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@JanDvorak Gone.
Thanks Jan.
The superuser did say that he/she will come again...
@InfiniteRecursion Yeah, though their IP will probably be... blocked, shall we say. :P
4:04 PM
yay flags
People take rep so seriously, it's a pity
@Uni in my site, you changed your name to Polyhedron.
Ok, it's a guy. He is constantly assuming all sons are nuking his posts and accounts
4:07 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Well, they are...
Daughters might be nuking his accounts
@InfiniteRecursion Possibly.
I missed the flags since I was checking if my name changed on Gardening. :(
4:10 PM
Frank is becoming a techie, messing with the Inspect Element :P
Wait until they discovers the console.
Shadow already taught him about the console...too late
@InfiniteRecursion Not a techie, that's just html
4:14 PM
Yes, that's just the start @Frank
Oct 21 at 14:48, by Vogel612's Shadow
press F12
Oct 21 at 14:49, by Vogel612's Shadow
there should be a tab "Console"
@GauravJoseph Hello!
@GauravJoseph Hey there!
4:16 PM
Yeah, that was cause I didn't know how to make an empty post (still don't).
@GauravJoseph Hiya!
I asked a ques on meta, and I raked up 6pts but can see no upvotes or something
@GauravJoseph You got 2 upvotes and 2 downvotes, so the score is 0.
that guy is persistent
4:19 PM
good, there is a Super User mod online and the SU people who are on chat are also actively flagging
@GauravJoseph The upvotes gave you +10, the two downvotes made that into a +6. 6 + 101 = 107. :)
Thanks for the info, couldn't see it myself
@GauravJoseph Look here.
@JanDvorak You beat me by 0.5 seconds :D
@Frank thx
That guy never gives up.
And I'm almost out of flags :(
4:25 PM
Prepare for an allnighter.
Uh oh, SU mod has to leave.
in Root Access on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 33 secs ago, by slhck
Well, I really have to leave now – just keep flagging as offensive and link stuff here. Thanks for the help folks.
@InfiniteRecursion ‍‍Ok Thanks
4:27 PM
No probs, we are here, plenty of ammo for Derek
Welcome @Frank
Why did you remove your zwnj? Keep one for memory ;)
I am down to 3 flags in SU
@InfiniteRecursion Why?
@Frank damn, why mine number of accounts is 128?! Where did I forgot to register?
You wanted to write an empty message, so you should write one @Frank, go for it.
4:30 PM
I have 1 flag remaining :(
@JanDvorak already flagged
@Frank I have 9 left
4:31 PM
2 remianing
@TGMCians thanks for the help
@hichris123 Good.
I have 10 flags left on SU, nuked it
no problem jan :)
4:33 PM
1 left
yes? lol
@Frank Welcome to Craft CMS and Emacs :P
@nicael Find out which one your missing yet?
4:36 PM
Make 129 accounts for all your 64 socks @nicael, that would be awesome
@InfiniteRecursion right, going to write a script to do create some socks...
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW COME DO THAT? on stackoverflow.com
Not by shouting, for sure.
4:39 PM
incidentally, if anyone wouldn't mind flagging this guy's posts? stackapps.com/users/28915/shahid1
full-on spammer, low-traffic site
ok flagging
I feel I am being cruel when I cv new user posts, they are so polite and write 'thanks in advance' :(
@TimStone Spammer on StackApps: stackapps.com/users/28915/shahid1
@Bob Gone
hi chris ^^
4:42 PM
@TGMCians Eh, Tim can still nuke the account.
^^he pointed his spammer alert towards me
@hichris123 yeah
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW COME DO THAT? on stackoverflow.com
@Frank Mi Yodeya
I want a site with one vote button: ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍⇕
That would be confusing.
4:45 PM
@Uni, bad edit, fix that title^^
@InfiniteRecursion Fixed
Thanks @uni
Wrong link by the guru^
4:48 PM
@InfiniteRecursion right
@InfiniteRecursion already :D
@nicael ‍‍nice
Has SU's grumpy user gone to sleep?
in Root Access on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 2 mins ago, by Omen
true, he is probably on his way to an internet cafe
@nicael That should be in the faq index. Just sayin
4:51 PM
Nice :)
@Frank oh, wait a second ;)
in Root Access on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by Awal Garg
@JanDvorak never seen you here dude :D
It's Friday...
5:02 PM
It's saturday
@TGMCians It's really Saturday, but..
also, this isn't the javascript chat
It's sunday
@JanDvorak CR chat does that too.
so... GTFO plz
5:02 PM
It's saturday.
01:02 am here
@Unihedron Go to bed.
@hichris123 hmm just like that
Sleep @uni, night :)
5:04 PM
Night @Uni!
@ProgramFOX go get more rep on SO!
5:06 PM
@hichris123 boom
@hichris123 I... earned 18 rep last week :P
@ProgramFOX I need you to close vote things!
@ProgramFOX Wow, good for you, I lost 17 rep last week from downvoting.
@hichris123 I need myself to close vote things!
5:07 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW DO I INSTALL MY WIFITHERMOSTAT TO MY HOME on diy.stackexchange.com
Oh, except the privs people I think.
Can someone reply to this please?
5:09 PM
@Undo ping
@Undo no
I'd kind of like to just allow anyone with >x mSE rep to use true/false positives, but it looks like that isn't in the websocket
@Undo CHAT.RoomUsers["Unihedron"].reputation
@ProgramFOX the true/false commands use the access list on line 40, right?
5:12 PM
We already have lots of close voters in here @hichris123, don't rush ProgramFox, he will get there soon
@Undo Yep, that list
That won't work for lostsock aka cVplZ @uni
Out of u/dvotes. I'll go to sleep after using up my close votes.
Also care bear aka weapon now
5:15 PM
@Unihedron cv queue?
CVR has audits, I'm bad with audits
@cVplZ done
5:17 PM
@hichris123 Too late.
Has the smoke cleared out @bjb?
Luckily I live 2 floors above it…
Good for you
@bjb568 Why was there smoke?
5:19 PM
@SmokeDetector thanks smokey...
@hichris123 Because of fire.
Everyone is in the superuser room, you all can go there too...
@bjb568 Why was there fire?
@hichris123 Dunno.
@InfiniteRecursion What superuser room?

 Root Access

For all you Super Users out there. You have backups, right?
5:21 PM
I left because a superuser was super-shouting
pokes a doorknob
in Root Access on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 4 mins ago, by bjb568
hallo hou jquery java script not werk halp
^cute :)
5:34 PM
no stard teh braik tranes
5:39 PM
Should DevDoodle have a print stylesheet?
It's so hard to tell who starred the Night! posts. :P
Undo broke the train before I could join it :/
spanks Undo
@bjb568 If your users hate trees, yes....
@rene What if I don't know?
Frank is becoming like Bart, gets too many stars
At least he gives a lot too…
@bjb568 It wouldn't be on my high-prio-list or most wanted feature on something that is used online for most of the time...
@InfiniteRecursion (evil grin)
5:49 PM
@rene Ok, sounds reasonable.
@Frank, bjb called you a star troll, and you starred it ;)
^ very small
@InfiniteRecursion I only starred 7 pages of posts, which isn't much.
3 pages of my posts have been starred.
@bjb568 ... and don't under estimate the creation of a well behaving print css ...
@rene I wasn't planning on doing much more than hiding the nav, etc.
That's a lot of stars in Bart's world, @Frank
5:52 PM
@bjb568 I just calibrate my displays
@bjb568 and how about page-breaks on non-logical places... and content that is too wide, does flow or doesn't flow.... you'll see how it goes ;)
@Undo I just use f.lux!
@InfiniteRecursion Just counted, and I've starred... only 11 messages by Bart. :/
I thought it would be more than that.
5:54 PM
How do you count that? Manually?
@InfiniteRecursion yup.
Nice :) I won't count, as I am his nemesis, I shouldn't have starred any :P
After a very long time, I didn't make any grammar mistakes in the Tavern today, yay!
/me is happy
6:10 PM
             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached
Mem:        757760     346584     411176          0          0      25916
-/+ buffers/cache:     320668     437092
Swap:       131072     130880        192
That swap usage
6:25 PM
@3ventic maa, what did you expect?
6:35 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 79.4739: How to give a good guess the recurrence relation problem on math.stackexchange.com
@Pops: Could you weight in or check my answer in:
Q: Serial upvoting reversed shows incorrect day reputation

egregI read on the help page Should I be concerned about reversal statements on my profile? No, not at all. It's only an indication of reputation change. After all, we can't control the actions of other users. It's very rare where we'd run across a user who was committing the voting fraud themse...

6:57 PM
@InfiniteRecursion using slang is not considered to be a grammar mistake?
Kinda nice seeing this show up in your inbox:
A: Why 192.168.*.* for local addresses?

Sean Goodsomeone teach this panzi about ip classes

7:16 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 79.4739: How to give a good guess to the recurrence relation problem on math.stackexchange.com
7:37 PM
It's fun to make fake stuff and then make Siri think it's real
Where is the post that moderators shouldn't act when they don't know the technical accuracies of a concept?
@Braiam shouldn't that be true for all users?
Did you expect that post to be on MSE?
@rene here here
@rene yes, but I want one directed specifically to moderators...
@Braiam Why not? It isn't a moderator's job to judge the accuracy of content, that's for voting to decide. If something is offensive/spam/edit warring/whatever, you don't really need to know a line of C# to understand what action should be taken.
There are some cases, but they're fairly rare IME
7:47 PM
@Undo for VtCing yes, you need to know
That's not really a moderator-specific action.
@Braiam is this it?
@rene nope
8:00 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 51.8239: My MineCraft skin won't work! on gaming.stackexchange.com
@hichris123 maybe post a link only spam answer
@Undo @hichris123 what's the text of the flag reject reason for technical accuracies?
@Braiam flags should not be used to indicate technical inaccuracies, or an altogether wrong answer
8:11 PM
@Undo there isn't one for questions? about evidence?
@Braiam It's the same rejection reason for answers & questions.
@Braiam There's a "found no evidence to support it" one
rant-o-meter? pastebin.com/VxhxD4zK
@Braiam private
@Undo check again
8:15 PM
11 flags on GL waiting for review. The oldest are three days old. :(
@Braiam Don't post that.
@Frank close flags?
@Braiam Rant-o-meter: high
If you're going to make a post like that, don't say (in similar words) that users & moderators are idiots. That's... not going to go over well.
@Undo where?
@Undo comment.
8:17 PM
@hichris123 I'm not telling them they are idiots, just that the aren't suited to act on them
I don't use close flags on GL, I use votes :P
@Braiam Still ranty.
@hichris123 how would you word it?
because, sadly that's the truth
@Frank huh. You have active mods there, not sure why they wouldn't be handled. Although I can't say I haven't run across some... 'paralyzing' comment flags that I just stare at until someone else handles them.
@Undo :D
8:19 PM
@Braiam I wouldn't.
@Undo then, how do you point out the problem?
You don't.
how would you solve it?
@Undo that's something I can't do
Or you do it respectfully in chat, in less than two sentences.
@Braiam what if you just keep it to the facts? Please reopen this question as it is closed fo the wrong reason
8:19 PM
Try to start a conversation, not be the conversation.
@rene it's an ongoing behavior, needs to be addressed
I hate comment clutter. On a small site like GL, I can keep up and keep it clean by flagging. Too bad higher rep users can't delete-vote on comments.
@Undo that won't work
@Undo I've tried several times already
It's worked for me, surely it can work for other people
8:20 PM
@Braiam How do you know that it's because they don't know what they're doing? What if it's just because they flat out have a different opinion on things then you do?
@hichris123 "different opinion on things then you do?" no, they are flatly doing something wrong, someone needs to correct them
@Braiam Then ask a question, I see this being closed for reason X, I believe that is incorrect, am I alone in this? I have some more examples, here, here and here.
... or maybe you're looking at it wrong
it's not a matter of opinions, is just technically accuracy
@Braiam Just because you have a different opinion then someone else doesn't mean they're wrong.
@Braiam No, it's inherently subjective to close a question.
8:22 PM
@hichris123 again I'm not using "opinions"
but my expertise on a topic
which, last time I checked, was highly valued on SE
@Braiam Sure, but it won't work if you just tell someone "You're wrong."
@hichris123 ok, lets put it this way
They're right in their eyes. Otherwise, they wouldn't have done it.
you are wrong, but you don't know you are wrong, who has the responsibility to tell you, that you are wrong and this is the correct thing to do?
that's not the thing to go around telling people
8:24 PM
sadly, it needs to be done
@Braiam You start a discussion. If you want to change something, discuss it. Don't say, you're wrong, say I disagree with this, is there something I'm not considering?
@hichris123 again, is not a discussion, in discussions are opinions, here I'm only taking "facts"
I'm not wrong, not because I say so, but because I demonstrated I'm right with sound theories, facts, etc.
is the so called "expert knowledge" which I'm gladly to teach, in fact, I taught Avinash about it
TIL you're not supposed to eat fudge in quantities in excess of 1/3 pound per day…
@bjb568 crap, I'm dead since 3 years ago...
8:58 PM
@bjb568 rubbish. I've eaten far more.
It's great when a new user finds chat and asks lots of questions about the site.
@Frank supposed
@bjb568 Rubbish, I can bench-press nearly 400 lbs, and have a 32" waist. How I eat seems to work quite well.
9:13 PM
Trees can bench-press?
@bjb568 where did you hear that?
@Braiam Some nutrition guidelines…
@bjb568 pic or never happened
runs to bathroom
I don't think you want a pic…
@bjb568 Oh... shut up. :)
9:17 PM
@bjb568 ........................ ok
You buy him one thing and suddenly it's some sort of obligation...
9:32 PM
I came here to see interesting stars, but all I see is night :(
Jul 24 at 0:52, by Braiam
flushing of the star wall: [status-complete]
> The reason behind Rite Aid's and CVS's moves to disable unofficial Apple Pay support in their stores is presumably related to their participation in Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX), a retailer group developing its own mobile payments system known as CurrentC.
@hichris123 Yeah. Seems a few people are trying to boycott…
Idiots making people use inexistent crapware.
9:45 PM
@bjb568 Makes sense; if you're developing a competing product, there's no sense in allowing your competitor's product to be used.
Also, what a long MR thread.
@hichris123 Obviously CVS should be a bank.
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 55.6701: Uploading my ASP.NET website? on stackoverflow.com
10:01 PM
Q: What if I delete the full Registry?

SkYWAGzI've been wondering what would happen if I delete all the registry stuff. Would my pc stop working? Batch code: reg delete HKCC /va /f reg delete HKLM /va /f reg delete HKCR /va /f reg delete HKCU /va /f reg delete HKU /va /f

10:48 PM
Aug 4 at 17:21, by Shog9
A lesson hard-learned during my time with SE has been that it is near-impossible to solve large behavioral problems by attacking them head-on. You have to convince a few people that there's a better way, and they'll do the same for a few more, and eventually you have enough believers to actually make a dent in it.
^^ @Braiam
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MAP ROUTING API on stackoverflow.com

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