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3:42 AM
Q: How do I get my question privilages back?

MuzeI have reached my question limit is there a way to get it lifted?

3:56 AM
Q: Asking questions about potential proofs of famous problems?

Juan Sebastian LozanoIs it considered on topic to ask questions about potential proofs to open problems? I came across this purported proof of Navier-Stokes, and I was wonding if questions about proofs like this are on topic. It seems to me that in the past such questions have been asked and have been fruitful, but...

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6:59 AM
Q: metric-like spaces

Youssef SabarLet $X$ a set $\sigma$ to $X^2$ into $[0,\infty)$ a function such as: 1)$\sigma(x,y)=0$ implies $x=y$ 2)$\sigma(x,y)=\sigma(y,x)$ 3)$\sigma(x,z)\leq \sigma(x,y)+\sigma(y,z)$. we define $B(x,\varepsilon)=\{y,|\sigma(x,y)-\sigma(x,x)|<\varepsilon\}$. $\tau_\sigma$ has as base the familly of op...


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