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12:00 AM
> "Consider upvote while accepting the answer"
greedy bastard ^
Q: The help vampires have a king, he finally showed up on the site!

Jarrod RobersonNeed help explaining a Java web application codes. Back end code which is in .java Posting this here will probably just draw an epic number of rep whores to do what he is asking. 21 views, 2 close votes 6 down votes. And this selfish person is chastising that being told to read the help and th...

not bad for only 17 answers
12:20 AM
Can someone with close vote powers on SO check to see if there is a "blatantly off-topic" close reason?
I know there's a flag reason, but I'm not sure if there's a corresponding close reason.
@AstroCB nope
@Braiam Thanks
@AstroCB no close reason, but the very low quality flag can be used in such cases
This question refers to the blatantly off-topic close reason. While, yes, there is a blatantly O/T flag reason, there is no longer a corresponding close reason. — AstroCB 22 secs ago
A: Can we have the "blatantly off topic" close vote back?

hichris123If you're flagging, there's a "Blatently off-topic" reason. But if you're voting to close, there's the Other reason. And really, is it that hard to put in that box: This question appears to be off-topic because it is not about programming as defined in the [help]. That's 6 added words in a...

^ Is that too strong of an answer?
@AstroCB lol
12:25 AM
@hichris123 Talk about "too minor."
Q: How can you be perfect at maths (highschool)?

VincentI'm in my last year of highschool. And I'm aiming for a perfect grade in maths. The problem is that this year is the hardest year of maths I have ever faced in my entire life. Especially derivation and limits as its the first time I am studying it. Here are the lessons that are required to study ...

@AstroCB I know. I had the same reaction.
@AstroCB It's obvious he wants to try to get perfect grades in math, since good grades in English class is out of the question.
One very helpful approach to getting the best possible grade is to cease thinking in terms of getting the best possible grade, and to entirely embrace the subject itself. Understanding the myriad small details is much easier when they are not "drilled" as separate or unrelated details, but as intensely interconnected manifestations of a few larger ideas. — paul garrett 3 hours ago
^ There we go.
@AstroCB I'd even make that "One very helpful approach to getting the best possible grade is to cease thinking in terms of grades"
12:28 AM
@hichris123 That works.
In my life there's been tests I thought I failed, in which I failed, and other tests which I thought I passed, but I failed.
@lostsock I look at tests and move on.
@Frank I'm sure those 12 pixels were well worth the edit.
@AstroCB I looked at the answer and they just didn't go far enough :/
12:33 AM
@hichris123 If flagging has the same effect as VTC, then what's the point of having both buttons?
Oh, never mind: I see what you're saying.
@AstroCB They don't; flags aren't as powerful
If you have 3k, flagging is the exact same as voting to close. If I click flag, then off-topic, the only similar option is "Other (add a comment explaining what is wrong)". — hichris123 8 mins ago
^ Wording is a bit vague
@AstroCB Yeah I had to read it twice also.
@lostsock !
12:40 AM
There goes my coffee :/
That was funny.
How did this get past the JSFiddle-checking filter? There is one of those, right? Or do we allow JSFiddle-only answers?
@AstroCB it's from the time before that filter
Q: John Skeet's answer is flagged as Low Quality

frenchieI was doing a Low Quality post review and came across this: The actual question is here and the link to the review is here. My question is this: would it make sense to determine a reputation threshold after a user's question or answer doesn't go into the review queue?

@lostsock Maybe his account was sabotaged...
@lostsock I feel like there's a duplicate somewhere. Maybe on Meta.SE.
drywall walls will sound hollow if you aren't knocking directly on the studs. doesn't mean that there's a void on the other side. your best bet is to open the wall up and see what's going on. drywall can be replaced for reasonably cheap, and having a secret room is immeasurably fun (unless it holds corpses etc., of course) — alt 2 hours ago
@Frank I got a tip for you!
This question will likely be migrated soon to g&l , so you could have your answer ready before it gets posted there!
@lostsock Ah, nice. If it doesn't get cv-duped :P I may answer it. Searching all overseeding questions on GL...
@hichris123 bikeshed?
Q: The bikeshed problem and Stack Exchange

shooshIn short, the bikeshed problem: If you go before the Board of Directors and ask for 1.5 billion dollars to build a nuclear reactor, no one will review or discuss the details of the plant. They will assume that experts have been over every inch of the plans, and not want to look ...

1:07 AM
"When you get paid $100 an hour, people expect you to do real work. When you get paid $1000 an hour, people only expect you to have lunch with the CEO." - Don Norman
yeah, pretty much. :P
And when you get paid 10$/hour, people don't think about you.
@Frank "people tell you if they want fries or not"
Psh, those people don't make $10/hr!
@lostsock Ha, true, but then they'd be gettin' $6 an hour, or whatever min wage is anymore.
1:10 AM
It depends on if we're talking actual employer expenses per individual or just the net wage of the individual
When you do yard work on your own, like me, then you can make a great impression, and people tip you, sometimes quite nicely. I've joked before about dropping the contracting and living off tips.
@hichris123 Wishful thinking on the part of closevoters: "This question pertains only to a specific site in the Stack Exchange Network".
@CareBear well he asks how SO can fix this problem specifically,so i cvd
1:25 AM
@lostsock er... where?
I can't vote to re-open it, the question is too SO specific, and answers are too b.c of it.
@lostsock I meant where " he asks how SO can fix this problem specifically"
remember that MSE was MSO, but the bikeshed problem is general for all SE
Q: Sunburned coffee plant

tristanmWe have a coffee plant which lives indoors. Our house is reasonably dark so every now and then we take it outside when the sun isn't very bright. A week or so ago, the sun suddenly came out while we weren't home and the plant got quite badly burned. The leaves are now dropping and I'm quite conce...

Did you know plants get sunburn?
@Braiam ^nice edit, lol ... but look at the answers, ugh. I'm just not going to vote to re-open, but I don't care if you guys do.
@Frank i dunno , probably, can birds though?
@lostsock Plants do get sunburn.
@lostsock Birds can too. Chickens sometime gang up on one inferior bird and peck out the feathers on its back, leaving bald spots which can become sunburned.
1:45 AM
wow, under my close votes queue history, it is 100 pages long. But if I click to show skipped reviews, it's 214 pages long
so i guess that means i skip more than i do
To any devs in here: when are you going to show the status of suggested edits directly in the suggestions tab?
@lostsock clicks tongue
@APerson 6-8 units of time. disclaimer: not a dev
@hichris123 I assumed I would get that as the first answer.
@APerson Hey. Nice creative username.
(pls don't flag ^ as naa)
1:48 AM
@Frank Thanks. What does "naa" mean, by the way?
@APerson not an answer
1:50 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Is Sai Baba of Shirdi really a God? on hinduism.stackexchange.com
(anyway) meta.stackexchange.com/q/122581/201907 was asked in 2012 and it still hasn't been implemented!
@SmokeDetector delete
1:52 AM
@APerson Aha! there it is. Just was searching for it. That will be a nice 'upgrade'
It's terrible since that question is marked as "status-completed" when it is very much not completed.
Oh wait, never mind. That one isn't marked; I was thinking of meta.stackexchange.com/q/120624/201907, which asks almost the same thing.
@APerson No it's not
@APerson But different enough. The first question still stands open.
@Frank Regrettably.
Do you know how to draw the attention of the devs to a question most effectively?
For instance, is Shog9 ever on here?
@APerson Oh yeah.
And many other devs as well.
Good to know.
You could click 'start a new room with this user' and be a real pain :P
@bjb568 I'm on day 49 still
@bjb568 Congratulations!
I'd be there faster if it weren't for that summer camp and it's no electronics policy.
I forgot that it's in UTC on my 79th day... ugh
@APerson 157 on GL, for me :P
1:59 AM
if it gets over 365, I'll consider taking another break.
@APerson Ah! I see your biggest site is SO.
More q's or a's?
Ah. like 8 times more answers than questions.
Been trying to get to 2K for a while
@APerson Keep up the good work :)
2:03 AM
I'm active on GL.
yes, I noticed
good job there
@APerson The tree perhaps gives it a away =D
@APerson thnx
Also, :
ɹǝssnW ſ, ɐᴉuɐʌlʎsuuǝԀ 'ɹǝʇsɐɔuɐ˥
1 2
You really love your socks, don't you?
@bjb568 I have only one.
2:10 AM
And yes, he's like a mirror image of myself.
2:41 AM
A list!
A: Which high-desert-friendly tree should I plant beside my driveway?

J. MusserFirst, I'll mention that if there was a tree there before, it was taken down for a reason. If the reason was disease, you'll want to know the species, so that you don't accidentally replant the same thing. Of course, id-ing stumps is hard, especially once the bark is off. You may have to ask arou...

@Doorknob Ah, and with an answer, too!
@Frank He needed rep to talk in chat :P
@Doorknob So I saw in the comment.
@Pëkka I need rep to talk in chat :P — NotDoorknob Feb 3 at 3:28
3:04 AM
<html><body><h1>It works!</h1>
<p>This is the default web page for this server.</p>
<p>The web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.</p>
cough no title cough
@bjb568 apache's default web page
Well, make it not default.
@bjb568 happy?
@3ventic gasp You are your Evil Shadow! He's been haunting us all along!
3:07 AM
(also, the link in the Shadow's profile isn't clickable because it doesn't have an http://)
goes and adds @3ventic on Steam just because his website says he doesn't accept them
I don't feel like logging in on it just to fix the link
It's a website field, it should linkify without protocol >.<
@3ventic Users with less than 10 rep don't have that field linkified.
that makes sense
For all we know, alcohol was the only 'poison' in it, and the other girl just died from choking when she tried to drink as fast as her friend, who was busy throwing up. — Zibbobz 15 hours ago
3:44 AM
Hey look. Weird. Spammy stuff in the users 'about' box: gardening.stackexchange.com/users/7296/christina-kilimanjaro
Demonstrating the SE wisdom of not linkifying anything in user profiles under 10 rep.
@CareBear except on the network profile.
@hichris123 Is this a known bug / oversight? Ought to be reported somewhere.
Maybe SE does not care because network profiles are not obvious: one has to go looking for one.
3:48 AM
Yeah, hold on a sec.
Q: De-linkify links in network profile if a network-wide suspension is applied

UndoI noticed this network-wide spammer, with a network-wide suspension. They've filled their profile clear full of spam links, and the thing that delinks links in suspended profiles is working on per-site profiles. But on his network profile, the links are still links. They're nofollowed, but users ...

We were talking about this in chat, and my thought would just be to de-linkfiy if network combined rep is under 10, like the per-site limit. — hichris123 13 secs ago
Good find. It seems SE does not consider this important enough, which may be correct. I only look at the network profiles to see reputation charts, which are way better than on per-site profiles.
5:01 AM
Stack Overflow in Japanese won't let me in... ja.stackoverflow.com
Except if I use Android app, that is. :D
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Learn About the Best Anti Aging Skin Care? on drupal.stackexchange.com
Looks snazzy. But the most awesome question ever has only two upvotes.
approves of footer color
5:24 AM
It's strange that there is no proposal for SO in Japanese in Area 51... there was one for Portuguese, and there are several for other languages.
What's the DB query to find the no of days where i earned 200 reps each?
5:42 AM
@AvinashRaj I don't know of a good way to get this from SEDE, but there is another way.
2. View page source and locate the "data" array for the site you are interested in. Copy it.
3. Run something like this in the console: rep=[....]; days=0; for(i=0;i<rep.length;i++) {if (rep[i]-(rep[i-1]?rep[i-1]:0)>=200) {days++} }
I got 82 for you on Stack Overflow.
locate the "data" array for the site you are interested in??
Where the data array is located?
5:47 AM
In the page source. Scroll down: it's pretty visible.
Yes, there ought to be a user script to extract this automatically from that page.
spam gone
good morning
@Unihedron Or some other time of day.
Polyhedron -> Monohedron transformation would make more sense to be, btw.
Lol, you saw the star chart?
5:55 AM
Yes... but did not see that Jan Dvorak already said that. OK, so now it's not just my opinion. Peer pressure building up...
Oh... :P
Hey, that thread got nuked.
@CareBear thanks, but i can't figure out. This shows my knowledge in javascript :-)
@AvinashRaj Hang on, writing an easy-to-use tool to extract this.
6:03 AM
@CareBear That's because we don't star his messages
No @Uni no, don't become poly or mono, Uni is the best.
6:26 AM
hi there
@InfiniteRecursion :D
@Unihedron closed
@AvinashRaj Here you go: bookmarklet that outputs the number of 200+ rep days, when executed on the reputation tab of your network profile.
Jon Skeet has 2192 days on SO.
6:37 AM
And I have 0. Days, or posts for that matter...
@CareBear Good grief!
That'd be enough for 14 Legendary badges. Isn't it inconsistent that Legendary is awarded once, while Socratic multiple times? Both have to do with days.
Feature request, anyone? Give Jon his missing 13 Legendary badges.
New minecraft questions for Oct 19 - Stack Exchange
yo @Inf ^^ last vote
@Unihedron cv question
@Qantas94Heavy Hello :)
@Qantas94Heavy o/
@Unihedron Congratulations. You are paying attention.
@JanDvorak Thanks
@Unihedron Rolled back question vandalism as well
looks like someone getting busted for homework
@Qantas94Heavy Thanks. I was going to do that after the suggested edit.
7:02 AM
@TGMCians I've seen a similar question posted here that asked for scala documentation or something, and I've been told it was a great question. I think I was told that by you.
@JanDvorak Scala is like shudders though.
Why does that make a difference?
@JanDvorak not sure. btw it's off-topic,. i can't help in thiis
@Unihedron rejected
I wanted to leave him the comment "Don't vandalize your posts. Instead, flag for moderator attention for it to be deleted", but he doesn't have enough rep to flag.
@JanDvorak if you have a link, please share here then let's close it
yesterday, by Jan Dvorak
rec-tool? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10914155/a-searchable-prolog-language-descrip‌​tion-online
closed already
so, dear @InfiniteRecursion and @Unihedron, you should have probably close voted too.
but there i didn't tell that it's great question.
You didn't disagree with keeping open either
@JanDvorak Huh, I thought I did! Weird..
7:12 AM
Oh. So it was @inf who was complaining about the closure.
hmm i was not handling cv requests that time. that's why i left
7:35 AM
Eh... What they said about being able to submit answers within 5 minutes of closing is incorrect. I managed to post an answer even after 16 minutes.
@Unihedron yup, you can also do it after 5 hours
Q: How was this answer posted after this question was closed?

tombull89Question: lot of .exe folders are created on my windows7 Answer: try that... The question was closed at 11:57:57 (according to the hover-over-"x-mins-ago" bar) and the answer was posted at 12:16:35. It's a fairly lengthy answer, so it's possible that it was started to be written before it was c...

whoops, four hours only.
@JanDvorak I remember now. I clicked on your linked question and wanted to cast a CV, but I received a sharp, red blue notification and had to read and cast my response. then I forgot to cv.
@Unihedron what's a "blue notification"?
Inbox message. I'm on inverse colors.
@Unihedron oh, slick!
7:49 AM
That would be cyan, not blue
Speaking of closing: is there a practical way to find out who closed most questions on the site? I mean actual closures that took effect, not pending closevotes.
@JanDvorak the Close queue stats page can also give rough answer
Well, I can get the number of closed questions by a particular user but the way they are stored makes it difficult to get Top N closers. sigh
or that
7:59 AM
@ShadowWizard Reviews could be all "Leave Open" for all we know.
@CareBear yeah, but really doubt it :)
Indeed, my query shows 8660 closed questions where andrewsi was one of the voters. (This excludes deleted questions as usual)
But 12909 closed Qs for Bill the Lizard, who has a higher closure/review ratio for an obvious reason.
yo @Sam
8:04 AM
How come Sam is alone? Bots left behind today to rest?
@JanDvorak Dear @Jan, let me enjoy my Sunday
@JanDvorak Whoever closed that has never coded in Prolog
then RV ;-)
The bots are still asleep, atm...
you mean such RV? ^
8:09 AM
@InfiniteRecursion then reopen-vote ;-)
@Sam oh, how cute! :D
@JanDvorak Done
I understood rv, am not dumb :/
You woke up the bot :(
Meh, he's a lazy bot anyway.
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title: “URI is not registered” when use xmlns.jcp.org/jsf/html"; in XHTML page on stackoverflow.com
@Pham Morning!
8:14 AM
Ah yes, url detection. I remember trying that with Pham. (I ended up removing it 'cause of too many FPs.)
@InfiniteRecursion lol, @Jan was replying to my teasing ;)
@JanDvorak Morning!
@Sam He is the best bot, he watches all the questions and answers and hundreds of keywords, that's why he got a star from me.
@Pham are you human?
True :)
8:17 AM
@ShadowWizard Are you human?
@Pham I think, therefore I am
@ShadowWizard He doesn't have a very high opinion of ducks anyways. For all dumb actions, he blames ducks - anyone downvotes spam, he thinks it's the duck, if anyone needs a midnight snack, he recommends to eat a duck...a complete duckist
We're in the same boat then ;)
@InfiniteRecursion oh, that's a real shame! You should totally put a duck-tape on him!!
8:34 AM
@ShadowWizard That scared the duck away...
@rene wow, that was unexpected! ;)
1 hour later…
I have a question: Just why does Drupal attract so much spam?!
@Flimzy Changing the English language is a huge undertaking. To go about that just because of pathologic gender sensibilities is counter-productive. Would a female programmer be offended with the phrase "party on, dudes!"? If so, maybe she should seek professional help. — Camilo Martin 2 days ago
^that's an SE dude recommending professional help for me :D
10:28 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ORDERS OF GROPUS on math.stackexchange.com
Is there an API for Stack authentication?
@SmokeDetector delete
11:11 AM
@Unihedron for the api itself?
@rene for logging into stack programmatically for the session
2 days ago, by Care Bear
Why is Drupal such a spam magnet? The traffic isn't that great, 23k/day.
@Unihedron No, you have to mimick user clicks and handle client-side redirects to and from the oauth provider
No upvoted answers..
@rene Gotcha, thanks! Now to figure out how to do that in Java..
@Unihedron I often start with fiddler....
11:15 AM
@Unihedron eh, because nobody really knows, except for the spammer... :D
@rene How does it work? Seems hacky.
this is why I used .Net's built-in webbrowser element. grin
it's not in Java, tears
Is there a wrapper available?
Not on prod environment.
11:25 AM
@Unihedron Fiddler acts as a proxy, with the inspector you can can see requests and responses. You only have to mimick those with HttpWebRequests... which every major/serious stack have...
@rene Ok, thanks!
11:56 AM
Eh, I can write to new URL("http://stackoverflow.com/users/login").openConnection() with a POST request, yay!
12:13 PM
Oops, I jumped on to the wrong train. I thought it's a hiya train, and now I see it's a sock train.
12:23 PM
^ Socks of @Inf
I never wear socks IRL
I don't own a pair of socks, so those are not mine ^^^
@InfiniteRecursion oh my.... so how you keep warm?! ;)
@ShadowWizard Her pond probably has water temp controls or somethin'.
@Sam oh, this explains a lot!
12:28 PM
also, warm stockings
stackauth hates you if you write your own POST requests.
12:31 PM
Good, then spammers can't login programatically ;)
Yay! Owl finally poofed.
@Jan, poke after poof
Low Quality Q (100%): Can be books used if they are touched by impure things?and how?, by bayazid, on islam.stackexchange.com.
12:45 PM
^ needs editing (at least)
Did they seriously think it was a good idea using XXL font for that kind of thing?
Someone answered it, but didn't bother to fix the question first.
@Sam yeah, crappy words in the question body (literally ;))
I find the question pretty hillarious, to be honest. Who asks such a question?
12:49 PM
//cc @jan
He can't see the text if it gets nuked, let's onebox it for him :P
Q: Can be books used if they are touched by impure things?and how?

bayazidIf urine,shit , testis ,blood and other impure things fall on the pages of many books ,can i will be able to use them again?and how? Will they be impure unti my death?

^ Kids @Jan
Ohh, the XXL text looks normal in the onebox :(
Why are none of you editing and fixing it? o_O
not enough rep
Waiting for someone to yell for offensive flags

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