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12:10 AM
@ColeJohnson Seems like an okay question; it's not asking for a library but simply how to do it.
1:05 AM
Woohoo I'm scheduled 8:30am to 1:00am on Election Day.
sucks to be an @animuson
@animuson are you laid off at 1:01am?
I will probably spend a huge portion of that day on Stack Overflow.
Woohoo! animuson will clear all-the-queues on the election day
My entire job that day is literally just supervising the Early Voting area. So more like answer questions when people ask me questions.
1:08 AM
foresee a elections.SE
@animuson What have you tried?
If only we could ask voters that.
"I want to know if my ballot has been accepted." - "Have you tried using the Voter Check service?"
"Can I use a pen or do I have to use pencil?" - "Read the FAQ instructions on the front of your ballot."
@JonEricson DARN IT! I was going to propose it!
weeps in a corner
Well, we had to move moderators.stackexchange.com to make room for a site.
1:15 AM
@SmokeDetector false
@cVplZ Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@animuson Y'know I'm just going to bother you with close vote requests & delete vote requests since you said that... ;P
@JonEricson And now they don't like the name, those ingrates.
@cVplZ Do fpu's with that.
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 24 secs ago, by SmokeDetector
@hichris123 Registered as false positive, added title to Bayesian doctype 'good', whitelisted user.
@WeaponofChoice Fine: ingrates.stackexchange.com it is.
1:26 AM
@hichris123 ?
@cVplZ It whitelists the user, too. Not that it does any good right now (whitelisting & blacklisting are kinda messed up.
how do i do a fpu?
Or I think falseu also works.
oh, instead of false, just do falseu if about a username
1:30 AM
sounds like someone missed an opportunity for "no u".
1:53 AM
@AnnaLear no u
no, no U
Is that intentional?
@bjb568 where?
@bjb568 ah, gotcha
:2588047 Hi
@bjb568 Huh…
@bjb568 This pings and shows up as "<arrow>@bjb568", but on reload it turns into ":2588047".
@bjb568 This one works, even tho the only difference is editing.
If there is an answer which basically repeating what the OP has done without adding new info, is it NAA? Or just downvote it?
@AndrewT. Is NAA, but flag will be declined because NAA is broken. You can mod flag in this situation.
Because the LQRQ is better at reviewing those things than mods, it will approve it if no VLQ and leave a comment probably.
Ok, thanks
2:17 AM
@bjb568 "LQRQ is better at reviewing those things than mods" - no. Mods have a definition of what specific flags are. The review queue just pukes them all in -- it doesn't care.
@bjb568 what a confusing explanation
@Shog9 Does this look like a good candidate for those fancy tag warnings? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/274984/burninate-code-golf
huh, thought I already did that, but I guess it was [hidden-features]
2:35 AM
Is there a list for tags who get fancy tag warnings? Should I ask this on meta? I somewhat believe this question is not really suitable, since it will grow overtime?
@hichris123 Mods don't delete a lot of obvious bad things, e.g. comment answers.
@hichris123 So, mods may be deciding "is this a valid NAA flag, or should it have been VLQ or something". Reviewers are deciding: "should it stay or go". I like reviewers better.
@Shog9 what a confusing system
@WeaponofChoice Good differentiation!
@bjb depends on definition of comment answers.
@hichris123 I mean "try jQuery". It obviously is an attempt and thus not a deletion candidate. But reviewers don't care, they just think (rightly) that it's crap.
2:38 AM
@bjb568 wait, did a mod actually leave that around recently?
@WeaponofChoice kinda. Usually we'll first look at the post, should it be deleted. Usually, a mods criteria are different than reviewers. Then, we look at the flags, deciding if each is valid, and declining them if they're not.
@JanDvorak (is exaggerated(?) example from mod comments)
Yeah. Incidentally, just came across a real-life instance of "no u"...
No, you compute it. — TZakrevskiy Oct 21 at 23:54
Does LQQ replace VLQ in chat? I haven't seen "LQA" yet.
3:02 AM
Migrate it to Math, it will be right at home there. :/
Not very active recently, thought people would be missing my elite trollings ... too busy in the past few weeks to entertain my 'victims' ~_~
@WeaponofChoice umm...
3:19 AM
@bjb568 I agree, I flagged this rant as naa, and mod didn't delete it :/
gone now
who deleted it?
Ani did
@bjb568 ain't it though?
3:26 AM
@SmokeDetector fpu
@InfiniteRecursion Registered as false positive, added title to Bayesian doctype 'good', whitelisted user.
@SmokeDetector I think I heard you saying that before...
2 hours ago, by hichris123
@cVplZ It whitelists the user, too. Not that it does any good right now (whitelisting & blacklisting are kinda messed up.
Also, why should the title be added to "good", when it wasn't a factor in the false positive? This is just as useful as adding random titles from the site as "good". @hichris123
Because it lacks the indicators of a "bad title"
3:33 AM
@WeaponofChoice because unlike random titles from the site, this is known to be good?
If I have to classify it into one of the sets, it's good for me, rather than bad
It seems that the fpu command is (or will be) given just as "shut up, this is our friend bob again". Unrelated to the title.
they implemented this as per my feature request, once we do enough fpu's and tpu's, they will have some data to proceed with the debugging
our friend bob might decide to rage quit some day, and post spam or offensive content, so title matters
exactly how often do rage quits actually happen?
3:47 AM
Considering that SE introduced an automatic system handle user requests for deletion... probably often.
OTOH, not many of those result in spam/offensive posts.
My point was, the title filter and username filter should just be independent. If a title results in a fp, add it to the "good" database. If a username results in a fp, whitelist that user. (So, their posts won't be caught based on the name anymore. They may well be caught based on title.)
> if(has_already_been_posted(site, post_id, s) or is_false_positive(post_id, site) or is_whitelisted_user(get_user_from_url(d["ownerUrl"]))):
return False # Don't repost. Reddit will hate you.
^that's what happens behind the scenes
The logic seems odd. So, if the title is utterly offensive but the user has been whitelisted (hi bob!), it does not get posted?
it's an or condition, if any part is true, the expression is true, so yes, in that case you mention, it won't be reported because is_whitelisted_user will be true
it should NAND it with is_offensive(title)
4:08 AM
Or split into two ifs: the check for is_whitelisted is needed only when the post drew attention because of the username. (I should remember to rename myself to "baba ji" after 3 weeks, to see how it works.)
@WeaponofChoice If you rename yourself on any other SE profile where you didn't change your name in the past month, and choose "copy to all profiles", you will be a baba ji on all your profiles. This is a known bug/bypass of the name change rate limiting
@InfiniteRecursion Thanks!!! No more waiting 30 days for username changes. Freedom!
Sep 1 at 17:50, by Unihedron's sock
Q: Why can't I revert my display name?

Unihedron's sockI changed my display name and want to change it back. Display name may only be changed once every 30 days Nooooooo! Fine, prevent people from changing their name every day, but at least let them change it back! Also, you must warn before performing an irreversible action!

^He/She had named themself as "Unihedron's sock" :P
So only had 1 dim light bulb working in the bathroom above the mirror. Thought it was a good idea to put 3 new ones in. Oh man, it's a scary looking mirror now.
You need to plan the lighting carefully around places with mirrors
3 lights are tooooooo much
@InfiniteRecursion I heard his socks went on strike.
@cVplZ That explains it
@InfiniteRecursion did it just get a re-open vote sending it back to the queue?
@cVplZ possible, since it shows 1 reopen vote on the question
@InfiniteRecursion and that is just saying the most recent activity on that post was closed as dup on that date
@cVplZ ohh
If I do a rollback to revision 4, will it remove the banner?
@InfiniteRecursion but yea, I don't know why they show that under the revisions.. Maybe it is a bug?
4:53 AM
I will test and report a bug on MSE, if test passes
Yes, duplicate banner is removed, reporting a bug on MSE
@InfiniteRecursion it's a dup..
@cVplZ post link please
but that's not what I was saying was a bug. I was saying, why would they show a revision tab, when no revision was made that sent it to the queue?
yes, that looks like a bug, should report it, looking for the dupe post which allows editor to remove possible duplicate banner
@cVplZ dupe of which post?
@InfiniteRecursion patience
Q: Possible to remove the link to duplicate question?

The Unhandled ExceptionI just edited a typo in this question of mine which was rightfully closed as a duplicate. When I did, I saw that I could edit the automatically inserted text, possibly removing it. I didn't try to do so, but, should I be allowed to edit that text? I'm going to post another question to test this....

Q: What happened to the link to the duplicate when a question is closed as a duplicate?

Jonathan Leffler Possible Duplicate: Possible to remove the link to duplicate question? This question: Why can I not use the namespace directive in a C++ struct? has been closed as an exact duplicate, but there is no link to the duplicate so we can neither assess whether the closure is valid nor se...

Q: Should users be allowed to remove the "Possible Duplicate" links on closed questions?

gnostradamusI've noticed the following happen a few times: A user posts a question. The question is closed as a duplicate and the usual "Possible Duplicate" links are added at the top. The user promptly removes the duplicate links, even though the question is still closed as a duplicate. (excessive use of ...

5:07 AM
@cVplZ My patience has been rewarded, now please stop oneboxing
review and save this please, users are trying to delete valid answer
s/users/some guy/
Thanks for saving it
the question is still OT
I always see incorrect reviews being done in the LQP, so I posted it here urgently, before reviewing it myself, couldn't see the stats at that time
yeah, editing it now
anyone going trick or treating tonight?
Posted an answer as baba ji, SmokeDetector is silent...
@babaji but... who are you?
carebear/Weapon of Choice
1 hour ago, by Weapon of Choice
Or split into two ifs: the check for is_whitelisted is needed only when the post drew attention because of the username. (I should remember to rename myself to "baba ji" after 3 weeks, to see how it works.)
^@ProgramFOX Smokey didn't detect baba ji's post
5:22 AM
post a question
doesn't it ignore users with great rep?
didn't see any method evaluating OP rep in Smokey's code, that's Pham afaik
I thought it was Smokey...
I may be wrong, but that rarely ever happens :P
in Low Quality Posts HQ, Oct 5 at 14:39, by Sam
And I've added post score and author rep filters, too.
^Pham has it, let me check Smokey now
5:28 AM
Ok.. I take it. Visual Studio has broken and got its menu stuck open. But would said stuck menu please GTFO when I minimise Visual Studio?
It will remain stuck even if you minimize it, only expected outcomes are VS won't maximize after minimizing or it will maximize with menu stuck open
I use VS a lot, so ^that's said out of my own experience :)
I really wanna have a personal meet with those developers :D
OK... sharpDev doesn't open the project and VS sucks hard... I think I'm done with C#
it isn't the dev team's fault, IDE's can't be fixed for such issues
devs of commercial IDEs have a long list of todo new features to finish before release dates
5:35 AM
if a platform-bound programming language author authors an IDE for their own language, I expect that IDE to not suck - even if it's just a free version of something decent.
talking about IDEs, off-topic? stackoverflow.com/q/26668156/2389078
unfortunately, VS doesn't meet that expectation...after some time, users gets used to it
if an IDE takes several minutes to start up, I can't stand having to restart it every hour.
5:41 AM
it sorts by rep then parses all of them
@cVplZ wut?
shell programming
another @bart? He's dutch too.. but no glasses , hmmm..
Conclusion: Smokey doesn't consider OP rep, Pham does
@JanDvorak Is Pham your first C# project?
Yep. Haven't contributed code yet, though
can't get it to compile even without changes
Well, it takes incredible patience, not your cup of tea :P
abandon or become patient
5:55 AM
56 mins ago, by cVplZ
@InfiniteRecursion patience
lots of missing paths, missing dlls, editor restarting, etc etc hassles will come
sweet... can't I just code and have someone else test for me?
@cVplZ You love oneboxing, don't you?
wait for boxing day
nope, you can't. the only editor that will open the project is VS, that's the only thing MS made sure of, they didn't bork that part :/
5:59 AM
@InfiniteRecursion what about notepad?
Sep 4 at 10:34, by lostsock
remove @InfiniteRecursion one boxing privileges
that got a star ^^^^ , which is hard to get a star in the tavern
@cVplZ no
Sep 4 at 10:34, by Infinite Recursion
@lostsock No....I love oneboxing !!
@cVplZ Hard for trolls to get stars, not for us. I get stars all the time, not hard at all
@InfiniteRecursion who you calling troll?
6:01 AM
Also, stop starring everything I write @cVplZ
I don't.
go to facebook @cVplZ, likes are banned in chat by rene
I only used more than like 12 stars in one day before, and that was just to test if I could actually run out. I'm pretty conservative with my stars.
no, sir, you can't run out of stars.
you do star me a lot @cVplZ, admit it
6:03 AM
Oct 25 at 17:01, by TGMCians
It's Friday...
@InfiniteRecursion not as much as you think I do, but sometimes I do star you. But not as much as I've starred @bart.
waits for inf to rage
@cVplZ why would I rage? everyone likes Bart :)
his jokes are very funny
Oct 18 at 19:09, by Infinite Recursion
@hichris123 Some people feel annoyed in certain situations, others feel amused. The former tend to be rude, the latter tend to be comical. One example is my nemesis Bart, he is of the latter type.
huh... aren't I comical when annoyed?
@JanDvorak In Notepad, you don't have any of the IDE features, too tedious to code without the code editor features
@JanDvorak Why are you doing self evaluation since yesterday?
I always am, aren't I?
6:14 AM
are you? proof?
How do you prove such a thing?
well, I didn't see you ask other user's opinions about yourself in the tavern before yesterday, so why this self-evaluation now?
maybe irl you do it, but now you started in the tavern
@AndrewT. valid question, not pob
It can be answered based on facts, rather than expertise and opinions
6:30 AM
looks like an answer to me, not a question.
@InfiniteRecursion What is the best way to establish..., I think that makes it POB...
@DroidDev "best way" can easily be unclear (what criteria?), but it doesn't imply POB
6:35 AM
@JanDvorak not sure, but the additional code doesn't seem so helpful
Can it be answered based on facts? If yes, then it isn't POB. If it needs to be answered based on opinions instead of facts, then it's POB
"what's the best text editor" can be answered based on facts, but it will be answered based on opinion
@JanDvorak no, valid answer. if we edit out the thanks, it still answers the original question
if you edit out the thanks, it will lack proper attribution ;-)
6:38 AM
I like VS, you don't. I don't like notepad, never used it to write code, but you are open to using it if required, these are opinions.
> who's working for her why not use it for myself
that's what she though
no, that's what he thought after she had a baby and lost weight
I regret browsing newest tag, again
6:44 AM
why? That's lke a soldier regret having walked into a battle when he sees his opponents die
@AndrewT. When I browse it, all I do is raise custom flags - "please purge all the comments"
questions in that tag get 27-30 comments per post saying hi, hello, how are you sir :/
also, stop your self-evaluation, it's boring ... go to facebook
@InfiniteRecursion how's that a rec-tool?
6:55 AM
too-broad, maybe...
> Joomla K2 tools archive sort by last month and last 3 month
> I want to order news in The archive module by last month
> how can i do that?
@InfiniteRecursion The title is unclear at best
@JanDvorak ok
7:15 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WIFI PROBLEMS IN 14.04 by Muralita on askubuntu.com
7:31 AM
@InfiniteRecursion SmokeDetector does not look at answers (cc @babaji)
@babaji The logic is correct, but we had (or have) a problem with our global variables so a lot of data just got wiped. (cc @InfiniteRecursion)
That thing is partially fixed now, but I'm going to do more stuff about it.
It is not fixed in all methods.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Esiest Muscle Building Formula by Donald Pollock on drupal.stackexchange.com
^ S-S-S-Spam
7:48 AM
@JanDvorak What errors do you get?
in sharpDev? It tells me the project is for LLVM but I have x86
I meant in VS.
when I click debug > don't run old version, the errors disappear again
Old version?
"there were build errors. Debug the last successful build instead?"
7:51 AM
Oh, that. Well, what are the errors?
@ProgramFOX Thanks for explaining
the build errors? Hold on
:-/ "preparing solution" sounds like stuff from chemistry rather than "loading project file"
"preparing solution" sounds wonderful imo
Microsoft.Office.Core could not be found
Microsoft.Office.Interop.Word could not be found
7:55 AM
I can't scroll to the third one
Wth, Pham doesn't even use those libs.
I guess you haven't got Microsoft Office installed.
Here's the build output:
1>------ Build started: Project: Phamhilator, Configuration: Debug Any CPU ------
1>C:\Program Files\MSBuild\12.0\bin\Microsoft.Common.CurrentVersion.targets(2234,5): warning MSB3284: Cannot get the file path for type library "2df8d04c-5bfa-101b-bde5-00aa0044de52" version 2.5. Knihovna není zaregistrována. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8002801D (TYPE_E_LIBNOTREGISTERED))
1>C:\Program Files\MSBuild\12.0\bin\Microsoft.Common.CurrentVersion.targets(2234,5): warning MSB3284: Cannot get the file path for type library "00020905-0000-0000-c000-000000000046" version 8.5. Knihovna není zaregistrována. 
I don't have MS office, indeed, but why does it look for it?
The .csproj file tells me that there are Microsoft Office libs added @Sam.
@JanDvorak Can you try removing these libs using the "References" thingy in the "Solution Explorer" tab?
Ah, I once needed to use a few MS Office libs for the grammar/spelling check functions, but I kinda forgot to remove the references when I scrapped the whole idea.
Go to Project -> Add Reference -> COM -> Type Libraries. Then uncheck everything.
both office references and the vbide one? Let me try
8:03 AM
done; there doesn't seem to be anything checked in the reference manager, though
seems to build now
Do you get any warnings?
wait, no. 4 errors / 20 warnings
> Warning 3 Could not copy "C:\Users\Honnza\Documents\GitHub\phamihilator\packages\MahApps.Metro.\l‌​ib\net45\MahApps.Metro.dll" to ".\MahApps.Metro.dll". Beginning retry ## in 1000ms. The process cannot access the file '.\MahApps.Metro.dll' because it is being used by another process. Phamhilator
Is Pham running?
(Best check via the Task Manager)
apparently it is, without a window. Killing...
8:09 AM
as for root, it's "C:\\Users\\Honnza\\Documents\\GitHub\\phamihilator\\Phamhilator"
Thx. Yeah, that's as it should be.
Bug report: Pham crashes if launched from a different directory
It will do.
that is, typing .\Phamihilator\phamihilator.exe into powershell when in one directory above crashes the program
8:14 AM
bug / low-priority?
I Guess so. Do you get any error messages when he crashes?
directory not found: Question\Body\
Oh, the same thing from last night.
8:24 AM
So root is definitely pointing to \\phamihilator\\Phamhilator when he crashes?
nope. It crashes when launched with the wrong CWD.
When launched from the IDE, it starts just fine.
removing the bogus references did help getting it built
kk, it seems like a simple fix. (famous last words)
@Sam see you in a couple days
8:49 AM
The speed of the first three up-votes here is ironic ;) — Andrew Barber ♦ 14 hours ago
Why do we like to judge and cast votes? Because that's a vital part of how this site works in the first place. Without that voting, we'd be another Yahoo! answers. — Andrew Barber ♦ 14 hours ago
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: FIX SHAPEFILE WITH BASEMAP - THE PICTURE by thanassis on gis.stackexchange.com

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