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3:01 PM
@ArieLitovsky semi-repro, got it when I opened the app for the first time, but deleting it and reinstalling from the link seems to have fixed it.
@Undo thanks for checking that.
user has already removed the app, so it looks like it's something more unique to him
@ArieLitovsky well, might be a rare issue
yup, probably.
Today's Listening | Retro / Synthpop
3:09 PM
thanks @GnomeSlice
@Vogel612 Weird coincidence, the other one I was thinking of posting is by Vogel
@GnomeSlice I like
@GnomeSlice nice
3:25 PM
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 34 secs ago, by Pham
Bad Tag Used: [hardware] | forgot my HDD password, by Abdullah Qadry, on stackoverflow.com.
^ close plz
This took a lot of research. I am getting tired out. (yawn)
@Frank Researching is good for you!
The more you research, the better you will become at citing resources. After ~20 tag edit suggestions, I'm getting really good at skimming the wikipedia articles now. :D
@Unihedron And tiring. I had to dig up a bunch of old scientific studies/papers to support my answer.
@Unihedron I didn't look at wiki
3:32 PM
I didn't imply that you did, just that it's a good hobby.
@Unihedron It is useful, but I don't entirely trust it, so I went for scientific studies themselves.
agreement reached, good work! really long post :P
puts away drama popcorn
takes Bart's popcorn and devours the popcorn wrapper
3:35 PM
shares popcorn with Uni
@Unihedron ... again? ...
Aug 21 at 12:26, by Bart
Top tip @Unihedron: don't devour the can, open it and drink the liquid inside.
steals popcorn from Uni
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SAP SD CREDIT MANAGMENT on stackoverflow.com
Was I too harsh? Should I delete my comment, op responded meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/272319/…
@Unihedron Really long?! Try this. The question was broad.
3:37 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Nah, but problem solved, message delivered. So you can remove it now.
Yay long posts!
Quick! Write a query that selects the longest answer from a user ever written!
@Unihedron I think that was my longest one.
@SmokeDetector fixed title; post is too broad, [cv-pls]
You write, am lazy
3:39 PM
Ok, fine.
@Frank is that site for inside plants too? I live on an apartment and half of the plants I buy eventually end up dead.
indoor plants, btw
I even managed to kill a fat plant :)
@InfiniteRecursion OK, thanks :)
@Stijn Yup
SE really has a site for every subject! :D
3:42 PM
@Unihedron I bet we don't have a site for bots with glasses.
@Sam On it!
@Unihedron I wouldn't be so sure about that... And I am happy they actually don't have.
(cough distasteful rule 34 joke cough)
Here's the guy with by far the most rep in the houseplants tag. He was an internal landscaper, and he knows his stuff.
Yup. Failed the spanish geo test.
I wrote my first answer on English SE, and the entire post is idle, not a single upvote on the question or any answer. Am bored, I like the fast pace of SO :/
A: Looking for a good title for specific job

Infinite RecursionYour friend can use the title sales representative

3:45 PM
@InfiniteRecursion :/ My first English.SE post got insta-3 upvotes
@InfiniteRecursion You have +2, it looks like.
@Unihedron Mines still at +0.
A: Is there a common word for floor and ceiling?

J. MusserI think user1598390 got it right. Floor is the closest to what you're looking for. I have also heard the term level used interchangeably with floor. Storey, as defined by Dictionary.com, shows that both words, floor and level, are acceptable. storey /ˈstɔːrɪ/ noun (pl) -reys, -ries...

I would enjoy downvotes too...new experience outside SO
@Unihedron No, my answer was longer
3:47 PM
Who upvoted? Please remove the upvotes....
@Unihedron Cool, thx.
@Frank What is your Gardening.SE user ID?
I'm not the biggest English person.
@Unihedron hmm 9.6k and 5 upvotes on CR..
@Unihedron 419
3:49 PM
and 2.2 k on SO...
something's off...
One upvote remaining, please remove. I will earn rep eventually, have some faith in my English !
13662 length @Frank! You are a winner!
Ode To JavaScript
We don't need compilation
We dont need type control
No class inheritance in the framework
Teachers leave the globals alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave the globals alone!
All in all it's just another crack in the code.
All in all you're just another bug in the code.
@Unihedron I know.
CR has nice active community @Vogel, it's better than SO
3:51 PM
@SPArchaeologist *"we don't need no"
@InfiniteRecursion I know ;)
I would star that, but "You have fully used your vote allowance for today".
@Unihedron next time call TS...
RSA btw..#cr-meme
@Uni you have created a lot more queries than me.
Uni broke SEDE a few days ago with his queries @Frank
3:54 PM
@Frank I copy-paste fragments from other queries. I actually don't know SQL... :S
@Unihedron your query title is incorrect...
you just look at answers..
@JanDvorak I know, but (probably because English isn't my first language) the form "We don't need NO type control " makes me think that you are saying you need it (double negation), while it is clear that the demonic minds behind the horror seemed to not care :P
Oh no! Scream!
For ice cream!
@Unihedron Same here.
--> CR: 20k , SO 13.8k
3:55 PM
@Frank Same here.
:O learn SQL @uni, it's important and fun
@SPArchaeologist while that is true, your version doesn't scan
@InfiniteRecursion naaah it's the SE PostTypes he should get used to ;)
But SQL is important, in general, not just for SEDE ;)
@InfiniteRecursion Yup
@InfiniteRecursion Hmmm..... ...
@InfiniteRecursion @Frank @Unihedron notices the popcorn on the floor before returning to the muffin he was eating before
grabs the muffin from @SPA
notices that @Frank is a greedy tree
My most viewed sede query has only 27 views. I must be not making them interesting enough.
@Frank Looking at the moving tree, he assume that it must be Fluttershy again pretending to be a tree.. so he just take another muffin and continue eating
@Frank PRO tip: Favourite your own queries, the one star count really gets people interested.
grabs the other muffin
If you are a he, why a derpy @spa?
4:06 PM
@Unihedron It has one favorite. The next viewed one has two.
hmm, I get at best 0.0245 upvotes per character on CR...
and that's on a 23 upvotes answer...
40 characters per upvote? Not bad.
@JanDvorak thank you for opening my eyes btw...
Amusing to know stats by upvotes per character
4:08 PM
how did I get the idotic idea I could get useful numbers when doing Score / Len(Body)...
@InfiniteRecursion First, you was the one declaring me Derpy :P I just used her as an avatar last winter wrap bash. Second, I don't care much, I like the character so you can call me Derpy if you like. My actual face would resemble more Sombra, but that is....
This answer has 15 characters, and 10 upvotes. :)
Owl keep their eyes wide open @Vogel
@Vogel612 no idea, actually
@Vogel612 try Len(Body) / 10 - Score AS awesomeness
4:09 PM
@InfiniteRecursion *Owls
@Frank We have so much of that stuff growing in our yard. I just read the wikipedia article about it a couple of weeks ago and yanked most of it.
ok, I will call you dodo from now on @spa ;)
@Frank you need to count the link as well
URL + description + four bytes of markdown
@JanDvorak rats...
still impressive, actually
4:10 PM
@InfiniteRecursion So I am promoted to Scootaloo?
Aug 24 at 3:30, by SmokeDetector
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM on cstheory.stackexchange.com
@Unihedron Reminds me of a certain song...
Mine on a duplicate answer has only +6. :(
Naah...on second thoughts, I like derpy, she looks good on your avatar, so I will keep calling you Derpy :)
And on another duplicate, only +2.
@LynnCrumbling It's actually hard to yank out. I use a shovel.
4:15 PM
@Frank Yes it is. Unfortunately, it's rooted itself along with some Arborvitae.. making the shovel approach not much of an option.
quick question... Who owns CW questions / answers??
Community wiki
100% of my answers on pets are accepted :)
@Frank I've pulled what I can. If it comes back... well.. let's hope the winter makes that not happen.
4:16 PM
Community user... duh
CommunityOwnedDate IS NOT NULL <--- @vog
@Unihedron damn I had hoped for userId = -1
@LynnCrumbling It is perennial. It will be back.
@Frank bah. ok.. good to know.
@Vogel612 the userid on CW post is the person who contributed the most in the post itself
makes sense..
4:17 PM
> I do things like

- Randomly poke old unanswered questions every hour so they get some attention
- Own community questions and answers so nobody gets unnecessary reputation from them
@Frank most of it is growing out from my neighbor's property, who recently passed away. The estate hasn't been finalized, so...
@LynnCrumbling What I've done in hard to dig areas is slice it off 1/2" below the soil, and drill multiple small holes in the root, making sure I don't go out again. I fill these with 50% glyphosate mix and plug with twigs. The root dies very fast.
@Frank I mostly just pulled what is growing out into my property.. which by the time it was encroaching..was about 7' tall.
@Unihedron I had hoped, they'd add him into that in the database.
but hey 42 chars per upvote on SO is also not bad...
What?! How do you get that data?
4:20 PM
> 50% glyphosate mix
Mixed with water?
@LynnCrumbling But 7' isn't too bad....
@LynnCrumbling Yeah.
210 chars / 5 upvotes
@LynnCrumbling I pressed reply button when you got shoved in by Frank
It doesn't have to be that concentrated, but the regular 2% used as a foliar spray won't kill the roots as well.
4:21 PM
@Vogel612 I figured it was something like that :)
@Frank googling for glyphosate
What's TopX?
@LynnCrumbling glufosinate should work too, but doesn't degrade as fast.
-1121 chars per upvote... ;-;
@Unihedron Top x results.
@LynnCrumbling If you buy straight glyphosate, you'll get better results if you add a surfactant.
4:23 PM
@Frank Ahh, ok.. that lovely Monsanto chemical.
@LynnCrumbling Unless you buy from another source - I don't always approve of the other chemicals used in the product RoundUp.
+, I don't prefer to buy anything from Monsanto.
@Frank That's about the only thing that has successfully gotten rid of my thistle... but that's the only place that I tend to use that stuff.
@Frank When I've bought it, I tend to buy the walmart generic of it.
@Frank I wonder why. (Do I really need a sarcasm tag here?)
@LynnCrumbling Canada thistle? I use clopyralid for that - much better long-term death.
@Unihedron OT-books
@Frank Yes - exactly. I hate that stuff. And it hates me.
oh, now that I'm done taking classes from him:
@BoltClock 6 to 8 more, not times, just 6 to 8 — Braiam 1 min ago
Public Service Announcement: Don't ever take, or suggest anyone take, classes from redwagontutorials.com
@Unihedron a meek 237.
4:29 PM
@Unihedron 391 (SO) / 360 (CR)
@Unihedron 927
@Unihedron 363
@Unihedron 99
@Unihedron 198
@LynnCrumbling It's worst when it gets into broadleaf groundcover beds, and you can't spray it. You have to thicken the stuff and paint it on.
4:30 PM
Anna wins!!! :O
@Unihedron I'm not on SO.
@Frank What's your score on GL?
@Unihedron How would I find It?
@Unihedron wants to ping, again
@Frank Wow. sounds ... tiring. What do you use as a thickening agent?
@LynnCrumbling Thick-it (food thickener)
@Unihedron 413 :(
Sam works the hardest for his upvotes! Respect!
@Unihedron 512. I guess I win :D
GL is a very low voting site.
@Unihedron 207
4:32 PM
@Unihedron lol :D
2 mins ago, by Sam
@Unihedron 927
^ so no.
@Unihedron 79 on Meta Stack Exchange
@codeMagic Lower is better. It means your content is more HQ or something.
And we have a winner... This is the most character-efficient answer on SO:
Q: What is the maximum value for a int32?

FlinkmanI can never remember that number. I need a memory rule.

@Frank If I have plants growing around the trunk of a maple, and use glyphosate to get rid of those - what are the risks to the tree trunk from overspray? Is only a concern if it enters through the leaves, or can the bark absorb it too?
4:33 PM
with a score of whooping 0.03302 chars per upvote
82 on Meta! :o
@Unihedron I know. I was being...funny(?)
@codeMagic :) !
180 on MSO!
@LynnCrumbling You will be fine, so long as the tree isn't suckering, and you don't spend the day spraying the soil under it.
@Frank Hah. Nice.
4:35 PM
@Unihedron 320
@LynnCrumbling What plants?
@Unihedron 60 on MSO :D
@Sam Your MSO stats beats @Anna on SO!
@Sam 182
Now you need to find what percent of your answers are accepted.
4:36 PM
@Frank that's kinda easy...
@Unihedron 42 on MSO... :)
@AnnaLear The ultimate number!!
Quick! What's Shog's user id? :D
does Google index chat?
@Undo why would they...
4:37 PM
just wondering
@lostsock Score: 112
@Frank This was actually done last summer. I noticed that the tree started losing leaving much earlier (a full month) than the other trees, and was concerned. Unfortunately, I also sprayed something that I was wrong about. I THOUGHT it was poison ivy... lots of it. Then my mother-in-law pointed out the thorns and I was bummed out. Have a guess?
oh shit, nevermind, he attracts lots of upvotes.. searches for another query
@Undo yes
@Vogel612 I know. I wonder how we'd compare.
4:38 PM
@AnnaLear oh boy ... I'm in trouble, aren't I?
@Frank no clue.
@AnnaLear yay. Maybe it'll pick up on my warning about Teacher.find_by_score(Score.Terrible)
@Unihedron already voted.
@LynnCrumbling I'd need o photo.
4:39 PM
@Frank raspberry. Like I said, I was bummed.
@Frank It came back a bit this year, so I'm letting it go.
@Undo Looking at that site, I have to wonder... what on earth possessed you to take any courses from them in the first place? o.O
@LynnCrumbling You thought it was poison? Hahahahahahaha (gasps for breath) Hahahahaha!
shog's is 74 on MSO
@Frank Yes. sinks into corner
@AnnaLear ... not me, my parents :P But we did it because everything we could find about him on the Interwebs was shining complements. And then, halfway through the year, we found out he hires a company to look for bad stuff about him and 'get it taken down'.
4:41 PM
mine's 54 on MSO !!!!!!
I still wonder how they do that.
@LynnCrumbling Hee hee hee
@lostsock You're so close! Anna has a score of 42!
@LynnCrumbling No cankers on the tree?
@Unihedron goes to edit 5 of my posts and vandalize @anna's posts
4:42 PM
Adding seemingly or even really actually meaningless or moreover useless bloat, also known as additional characters, is a specialty or even talent of my humble self
@Unihedron weird.
Yes. Use up your stars, and spam click a button. In chrome.
4:45 PM
@Unihedron Use Firefox instead!
@AnnaLear even beats Skeet, he's 104
@ProgramFOX I'll order a ProgramFOX!
@ProgramFOX I would, but it's the only browser that has its own proxy settings
@Unihedron delivers a ProgramFOX
@3ventic Why would that matter?
I'm outta here for today ;)
4:47 PM
Because I need it for testing purposes where I can't use my own IP
Bye bye ! @vog
@Vogel612 Bye.
@Vogel612 See you!
@Frank I don't believe so.
4:47 PM
That and my VPS wouldn't like the amount of traffic I use...
browses the internet and chats with the tree and the taverners through ProgramFOX
@LynnCrumbling lower than average rain that fall?
> Please set your screen size to 1152 X 864 for best viewing
... 1152x864? o.O
@3ventic Oh, I see.
4:49 PM
1366 x 768 here..
@Frank Having a hard time remembering what last august's rainfall was. I want to say that it was normal.
@Unihedron Hey, I'm a file format, not a browser :P
Jun 1 at 10:31, by ProgramFOX
Lol apparently I'm a file format.
@LynnCrumbling What about the temperature?
Jun 1 at 10:31, by ProgramFOX
I saw this on a website:
Jun 1 at 10:31, by ProgramFOX
> Converter DOC For input, Word and ProgramFOX
4:50 PM
@Frank Normal for that time of year.
@LynnCrumbling I wonder why it went dormant early, then.
@Frank It's got multiple dead branches, and needs to cleaned up badly. Could that be a factor?
@LynnCrumbling Borers?
@Frank It came back this spring. I was wondering if I was going to lose the tree.
4:52 PM
@LynnCrumbling You could totally ask questions on GL.
@Frank Would a large pile of sticks around the base of the tree be impacting it?
@Frank Yes, I should. I don't think I realized that I had so many questions until you got me talking.
@LynnCrumbling Not unless they were decomposing rapidly and up against the trunk (never put soil or mulch, or other decompos[ing][ed] things around the trunk of a tree).
@Frank Because of the biproducts of the decommission (ammonia et al)?
@Frank is it ok around bushes?
@LynnCrumbling They introduce microorganisms to the cork bark and that can have very bad long-term effects.
4:57 PM
@Frank Oh...
@LynnCrumbling *byproducts
@JanDvorak Thank you. What I typed is significantly different from that. And not editable.
@lostsock Rule of thumb: keep mulch away from woody stems by about 6".
You should always be able to see the root flare of a woody plant.
I feel like we should be on gardening chat :)
Good way to find Stack Overflow scrapers: just enter "ProgramFOX" (with quotes) in Google and look at the results. Sometimes you'll come across a Stack Overflow scraper in the results.
5:00 PM
@Frank I'm headed to lunch, so that'll help kill the conversation.
@Frank Thanks for the info.
@LynnCrumbling cya
Bye @Lynn
I'm headed to lunch too
bai @frank
@LynnCrumbling @Frank See you!
reports another scraper
... and now I found a Super User scraper.
5:08 PM
... Now you have two problems.
Bam, reported.
Hmm, scraper hunting is actually turning out to be quite interesting.
So, idea for the next bot? What will be its color?
@ProgramFOX Back from lunch
@Unihedron Me?
5:18 PM
@Frank Welcome back!
Yeah :P
Probably green.
I'll start work on the avatar...
One more upvote on GL, and I'll be over 200 today. :)
Hey look, I've found some free spam. @Undo Would those posts be of use for Smokey's Bayesian thingy?
@Sam Hey look, Spam Review!
5:31 PM
I see somebody has found my secret project from following me and seeing my public repo...
@bjb568 ... why did you make it a public repo then? :P
@ProgramFOX I didn't think people would notice :P
@bjb568 It was buried under a lot of other stuff, but then I caught it :)
caught *
@Unihedron I actually found that site whilst I was seeing if any scrapers had gotten thier gruby little fingures on my post.
5:34 PM
@Unihedron Thanks, fixed :)
@Sam That's interesting. We can certainly add some stuff from there.
I have to go now, will add them later.
See you!
@Unihedron Don't see the logic of excluding zero-score posts, especially given that negative scores are included. There would not be division by zero, since the sum of lengths is divided by the sum of scores.
I have 730 on math... (after correcting the query to include all answers).
@Sam it could be, but only if that same kind of spam gets posted on SE
@CareBear You are correct.
5:46 PM
@Undo So it needs to be exactly the same?
well, if we don't get that kind here it's useless
@Undo kinda sorta
I see. continues spam/scraper hunt
I have three questions headed toward the notable badge, and 1 headed for famous. :)
5:59 PM
Two more answer upvotes on GL, and I'll hit the cap.
Yipes, hit the cap...
Ha Ha Ha! Look at this! I was awesome.
@Frank Well done! You're the tree!
6:05 PM
Frank and Sam...no pls !!
6:08 PM
Wait, something's wrong.
I didn' do nutin'.
If Sam and Pham are starring all the messages, then there will be two stars on every message, but only one star on Sam and Phams' messages!
So there is another star troll as well!
Exactly. Huh, what?!
Jan, fall from the shelf
6:10 PM
Sep 21 at 16:48, by animuson
sits here with his full tank of stars
Pham catches everything...good job :D
Perhaps I should create a chat bot, called Gham...
That is very broad as you'll need stuff from dicom.nema.org to read the data and stuff from en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audio_Video_Interleave to write the data.... — rene 24 secs ago
6:53 PM

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