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12:07 AM
Mmm, I didn't think of that, maybe in this case we shoud have a review queue for these too, where we would be able to approve/reject the autocorrect? — xShirase 2 hours ago
12:25 AM
@Sam mm?
6 hours ago, by cVplZ
@bart won't be happy when he sees the @InfiniteRecursion star wall
@Andy if you lose, a building of wood blocks crushes your bones? Seems fun!
Okay, picked a new motherboard. Thoughts? pcpartpicker.com/p/GxYDmG
Get a mac.
@bjb568 Yeah no.
How much would a computer be with these specs that's a Mac?
Much more efficient.
12:39 AM
"You are not alone" - Michael Jackson — Ooker 4 hours ago
@bjb568 ... how?
@bjb568 This computer would be $1500+ in Apple land... most likely $2500+. It's $900 right now.
But that doesn't come with legal/reliable Mac OSX.
I realize you get peripherals, but still...
@bjb568 ... ahahahahahahahahaha like OS X is more reliable than any other OS.
Seriously, Windows isn't that bad.
I've had a few BSOD's recently -- but that's because I'm too lazy to figure out what driver is bad.
@hichris123 I meant with that as opposed to hackintosh, not as a comparison against windows.
@bjb568 Ah, well I wouldn't run OS X as a main OS, possibly virtualized just to try it out...
12:45 AM
@hichris123 Yes it is.
@hichris123 There are no drivers on a mac (FIGURATIVELY) there's just beauty.
@bjb568 Then why am I using a 5 year old computer and a 6 year old computer with no issues? Btw, the 6 year old one is using Vista... it's fairly stable. Needs an upgrade, though.
@bjb568 Mostly because very few hardware choices.
@hichris123 But Linux is better :P
@Braiam Eh, depends on what you're using it for. More software runs on Windows, because Linux isn't a major consumer OS. But for some things, Linux is way better.
@hichris123 "More software runs on Windows" [citation needed]
@Braiam Well, usually the proprietary software is on Windows and not Linux. Like CAD software, stuff like that.
12:55 AM
@hichris123 there's CAD software that runs in Linux, what else?
ah, there's also proprietary software that runs in Linux too
1:09 AM
Still no love?? — Braiam 6 mins ago
@Braiam Eh, I didn't think about it, but there is WINE...
While sane devs are shooting, drinking or watching sportsball, me and @Nick_Craver are fighting spammers and botnets #SEMeetup2014
Were Nick Craver and Marc Gravell separated at birth?
ATTN: spammers. Please stop so our devs can be social. #SEMeetup2014
... and
user image
@WeaponofChoice lol
@WeaponofChoice I miss the Care Bear! :(
I never got an invite to #SEMeetup2014 :(
explains why the metas have been so slow recently though
1:18 AM
And some Area51 sites are waiting for launch since early October (Home Automation, notably)
@WeaponofChoice funny captions anyone?
@WeaponofChoice is this the type of socializing Laura was talking about @hichris123?
1:31 AM
is it just me, or did they kind of half-ass the design for travel.SE ? or maybe they didn't have the current head designer when they made it?
@cVplZ I like it...
And it was Jin who designed it:
Q: Design for Travel Stack Exchange

JinI'm Jin, I work on the designs for the Stack Exchange sites as they graduate from the beta phase. Each site will have its own unique theme that will reflect its topic and culture. However, all sites will share common elements so they feel like they're part of the Stack Exchange family. For our T...

@hichris123 actually is this:
Q: Travel SE Design Round 2

JinThank you very much for your feedback last time. I'm sorry it took a long time to put this together, and I'm happy to finally present to the community round 2 of the design concept for Travel SE. The new design kept some elements from the previous version, but the overall identity is aimed towar...

@Braiam Same thing. Round 1 vs. Round 2.
@hichris123 no.. i like the first mockups way better
I don't like the first ones.
1:41 AM
@hichris123 It all depends on what you do with it. But, anyway, that description doesn't beat Macs. Or those long-support versions of linux things.
@bjb568 Eh, I have a Windows 95 computer from 1997 that still works. I'm using an XP computer ('03) as a home server right now.
@hichris123 Eh, you wouldn't use it for not-regular-or-pro-sumer uses, no. But the limited product lineup work good enough for most personal uses.
@hichris123 Ok, no, windows 95 doesn't work.
@bjb568 ... that it does. It runs... games! USB support is touch and go... dial up might work, but I dunno as we've had VOIP for the past few years.
some early apple computers are for sale @bjb568
@hichris123 You… play… games… on… iPhone!
1:44 AM
@cVplZ People don't actually use them.
@bjb568 Perhaps.
@bjb568 So people should play Battlefield on their phones?
@bjb568 yuk... why should I play with an iPhone when I have broad games?
@Braiam s/broad/board
... I haven't played Monopoly or Risk in a while. sigh I should probably do that. Maybe over winter break...
1:46 AM
@Braiam b.c you need other humans to play board games with, and that's just too much hassle
@hichris123 for example, my cousin didn't play monopoly right, and anytime i was winning by a lot he would flip over the board..
@cVplZ Well if you're a cloud, yup, it's hard to find humans. So that's why there's lightning and rain! It's the 'I'm so lonely, play with me' alert.
@cVplZ I did that when I was young. :P
There are more experts on CNN right now talking about Ebola in America than people with ebola in America. http://t.co/lRNMDzZMjr
A bunch of them here


Post questions you want closed here with the same syntax as ex...
A bunch of them... people with Ebola? (not entering the room)
@WeaponofChoice Transcripts reduce the risk of transmission.
2:01 AM
@WeaponofChoice bunch of closevotes
2:16 AM
> he doesn't have a borrajax user in his machine, but... foobar - I guess his parents didn't like him much
Not a real Stack Exchange meetup until Shog has walked on a table #semeetup2014 http://t.co/2BX0r9v3Q3
2:55 AM
Spam gone. Shog looks more like a lumberjack than an online community manager.
@WeaponofChoice No; not muscular enough.
3:31 AM
Aug 15 at 10:25, by Infinite Recursion
Take it as a challenge @Bart. Get back on the wall
Aug 15 at 10:24, by Bart
I'll take that as a sign @InfiniteRecursion. Farewell.
@Bart My reply is still the same as before @Bart ^
@WeaponofChoice, are you the former care bear?
Yeah... reached the limit of caring.
If bjb throws his maths homework in here again, I guess you won't care from now on...just nuke him with your weapon of choice
3:46 AM
spam gone
The best of intentions sometimes have terrible outcomes. Like insanely drunken office karaoke. #SEMeetup2014 http://t.co/eCapcu0WBR
Got 95 on bio test. Very meh.
23 hours ago, by cVplZ
so what's the policy on obvious spam accounts that have no activity?
ebola is in new york :<
Also, he got !
@AndrewT. think you also get a badge for posting your first question, whether it's spam post or not
4:18 AM
@cVplZ must have score more than 1
*1 or more
4:38 AM
meta spams gone
drupal at -5
@InfiniteRecursion started a question
@cVplZ Thanks, finally we can get an answer
@InfiniteRecursion hopefully :)
4:57 AM
@cVplZ If no on answers, I will post an answer and see if community agrees with that course of action ;)
I found enough data to post an answer to your question @cVplZ
5:18 AM
New SE Android bug found!
@Unihedron s/!/:(
Please don't find bugs in SE apps, Kasra is busy singing Bye Bye Bye.
party like it's 1999!
@InfiniteRecursion sorry for the late upvote.. tried to within 2 seconds :(
@cVplZ upvotes are always good, no sorries please
5:29 AM
yay for upvotes
loading forever... still not cat though
oh, we found Anna. Again.
offensive tweet detected
Yes-how “Arkansas” is pronounced is dictated by law. You can now go back to never thinking about Arkansas in any way. http://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/23579/is-it-against-the-law-to-mispronounce-arkansas
not really.. guess I never really checked out the SE twitter, mainly just stack status
but is there really any need to give young adults the flu shot ?
6:24 AM
@Braiam Sorry, I was wrong. It was Undo that found 5 yo spam.
Are-khan-sas..... oops! go to jail.
@Sam that right there would be implausible to beat
One point must be given to Yahoo Answers: spam is aplenty, but it gets removed instantly.
6:46 AM
@cVplZ Dogs are adorable <3
After dumping your homework straight into the post, you forgot to ask an actual question. — Jon Skeet 51 mins ago
and yet another "ermagherd codereview" comment...
shakes head in disbelief
@cVplZ Perhaps there is a question in there for Bio SE or Skeptics. Perhaps the answer will be something about 'herd immunity' or about 'medical benefit'.
urgent closure required ^
lol cv'd
@InfiniteRecursion right column increase size when resolution is different than mine ==> maybe I have a fixed left column width? Nahhh.... let's post a "Very urgent" question.
@SPArchaeologist It was closed after 14 hours, yet no one answered the urgent question
@InfiniteRecursion wouldn't have even if it was still open and I knew the tool. Nothing there gives a clue, only wild guesses about resolution having something to do with the problem. While I see everyday people posting information requests as answers this isn't my style.
@SPArchaeologist :)
7:57 AM
@InfiniteRecursion this also brings me to lose potential "answers" because I don't post if I am not sure of what the asker needs and what the solution could be.... but that is a different problem.
@SPArchaeologist A self answered post is a better option if we really want to contribute an answer, as compared to answering an unclear question
@InfiniteRecursion can't see how they could be compared. In the first case you are answering your question, in the second one you are avoiding an unclear question posted by someone else.
@SPArchaeologist If you see an unclear question, and you come up with a great answer (which will add value to the site), then instead of not writing the answer at all, you can write a nice good question to match it and post it with the answer
An unclear question should not stop one from posting an answer, if the question is bad, write your own question.
or improve the existing question
^or that, if the OP is still online and the question can be fixed
8:06 AM
or if you know what the OP meant
question: someone wants a software rec about making source available for reviews.
you guys know of a canonical answer somewhere?
@Sam, I visited your profile now, there is a typo - thourghly -> thoroughly
Oh, thx.
8:13 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Unclear == cannot understand the question. If I cannot understand what the OP wants, I can't say I am answering to the question. Your example is actually the best one - you aren't answering the op, you are simply posting something different that you by coincidence found out while reading an unclear question.
@SPArchaeologist :)
.... I seem to have stuck the WAG game again.
They mustn't have yet processed my association of a random French word to... Gomez.
This is the first time on SO that an answer has made my jaw drop. — Amy Jan 27 '10 at 22:02
@SPArchaeologist are you still keeping up?
8:38 AM
@Sam If I ever get a server with enough memory to host a SE data dump, I'd run a few regexes in hope of fetching some old residing spam. :P
Uni, the Ancient Spam Hunter...
Uni, the dedicated janitor...
Huh? I randomly got logged out - you must be logged in to talk (retry / cancel) and the banner "Welcome back Unihedron, you're being redirected" appeared... Weird.
@Sam And you're still Reviewer Sam. =)
I need some advice: Should I reduce the noise by clearing the followup question in this answer? stackoverflow.com/a/26543381/3622940
9:02 AM
@Unihedron yes, edit it out, it's noise
Author added it as a upd
it should be a sidenote, or a comment..
it definitely doesn't belong into the question as it is now.
I need help with one of the hardest things in CS: naming things! If a user were to bypass client-side limitations (e.g. you can't delete a user once that user has logged in) I still block it server-side. I was thinking of creating a TamperException to log it, but google gives me 4 results for TamperException and 5 for TamperingException. Is there a better word I should use?
@Stijn TamperFailureException?
@Unihedron 0 results. Even github code search barely gives any results for those words. That's why I think I'm not using the correct word.
Maybe IllegalAccessException
@InfiniteRecursion Thanks!
9:11 AM
@Unihedron thanks for the suggestions. I'm gonna go with NaughtyUserException :)
Lol, best name ever :)
@Stijn sidequestion: how likely is it that one of your end-users has the knowledge to try this?
@Vogel612'sShadow not very. I think if such a case occurred there's a higher chance that it's a programming mistake on our side instead of the user messing with things.
why is the poor user Naughty then??
I'd go with IllegalAccessException or IllegalActionException
@Vogel612'sShadow well a NaughtyUserOrBugException just doesn't sound the same :p
9:21 AM
@Stijn LetsBlameTheUserException?
yea that's it...
brilliant :)
:O I'm totally stealing that
public class LetsBlameTheUserException : Exception
     * When this exception is thrown, it's more likely to be a bug in the UI allowing a user to do something that shouldn't be possible.
Just realized that currently there are only two of us in the office using notebooks instead of actual workstations. And we are the two using SharePoint the most. On a machine with 8gb ram.... how logic!
9:51 AM
@Sam You're doing it wrong.
... night
9:53 AM
... day
... afternoon
... meta
... effect
... stop playing wag
... why
9:54 AM
... I'm gonna get another cup of coffee
... wrong room
... Me too
... Me three
... Me tree
... Me tea
9:55 AM
... meaty
@Bart Inf
@Stijn Stop talking about coffee. We only have decaf left over here .... I'm not happy
@InfiniteRecursion Doesn't mater. You are an "angry duck", still you aren't on Arquade. ^_^
... never name the nemesis in the same line
9:58 AM
... annihilation
... Phamhilation
@Bart time to go on strike, me thinks
...In other news, it appears to be ellipsis hour...
@SPArchaeologist Wrong! am a happy duck...
@InfiniteRecursion are a cool duck...
10:00 AM
@Frank s/are/am/
@Unihedron wrong hour...add the ellipsis
@Unihedron I did it on purpose.
@InfiniteRecursion you say happy, the sharpened beak says otherwise.
She's a happy duck with a sharp beak. Nothing strange there...
10:06 AM
Happy, strong and healthy duck
With cool shades.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Basic Skin Care Type That Everybody Should Know About on meta.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector true
10:13 AM
@Unihedron Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
10:28 AM
it's closed ♫
Yeah! another helpful flag...
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PHP TWITTER FOLLOW / UNFOLLOW USING API 1.1 on stackoverflow.com
Honestly, what planet do these people come from? wonders if they're human
> tetanus shot yeah
10:37 AM
@SmokeDetector true
@Unihedron Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@Sam I think they came from Earth. Never liked that planet anyway.
@Unihedron lol :P
> there's to pink ones there's a Oreo cookie one
@SmokeDetector delete
10:39 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PHP TWITTER FOLLOW / UNFOLLOW USING API 1.1 on stackoverflow.com
What was the fate of the islam.se shouting post? goes to check
@Unihedron you having a bad day??ß
Yes, I accidentally formatted the drive holding the operating system. The question originally was in caps with "edit code for me pls help" in caps, so I did that.
@Unihedron Oh no.
10:49 AM
"somebody can write me the all code". Right, you will have the record of most downvoted question today soon. — Patrick Hofman 1 min ago
Someone is having a worse day than mine it seems :)
"Urgent response required." - ok, I'll look in some chat rooms for more closevotes — Jan Dvorak 4 hours ago
@Unihedron Well, it isn't me, but this kind of questions is asking for close and down votes.
@PatrickHofman I mean the OP. They're going to get many downvotes. :P
inb4 rants on MSO today
What's the search parameter for "not closed"?
10:52 AM
closed:no and closed:yes
Thanks so much! Is there a search parameter for "not accepted"?
10:59 AM
missing problem statement stackoverflow.com/q/24928054
too broad or no problem statement stackoverflow.com/q/24727403
server infrastructure or no code or unclear or whatever stackoverflow.com/q/23751295/3622940
gimme the code thanks thanks stackoverflow.com/q/26242763/3622940
Low Quality Q (100%): Website for Stirlitz Jokes?, by Martin Peters, on russian.stackexchange.com.
Hovering over "url" shows me the URL to the question and I can right-click to copy just fine, but upon clicking it opens a box instead of redirecting me to the url. How does that work? jQuery?
is this self-answered post a naa? stackoverflow.com/a/26534447/2982225
It's either a new question or an edit.
11:14 AM
@Unihedron Thanks
11:33 AM
can we get a moderator's opinion on this one?
Q: Why did I fail an audit for flagging as off-topic when the question asks about features missing from a PHP installation?

Dan SI received the following question as an audit: http://stackoverflow.com/review/close/6056879?filter-tags=android Since it's a question about why a particular PHP feature wasn't installed, I flagged it as a professional server administration question. Is this question appropriate for SO?

@vba4all not a mod, but you might find meta.stackexchange.com/questions/208052/… interesting. I think the post is fine on SO because it's probably a dev environment, although it could also be posted on SF because OS X servers are used in production.
11:58 AM
This question appears to be off-topic because Stack Overflow is not a code service. — Soner Gönül 1 hour ago
@SPArchaeologist someone voted for reopen wtf
@InfiniteRecursion: Thanks for the edit on MSO
@Unihedron Wasn't me. That you can be assured.
@PatrickHofman wc :)
@InfiniteRecursion it does sound nice
@Stijn I edited it out :(
it works (if I don't post messages)..
12:25 PM
chat room are filtered by site, correct? but you can use your account from one site to join a chat room on another site, right?
Quick question then. Is there a way to link a chatroom to multiple sites?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: BAJS ARSLE SVERIGE on serverfault.com
@SPArchaeologist I think there are still a few separate chat servers in addition to the per-site filter. But I don't know the finer details of it. The whole thing has always confused me.
OP asked himself what he has tried:
What have you tried? — FastAl Feb 1 '13 at 23:33
@Stijn Still, seems that I can go on Arqade just fine using my SharePoint account (probably they must be using a custom claim provider?)
@Unihedron "Edit: Per comments, here's what I tried:"
12:36 PM
@Stijn Monologuing?
They also asked themself what the result was..
@Stijn @Unihedron he also auto replied. This must be the new SelfAnswer v2.0. Now you self edit, self ask for clarification and if you are lucky you may also manage to self flag as dupe
12:56 PM
Looks like Firefox behaves like IE and Chrome now when typing a single word in the address bar. Instead of checking if a server with that name exists, it just goes to a search page. usability--
@Unihedron big merge request...
We had some big conflicts so I intentinally left them running in parallel..
In the spirit of merging, merge accepted with thanks!
ermph... I might have slightly killed the project structure though..
Well, I guess I'll have to refactor and hope I don't introduce any bugs then ;)
1:10 PM
@Unihedron Unit tests!
@jadarnel27 what is this sorcery??
Uni writes unit tests
@Unihedron actually it's not all that much... just that I moved the Bot specifics to a separate Package..
@Vogel612'sShadow Awesome sorcery.
and completely restructured the former StackExchangeChat into .. something..
1:11 PM
I had never really used them before I started this job back in May. But now that I am using them, I'd hate to go back.
aaaahhh the joy of refactoring tested code...
Yeah, I write those as well once all my code works and is shipped.
unfortunately the project I am working on is quite tightly coupled and there's some nasty hacks in it..
we got about 250 unit-test-cases, though..
Holy smokes, my prod project only has 4 tests.
And it's to test if a regex matches.
And I already know enough to tell if a regex is proper on sight, so..
that's some 20k instructions, but the most of these instructions is: Mockito.doXxx
or Mockito.verify....
coverage: 17%...
1:13 PM
@Bart I...am not sure if that's how you're supposed to do it =P
@jadarnel27 they never fail though
and just recently I created yet another completely un-unit-testable feature..
Hey @Vog, I'll add you as a collaborator of the repo so you can have a branch if you want :)
@Bart Well that's a big plus.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: DOUBS ON TAXATION on money.stackexchange.com
1:15 PM
I've been trying to get into test driven development, but it is tough to get used to.
@Unihedron \o/ (not gonna get to do much this WE though)
No worries :P
> ProTip! Follow the drama with comments:>50 for heavy discussions.
nice one, github
@Vogel612'sShadow poke?
1:30 PM
@bjb568 I see you have a quintuple chain rule
Or quad. Your handwriting is too good for me.
@bjb568 Where is the "contains maths" offensive flag option???
@Unihedron Quintuple.
1:48 PM
@Unihedron grrrrrrrrrr
@Vogel612'sShadow Use the cucco. Become a cucco. The cucco flows strong in you. Get Revenge!
user image
He poked you. Call the air fleet and attack
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