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7:00 PM
@Undo okay, okay, and dogs and cats ... (hi Anna)
You should never go to sleep when you are angry @uni....smile please!
@InfiniteRecursion yeah
Your dog is beautiful @Undo :)
@Jan, would you like to answer this? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/272519/…
Users aren't able to identify spam with text body and trailing link at the end
7:17 PM
Wasn't there a command to tell @SmokeDetector that it is a false positive?
@MrLore Sorry about that. I was editing a group of posts and I misunderstood/overlooked the context this one. It's all good. I unlocked it and removed the post notice.
@InfiniteRecursion thanks :D
7:39 PM
@rene nope
@hichris123 let me create an issue for that...
@rene hmm, that would be kinda hard to do, as we'd have to integrate MySQL or SQLite.
Q: How can the 'Big Bang' theory be easily proven to be incorrect?

HelloThe Big Bang theory is a popular 'myth' that can be proven incorrect in a New York minute with information that is now known about the other planets in our solar system and their moons. What is this information and how does it prove the theory incorrect? Additional Info: Here is how the Big Ba...

Shouldn't smokey have gotten this all caps stackoverflow.com/revisions/26127958/1
@hichris123 you can take 6-8 weeks for it....
@SantaClaus @ProgramFOX you have a repro.
7:43 PM
All of those deleted comments are from one post.
That's today's stats, by the way.
I am enjoying reading the Earth Science questions now, random post of the day is:
Q: what is this big pink rock I found?

tinaI was digging up my yard and found a big pink rock. Maybe 5 plus pounds. Don't know how to post a picture. Maybe someone out there can tell me how. I would like to know what it is.

Yay pink!
@Undo Go pull and test ^
@hichris123 posted a new issue
7:50 PM
@hichris123 ooh yay
@hichris123 I have more fields that aren't zero. I kinda wish I didn't :P
@hichris123 I thinks you are missing some offensive words/phrases.
you can never have a complete blacklist @SantaClaus
@hichris123 I can see many people are pinging you...
@Undo hah. Well keep in mid that's only for today's stats.
@JanDvorak PING!
@hichris123 yeah, I'm looking at my today stats too :P
7:53 PM
@Undo go pull!
okay okay!
upported method ('GET') - - [30/Sep/2014 19:52:34] "GET /manager/html HTTP/1.1" 501 - - - [30/Sep/2014 19:52:34] code 501, message Unsupported method ('GET') - - [30/Sep/2014 19:52:34] "GET /manager/html HTTP/1.1" 501 -
what the heck?
... is someone really trying to attack me on 8080 :P
... probably. :P
well... it ain't gonna work :P
@Undo Why do you have 8080 open and not using a proxy
@SantaClaus whaddya mean a proxy?
7:55 PM
@SantaClaus We're running a python script thingy.
@hichris123 Oh.
8080 == free port
@hichris123 I meant nginx for an exposed web service or something.
I should probably lock down my AWS firewall at some point, but meh
@SantaClaus ah
7:57 PM
no good @hichris123
SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character '\xe0' in file /home/ubuntu/SmokeDetector/findspam.py on line 6, but no encoding declared; see python.org/peps/pep-0263.html for details
^CTraceback (most recent call last):
  File "ws.py", line 5, in <module>
    from findspam import FindSpam
  File "/home/ubuntu/SmokeDetector/findspam.py", line 6
SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character '\xe0' in file /home/ubuntu/SmokeDetector/findspam.py on line 6, but no encoding declared; see python.org/peps/pep-0263.html for details
@Undo Are you trying to fix the all caps thing (and other similar issues)?
@Undo add this to the top of the file on a new line: # -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
... okay
whoa whoa whoa
@Undo You doubt me?
7:59 PM
I... already killed you
@Undo ... did I miss something?
@hichris123 Yup
8:00 PM
what the heck?
@SantaClaus ... did I miss something?
@Undo ... do you have more than one instance running?
8:00 PM
@SantaClaus kinda sorta
... might be my script... oops...
@hichris123 Of course
@Unihedron Unicode heart is now in the regex!
8:07 PM
it should be - I can't see the left hand side
@InfiniteRecursion done
Thanks @Undo
@InfiniteRecursion done
Thanks @rene
8:09 PM
Undo, are you the star troll?
It must be smokey
it's probably not smokey
Oh it is Frank
8:11 PM
@Undo I knew I'd catch him one day.
It didn't star any of Undo's messages, is it Undo?
@rene I haven't starred anything yet.
@InfiniteRecursion Or just a clever smoke detector.
@AstroCB you're being awful quiet
Yes, no burninations nowadays from @AstroCB, why so quiet?
8:15 PM
@InfiniteRecursion He must be too busy starring to type.
Congrats @Frank for the shiny new badge!
@Santa: Every time I come across the Spanish CM post, I think of you, you are the perfect fit!
Your spanish is... amazing!
@InfiniteRecursion ...?
We saw you do spanish homework with feeds
and Fox9000
How can you force merge overwriting everything and not annoying me with conflicts in git?
@bjb568 ... you sure you didn't want to rebase?
8:20 PM
I don't know anything about git. What's a rebase?
@InfiniteRecursion Does it only count editing the question you answer? I do edit almost every post I answer. t would be awesome if someone would write an sede query to show progress toward illuminator.
The starboard is full of junk.
> With the rebase command, you can take all the changes that were committed on one branch and replay them on another one.
Agh. Diagrams. reads
@Undo Just reading along...
and... starring?
@Undo Possibly.
@InfiniteRecursion Well...I do have a test to study for in spanish. But it's no fun without @Feeds
8:23 PM
@Undo Why are you winking at AstroCB?
@Frank: Yes, and the edit should be within 12 hours of answering, and has to stick, all details here meta.stackexchange.com/questions/239898/…
@hichris123 Huh.
^^ I pushed buttons and turned knobs. I think I did it.
That spam is 9 hours old!
8:26 PM
Q: What's wrong with Ask Patents' moderation?

bjb568Related: What is “Ask Patents” and why is it secret? Ask Patents needs a cleanup There's a moderation problem on Ask Patents. Nobody is reviewing. There are no community moderators. I'm... not sure what to think about question quality... So what's going on here?

@InfiniteRecursion yup. AP is kinda neglected.
@hichris123 gone, I was the last one to flag
Upvoted it @bjb568, their moderation needs help
A: "Edit must be at least 6 characters" - but I am retagging!

bjb568Don't suggest retags. They are trivial and best done by somebody with 2k. Before then make substantial edits or get them rejected as too minor. The "bug" you've found is actually good.

Why the downvotes?
8:31 PM
@bjb568 That is explained in the comments me thinks?
New query says I have 247 edits that count towards an Iluminator badge.
hichris123 should be AP moderator
This question appears to be off-topic because WE ARE NOT FACEBOOK — PeeHaa 5 mins ago
@InfiniteRecursion ahahahahahahahaha no. I know so little about patents.
But, it would be fun... :P
@rene Meh, crappy reasoning.
you have a deputy badge @hichris123, you can moderate ;)
8:34 PM
@InfiniteRecursion meh, true. :)
I keep getting confused about which badges are for flagging and which are for modding
@bjb568 you are -8/+2 there... I can see it fly better if you write it more as an explanation. Now it reads a direct attack. I can handle that kind of posts but there are users that are more sensitive to it....
You misspelled The Wizard's name!
@ShadowWisard There is always more to improve. And feature-request to discussion is invalid a lot of the time too. — bjb568 Jun 20 at 19:28
^that is the reason behind all the magical downvotes pouring in
8:41 PM
A: Prerequisite knowledge for ASP.NET MVC


@InfiniteRecursion Lol, ok ;)
Q: Appoint Pro-Tem Moderators

Matthew HaugenI'll admit that I'm not an overly frequent user of Ask Patents, but as someone who does pop on from time to time, I see quite a few straight-up bad questions. As I understand it, AP is currently modded by CMs, and that doesn't seem like the best use of their time to me. I'd like to suggest the a...

Why does no one on ELU seem to have the new answer/edit badges?
I am the biggest voter on GL by 2893 votes.
The next person has cast 2570.
I have 5463
9:22 PM
I have 0
@Sam 0 what?
@Frank I've cast 0 votes on GL, 'cause I don't have an account.
@Sam That makes sense - you don't garden.
I thought it was funny that I vote over twice as much as the next guy. Only on a beta site :)
@Frank True, although, I do take a fair number of photos that involve gardens. Still not actually gardening though :)
@Sam You could ask questions in the species identification tag.
9:32 PM
@Frank D'you really think so? (This is an example shot.)
@Sam Well I mean if you were curious about a plant you were shooting, you could take relevant pictures and post a question.
Oh right. Well, it's something I'll certainly consider.
Patents have very low privs. Full editing at 250 repz - even private beta users don't have such low rep requirements to edit...
9:47 PM
@LynnCrumbling Oh, great question - thanks for finding it. Finally I can sell this annoying patent to him.
@nicael Hahahaha
10:05 PM
ONLY 112,999.99 $ - 50% OFF!!! — nicael 14 mins ago
Hey! After reading This question's answer meta.stackexchange.com/questions/126829/… I decided to come here to ask about serial upvoting. May I ask you a question?
Don't ask to ask, just ask
Thanks! I received +7 upvotes in 2 minutes and now I'm worrying about it because this may cause me trouble or banned my account, so please tell me what should I do now? I didn't do anything wrong and I don't know who gave me the upvotes. This is my profile's reputation tab link - stackoverflow.com/users/3367734/mary-melody?tab=reputation
@MaryMelody Don't worry about it. They might get automatically rolled back later, but your account is in no danger.
Most likely someone saw your answers, got excited, and upvoted a bunch of them.
@AnnaLear Thanks!
10:19 PM
Any time :)
Okay! See you later ByE :)
@InfiniteRecursion watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
10:25 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Yeah, what would we do if Smokey got bored? :D
It got bored earlier, so I was finding spam :(
18 hours ago, by Infinite Recursion
Missed SPAM http://drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/131233/how-does-give-strength-to-muscl‌​es
That went on for a long time for me, finding spam
Why do robo-reviewers accept? Rejecting gets the same badges and it's impossible to fail an audit.
@InfiniteRecursion Good to know we have a nice anti-spam division waiting on standby :)
@AstroCB less buttons to click
@hichris123 I see.
10:47 PM
@hichris123 FEWER
Night all.
11:02 PM
11:12 PM
@Sam :)
@hichris123 May I recommend The Elements of Style?
11:28 PM
A: "Less" vs. "fewer"

nohatAh, less vs. fewer. Another arrow in the prescriptivist’s quiver of pointless pedantry. There's even a Wikipedia article about the dispute. There is also a Language Log entry about the matter too. According to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of English Usage, a usage guide that looks carefully at ...

tl;dr: Native speakers don't know which to use, therefore, it doesn't matter.
This poor user asked 7 simultaneous questions, and 6 of them were answered by me.
in The Garden Shed on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Sep 24 at 23:56, by kevinsky
@J.Musser I log on and it seems all I see is a page of edited by.... Should I make a motion in meta to rename it to Gardening and JMusser? :) Congrats on your hard work towards the editing badge.
in The Garden Shed on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Sep 26 at 19:50, by Niall C.
@J.Musser "Gardening by JMusser"? :)
in The Garden Shed on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, Sep 26 at 20:03, by Niall C.
@J.Musser If we were going to rename the site...
@hichris123 But the elegance of it is what counts.
It just doesn't sound right.
@AstroCB Too bad.
14 mins ago, by AstroCB
@hichris123 May I recommend The Elements of Style?
@AstroCB But... but... I already have the Strunk & White badge!
11:36 PM
@hichris123 True.
@AstroCB Heh, that user was wrong when he said edited by. It said modified by, and was mostly answers by me. :)
@Frank Well, still. It's fairly SO-centric, but I'm sure you can expand it to work for gardening terms.
@AstroCB Hmm. I usually only do a few - say 4-8 - edits per day, so I haven't been having too much difficulty.
Thanks to whoever upvoted the script.
Ask Patents and Stack Apps have quite similar icons:
@AstroCB You're welcome.
@AstroCB They are both unusual sites.
@AstroCB true...
Anyone else have trouble with the download link on this? 404's for me.
11:53 PM
@Frank isup.me says it's up, but the file's not there for me, so it must have been removed.
@AstroCB Which makes that whole post kinda useless, no?
^ The TM symbol broke the onebox.
@Frank A lot of the posts are useless now that userscripts.org is down, but luckily there are a few mirrors where you can still get them.
@AstroCB How do I use it?
@Frank Which browser do you use?
@AstroCB Chrome 37.0.2062.124 m
11:58 PM
Scroll down to How to install user scripts in Chrome.

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