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12:05 AM
Anyone know any good .ics parsers?
I'll take that as a no.
Ouch. -3. :-\ That's harsh. Being a beginner is tough in these parts. :( I'll go ahead and try to close this, then. I appreciate you all at least stopping by to downvote me :) — C Smith 20 mins ago
Yeah, being a beginner is an excuse for not reading the Help Center.
1:10 AM
>>translate en sp 40
Oh noes, I'm trying to do spanish homework but the translate bots are down. Looks like it's SantaBot to the rescue!
@bjb568 No spaces!
(I'm actually Santa, but my memory is bad and I have Dissociative Identity Disorder so sometimes I think I'm a high-school student)
@SantaClaus I'm doing spanish too!
translate es test
Welp, no Feeds
@bjb568 What level?
@AndrewT. it only works for mods ATM.
1:25 AM
@AndrewT. I think they took it down because of abuse.
@Jamal I'm the only one that can give out free stuff here.
No worry, I already predicted it would be abused =/
@AndrewT. Well I kinda fulfilled your prediction.
@hichris123 wut
@hichris123 doesn't scroll...
Q: How to remove pseudo-element styles from the first element?

Aboud Joudacan some one help me to figure out how to remove the first line from left, as shown in the next img and this is my css code: .col-sm-6:after { content: ""; width: 1px; background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% #DDD; height: 100%; position: absolute; top:0; left: 0px; ...

Who upvotes this stuff?
Thank you, i'll use your advice next time. — Aboud Jouda 11 mins ago
@AstroCB no checkmark... that gotta suck :P
which is why I say "thank you" comments are worthless
@Braiam Chat is worthless.
Santa is worthless... since I was 10 I don't get a present from him
1:44 AM
@Braiam :O
Can someone with knowledge of spanish explain the difference between cien and ciento? Both being the number 100.
@SantaClaus one is for counting
the other is exclamative
@Braiam Like ciento y uno for 101?
Or cien y uno for 101?
@SantaClaus this
@Braiam Ok thanks.
through when you only mean to say 100 is cien, not ciento
ciento is used more in prose, verses and poetry, for normal talk
you can't be the only one recommending stuff :P
@SantaClaus case point: más vale pajaro en mano, que ciento volando
1:54 AM
@Braiam I have no idea what you just said
@Jamal Awh, I like the author's extensive vocabulary.
Someone's getting coal this Christmas.
> a bird in hand is better, than one hundred flying
is a saying that you should value what you have, instead of getting distracted with what you don't have
@Braiam Improve googles translation while you're at it
1:59 AM
@SantaClaus already did....
@Jamal si
Das ist gut!
buenas noches
@SantaClaus 0. Or as the non-programmers call it, "1". pukes
2:23 AM
Is related questions gone, or is it just me, or I didn't read any announcement?
is SO running a little slow for anyone else?
@AndrewT. related is showing up again for me
to be clear, just the review queue is extremely slow
to be clearer, it seems it's just the LQRQ that is reallly slow
2:41 AM
@lostsock Challenge Accepted
@lostsock Thanks for the follow-up, I also see related questions again now
@lostsock repro'd. took almost 20 seconds to load a review.
@animuson is the mod flag queue slow at all? :p
@lostsock What do you mean by slow? As in it takes a while to load or the fact that there are 1200 flags in it?
takes a while to load, the LQRQ is extremely slow for some reason
I think it's just review. The flags queue doesn't use the same system.
3:00 AM
sees as animuson pray to the almighty SE team
1 hour later…
5:22 AM
morning with bye(with in 2 mins). :P
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO USE ISBLANK IN NESTED IF STATEMENT on stackoverflow.com
^ bad question
5:47 AM
spam all gone
also, cv-pls
related questions are gone again...
also, I'm a bit confused when reading this answer... what was he talking about?
A: What to do with same answers from one user on multiple questions

EJPThis is somewhat off-topic but too long to post as a comment. Strictly speaking the problem really shouldn't have arisen in the first place. When it comes right down to it, this is a data model problem. SO, like most bug tracking systems I have ever used, works on a system of 'duplicates'. Howeve...

@JanDvorak un-shouted it and also fixed formatting. Lets see the reviewers now
This edit conflicted with a subsequent edit.
By Community
6:03 AM
Edit conflict with Infinite Recursion. I also tried to improve it though
@AndrewT. Ya, However, all the suggestions were eventually same :)
@DroidDev true enough ;)
6:32 AM
is this a valid question?
@DroidDev sounds too broad to me
@JanDvorak flajjed :)
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO COMPARE 2 FIELDS IN VIEW USING PHP on drupal.stackexchange.com
okay, that smells
no link!! Not even in the profile!!
@JanDvorak Please don't post duplicates or please don't use PHP from the UI? Both are roughly equally awful. ;) drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/2509/…Letharion 2 mins ago
No link lol
@JanDvorak Yeah I don't really understand why he replied to you
@DroidDev Maybe a markdown failure?
@JanDvorak may be they will edit it later
6:54 AM
Or automatic URL strip, if that feature was really implemented
7:14 AM
please see the comments below this answer.
A: How to match a particular string in a line and print some part of a line followed by that string using sed or awk command

Avinash RajYou could try the below sed command, $ sed 's~^.*\(<systemTemplate[^>]*>\).*$~\1~' file <systemTemplate href="'$1'.ova"/>

but i see the text...
@Bhavdipsinh Thanks for the offer but I charge very heavily :-) — Juned Ahsan 1 min ago
looks like somebody is having fun :) :D
@AvinashRaj probably removed within 5 minutes grace period. Any edit in grace period won't be shown as a new revision.
@mehow morning too
7:24 AM
morning @AndrewT.
@AvinashRaj anyway, it seems you're correct. The last revision from OP didn't remove the info that you added back. So, don't worry, keep calm and continue answering.
Thanks @AndrewT.
who said Android sdk has less documentation....
@DroidDev that answer... talks about the importance of learning by doing homework, and then posts 100+ LOC without an explanation
7:36 AM
@Stijn and that is also copied from blog. That guy is now officially a rep-whore to me.
@Stijn that answer is deleted now :/
@DroidDev yeah, I downvoted and commented, author replied and said he agreed with me, so he deleted.
(saw Yesterday, seems it is quite common...)
(wonder how much we will need to wait to see the first Darwin award for a tesla coil musician)
7:52 AM
.... Now where is my future lunch? Don't tell me Bart already ate it and now I will need to search another walking snack!
took 36 seconds to post to stackoverflow.com/review/task-reviewed/5719400
if only it happened to Suggestion Edit queue, maybe it would prevent robot-reviewer
@AndrewT. in case you're not up to date: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/260341/…
@lostsock I'd just call it "LQP review queue"
"primarily opinion based" i guess
place of birth
8:26 AM
yeah definitely POB and therefore off-topic for SO
morning @Sam
@Sam morning too
8:38 AM
Come on, it's a link only anwser! I think I'll probably dispute this on MSO...
> You can use JSON as format and the PHP json parser will do it for you.
@Sam link only answer is NAA, is that what you mean?
^ Not really a link-only answer, he put an explanation
8:47 AM
@mehow Basically.
and that means, he put a lot of effort, he deserves an upvote :P
Question. If you CV a user's question and he deletes the question, will you regain the CV?
@Unihedron It's still hardly a proper answer.
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: The file reference 0x3000000003d66 on superuser.com
@Unihedron don't think so
8:49 AM
Am I going blind, or do Mondays suck? i.imgur.com/3FaoxQB.png
I can't see the difference
@Sam Then it's "not a good answer" or "not the answer" (dv it), but not "not an answer" (as in invalid some time in the future as the link will change so get rid of it via VLQP deletion).
I do agree the recommend deletion reason is confusing. Only after reading meta posts did I realize ^ that.
hey community,
> @user, you're such a pill, instead of simply asking a question, you're showing off.
@Unihedron Yeah, but you could say that about quite a few answers in the LQPQ that just have a link + basic explanation (like 1-2 sentences), and they all get deleted too.
^ are comments like these rude?
Too chatty, at least.
@Sam You'd have to distinguish between "explanation decays past time as link changes" (use this plugin) or "You can do it by using a ViewCounter. Here is example / read more: (link)".
8:54 AM
@Stijn I don't know about first one, but mondays really suck. Specially mornings
@Unihedron I see, thx for explaining.
Actually, "high quality" post audits in the LQPQ are posts with a positive score that all reviewers "looks ok" it, correct?
@Unihedron please either LQRQ or LQPRQ
Thanks. I'll use lqrq to infer it then.
@Unihedron ? i think it just goes mainly be fitting the requirements for a low quality post, but has >= 5 score or so
9:05 AM
@lostsock In that case, I wonder if any of my answers has been used as an audit.
this is what I mostly see in Android featured tab. If you don't get an answer, put bounty on your question. Huh!
mm... did anyone else got logged out?
@DroidDev I once saw a question about "how to add tags onto a youtube video automatically" get a bounty just to keep it from being closed.
@Unihedron that happens a lot. I think rules for bounty questions need to be changed now.
there you go... another one
@DroidDev lol 1 favorite.
9:12 AM
If it doesn't get closed within 48 hours, the bounty system isn't the problem.
another one
@Sam even with bounty
Q: How can I make transparent background of a Bitmap?

Jagveer Singh RajputI am working on a module in which I have to make background of bitmap image transparent. Actually, I am making an app like "Stick it" through which we can make sticker out of any image. I don't know from where to begin. Can someone give me a link or a hint for it? Original Image- After making...

asking for off-site resource
I don't know from where to begin. Can someone give me a link or a hint for it?
@Bart only mods can close it
9:15 AM
Once it has the bounty, sure.
@DroidDev repo of 110 asked 32 questions while answer 3.
But it lived on the site, for the community to review and handle, for a full 48 hours.
@Bart according to some people 90 days isn't enough for the community to review and handle
general computing and hardware? stackoverflow.com/q/25720395/3622940
@Unihedron is tinyeditor a programmer tool?
9:19 AM
@Braiam it's a javascript editor but I don't think what he asks has to do with source editing
btw, fix those dammed line breaks
from here, he's reporting a reproducible bug
I agree. It can live.
I think it will be more productive if you report this behavior to the developers github.com/jessegreathouse/TinyEditor/issuesBraiam 5 secs ago
there's a featured question in MSO, yet doesn't appear in the CB...
If anyone can understand this question I will deliver them a cookie personally: stackoverflow.com/q/25707807/3622940
9:25 AM
@Unihedron isn't actual programming...
Pff, users seem to be having quite the p*ssing contest with the close votes on this one: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/270574/…
he wants to proxy the output of a Pi-cam to some gstreamer service, so clients can connect/disconnect and do content distribution
@Braiam He gave up.
@Unihedron Sorry for English. I can English very low level. lols
@Unihedron meh, if people gave up that easy, is obviously not that important for them
MSE /review is also cached?
9:46 AM
@Braiam Regardless of whether it's cached, blame caching.
cv pls discussion question but don't downvote stackoverflow.com/q/472725/3622940
10:01 AM
Saw it as well. Maybe muscle should be added as a smoke keyword.
drupal spam gone
I always overlook [tcl] tags as [lol] and my mind goes !!!
10:42 AM
@Unihedron That could lead to loads of false positives from Physical Fitness
@Vogel612 Outside fitness.SE then?
@Vogel612 then "supplement" can also be good idea. I have seen that word lot of times in spams
^ I second that.
I am with you guys there, I'd exclude bicycles.se and fitness.se (at least) from that though.
biology, too maybe..
10:46 AM
@Vogel612 do those sites get spam? I haven't been there, but I've not seen spam on those sites.
I guess this is ?
@SmokeDetector faster than my internet ._.
Just notice: uncyclopedia does not have a page for SharePoint.
Is there a query for me to see how close I am to the Pundit badge (10 5-uv comments) on SO?
11:01 AM
@Unihedron This will give you a good idea how close you are.
yet another bounty question with zero effort
isn't this POB?
@DroidDev yes
It could be reworded though.
that would be a radical change
@Sam Awesome thanks :)
11:15 AM
I know, which is why I haven't edited it. I was just sayin' if the OP rephrased his Q, then it might not be POB.
@Unihedron Anytime ;)
@Sam That's what comments are for.. :P
losing faith in humanity
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PDO::FETCH VANTAGENS on pt.stackoverflow.com
Meh, just can't be bothered to explain: not to do this, why it should be like that, use proper grammar, don't add fluff, blah blah blah...
@Infinite Recursion thanks bro — polandsux 22 mins ago
that is common I guess
11:22 AM
I giggled when I saw her getting called as "bro" 22 minutes earlier. :P
that is a common assumption around here, until we don't see picture of girl, we all assume it is a guy
I didn't..
hahahah ejjactly @DroidDev
@Unihedron then I guess, you already knew her...
@DroidDev No, I never assume genders.
But eh, I'm an outlier. :P
What I do at school summarized in one picture:
11:26 AM
lols.. Economics. ma fav subject.

Truth of life (The Married one) :P

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Bookmarked 1 min ago by DroidDev

don't forget to read last message in it
@Unihedron Speaking of which, I've got some business studies today :O
read all the way up to first message, linked in it
11:28 AM
@Sam :O gasp
-5, but a bounty to protect it all. People are really getting on my nerves now.
Downvote it. They're wasting their reputation for 5 days of oxygen, not wise.
@JanDvorak vlq - off-topic
Q: How do Google Play APK expansion files work, exactly?

AgamemnusLet's say I upload an APK to Google Play with an expansion file. I can't find any place where I can update or delete that expansion file. When I upload a new APK, I don't know if I should re-upload the expansion file. Do I have it right that expansion files are simply applied to users' curren...

you can also do it now :)
be right back
11:50 AM
Today's Listening | Retro Dance / Synth
at-least it has a link. Spams are boring these days
@jan Gone
spam gone
Proposal: catch "weight loss" for spam on non-fitness.SE sites.
11:57 AM
is the guy talking about, something a girl wants from some kind of webview :/
need to ask that person only. :/
this question.... Every Word Starts With Capital Letter. LOL
12:12 PM
Possibly more of a job for an SE team member, but I just flagged a post from this user as spam on Electrical Engineering and noticed every non-deleted answer on all sites seems to be a promo for the same product, even though some are upvoted and may seem to answer the questions: stackexchange.com/users/1995705/anastasia-krylova?tab=accounts
Anyone point in the right direction in terms of closing this as not reproductive
@meh how about "clear problem statement"?
@mehow I don't think it should be closed. If OP was able to give a reproducible example (thus demonstrating a faulty environment setup), OP wouldn't need to ask how to fix it.
@Stijn good point but then it's off topic as not programming related question, wouldnt it
@Unihedron, actually I just flagged it as spam, it's the same person I posted above posting the same crap across other sites as well.
While I agree with you that repeated posting should not be tolerated, the flag is used for, as it describes, "This answer is effectively an advertisement with no disclosure. It is not useful or relevant, but promotional."
and the post becomes an audit as well..
@Unihedron, umm yes but it's not the repeated part that's the problem - spam is spam. That's a link to a commercial product and isn't useful or relevant - not for that question or the ten or so other ones.
In that case, I wonder why that answer gets an upvote..
@BenCollins hey, had any time to think about it? (allow navigating to question by typing its ID in the search box meta.stackexchange.com/questions/238161/…)
Hey guys, want a SillyBot here?
12:51 PM
@ShadowWizard what's that?
@Stijn a very basic bot that essentially just reply randomly when pinged
test case for a more serious bot :)
@Unihedron, no idea but I've seen plenty of ridiculous things upvoted. Once I flagged an answer as NAA that had two upvotes, was accepted and it said "Maybe you should close this question?"
screenshot and submit it to gemsfromstackexchange.com @PeterJ :)
@ShadowWizard what do you think I've been doing all these years?
@Unihedron, don't have the 10k on SO to view it still but after reaching it on another site one of the best things is being able to see some of the totally absurd things that go on and get deleted.
12:56 PM
@Bart so who's your master? :D
@Unihedron oh, so Bart is Shog's glasses. It all makes sense now!
Ok, seems a good start. So I fork the project. Then I change every "ProjectOne" into "ProjectTwo" in all files of my fork. Then, I want every other modifications be repercuted from one project to another, except the initial change of names. How can I do that ? — user1967800 1 min ago
if anyone here is a git wizard with time to help out ^^^
Shadow is a wizard. I'm a git. I'd say we have this one covered.
1:08 PM
...and I'd say, I believe in you. Totally, one hundred percent.
phone running out of battery. be back soon
@Unihedron at least the battery is not running out of the phone!
but still, phone running out of battery!
@Unihedron looks like a use-case for cherry-picking and patching like retarded a boss
@DroidDev yeah, it must be exhausted from all this running
1:16 PM
@ShadowWizard @Unihedron didn't trained it well then.
@AnnaLear at your free time, can you please have a look here? I suspect it will take ages for a dev to notice it otherwise, so allowing myself to promote it here. Thanks in Advance! :D
@ShadowWizard there's this. that's probably the cause...
@AnnaLear but parenting is nearly deserted, the chance other user was viewing that edit in the review in the last hour is nearly zero.
I pinged folks internally to take a look
Maybe the threshold is set too high in parenting, @Anna?
I don't think there's a setting for it. Not 100% sure off-hand and can't dig right now.
@AnnaLear fair enough, count on me to ping again in 6-8 weeks ;)
1:37 PM
@ShadowWizard by all means :)
Hey question for moderators - Do you prefer if I flag obsolete comments as "obsolete" or "other.. This comment is OP pointing out an issue in the solution. As the answer poster acknowledges and updates their answer, this comment is now obsolete. Please delete it."? I figured "obsolete" may not provide the best of context so I try to use an "other" tag with the situation explained whenever possible..
@Unihedron if enough users (depends on comment score, minimum is 3 I think) flag as anything other than "other", the comment gets auto deleted
So usually "obsolete" is better for obsolete comments.
"other" should be used e.g. when there are other comments that need cleanup or something else is wrong.
Hi @AnnaLear, quick question if OK. I flagged spam from this user on EE.SE and SO (account now deleted) because I was familiar enough with the sites / questions to know they were spam answers, but is there a preferred way to flag a suspected network wide spammer because diamond mods on individual sites wouldn't be able to view the complete history. Here is the account in question: stackexchange.com/users/1995705/anastasia-krylova?tab=accounts
@PeterJ There isn't really a good way to do that. In most cases, spam can just be handled on each site individually. If you come across a profile like this, you can drop us a line via the contact form and we can handle it across the network. (I'm cleaning up this one as we speak :))
@AnnaLear, thanks, looking at the profile seems to have slipped under the radar for a while.
1:51 PM
Yeah, but it also wasn't terribly prolific spam-wise. Nobody has standards anymore. ;)
@AnnaLear I read internally as internationally and was wondering how? :/
@DroidDev Hmm, it was almost international. We do have non-US devs, you know.
@AnnaLear yes, I know that. But, still, almost is a big word and then I had to read the whole sentence in shock
@DroidDev the answer is obvious:
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO GET THE AVERAGE OF THE ARRAY? on programmers.stackexchange.com
1:56 PM
That's how they ping the team internationally ^^
@SmokeDetector wth? gone by voluntary deletion
@ShadowWizard I thought they only have unicorns. But now....
@DroidDev the pigeon have a magical horn, coming out only when needed.
@PeterJ and to those too lazy to search, tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1149 :)
> Avian carriers can provide high delay, low throughput, and low
altitude service. The connection topology is limited to a single
point-to-point path for each carrier, used with standard carriers,
but many carriers can be used without significant interference with
each other, outside of early spring. This is because of the 3D ether
space available to the carriers, in contrast to the 1D ether used by
IEEE802.3. The carriers have an intrinsic collision avoidance
system, which increases availability. Unlike some network
@Sam That answer is not worth 5 uvs imo..

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