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12:00 AM
@SantaClaus I'm kinda like a robot - didn't get too much sleep last night.
@Frank You look like a tree. Not a robot.
Rep caps are annoying. I'm out of 110 rep that I would otherwise have. I got capped and am stuck at 275 :(
@SantaClaus I feel like a robot from lack of sleep.
@Frank I don't care how you feel. You look like a tree, therefore you are a tree.
@SantaClaus That's nice of you. Thanks.
@Frank Although you may be an intelligent tree.
12:04 AM
@SantaClaus That's probably the truest thing you ever said.
(not to be conceited)
@Frank I only tell the truth.
tries to turn @Doorknob since he came in the room
@SantaClaus I always, always tell the truth. (except when I'm lying)
@Frank So...how does it feel when your leaves fall off? I think it's about time you turned into an orange autumnish tree.
@SantaClaus How does it feel when all your clothes fall off? I refrain from being in public.
@Frank My clothes...don't tend to fall off...
12:15 AM
@SantaClaus But if they did...
@Frank Well...they don't...
@SantaClaus So you wouldn't be able to relate to trees in autumn.
@Frank Tell me...is it tough being a tree?
@SantaClaus I'm a pretty tough tree.
@Frank Do all the lady trees come running when you show up in the forest?
12:18 AM
I've withstood assault by chainsaw from several taverners before. I'm still here!
@SantaClaus They have roots - no running.
@Frank Do their roots...reach out and touch you?
@SantaClaus Of course.
@Frank Have you ever been struck by lightning?
@SantaClaus No. Have you?
@Frank No, but thats the true story of how Rudolph got his red glowing nose.
Bye, tree friend.
12:23 AM
@SantaClaus Leavin'?
@Frank Yeah
See ya later!
Why did someone star that?
From here, 'Apple trees are deciduous evergreens' What?? Nonsense.
12:53 AM
@Frank Have monkeys ever threw their crap at you?
@lostsock I don't live in the jungle. I'm a Fraxinus pennsylvanica, so my kind only range from eastern and central North America, except where we've naturalized. :)
@Frank Oh, I see. Yea, I have trouble with stuff like that, ya'll look alike to me.
Sep 19 at 4:46, by lostsock
maybe your leaves could change colors a little now , since it's fall?
@lostsock That's what Santa was tellin' me.
Y'all can quit.
@lostsock back when you were iStimple (if I remember right) you didn't like my one questions.
@lostsock I mean't to say 'Y'all can't quit.' Very different meaning.
aww, @sam's new bot
@lostsock Nice.
1:04 AM
I was hoping for a 'Spamwise' 'Gham' is cool though...
@bjb568 Exactly!
@lostsock I could post pics of humans in that situation, not sure they'd be appropriate though.
@Sam You need to update Gham's profile. It says 'loading, please wait...', but it's missing this:
<img src="http://web.archive.org/web/20120111193542/http://files.quickmediasolutions.com/throbber.svg">
I post an identical answer on pets and GL, and I get three votes from GL, one vote from pets. :) Both accepted though.
2:03 AM
@Frank Everything is appropriate in the tavern.
the internet!
@SantaClaus Back again?
@Frank Oh, I was here the whole time, just watching you. What else might I have to do on a monday night?
@SantaClaus You didn't see much...
@Frank That's what you think
2:06 AM
@SantaClaus :)
My first app was just released on the App Store!
@AstroCB What app?
@Frank What?
It's not the best; it was more of a learning experience than anything else.
2:22 AM
@AstroCB Nice.
@AstroCB You're welcome.
flags for shouting
@Frank flags for threatening to flag a post
@SantaClaus flags for flagging a totally legit post
2:27 AM
@SantaClaus Learning. Learning.
@Frank flags for flagging an invalid flag
@AstroCB jk, you shouldn't have used a tableview...that would be ugly
@SantaClaus The screenshots are really bad because the ones I took for that device size were when there were people in the Soyuz + really long name, so it didn't fit.
@SantaClaus That too.
@SantaClaus flags for flagging an invalidly flagged invalid flag
@Frank flags for pretending to flag an invalidly flagged invalid flag
So @AnnaLear, what brings you to the tavern today?
Seems like every time you're here you say something smart and it ends up on the star board.
2:34 AM
@SantaClaus pretends to flag santa's flag of an invalidly flagged flag flag
flags flag flag flag flag flag flag
@SantaClaus Smart like:
10 hours ago, by Anna Lear
@Frank Of course.
@SantaClaus It shows signs of unbelievable intelligence.
@bjb568 A moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evidence to support it
2:39 AM
@SantaClaus flagged - Do not take mods names in vain.
Well I'm going to go.
@SantaClaus For real?
@Frank Well...I'm always watching.
@SantaClaus Lies, I saw you fall (not so gracefully) off the shelf the other day.
3:36 AM
@Frank Well, you can see how smart I am in that look... or something. Mostly I just hang out and say weird Internet-type things.
@AnnaLear … what are you replying to? Is this a reddit switcheroo thing?
3:53 AM
4:14 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: If you're eating fat-free dairy products Weight Loss on drupal.stackexchange.com
4:28 AM
@JonEricson: Are you around? Can you please lend us your cross-site mod power to remove those spam posts? ^They are sitting there since half an hour, not enough flags
Hi @balpha, please help remove those spam^
gone, thanks
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WHEN SHOULD I GET RID OF THE QUEEN OF SPADES IN HEARTS on boardgames.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: What is working of skin care products? on drupal.stackexchange.com
5:18 AM
Hiya @uni
Hiya @Inf!
Ohh, lots of spam
back home?
yes, Smokey missed all the spam today :(
and me too :(
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: weight loss happen I'm Miami on meta.stackexchange.com
Huh, my answer from last month on a one-year old question got accepted yesterday.
5:27 AM
lucky you :P
My two year old unanswered question got downvoted yesterday.
Oh noes!
5:39 AM
"The method of type must override or implement a supertype method" seems to be a really common (often caused by oversights) question. Is there a colloquial thread?
@hichris123 ah... that sucks
@DroidDev not a valid close reason
@DroidDev that's "too broad"
@Unihedron that's what I went with
@InfiniteRecursion I went with "too-broad", if there was a reason for flagging with "no-effort", I'd definitely had gone for it.
6:04 AM
@DroidDev Why?
@Unihedron no effort shown again, I thought, that makes it too-broad
> I much googling but not find like this
@DroidDev no-effort is no longer a valid reason to close, abusing too-broad is incorrect. no-effort questions are acceptable as per policy, if they are clear and can be answered in limited words. That question is answerable in 10-15 lines of code, it doesn't look too-broad
@Unihedron that doesn't guarantees that OP really googled it. If OP really googled, then there might also be some links. Lot of googeling gives lot of hints.
@InfiniteRecursion so, if a person has put-in zero effort or showing zero effort to solve the problem and just asking for solution, we should leave it as is?
gtg, someone watch spam now, bots are not catching spam
6:09 AM
A: Do we need a close reason for zero-effort questions?

Shog9You're conflating three different forms of "effort": Research effort: has the asker searched for a solution before asking? Definition effort: has the asker put enough thought into the problem to formulate a clear, specific question? Problem-solving effort: has the asker done anything to solve t...

See you!
@DroidDev yes
spam gone
morning @Jan, can you please watch spam? lots of spam missed by bots, I was watching till now, but gtg
@Unihedron then I think I should have asked him "please show your efforts", but I really don't like that kind of questions. Still, rules are rules
> Definition effort: has the asker put enough thought into the problem to formulate a clear, specific question?
We have multiple close reasons for #2: Unclear, Too Broad and a grab-bag of more specific reasons under Off Topic.
6:12 AM
as long as the problem is "clear, specific question", it's allowed
lazy op is not a valid close reason
@InfiniteRecursion what I think is, that if the person just wants to get the code and don't want to sweat for it, that person shouldn't be allowed to ask a question. But, then again, that's only what I think.
"Gimme the code" is too broad. Problems without showing an attempt for may or may not be too broad, depending on how definitive the question is. Then again, there is a line under the tour.
@DroidDev yes, but personal opinions and community rules are different, and too broad is for questions that have long answers
I know that you understand that @DroidDev :)
I too, personally don't like lazy questions, but while using the privileges, I follow the rules
@InfiniteRecursion yup, rules are rules and I'll take care from now on :)
please see this and read your logcat from next time. Thanks. — DroidDev 2 mins ago
@DroidDev thanks :)
6:18 AM
Is it good to comment like that?
@InfiniteRecursion you don't need to thanks, I should be the one thanking, because of learning something new :)
You can, however, downvote it if the question is bad...
yes, downvote all such questions, and your comment is fine, you taught him about logcat :)
ok, thanks
downvoted both the lazy questions and gtg
@Jan, @uni, please watch spam
see you!
6:21 AM
Huh, my answer from two months ago got accepted.
See you!
@Unihedron lot of your answers are getting accepted these days. Good thing :P
! :D
OP asked "What would you do?" and I feel so tempted to answer, "I'd downvote and flag your question"
6:26 AM
oh come'on!, wouldn't that be humorous? :P
@DroidDev NAA
can we blacklist their URL, please?
ok, just a comment @Jan :P
@JanDvorak gone
in this question, OP changed the whole question in a single edit. Should I flag it with something or should I just write OP to go via regular process?
6:34 AM
@JanDvorak ? just from a quick glance, it didn't appear to be much of a question the first time.. I'd probably just leave it be
@lostsock but after the edit, the whole question is changed. It was another question earlier and now it is totally different question, leaving my comment and another answer invalid.
@JanDvorak can you do it? I don't see any option to rollback. Maybe I don't have privileges :/
in any case, cv-pls
@DroidDev oh, that was from 6 months ago. Yea, definitely should rollback then.. but if it were say from 20 mins ago, then I'd leave it.. i rolled it back
@lostsock thanks for rollback :)
@DroidDev geeze, looks like he did the same to his other question... maybe he's question banned or something
6:43 AM
@lostsock oh! exactly, never looked at OP's account for more cases of same kind. You can again go for rollback.
@DroidDev I just other flagged that one for a mod to look into this user, seems like he asked at least 3 differnet questions on that one
@lostsock hmm, good thing. Let the mods handle it :)
Q: Why dont we use catapults to get to space?

Pavel JanicekStupid question obviously. But did you ever had an idea which sounded so brilliant, but you know it is totally stupid? So, lets hear my idea: Do you know how we launch jet fighters from navy ships? If not, have look at this video for an example. In nutshell: attach to catapult Jet fighter goes...

+8? How???
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TP-LINK TF-3200 on askubuntu.com
6:50 AM
what's with askubuntu nowadays?
korean spammers seem to like it
just your usual muscle spam today, though
gosh, "Why dont we use catapults to get to space?" ... how about "why don't we assemble spaceship on a giant space station?"
@chmod711telkitty ask that :-)
better still, why don't we assemble spaceship on a giant space station then launch it with a catapult
7:00 AM
did I say catapult, I meant giant slingshot ...
@chmod711telkitty because it's better to have a pair of non-retracting space elevators instead?
7:18 AM
Can we have a small text like "Answered before a substantial edit to the question" to show the users that the answer was answered when question had not been changed?
@AmitJoki are you saying that the question is changed altogether? I mean the whole question is changed or only some part of it is edited?
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: weight loss cleanse recipe on drupal.stackexchange.com
@DroidDev only some part or some thing extra is added
@JanDvorak gone, gone
7:33 AM
@ThiefMaster I have a flag on MSO that's open for more than a month now. Is the queue that large or does nobody bother with it?
1 hour later…
9:09 AM
g2g, bye
@InfiniteRecursion watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
But you miss spam Smokey :(
9:11 AM
Q: Can't award bounty, js error on page around "vote-sub"

Peter HorvathI am unable to award a bounty to my question on SO. I tried it on two different systems (one has a direct connection and one connects through a proxy) and with a wide spectrum of different browsers (firefox, konqueror, explorer 8 and chrome). In all cases, the confirm question ("this can't be u...

@AnnaLear @balpha ^^
balpha said looking, he might only be looking and doing nothing else
you are express your content way too soon
He looked, be glad @Droid, and you have a new avatar!
9:17 AM
Not his post @uni
@Unihedron I changed it about an hour ago, it just reflected now, but it isn't what I uploaded, almost half of the image is cropped. I still want to change it
Oh! I'm mistaken. Thanks @inf
I again changed my profile picture right now, lets see how much time it takes to reflect the changes here
last time, chat automatically refreshed for me, when the change took place
I refreshed my page and still no change.
9:34 AM
any git experts here that I can bother with a stupid error?
Not me, I'm a noob at git
Sep 8 at 13:03, by Bart
Shadow is a wizard. I'm a git. I'd say we have this one covered.
> fatal: The current branch rs-iis-as-service has no upstream branch.
To push the current branch and set the remote as upstream, use
9:36 AM
what should origin be? master?
@rene origin should be the repo where you cloned from, e.g. the github url
@rene what command did you run??
[remote "origin"]
	url = github.com/NickCraver/StackExchange.Exceptional
	fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
[branch "master"]
	remote = origin
	merge = refs/heads/master
@Vogel612 git push
only that??
9:45 AM
could you run git config push.default please?
I suspect it's because your current branch has no remote counterpart yet.
> upstream
in a conventional setup you would probably run git push origin rs-iis-as-service -u now...
this will push your local branch "rs-iis-as-service" to the remote named "origin" and sets the upstream of your branch to it.
ok, hold on
@Unihedron shouldn't we close that as a duplicate instead?
9:49 AM
@Stijn I never knew there was a colloquial thread. I didn't expect there to be the need for one, so.
@Unihedron ah yes there are a few lists like that, they're explicitly allowed because the community maintains them.
Cool, thanks for the info.
@Stijn similar to the prepared statements thingy, right?
@Vogel612 that starts, but I have a large file in it that is breaking the push now....grrrr
@rene how large is large?
you do know that your stuff will get encrypted to reduce it's size and referred by a sha-256 hash of its content?
9:56 AM
@Vogel612 yes
@Vogel612 a log file got copied into my tree...
weapons-grade facepalm
that is why you don't git add --all ;)
you don't? ....
@Bart git add . is preferred..
stages only already known files.
I did a git add --allthethings in January ... it's still going.
Btw, does anyone have any experience with Perforce or Plastic SCM?
Like, dislike?
@Unihedron already down.
10:06 AM
it's just wrong
@lostsock Ah, you found him. I was gonna leave it a surprise until he could talk.
You can't hide your RGB accounts @Sam :)
lol :)
@Martin.kv That is the source of where I've seen it and what I wrote as an answer to "What are the psychological effects of irresponsible down-voting?". I'm not sure how Hans relates it with death, but that's beyond my concern. — Unihedron yesterday
10:17 AM
^@uni: did you figure out the relation with death?
@InfiniteRecursion Huh?
No, not really... I've been wrenching my computer trying to get VS to work, so I haven't gotten to being philosophical yet...
@Unihedron Still wants you to "repair"?
So I've decided to un-and re-install it, in the middle of the second part, playing the kittens game..
10:23 AM
Your answer resembles the Kübler-Ross model, that's the relation to death, I know you are busy, but I wanted to tell you...so here you go... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%BCbler-Ross_model
> This article is written like a personal reflection or opinion essay that states the Wikipedia editor's particular feelings about a topic, rather than the opinions of experts. Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style. (June 2013)
I will log in to wikipedia when I am free and improve it :D
Anyway, it gives you an idea, though it isn't written in an encyclopedic style ;)
Yeah. Thanks!
If you read a lot about it, and are free, do go back and fix that wikipedia page
@InfiniteRecursion plz send teh coffee
10:30 AM
plz catch teh spam Smokey
@Sam I only found him b.c I approved one of his edits.
@Unihedron wait though, did you fix the ant problem?
what's ant? The thing from Apache?
@Unihedron build-tool, yes.
I prefer maven over ant though... less to write...
Sep 26 at 9:14, by Unihedron
I'm on my desktop, I don't feel safe dealing with the laptop - I've reassembled three laptops so far, none of them worked after the critical reboot.
10:45 AM
@Unihedron you are ON your desktop!! Please get off it :P
:O turns off desktop frantically
@Bart I think you may want to answer this
Today's Listening | Electronic / Downtempo / Ambient
11:05 AM
what in the world is this worldbuilding site.. no help gotten from the help center or viewing the question titles
goes to Area 51 to find more about it
....to construct imaginary worlds and settings. :O
Found out about this artist yesterday ^ :P
@DroidDev ... did I miss something?
@SmokeDetector ya, lot of spams :P
@JanDvorak There are 4 "w"s in their url :/ looks fishy
Math spam gone
11:33 AM
@Unihedron I clicked it from my work PC wishing it will crash my OS, but nothing happened :(
@DroidDev don't click spam links!
oops, I just wanted to see what was on other side...
@lostsock the answer is correct, so no need.
@Vogel612 I used two hands so weapons-grade facepalms was the correct action...fixed now...
I kinda love that Oded answered it.
@rene on a sidenote, I personally use push.default simple
that will "infer" origin [current-branchname] when you git push
Will try that for my next commit and push
@Vogel612 you mean something like this ^^ ?
11:42 AM
Conspiracy!! @ShadowWizard. You want to hide the truth don't you. So convenient. Oh teh angrrr, teh rage. Where's my tinfoil? ...
@Bart you got me! ;)
drupal spam killed
@Bart couldn't resist.
@Oded Enjoy your reversal badge...
11:47 AM
@Bart who starred that question? :/
@Bart reminds me of the user-rage about the meme on CR.
@DroidDev exactly
11:51 AM
Hell just froze over. Management gave me permission to write automated tests for an essential part of our application.
@Stijn :O Good luck!!
11:55 AM
@Stijn smells like a promotion for you is on its way :D

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