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10:00 PM
Nice score for posting less than 50 chars^
Only answer too, and over 15,000 rep.
Quite possibly, the highest-reputation unregistered user on the network. Not easy to search among those, so I'm not sure.
@justabrickinthewall Ha, yeah.
Highest answer score per character on GL:
A: What are the best conditions for basil?

Tea DrinkerAdditional to the other answers, basil famously doesn't like to be damp overnight. Water mornings, not evenings.

On SO, the edit-incorrect-commit answer is 14th in score per length. The winner is:
10:10 PM
A: Get selected text from drop down list (select box) using jQuery

rahul$("#yourdropdownid option:selected").text();

Oh, and on Math it's the legendary answer by Did. Does not onebox correctly, b/c no MathJax here.
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" lang="en">
            String.prototype.replaceAll = function(find, replace) {
                if (typeof find == 'string') return this.split(find).join(replace);
                var t = this, i, j;
                while (typeof(i = find.shift()) == 'string' && typeof(j = replace.shift()) == 'string') t = t.replaceAll(i || '', j || '');
                return t;
@justabrickinthewall I hate how the "bikeshed" answers & questions always get so many upvotes.
^^ Yay, I figured out markdown parsering
10:19 PM
Is there a fiddle for us to break this parser?
@justabrickinthewall Make one.
(note that it requires * for bold and _ for italic, only inline features)
@justabrickinthewall Can you change your name back plz? So confused... :/
To which one? I am as confused as you are.
in Mathematics on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, yesterday, by Committing to a challenge
@wordsthatendinGRY Did you take that name from "user147263, wordsthatendinGRY, This is much healthier, 900-sit ups a day, Thursday, Care bear, Weapon of Choice"
Just go back to care bear.
10:25 PM
> yeah, see my edit - change select * to select RESULT.* one row
Breaks the parser, of course. Example from Atwood's blog.
Renders as "yeah, see my edit - change select to select RESULT. one row "
@bjb568 That's boring.
@justabrickinthewall Escape it.
(by design for my flavor, I want things to be exact, not assumed)
(tho front-end warnings could be a thing)
Anyway, GTG now…
10:34 PM
Escaping with backslashes did not change anything.
@bjb568 Cya later!
@justabrickinthewall Your next name should be George.
10:50 PM
795 to go til 20k.
11:27 PM
you do know you can change your name and avatar at the same time & pretend to be a mod/SE employee. when questioned why you don't have the diamond or your rep is so very different, say there is a new feature on SE that allows the off duty staff to be like normal users </troll troll troll>
@chmod711telkitty Actually, your old questions and answers are still there, so it won't be the most effective.
@Unihedron and/or it would be deleted for impersonation.
11:59 PM
@chmod711telkitty Impersonate me, and I will report you.

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