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5:01 PM
@JanDvorak I am never angry, I am a sweet tempered bird. I want to test if your pokeafterpoof userscript works or not, simple.
@Unihedron cute
@Unihedron looks like warning.
@nicael has the word spam.
@Unihedron cool, where can I install it
5:05 PM
userscript to shoo owls and make them poof
@InfiniteRecursion but then who will watch the spam?
@JanDvorak the bots and Uni
poor Uni
He's hungry and sleepy, and still reading our nonsense.
5:10 PM
anyone wanna play chess?
@Undo If it's on Lichess, sure!
wait, lichess no worky here
oh :(
Then I'll go to Chess.com instead.
That works :D
Lol, every site on which Undo tries to play chess gets borked
5:12 PM
creates a site to play chess, then immediately bans @Undo
crap, can't remember my chess.com password.
Which I created yesterday
I'm going insane
@Undo Hah, same happened here :D
@Braiam ban nicael too, he borks every site he visits
okay, yay I'm in, @ProgramFOX
Chess requires good memory, doesn't it?
5:14 PM
@Undo What's your account name so I can find you?
@rene err... no
@ProgramFOX Undo1
Like almost everything
@Braiam In that case, let them play...
That UI is confusing. How to challenge someone?
Hit the screen
5:16 PM
@ProgramFOX what's your username?
@Undo ProgramFOX. But I'm playing against an opponent which I haven't chosen!
@Undo "ProgramFOXnot!"
They are off to a great start...place your bets if they will manage to play a complete game or not.
Phew, game aborted by the server.
5:17 PM
@InfiniteRecursion I think so... They have all day.
While you people play chess I'm going to watch some videos of random people dancing!
I think I know how, but only with like a day per move @ProgramFOX. Do we just agree to try to play fast?
@Undo That's fine.
@Undo Yep, that worked!
5:19 PM
@Unihedron They are SO users and Smokey devs, they will end up borking the site and start debugging it for the rest of the day. Habits die hard ;)
... do I have to press a button to submit a move? Ugh.
Today on The Tavern: "When Pro and Undo play chess"
@ProgramFOX I know, that got me the first ten times :P
Today on The Tavern: "The day the owl didn't poof"
5:21 PM
... when f's look like p's...
Guys! Halp! WTF is drupal?
the single most spammed site across the entire SE network
This is definitely , but is it also spam? I'm leaning towards no. stackoverflow.com/q/26441500/656243
@LynnCrumbling nah.
5:24 PM
tavern effect
the site where I had a silver badge before deleting my account
There are only two or three sites where I have a marshal badge. Only on one of these I hae 101 rep only. Guess which one?
@JanDvorak Drupal?
Yeah I'm lucky!!
Going to use up my cvs and go to sleep ;)
@Unihedron Night!
5:28 PM
Night @uni
How is the game of chess going?
Updated my ADT-1 to the latest version of Lollipop. :D
nom nom nom bishops
Well spotted!
5:33 PM
Now the problem is the openness of my kingside :P
Has there been a bug on the site yet? :P
Only a bug that was flying to my screen.
Swat it! :D
Well I'm going to sleep, night!
5:39 PM
Hmm... who has something for me to do since I'm bored?
@hichris123 hmm i didn't bcz you were spamming :p
@hichris123 Set up Travis for SmokeDetector.
@hichris123 cv queue
5:42 PM
@ProgramFOX Eh, we need tests, and I'm not sure what kind of tests we need.
@JanDvorak I hate the cv queue. I just use SEDE queries.
throw known spam at it, and make sure it doesn't crash?
@Undo we could do that.
What's Travis?
@JanDvorak CI
5:43 PM
@JanDvorak travis-ci.org
@hichris123 hehe
so you are still using adt ?
@hichris123 done
@TGMCians No, I use Studio. I was talking about this.
@hichris123 ah ok i never used that sdk
5:51 PM
uh oh
I have to leave soon
okay, we can try to finish it before you have to
and we can always continue tomorrow if necessary, we have 24 hours per move
We should have chess tournaments
participation required for continued access to tavern
Good game @ProgramFOX
that was fun :D
@hichris123 done
5:54 PM
My flag got dismissed as helpful by this. facepalm
Okay, I have to go now. Thanks @Pro :D
@Undo Good game!
@Undo See you!
@hichris123 lol
Hi again @Undo.
5:56 PM
@hichris123 flagged
@hichris123 closed
@hichris123 closed
Lol, you can award a trophy to someone on Chess.com.
You don't doubt him anymore @TGMCians?
@InfiniteRecursion I became trustworthy again. :)
5:59 PM
@InfiniteRecursion no, he is doing good now as earlier
@hichris123 ^^
@TGMCians Hmm... I'm not sure how to catch that type. If I searched the body, maybe...
> Your game has been submitted for computer analysis. This could take up to several hours. You will get a message when the analysis is done. Thank you!
6:01 PM
@hichris123 keyword muscle
@hichris123 :)
Come on, on Lichess, you don't have to wait for a computer analysis.
@TGMCians But the title is just "Get Mind Booster"
@hichris123 oh gotcha
@hichris123 Pham does... somehow
6:03 PM
/me updating my avatar now
@JanDvorak Yeah, Pham scraps the page.
if (title.match(/booster/i) && title.length < 18) @hichris123?
@Braiam That's hard to do using regexes.
@ProgramFOX who said it has to be regex only?
@ProgramFOX It's not
6:04 PM
@JanDvorak Oh?
I see.
@TGMCians nice picture :)
6:09 PM
@InfiniteRecursion ... did I miss something?
@ProgramFOX Smokey didn't catch stackoverflow.com/questions/26442929/….
that's odd
6:16 PM
@Undo Can you check your logs?
6 mins ago, by SmokeDetector
@InfiniteRecursion ... did I miss something?
@hichris123 The regex works fine.
@hichris123 I don't show it as ever coming through the websocket
So that'd explain it
@Undo ah, huh.
6:36 PM
-1 for the non-descriptive (to put it mildly) title. — Jan Dvorak 7 secs ago
@ShadowWizard nice polish :-)
(but the post is still utter cr*p)
what means "ironbound law"?
@sha careers.exhcnage.com <<-- typo — Infinite Recursion 1 min ago
@InfiniteRecursion I know, didn't bother to fix due to crappy title. (OP doesn't deserve it) — Shadow Wizard 1 min ago
6:42 PM
@Braiam non flexible law - dictatorship
-1 for your attitude. When you ask for a favor, don't be rude. — Shadow Wizard 1 hour ago
@ShadowWizard Since when did we downvote people for being rude?
@hichris123 since, like, forever?
@JanDvorak vote for the post, not people
@Braiam the point of this rule is to prevent serial votes
@JanDvorak No.
Here on Stack Exchange, we focus on the content or the behavior, not the person.
6:51 PM
The question isn't stellar either
Eh. My point is, we don't downvote just because you're rude.
If that were the case, if Linus asked a question it would be downvoted.
I feel dirty... I'm installing Java
When will people stop comparing every rude person on the planet to Linus?
@InfiniteRecursion We haven't
Godwin's law 2.0?
actually, Linus isn't rude, the culture where Linus comes from is different
6:55 PM
@Braiam ... pours bucket of water on dirty Braiam
3 mins ago, by hichris123
If that were the case, if Linus asked a question it would be downvoted.
oh. sorry.
@InfiniteRecursion Well, really, we're all rude. We just try to contain that rudeness, and not let it show. Linus is the poster child of not restraining that rudeness, ergo he's become an example for a rude person. It's like using Disney as an example of a movie company; they've just built up a reputation for [x].
@hichris123 I disagree. Everybody isn't rude, restraining themselves.
@InfiniteRecursion mm... I'm going to disagree with your disagreeing. :P
7:04 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Correct. I have to try hard to be rude, you tiny little pee colored worm eater.
@lostsock Is that because you've trained yourself not to be rude? Is that because, subconsciously, you tell yourself not to be rude?
@hichris123 :)
@lostsock quack quack
PS You guys should be voting to close that question. It's not at all clear what he's talking about.
@InfiniteRecursion Okay, rethinking it, not everyone is rude, but people restrain themselves from saying what first comes into their head.
@animuson I'm a lowly 2.5ker here.
@hichris123 Some people feel annoyed in certain situations, others feel amused. The former tend to be rude, the latter tend to be comical. One example is my nemesis Bart, he is of the latter type.
@hichris123 what comes in our head, depends on the life we have lived till now. I may say chocolate, and someone may think energy bar, perceptions differ. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
7:13 PM
@InfiniteRecursion True, ducks definitely have more chocolate bars than us humans. :)
@hichris123 magenta triangles are human, is it? :)
@Braiam did you post it from your sock account? ^^^
> deleted by Edward Leonard 6 secs ago
Our cvs wasted :(
Well, I followed in the footsteps of Jan and went out for a chinese.
@hichris123 voted
@Sam Soon, ducks will be extinct, and I will be responsible for their extinction.
Don't worry, I didn't have duck ;)
7:26 PM
closed and closed
Yay! so you should poof now
2 days ago, by Jan Dvorak
@hichris123 ever since we got the option to vote by our free will.... for me it's only on MSE though, on "real" sites I focus only on contents.
@ShadowWizard and the great Shog chose to give us that free will, all hail Shog
If someone will post feature request "Give me the option to cancel pending flag now, your system is crap!" I will also do the same, even though I support the request.
@lostsock I think this predates even Shog, back to good old Jeff and Joel :D
@JanDvorak not really polishing, more like making it easier to find for those who can give decent answer, even if utter crap
@Braiam voted
@Braiam out of cv's now
1 hour later…
9:27 PM
While this answer may theoretically answer the question, it is better to include the essential parts of the answer here, and provide the link for reference. — hichris123 4 hours ago
@hichris123 delete ^^
Low Quality A (18.5%): I have the same problem, did you find a solu..., by MercedesRD, on stats.stackexchange.com.
@TGMCians What comment? ;)
yes please
It's gone. :P
he improved his answer
9:28 PM
Low Quality A (100%): Lol are you participating in Robocon 2015?, by batman, on robotics.stackexchange.com.
Low Quality A (100%): Same question :P how to detect that shuttle?..., by Devarsh, on robotics.stackexchange.com.
it seems good now
Radio buttons look kewl in yosemite.
@Pham flagged
and done on robotics site as well
And the robotics question.
@Undo ^^
@hichris123 ^^
9:34 PM
Low Quality Q (43.9%): Bluetooth problem, HELP, by Hamouza, on askubuntu.com.
Go fix it, @Undo.
^ too broad/unclear?
done sam
9:46 PM
@Undo watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
Apparently when GNU screen goes into 'copy mode' it breaks stuff
Write up a thing on GitHub about why we should use Headless :)
9:50 PM
@TGMCians ... did I miss something?
thanks @Undo
wonders why @hichris123 built chrome locally
9:58 PM
@Braiam So I don't have to poke people to send stuff to the trybots all the time.
I don't have trybot privs yet.
@balpha it was typo error this time..
again same issue as earlier we had
@TGMCians hmm?
err typo
@hichris123 TODO: get trybot privs
6 hours ago, by Unihedron
/// todo: code refactoring <- this is stupid.
^ reminded me of that.
10:21 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title: How to browse the Ubuntu Server Guide help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide in PURE english from german computer and locale on askubuntu.com
@SmokeDetector delete
@SmokeDetector delete
@SmokeDetector delete
Who let the Daleks in here???
hi animuson
2 hours ago, by Braiam
cv-pls http://stackoverflow.com/q/20827233/792066
@animuson ^^
okay, night
10:53 PM
So quiet…
very tavern-y
@Doorknob why?
> Simply defining what a [tag] is rarely helps those using it unless the tag's name itself is ambiguous. Excerpts should describe why and when a tag should be used.
@JanDvorak I have to agree with Doorknob
11:03 PM
should the tag be left empty, then?
> Defining what [tag] is does not make for a good wiki excerpt. Excerpts should describe why and when a tag would be used. See bit.ly/hYcNWz
I prefer not having tag wiki/excerpt rather than having a useless one
Tag usage guidance isn't the only thing tag wiki is meant for
@hichris123 still better than nothing, isn't it?
@hichris123 err, that one is old :(
@hichris123 Wrong ping?
11:05 PM
@Doorknob nah.
@Braiam Eh, Robert uses it on beta sites.
@JanDvorak Eh. I'd personally improve it, but...
@hichris123 go ahead ;-)
The tag itself seems useless, though
@JanDvorak ... check my repz. :P
huh... where's the meta post introducing that rejection reason?
@JanDvorak Which one?
the "lacks guidance"
11:08 PM
A: What guidance should be given when edits are rejected?

Shog9Big thanks to everyone who offered feedback here! I've reviewed it along with a heapin' helpin' of custom rejection reasons, and the following reasons are now live on all sites: spam or vandalism (all post types) This edit defaces the post in order to promote a product or service, or is del...

And wow, I didn't know that was an actual rejection reason now. I've just used it customly.
I believe most language tag wikis lack proper guidance to when to use them ;-)

Tag excerpt guidelines

Feb 6 at 15:45, 16 minutes total – 25 messages, 5 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Feb 15 at 15:21 by Undo

there should be a FAQ post about how to write good tag wiki/excerpts with precise examples
@Braiam why?
@JanDvorak is easier to find the specific tags that need a tag wiki/excerpt instead of having to read tons of them just to rewrite them, is just inefficient
11:17 PM
What would you write as a guidance for that specific tag?
"for questions about the dragonfly speech recognition framework for python"?
That doesn't give any more information, does it?
Rejecting one but accepting the other seems like nothing but a formality
(that tag wiki got approved, btw)
11:38 PM
@JanDvorak I don't know anything about the technology, so I won't write it
11:51 PM
Got my 10th Enlightened badge on meta.SO today!!!
I'm only sort of Enlightened on Meta.SE though
> Daily close vote limit reached; please try again in 13 second

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