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Tavern on the Meta

MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS! Wheel of blame link bolted on for your ease of use:

Shadow's Den

Where words are being associated, shadows are lurking, and new spells are given. Enter at your own risk! Quote of the month: "Comic books are like boobs, they look great on a computer screen, but I rather hold one in my hand. ;)" (DetonationPlus)
1h ago – Shadow Wizard
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Low Quality Posts HQ

Home of bots for catching low quality posts (and sometimes spam/offensive stuff). Zephyr: Pham:
16h ago – Zephyr
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Shadow's Sandbox

Sandbox is dead, long live Shadow's sandbox! :D
22h ago – Shadow Wizard

Sugarcube Corner

MLP lovers, remember to bring your party cannon, cause here [fun] is required, not just allowed. "There are three types of people in the world. The ones that think that 42 is just a number, the ones who think that it is an answer, and the ones who think about Twily"
23h ago – Derpy


Where the smoke goes
1d ago – hichris123
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Let's get philosophical

It's like a song or something.
2d ago – Pëkka
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iOS and Android Apps

Discussion about the iOS and Android apps. BUGS AND FEATURE REQUESTS STILL GO ON META.
7d ago – Shadow Wizard

Jon's Java Jitter Joint

Please ping @JonEricson if you drop by. Office hours start 20 minutes after my first cup of coffee depending on availability. (The programming language named after a hot, caffeinated drink named after an Indonesian island is _always_ off-topic.)
14d ago – Jon Ericson
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