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12:00 AM
@lostsock [citation needed]
Google is an American, it was born there after all. In America, girls 16th birthday is referred to as their Sweet 16. But if you go to Google.com, you will notice that it says Google's 16th birthday. Not any mention of Google's sweet 16 birthday.
@animuson Wow, nice work detective!
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: URGENT MINECRAFT WILL NOT CLOSE on gaming.stackexchange.com
12:26 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Does increasing water intake during a diet help with weight loss? on skeptics.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector ... spam answer
Aug 14 at 17:33, by bjb568
TIL StackExchange has a cardiologist.
but it does, just type StackExchange.cardiologist on the console :)
Can we have another close vote rally, @Shog9? Like the time you set it to show the posts with 4 cv's first in the queue and featured it on meta?
12:54 AM
@lostsock ... did I miss something?
1:20 AM
Pull the plug out from the wall? — bjb568 8 secs ago
2:04 AM
Always fun, someone offering to buy http://superuser.com from us: "$420 for the domain to compensate you for your registration costs"
@hichris123 ...
2:49 AM
@bjb568 wat?
@Frank Deleted answer.
@bjb568 oh. I was gonna say.
@bjb568 Should've looked at the url slug
2:55 AM
@bjb568 Ah. The end of the url then
Or that.
@bjb568 What for?
Here's your daily dose of feeling stupid: googlesciencefair.com
@Frank /a/ means answer. /q/ means questions.
@SantaClaus isn't feeling stupid
3:04 AM
@Frank Be thankful you're immune.
@SantaClaus Doesn't feel stupid. Can create better website than Google.
@bjb568 I....wasn't wasn't talking about the website...
Who made that crap? Can't even fullscreen the video!
@SantaClaus So? :P
^ This is all the video I get! Not even robot fruit flies. Just... grey.
@bjb568 lol is that the one you clicked on too?
@SantaClaus Yeap.
3:10 AM
@SantaClaus My best quote: 'He may be stupid, but he sure is dumb!"
@SantaClaus Socks Great minds think alike.
...and sometimes so do ours.
@bjb568 I want to know where the kid learned that stuff.
@bjb568 I'll give a cookie to whomever can find him on stack overflow.
@SantaClaus It's not that complicated, I want to know where he found all that free time!
@bjb568 That too...
3:15 AM
in Minecraft Talk on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 2 mins ago, by J. Musser
You can only sleep at night.
> Now, the hottest feature of this apartment.
If I had to put it, it's the absolutely safe security structure.
Just take a look at these completely sturdy iron bars.
No matter if you bang or attempt to pull them they won't budge an inch!
There will surely be no thieves out there who would be willing to enter after seeing these reliable iron bars.
However, criminals will still come in.
It's a prison after all.
@SantaClaus Doesn't have an SO account probably.
github.com/gtmtg?tab=activity Here's the github account.
@bjb568 and his twitter twitter.com/mgarimella
@SantaClaus Useless. It's private.
@bjb568 And I found his quizlet...
3:17 AM
^ O.O
@bjb568 get a real browser...
@Braiam If there's a difference between the two wabkits, there's a problem.
@SantaClaus Phew! Just trig derivatives. Yay. I iz bettah.
@bjb568 you need Geeko
3:19 AM
I still suck at english tho.
@Braiam Uh... no.
@bjb568 Heh - english 10 vocab is eazy
I'm struggling with English 9...
Is the @bjb568 yo, he stinks at english, yo!
@bjb568 English 9 Honors is where its at guys
laughs at my own misuse of its
@SantaClaus welp I see hard assignments like "answer 2 out of these 20 horrible questions honors: you guys do all of them"
3:24 AM
If someone wants you to vacuum and you're not wanting to, do you know the best response?
'Vacuums suck!'
@bjb568 I started my honors class on friday with: "Are even numbered pages on the left half of books, or the right?"
@SantaClaus O...O
@SantaClaus what kind of moronic question is that? and what has to do with language?
Not even kidding...the substitute had a list of 10 questions like that. Had nothing to do with Shakespeare, or anything else we were supposed to be studying.
mumbles something meta about editing chat posts too much @Santa
3:28 AM
sometimes you just need to
OH: "If there are 10 apples, and you take 2, how many apples do you have?"
@SantaClaus 12.
@SantaClaus 2 + amount_before, 0 <= amount_before <= 8
Hiya @Uni!
Hello! :)
@SantaClaus Yay.
@bjb568 Now somebody has to bring him into chat.
No MSE account.
3:30 AM
Get him to the SO Tavern!
Should I create a room on SO chat and invite him?
is too shy to create room myself
@bjb568 That might creep him out a bit. But yes.
3:34 AM
Lets not link him to the tavern since we were kinda stalking him over here...
Good idea.
So, what over famous people can we track down and try to have conversations with?
I'm going to go. Somebody ping me if he shows up.
Damn clones...
3:44 AM
@Uni done
flag answer also please
/me flagged
> deleted 40 secs ago
@GnomeSlice :O
[Free] Collab between Cheapbeats and Chiptunes = Win
dope as fuck
10k+ SO user, please help with a screenshot: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/272333/…
yes doing
it seems mod took wrong action
> This answer was marked as spam or offensive and is therefore not shown - you can see the revision history for details.
deleted by ChrisF♦ Sep 11 at 7:58
Thanks @TGMCians
4:34 AM
np :)
I think the question should be closed too, or can be salvaged? "Does anyone know of a working plugin for displaying Ads in a PhoneGap application?" stackoverflow.com/questions/22647417/…
@AndrewT. CV'd
@Braiam done
@Inf please add screenshot there.
4:45 AM
Done! added it @TGMCians :)
Can't you... trim or something
4:53 AM
Thanks for trimming it @uni
@Braiam need one more cv
5:09 AM
@sertac That link doesn't work for me. Such questions happen all the time. I sometimes wonder why I bother trying to write prose when I think that mostly it's just the other answerers that actually read the words. — David Heffernan Feb 16 at 16:03
5:49 AM
cv-pls insufficient code to diagnose / no expected behaviour stackoverflow.com/q/26072571/3622940
6:04 AM
> What is both big and small and celebrating a sweet sixteen? We are! Happy birthday to us!
^Google is celebrating sweet sixteen, it's a female :D
6 hours ago, by lostsock
In gender related news: It's official, Google is a male!
6 hours ago, by lostsock
Google is an American, it was born there after all. In America, girls 16th birthday is referred to as their Sweet 16. But if you go to Google.com, you will notice that it says Google's 16th birthday. Not any mention of Google's sweet 16 birthday.
^lies, Google is celebrating it's sweet sixteen
> email the hackers on
No, crackers..
@SmokeDetector FP
On latest news: alarm clock spam hosted by sourceforge on drupal
> I found that programming an online wake up timer in javascript was a robust undertaking thought that was basic, yet would help me research a couple of central subjects.
seems legit. Yet spam.
^JS folks will be proud
well, the hardest part of making an alarm clock in javascript is making sure the user actually runs the clock
7:21 AM
No code on SourceForge or git, JavaScript on .exe. okay.jpg
do not open spam links, ever. Even if they lead to Sourceforge.
8:09 AM
First person to give a palindrome wins a star from me!
Um... What is MySQL\MySQL Server 5.6\data\ibdata1 and why is it 2 GBs large?
@AndrewT. It has an ad! "Get the new Percona eBook 'MySQL Log' now" Should I buy the book?
Instead, get AdBlock!
8:19 AM
Oop, now the entire page is blank.
8:31 AM
should I start using "bro, do you even Google" as comments to lazy questions?
@JanDvorak "hey dude, did u like evenz goog dat b4 postin or what? learn how to use teh interwebz!"
@JanDvorak Welcome to the Internet. Please try out the search engine here: bing.com
@Unihedron but... why?
8:48 AM
Yeah points on SO!
^edit and salvage
Can't... It's no-repro, changing it to "why can't I run .exe as java program" would be radical
lol somehow I own the [regex] tag wiki now. community wikis are interesting stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5871369
"Well this whole question needs deleting" - well, then do. You don't have any answers. You can delete it. — Jan Dvorak 59 secs ago
9:07 AM
Don't suggest deletion to low rep new users, deleted posts lead them to post ban
Deleting questions only prevents them from being fixed
Deleted answers have harsher penalties, but I'm yet to see an answer ban on SE
But if he deletes, he will get the peer pressure badge! That badge sucks!
But if he doesn't, he'll have a -3 question on his profile
-4 now
moreover, this question is a prime candidate for Roomba. I wonder if Roomba also awards a peer pressure badge
9:11 AM
The two badges that prevents me from having a full Moderation Badges collection...
story of my life
No, only self deletion gives peer pressure badge
Yes, that is true
We should have a "vacuum pressure" badge - question with -3 or worse score deleted by an automated script
9:13 AM
No more badges please!
Insighted: Attempted to flag a post for VLQ, but it's already deleted.
@Inf Why not?
@Unihedron slowest executor in the east
@JanDvorak Multiply that by 500 and you have an incredible unfarmable gold badge idea.
it surely is farmable
moreover it would cause people to delay their flags just to score on being the last
Badges are to encourage good behaviour, not to tarnish a user's profile forever
9:16 AM
@InfiniteRecursion then explain peer pressure
If I really wanted to tarnish my profile I would go post a really incorrect fact, get downvotes, delete, rinse and repeat. :P
It encourages self-cleanup
There's no excuse for poorly put question, they're not new here
Yes, almost 1k, shocking!
@Unihedron also, cv-pls underspecced
9:19 AM
my can of sprite is overflowing
But I have seen so much on SO, I don't judge anyone by reputation now. High rep plagiarisers, robo-reviewers, rude users - have seen them all.
One high rep user who always disappoints me answered that trash
and got upvoted
The !== issue would've been an easy fix.
Answer deleted.
So close to h(is|er) badge.
9:27 AM
@JanDvorak gone
+1, but is sprite really sugarless? — StriplingWarrior Apr 5 '11 at 22:18
9:38 AM
They reposted their answer, saw that they're not going to win the points they wanted, deleted the post and closed the question... stackoverflow.com/q/26083388/3622940
A typical day on Stack Overflow!
You must have seen them do it regularly, if you follow java or regex, I am not surprised.
Yep, I should switch to another technology.
Funny comment:
The first time I heard about this claim was when I was getting my drivers license renewed. The lady who worked at the motor vehicles office happened to be from India. The first thing she said to me after she took my picture was: "You must be very smart. In India, we say that everyone who has big ears must be smart." — ESultanik Jul 28 '11 at 17:42
Haha. xD
Yes, ironically, the two most widely spoken languages in the world, Chinese and English, are also both some of the most difficult to learn, and English being the most commonly spoken second language, puts a fair pressure on people who don't speak it. — Owen 'Coves' Jones Feb 12 at 16:33
What are the psychological effects of irresponsible down-voting? meta.stackoverflow.com/q/272335/2982225
10:02 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Please don't close it, I'm tempted to post an answer.
Sure, go ahead @uni
I salvaged a rant's ranty answer few hours ago meta.stackoverflow.com/posts/272320/revisions
I know my answer sucks, but it answers the question perfectly. meta.stackoverflow.com/a/272337/3622940
10:18 AM
agrees and upvotes
I know my answer sucks, but it answers the question, and please don't downvote it.. — Unihedron 1 min ago
Or do you think that beg should be put within my post itself? :P
No begs please, delete it from comment and don't add begs to your post.
Ah, be right back, something is happening.
If you have an opinion, stand by it. Don't worry about downvotes.
I agree.
10:35 AM
Have you ever received a down-vote? o_O — Infinite Recursion Jul 9 at 17:18
I've probably attracted more downvotes than most of the folks complaining about them, @Infinite. Have you seen the stuff I write? ;-) — Shog9 ♦ Jul 9 at 18:04
^That day I learnt not to care about downvotes
11:17 AM
@InfiniteRecursion ... did I miss something?
No Smokey :)
yes Inf doubt on you :)
11:23 AM
^proof is here
What the actual?
@InfiniteRecursion :D
Just faint...
@Unihedron You don't like our party?
dumps ice water on Uni
11:46 AM
No, I mean IRL parties, and youtube parties. They are the worst!
runs away
12:09 PM
@Uni not much I can do when you run away, but throw things.
12:30 PM
looks like the whole SE is half-asleep
even SO
@nicael It's weekend, then it's always more quiet here.
Yeah, where's all the spam? This is suspicious...
(expects to encounter a sudden wave of a dozen spam posts on drupal)
@ProgramFOX ... did I miss something?
if anyone here voted to close please retract, he's referring to the SE app for android
12:36 PM
@ShadowWizard Shouldn't it be closed or migrated then? It's "how to develop this", nothing to do with SE network.
@Unihedron no, it's asking how the app is built which is legit, like people asking how Stack Exchange sites are built and how they do things
The team doesn't have to respond of course, but it's OK to ask, IMO
Oh I see.
@Unihedron Nowadays the spam waves are more on Ask Ubuntu, the escort spam targets AU more than Drupal or Magneto
And lost-lovers spam on English.SE..
12:44 PM
@ProgramFOX No. I'd like to use something similar in my app. Is this done using a Viewpager? I did not see any special open source library listed. - how this can be for stack exchange app, he is telling he wants same in his app that he is asking whther can be done using viewpager etc.. — TGMCians 1 min ago
@TGMCians What he wants in his app is the same control as the SE Android app uses, so it can be asked here. — ProgramFOX 14 secs ago
@ProgramFOX Next time new user will ask how you achieved this animation in your SE app. Is that valid question imo no otherwise developers will start to ask question here that somewhat not useful for discussion — TGMCians 1 min ago
Maybe get a consensus here in the chat before starting a discussion in the thread..
i want repzzzzz.
where are all
To give to Skeet as bounty?
12:50 PM
@InfiniteRecursion no no no
@nicael i wanzzzz powrz 2 deleet commentz
@InfiniteRecursion i am tired of bounties
@Unihedron ø_ø
@InfiniteRecursion i guessed the post without clicking link
Q: Are "What does SE use for [insert feature here]?" questions valid on Meta Stack Exchange?

ProgramFOXI had a discussion about this with TGMCians here, on a question that asks which control Stack Exchange uses for a specific feature. We did not agree whether they belong here or not, hence I'm asking here: Are "What does Stack Exchange use for [insert feature here]?" questions valid on Meta Stack...

12:54 PM
@ProgramFOX Let's go propose meta.meta.SE!
eh, looks like @ProgramFOX took it seriously
@nicael Then you are smart/have big ears
The first time I heard about this claim was when I was getting my drivers license renewed. The lady who worked at the motor vehicles office happened to be from India. The first thing she said to me after she took my picture was: "You must be very smart. In India, we say that everyone who has big ears must be smart." — ESultanik Jul 28 '11 at 17:42
12:56 PM
@InfiniteRecursion You posted that earlier, but I still find it funny. :P
@ShadowWizard damn, it is not me
@sha: too much lipstick
@ShadowWizard -1 no grin pls
@nicael sure about this? it fits you very well :D
@ShadowWizard not really.
12:58 PM
@InfiniteRecursion well, one got to look pretty if he wants to be a meme!
@Unihedron it's not a grin, that's what happens when he try to think too hard
@sha: yellow teeth and pink lipstick, fashion disaster
and big ears please !! Smart people have big ears skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/5458/…
@InfiniteRecursion oh noooo, so you say I'm not smart?! :D
Sorry @sha, but you don't break as much stuff as nicael or uni :P
@InfiniteRecursion smart people find ways to break things, smarter people are then needed to fix this. ;-)
By the way, where is Bart?!
@ShadowWizard He's probably cleaning the glasses on his profile picture, and it would be a real shame if he would enter the room without them.
1:09 PM
The tavern is Bart-less today :)
2 days ago, by Bart
Enjoy the experience @InfiniteRecursion
@ProgramFOX true, Bart without glasses is like hedgehog without spikes
No Bart. Poop in starboard. Can it really be any worse?! :(
Enjoy the experience @ShadowWizard
@ShadowWizard say something worth being starred then..
Huh? I just got a review task which only had approve reject or skip, no improving.
@Unihedron Link?
1:18 PM
You're right, same here.
It looks like the answer in the suggested edit has been removed, and the owner posted it again with the right formatting.
Don't know why it is still in the queue though.
Same here, no improve
I guess when your post has bad formatting, instead of editing to improve, delete and make a new post! :D
Q: Suggested edits to posts which no longer exist should be automatically removed

animusonThis expands off of this other question by me about orphaned tag wiki edits still existing in the suggested edit queue. Today, I also noticed this edit: This edit was made on a post which was subsequently voluntarily removed by its author. Hence, the Improve button has been removed. Additional...

10k users do see all the buttons
@Unihedron Done.
@ShadowWizard Thanks!
1:35 PM
IE11 went bezirk
hmmm, meta.so tab crashed...
@Unihedron Done.
just missed it
1:41 PM
we should have him banned from editing, he's just adding useless tags
If his edits keep getting rejected, he'll get auto-banned.
@rene IE is broken by definition and by design
@ProgramFOX problem is he's doing about 1 edit per day :(
I'll write a feature request for a new queue with Users to be banned. A users activity is shown and based on that you can click either BAN or SUSPEND.
@ShadowWizard oh, I see
1:45 PM
@ShadowWizard yeah, IE, from the inventors of OLE...and it still uses that...
@rene I saw somewhere that every version of Windows still has the full code of DOS embedded in it, and used in such a way that it can never be removed. For some reason, I find it easy to believe! :-O
@rene puts @rene in the to-ban queue
!!ban rene
@ShadowWizard You doubt me?
!!/ban @rene
yeah, ignore me! grr
1:52 PM
!!/ban Users.getAllFromRoom(Room.getInstance("Tavern on the Meta")).remove("Unihedron");
@ShadowWizard yeah, Longhorn was postponed due to kernel modules being depended on usermode modules...
@Unihedron is now banned because of using Java for banning other users
Java: It's not illegal yet
@ProgramFOX if that is java, it is missing a couple of Factories...
1:57 PM
@Unihedron now write it in that language with the "F" word :D
coffee time!
@ShadowWizard writes in fortran

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