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Tavern on the Meta

MY GOD, IT'S FULL OF STARS! Wheel of blame link bolted on for your ease of use:
2s ago – Revious
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Low Quality Posts HQ

A room where Sam and Andy's chatbots report LQPs. GitHub repositories: Sam's and Andy's
2m ago – Zephyr
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Shadow's Den

Where words are being associated, shadows are lurking, and new spells are given. Enter at your own risk! Quote of the day: "Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before" (Edgar Allan Poe)
51m ago – FOX 9000
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Formatting Sandbox
2h ago – Sam
Unihedron: 8h ago, 249 posts (7%)

Let's get philosophical

It's like a song or something.
3h ago – XMLbog

Sugarcube Corner

A place for parties and general nosense. Come and join the entropy, but please remember to leave your brains at the wardarobe at the entrance.
5h ago – SPArchaeologist
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Post questions you want closed here with the same syntax as existing posts. Please keep discussion in the tavern.
1d ago – Mike W
Unihedron: 45d ago, 30 posts (9%)

Jon's Java Jitter Joint

Office hours start 20 minutes after my first cup of coffee depending on availability. (The programming language named after a hot, caffeinated drink named after an Indonesian island is _always_ off-topic.)
1d ago – Unihedron
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Spill your secrets here. Deletion is optional.
3d ago – DroidDev
Unihedron: 6d ago, 12 posts (17%)

In Praise of Moderators

This room has nothing whatsoever to do with criticizing moderators behind their backs. We don't mock stupid things "the community" does either. Nothing to see here.
4d ago – jadarnel27
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Discussion of 'Flagging a deleted pos
12d ago – Ben Collins

Discussion between flob and David Z

Imported from a comment discussion on
3d ago – flob

Room for Uni and Inf

... and whoever that comes across this room. Nothing much really have to happen around here, it's like another hideout or something. Enjoy your stay! OK, bye!
5h ago – Sam
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