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12:08 PM
My name is NOBODY. Yes, you are right, I think that is quite a good idea. How did you guess??? — nicael 9 mins ago
@ShadowWizard are they freehand? — Bart 1 min ago
@Bart oh you! :)
@SmokeDetector Scheiße!
spammer is back meta.stackexchange.com/a/240275/152859 (answer)
@Oded can you nuke this account?
(he also spammed yesterday)
12:19 PM
Thought for a moment you meant our friend ;)
@Oded oh, no... just put a red code generated circle watermark on his avatar :D
@ShadowWizard Perhaps a red crescent?
@ShadowWizard you missed "Hindus" out there, I am so disappointed and feeling left alone :P
@DroidDev you're very peaceful people, maybe white circle then? ;)
@ShadowWizard feeling good :D
12:22 PM
@Oded might work as well, and the yellow would be star of David
'cause yeah, that doesn't bring up any bad connotations...
@Oded fine fine. So don't do it. :-P
You are twisting my arm there... must resist implementing...
Do it for ... ehm ... world peace apparently.
12:37 PM
@ShadowWizard can the followers of the Invisible Pink(ie) Unicorn get an unicorn horn instead?
@SPArchaeologist sure. Should I start a discussion on MSE asking for more ideas? :D
@SPArchaeologist what about pastrami?? I want a good tomato sauce dressing
@SPArchaeologist this will be one effed up version of Winterbash, won't it?
uh oh, he's here
12:46 PM
@Bart I am still waiting for an explanation for that Twilight Sparkle avatar I found in the hat spritesheet last year... An explanation different from "We knew you would look and we decided to troll you"
@ShadowWizard go for it
@SPArchaeologist will be done in 6-8 [time interval here] :D
@ShadowWizard I chose you! Seconds!
+i85 already today on GL.
12:53 PM
@Frank are you OK? GL sounds like a serious matter.
@ShadowWizard It's good to help where others can't.
@Frank true
@ShadowWizard And now I'm at +200
@Gham Ha! A little over the top...
1:00 PM
@Frank Nonsense, the more the merrier!
lol ^
@Gham I guess if they actually mean something all at once. :)
@SmokeDetector false positive..
and that question is years old..
@Vogel612 but it got new activity now
bot is fed by the "latest activity" feed
1:09 PM
@ShadowWizard of course..
Sam just feeds me coffee; works a treat.
@swegi na ja, "shit" ist ja auch nur ein größerer, etwas dickflüssigerer Tropfen. ;) — splattne ♦ May 29 '11 at 13:35
Myeah, my coffee almost went there ...
@Bart you mean.. to the wall?
More like my monitor @Vogel612.
wanna drop a translation for others to spill their coffee?
1:14 PM
> well, "shit" is also only a larger, something of viscous drops
@ShadowWizard singular, my friend...
[off topic] What did they do to /reloaded?
@Vogel612 luckily my cup of coffee is empty by now :D
@Vogel612 blame Google :)
@APerson who did to what? where?
@ShadowWizard They put all the /users/reloaded links to death
Now they just 404
1:18 PM
Q: Why is the new (reloaded) profile page no longer available?

TheLittleNarutoI just checked the reloaded profile page. But the reloaded version of profile page is no longer available; I am getting a Page Not Found error. I liked the reloaded version. Where did it go?

@Bart ah; didn't see that
I was looking for it on Meta.SE
@APerson admit it, The Matrix Reloaded was horrible. No wonder they removed it! :D
@ShadowWizard There were good parts...
Before I do this, is editing a question on a child Meta with <!-- Bounties do not exist here, so bumping with an edit. --> a good idea or a bad idea?
1:22 PM
@Stijn hint: you've had to ask
@JanDvorak heh :) I'll wait for Community to give it a bump then.
Surely there's something to edit ... legitimately ...
@Bart I sometimes use a bunch of empty spaces.
@Bart it's a pretty short post: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/271616/…
1:24 PM
I sometimes use my smiting stick @Frank.
@Bart What... is the smiting stick made of?
@Frank sure you want to know?
@ShadowWizard Mine's made of old glasses frames. :)
@Frank my stick is made of magical oak wood. It's hidden in a different dimension. :(
@ShadowWizard Too bad, then, you can't use it.
1:30 PM
@Frank yup. I still hope it will decide to come back at some point.
@ShadowWizard So you can't edit. Ha!
Phew! I've just finished the most beautiful regex I've ever written in my life!
oh look! @Pham and @Gham are neighbors
@Unihedron Congrats!
@Gham Get off my lawn!
1:36 PM
@Unihedron /(.Y.)/?
and now, @Pham and @Sam are neighbors :P
@Unihedron which replace "a" with "A"?
Yep, Pham's my neighbour, and Gham is Pham's neighbour.
What does Gham do for a living?
Gham, Next to Pham
21 4
1:38 PM
Typo ^_^
Sam. Pham. Gham. Bham is next?
No; just ham
@Frank He's training to be a fully autonomous chat bot.
@Frank he eats low quality posts. oh oops think that's Pham.
@ShadowWizard No, that's Pham.
1:40 PM
So feed him with stars! :)
Yum :D
Sep 24 at 9:13, by Unihedron
@Sam Name suggestions: Sam, Pham, Slam, Bam, Wham, Tam, Yam!
@InfiniteRecursion then where did @Gham came from? :P
@InfiniteRecursion Then you suggested following the colours of the rainbow.
@DroidDev Sam thought of it, I guess...
1:43 PM
So then, the creepy blue guy thought of creating a green version of me for fun...
Sam has triple star power now.
From his bots.
@DroidDev G reen + ham (from P ham).
@JanDvorak /^(?:.(?=.*+\n(\1?+.).*+\n(\2?+.).*+\n(\3?+.)))*?...A.*+\n\1?+..A.*+\n\2?+.A.*‌​+\n\3?+A/m <- link leads to cool illustration by - full disclosure - me
@Frank Just for the record, I haven't stared any bot messages today.
@Unihedron this wouldn't pass my code review
1:45 PM
@JanDvorak But it's for a Java pattern. Otherwise I would use- never mind :P
@Sam stared? I don't stare at them either.
@Gham and @Pham are neighbors again :P
@Frank llo darm tipoes.
and @InfiniteRecursion is looking at @Pham
@Unihedron AAAARGHT! (faints) (sits up sloooowly) (robotic voice) named constants.
1:50 PM
@DroidDev jumps away from gham
@Pham Because he was getting beak from Inf.
@Inf ^ :P
welp! there are too many guys with glasses and mustache! my character will lose value! D:
I have neither.
@Braiam grow a bigger mustache and get bigger glasses :P
1:51 PM
@Braiam There is one real tree.
@Braiam mwhahahahahahah
@Unihedron I actually only wear glasses.
@DroidDev has a bottle of blended scotch whiskey as its avatar
I want points!!!
@Sam I could wear both if I wanted to, I guess.
@Unihedron Y?
1:54 PM
@Frank To delete!
@Frank and for a minute I was thinking, what..??
@DroidDev yup, a misclick.
@Frank You should control your branches :P
off-topic/not about programming stackoverflow.com/questions/25560635
@DroidDev You don't know what it's like to have so many appendages. I can literally type 30,000 characters per second, with all these branches. Not that they'd be ordered very well.
Oh no, I don't know South African shrubs! I may let someone else answer this one.
1:59 PM
@Frank is OP talking about white spherical object on top of image? :P
@DroidDev Yeah, he described it as 2m tall. I'm sure that's exactly what he meant.
Ah, a new off-topic question on GL. You guys don't have any rep there...
Don't worry, I'm going to edit 1500 posts on there.
@Unihedron Have fun :P
@Unihedron I haven't even edited 700 posts there.
@Frank Or, how about this... I'll answer three posts, and you can place +500 x 3 rep as bounties. Sounds good?
2:15 PM
@Unihedron I don't give people my rep. Answer 30 posts and get ten upvotes on each answer.
That's only 300 rep. I'm stupid.
@Unihedron You're actually not.
Shog has a different dp on GL than on Meta.
I wonder how many he has in all.
2:31 PM
no rep here
POB in my opinion; ie. "which is better suited", "overview of options" etc.
@vba4all too broad, me thinks
@vba4all It's either POB, or too broad.
Or it could be unclear what you're asking, since it's not a specific programming problem as defined by the help center.
2:36 PM
ok thanks guys
@Unihedron I had flagged it half an hour ago as off-topic, and the flag was marked helpful. No close till just now.
@JanDvorak imo yes, or "why isn't this code working"
@JanDvorak lack of problem statement
@Unihedron there's an error message in the title
2:39 PM
@JanDvorak yes but no expected behaviour :p
@Unihedron Obvious from the code ;-)
3:33 PM
3:46 PM
... not this again.
I'd just like to point out that I didn't star most of those messages.
Keyword: most
Fact: I did
no, your puppets did @Sam :P
How dare you suggest I'm a puppet.
Dogs have a built-in puppet detector
3:51 PM
@Undo and Sam has some built-in puppets for you to detect.
@Undo Throws a juicy BBQ steak Go fetch boy!
He isn't a retriever.
Speed typing again :P
@Gham Thorws
@Bart Thorns
3:54 PM
@Sam No, not you. Gham was speed typing again.
Aaah too many socks!
@Frank No, I was.
@Pham Go away and stop telling lies.
Stop waging in the tavern and come to the den instead ;)
keeps waging
3:56 PM
@Frank Sam's the sock here. I'm real! I'm being framed!
@Pham frames Pham
@Frank Gets flaming chainsaw...
@Pham fills the tank with hydrogen peroxide and extinguishes the fire
shakes his head, sighs
turns around to get back to writing the documentation to his final project
OMG! Is it october?
4:07 PM
wonders why Vogel is interested in final projects
Thinks Pham, Sam and Frank are crazy.
Is it real? September is over?
@Unihedron Tomorrow, here.
@Unihedron Still 30th here.
4:11 PM
@Frank replies because my trainingship is coming to a close, and I need to get a certificate..
^ so it gets auto-deleted
@Unihedron poof
:) !
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: +91-9950211818 Astrology L@@!!ove Problem Solution on english.stackexchange.com
4:16 PM
Hmm, obfuscation.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Does increasing water intake during a diet help with weight loss? on skeptics.stackexchange.com
Not evil^
@Sam Hey it's mineplex!
4:38 PM
@ProgramFOX @Undo And I've found more :P here and here.
(Not mineplex though)
@hichris123 Yes, it does. I have tested it.
@Sam Ohhh, nice! Thanks :)
Your welcome ;)
Looks useful @Sam, thanks
4:54 PM
@Undo Most of the lines in bad.txt for the Bayesian stuff ends with a space. Is this intentional?
Probably not.
I was doing find/replace in Sublime :P
@Undo Ah, I see :D
@Undo Sublime regex engine sucks.
I kinda agree with you on that one
5:18 PM
@ProgramFOX Nice :) Glad I could help with that first draft
@Andy Yeah, thanks for that! :)
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO APPLY FUNCTION AND MAP THE NESTED LIST? on mathematica.stackexchange.com
@Undo The Bayesian filters are updated, so you can pull now :)
@ProgramFOX Glad I could be of assistance :D
@ProgramFOX Arghh! Git enforced newline!
5:29 PM
@Unihedron Why does Git enforce it?
Newline at end of file.
@Unihedron This is great
@Unihedron Why is that necessary? I cannot find something about that.
It just puts that icon to indicate that there is no newline.
Q: No newline at end of file

PacerierWhen doing a git diff it says "No newline at end of file". What exactly is this message trying to tell us? (Like am I missing out on something? Why is this so important?)

Stack Overflow has all the answers!
Huh, I'm logged out.
@Unihedron It nowhere says that it is required.
5:31 PM
> otherwise there is no way to tell the difference between a file where there is a newline at the end and one where is not. Diff has to output a newline anyway, or the result would be harder to read or process automatically.
@Unihedron Correct, and git diff uses the "No newline at end of file" message to indicate that. It's not an error, just information.
Huh. ok.
> It's not a catastrophe it's just a message to make it clearer that there isn't one when looking at a diff in the command line.
^ Quote from the second answer.
Wait, there's a second answer?!
@Unihedron Yes, there are 4 answers.
5:36 PM
I read them all. Nice answer! Well done!
5:55 PM
Microsoft is skipping Windows 9 and going straight for Windows 10, and the first result on Google for "Windows 10" for me is this April Fools article from 2013 that claims Microsoft will skip Windows 9 and go from 8 to 10.
Same here...first result on Google is that one ^
@Braiam: You look like @Sam's sock now...your name also follows the pattern Brai-am
Sam, Pham, Gham, Braiam...
in Teenage Programmers Chatroom on Stack Overflow Chat, 19 mins ago, by itsbalamurali
Here goes #CommitStrip comic book composed by me http://bit.ly/1DW8LyX
^ Great!
is there a mod available
flag troll in the HTML room
inb4 @Sam is trying to beat nicael's 64 socks ;)

 HTML / CSS / WebDesign

***Read the rules***: goo.gl/GBw73w ▲ Don't ask to ask, just a...
ahh wrong link :P
6:06 PM
I love that site.
Uni, still awake :O
The star board looks bad, @Sam, too many similar looking avatars in the tavern now...please make your next sock PINK
female avatar to give me company :)
@InfiniteRecursion ... did I miss something?
No Smokey :)
@InfiniteRecursion It's 2 am...
6:15 PM
She isn't in the tavern @rlemon, I can't talk with her :(
the chat changes broked her. :(
so she isn't anywhere right now :P
That's sad
I guess that's why rene's bot script keeps throwing errors. :(
Zirak already has a fix. but he went afk for a few days without commiting the code
and I don't know what his fix was. and I don't wanna double efforts by figuring it out now :P
so i'm waiting
@rlemon What changes were made?
6:18 PM
no probs, we will wait till Zirak comes back and fixes her @rlemon.
internal stuff. how users are handled it seems
We are three female chat users in the tavern, all we need is a female bot here
No, she is too pretty @Andy, a techie one please!
6:25 PM
Image not found :(
Same @inf :(
ditto here
^ this is what was being attempted
... night!
Meh, Andy's first attempt was better, will keep that as my display picture :D
night @uni, sleep well
6:34 PM
"New users, who should be encouraged to participate, are no longer discouraged from editing." - eugh. Most questions are not worth fixing, and there's plenty of work force for the good ones. — Jan Dvorak 55 secs ago
#protip: Run this script when someone else is trying to do math (works on OS X, no idea about other OSes):
while :
  say $RANDOM
Anyone know what the correct course of action is when a mod makes an incorrect change to your post? The system is designed to believe they can do no wrong so I can't undo their edit or flag it
@MrLore You ought to be able to rollback or re-edit. Mods make mistakes too. (Link?)
Q: What's unique about Studios?

MrLore NOTICE: Since this site is now in beta, it is time to have these conversations with the folks who are actually building this site. Please bring your comments and discussions to this site's 'meta' support forum so not to split these conversations. Thanks. Proposal: Studios for people...

> locked by Robert Cartaino♦ 13 mins ago
What's incorrect about the edit?
6:40 PM
locked posts should be flaggable, shouldn't they?
They locked it because the Web Design proposal went into beta recently and I linked to it, but as you can see it's just an example, the question is about the Studios proposal and shouldn't have been locked for such a tangential relationship
@MrLore Ah. Just a sec.
@JanDvorak Yes, but Area 51 is a little... odd.
there is also significant overlap with startups, it seems to me. Between web design and startups, I don't see any room for a 'studios' niche
6:53 PM
@SmokeDetector False alarm. Unless we change it to "the lady of the night of Babylon".
@SmokeDetector Fascinating, I never suspected such things could be
The Tavern is filled with fascinating things
With flowers and birds
Dreams are fascinating too, @uni...school tomorrow :)
6:58 PM
and dogs! Don't discriminate against the dogs!
good night @uni! Sleeeeeep
am not sleeping, putting uni to sleep :P
Is that your real life dog @undo?

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