."
@Unihedron SU clearly needs .
@JasonC nooooooo
1:56 PM
^ Uni's right.
Also, did anyone nuke that SO chat room? Let me check...
Yay, thank you for nuking it :)
I see the night crew has taken over the tavern this morning
Porn question nuked. THANK GOD
Yay, I get a helpful flag.
Dating room nuked. THANK GOD
2:01 PM
Crap now I'll be single forever.
@JasonC @inf is checking you out right now
@JasonC Good thing, til you grow up.
@cVplZ No she isn't.
@Frank checking/looking
@cVplZ No she isn't.
2:04 PM
what she lookin at then?
@cVplZ Hey! We were waving!
2:05 PM
NOO! I'm next to Jason C.
There I go.
I can't help writing dumb posts on MSE.
ah one internet guy took revenge on stackoverflow. he downvoted my old answers
please leave more room between the users, they too close to me
but system is really good
> Serial voting was reversed
Congrats on reversal!
2:08 PM
@Frank me too...I feel helpless without full edit and cv-privileges, so collecting repz by writing dumb posts :/
@InfiniteRecursion I beat you in dumbness.
@TGMCians yay!
I should delete it.
Well, write selfies!
@Frank don't delete, leads to post ban
2:09 PM
A: Is the combined flair imagerator broken?

FrankWorks for me in Chrome 38.0.2125.111 m:

There you go. :/
@Frank Dat fake number
I answered it too...yay you got a vote
@InfiniteRecursion And... your answer wasn't dumb.
@Frank neither is yours, question is dumb; can you see your rectangle? facepalm
@InfiniteRecursion Uh, I took a really dumb screenshot...
At least it was clickable.
2:14 PM
Atleast you added words, one answer is just a screenshot
MSO gets better posts, and much faster voting....quicker deletions and full of rants
@cVplZ change your name to staYawaYplZ
@Frank I added an answer too!
Apparently I have the power to make everybody else quiet. :o
is quiet
is quiet
2:27 PM
is tired
@Mooseman Thank god their link is done wrongly.
Many things goes wrong — shikha Singhani 19 secs ago
Lol; his plan backfired I guess.
@Unihedron Markdown FTW
>Thank you for reviewing 20 low quality posts today
2:29 PM
spammers need markdown courses
@Unihedron No they don't
Welcome back @Vog!
Thank you @Unihedron
@Mooseman .........
2:34 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: a non-english soft core porn movie by Anony on movies.stackexchange.com
umm... closed as missing enough details to identify?
Spam alert: IE6 FTW
"sex" tag? Omg, movies.SE whyy
@Vogel612'sShadow I did vlq, and cast an anonymous downvote for some reason.
2:37 PM
@Unihedron that tag is fine... just the combination with might be... problematic
@Vogel612'sShadow and I bet some users tried to create a pornography tag. Look at the excerpt for "adult-movies"!
@SmokeDetector true
@cVplZ Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
That one is obviously a troll question though.
2:44 PM
@Unihedron islam.se has it too, Sam once reported a post with that tag as tp in the tavern...it was fp :/
Huh, I'm #14? I didn't do anything!
@InfiniteRecursion :(
The unintelligible answers are piling up fast.
Oct 29 at 10:59, by Pham
Low Quality Q (100%): ** ** ******* ** **** ******** ********* *** **** *****, by *********, on islam.stackexchange.com.
2:49 PM
troll question put on hold by anna
Thank God
@Unihedron It's funny cause I have only 562 rep here... must be the voting habits I have.
@Frank ~wonders how he got to the first page
@Vogel612'sShadow I think all the taverners are on the front page...
ehhh?? I don't actually do all that much..
a snarky comment here and there, and voting when I see something interesting..
2:52 PM
and chat
also why the crap is the band I am listening to right now named "Butthole Surfers"
@Unihedron IIRC chatting isn't counted into participation...
@Vogel612'sShadow I think iy's counting all the q's, a's, comments, voytes, etc in the last 60 days...
Change your musical tastes
2:53 PM
@Frank what about flags?
@JanDvorak they aren't even half bad though..
'cuz that's like the only thing I do
A: How is meta participation calculated?

balphaThis is pretty much answered by the tooltip you get when you hover over the "participation" sort link: Users most active on this site in the last 60 days (combined number of posts, votes, comments and edits). -- that's all it is. Take the sum of those four values and sort the users based on...

...am not on that list @Frank :(
@Unihedron Not sure.
2:53 PM
@Vogel612'sShadow define "half-bad"
I like that song currently playing, and they are making some psychedelic pseudorock
sooo... fits the bill
@InfiniteRecursion For me, you're #25.
Yay, 25 is good :)
2:54 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Nice!
Soon you'll be over 20k.
@InfiniteRecursion Wow, you're #1 on week rank! Well done!
@cVplZ Uni was #2 there... he's slipping.
2:55 PM
@Frank uni's only other person from tavern on top page
WHAT THE enter?
It's me! Two of me!
everybody...move away from cVplZ plz!!
"leaning on myself because there's two of me here"?
2:57 PM
@Frank Yeah... I started working on other projects, so I only flag and cv now.
I'm sorry; what did you say, @uni?
@JanDvorak >:|
Yes @cVplZ, am answering on MSE this week :)
Oh. Well...
2:58 PM
@JanDvorak xP
@InfiniteRecursion Folks , please No more questions on MSE, for the love of all duck kind
ignores police
Why @cVplZ? :(
Are my posts that bad?

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