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12:04 PM
@nicael when you will reach 10k, what will you do?
@ShadowWizard they most definitely are not
I personally know the first one
Interesting question with a non-answer by the same person. Is this a good Q&A for Stackoverflow? See stackoverflow.com/questions/26098129/…
@AdrianHHH NAA - This should be an edit
@Bart oh wow. So many Barts! :)
@ShadowWizard :D In fact, the first one has been an internship student at my previous lab
12:11 PM
@Bart so when someone else called "Bart!" you both responded? :-)
Hey @Bart. Long time, no patter.
@ShadowWizard I delegated the response to him.
Hiya @Duncan, long time indeed
@Bart oh, should have known you'll do that :)
@Bart Yeah, I realised I should probably get some work done in 2014. So I had to leave the Tavern for a while.
Hah, I should try that some time.
12:16 PM
Meh, it's overrated.
Should I salvage a Q which is now closed (recommendation) so that it asks how to do X rather than what can I use to do X? As all the answers to this particular question are all explaing how X can be done (with code examples), rather than pointing to libs.
@Sam Why not?
Well, I just wanted to be sure before going ahead and editing.
@ShadowWizard i'll hack inline tag editor to use on other sites.
thats why I want to reach 10k.
@nicael yep, suits you well to do that :)
@Ben you also work in the iOS app by any chance?
12:30 PM
@Sam Go for it. Post a link to the Q when you're done. We can fast track it back open if it looks good.
@Duncan Ok, done.
@Sam Unfortunately, I'd still leave that closed. It's no longer a recommendation issue, but it still is rather vague. It needed the OP to provide further details on how strength should be measured.
That being said, it's certainly not a candidate for deletion. So it can remain alive.
(Just my opinion, obviously).
If I saw it now, I'd close it as "Unclear what you're asking" or "Too broad".
I'd say if it gets reopened, lock it..
@Duncan I agree. It certainly requires OP intervention.
A: The angular controller shows the modal form is valid, when it's not

Shadow WizardI had the same problem and turns out that the form elements must have ng-model in order for the AngularJS validation to kick in. So just add it to all elements and it should be all good, e.g. <input type="email" required placeholder="email" ng-model="email" />

@Stijn @SPArchaeologist ^
amazing I didn't find anything about it, maybe because I was misled by the template. :(
12:45 PM
@ShadowWizard ah, makes sense I suppose. It wouldn't be bound otherwise. Glad you solved it :)
@Stijn thanks, pity Angular isn't smart enough to identify all form elements. Oh well!
@ShadowWizard if it works similar to Knockout, the DOM elements on the page after binding is done often are not the original ones, so event handlers applied before binding would be lost. Therefore explicit binding is safer. But I know very little of Angular so I could be wrong.
@Stijn yeah, this makes some sense. Should have thought about it myself!:)
1:02 PM
A: HTML - replace a word with a input-field

nicaelUse contenteditable span: <div id="baseTwo"> * Boost revenue by <span id="baseTwoInput" contenteditable>X</span> % </div> JSFIDDLE

need two upvotes
Want the badge I see :P
for badges.
@nicael please don't do that...
Now let's get you the disciplined badge as well
1:04 PM
wow you are fast guys
@Bart haaaaallooo???!!!!!
@Frank The Tree dominates the leagues~
Q: HTML - Edit page source code with JavaScript

nicaelIs there a way to edit page source code (to add some code to the page)? I know this way: //somewhere in <body> <div id='div'>content</div> //and in <head> document.getElementById('div').innerHTML="edited"; But it doesn't really edit it (doesn't change the page source code). Maybe I can achieve...

need 82 downvotes
for fun
can you accomplish it?
Actually, post it in the JS room :)
1:12 PM
daaamn yooouuuu... i asked for downvotes!!!
@nicael why? you seem to spend it on useless bounties like this
Really can't see any way to get better answers than what it already has
^^ hahaha what a waste.
@Frank yeah, maybe we should start a feature request asking to remove bounty option when question got enough answers with enough score
crap meta.stackexchange.com/questions/240212/… (needs 2 more delete votes)
@ShadowWizard And the funny part was that it's only a +50.
@Frank guess he didn't have more than that when starting the bounty :)
1:25 PM
> The current answers are outdated.
^ One of the bounty reasons to consider
@Unihedron so maybe leave only this reason... ;)
Then there will be misuse of reasons.. xD
> The current answers are outdated.
Details: I just want an answer that works, but it makes me choose this reason, so.
@Unihedron true... guess we'll just have to cope with useless bounties :)
1:31 PM
@Frank wrong room for WAG ;)
@ShadowWizard @Uni said xp (shudders)
@Frank xp also might stand for experience points :D
@ShadowWizard again, wrong room for WAG :P
@DroidDev we're just discussing WAG, not actually playing it ;)
thinks people should stop wagging
1:34 PM
@DroidDev yeah, WAGging is essential part of life
Trees don't wag, dogs do. (looks for Undo)
@Undo ^
wagging aside, I haven't been waging for a while now....
@Vogel612 true, that's a real shame :D
1:37 PM
btw. someone mind pointing a firehose of cold water at me? I'm melting here...
it's waaaaaaay too warm for late september.
pours ice water at Vog
@ShadowWizard those who don't won't understand the joy of it ;)
@Unihedron You apparently missed - retry!
This time pour it on, not at Vog.
@Unihedron watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
1:40 PM
!! ?
@SantaClaus Ha! iPhone 4!
I need music... Recommendation pls
@Unihedron Linkin Park
:D !
1:43 PM
Study Hall just got so much more useless.
@Unihedron I recently discovered The Civil Wars. Their cover of Billie Jean is amazing and the rest of their albums is pretty good too.
@DroidDev @Frank @Stijn Thanks! :)
@Unihedron I am really tempted to redirect you to Loyalty by Mandopony....
^^ most of those are a little boring.
1:45 PM
Dips a finger in the pool of icewater left by @Unihedron 's generosity
proceeds to drop lay into it face down
@Bart I care not, personal preference :)
1:47 PM
gives evil glance to kid watching netflix stealing all my wifi
I actually have no clue what's going on, ignore me.
Feel free to subscribe to this Spotify playlist as well. I add a song every once in a while, mostly chillout songs.
You didn't read the Tavern fine print, did you? No such thing as personal preference here @Frank.
@DroidDev I have it on repeat.
@Bart I'll have my personal preferences anyway.
@Bart Where the fine print should be... A starboard! 'hmm...' 'hmm...' 'hmm...'
@Unihedron WEEZER!
@Bart That's what I am trying to explain to @DroidDev. Drop the personal preference and join the Stack Unicorn Cult.
Everything on the album "Pinkerton."
Why would people star, "hmm..."?
1:51 PM
@SPArchaeologist or better Stack Pony Cult :P
@Frank people like to annoy you :P
@DroidDev They aren't very talented at it yet.
@Frank but they seems to achieve something
A: The snow "Quote Bubble" is back, is the snow unicorn too?

SPArchaeologistSearching for it, I tried to ask some mod on the Tavern if they can confirm the existence of an egg but without much luck. A quick inspection of the js code for the page shows nothing suspicious. Also, I have tried every key combo that come to mind to gather the snow, but again nothing worked. ...

Notice the icon they put in the hat spritesheet. You are surrounded. It's only a matter of time
@Frank I tried to think of a decent retort for that, came up empty :P
@Undo Ha!
1:55 PM
too early in the morning :P
@Undo Is it 5:30 am?
which is too early
@Undo almost 10 am here
@Undo Had your coffee yet?
nope. Not in my life
@Undo never drank coffee??
1:59 PM
... uh...
@ShadowWizard I'm not 18 :P
oh. oops!
milk? :D
1:59 PM
good! so you're in the correct path ;)
@ShadowWizard Yuck!
I had my first real coffee only in the army, when I was 18
They tell us this is water, @Inf
@ShadowWizard anybody said beer?
2:00 PM
@Frank why, because it's coming from the inside of a cow? :D
@DroidDev hmmm beer
@DroidDev shhhh, we have minors here :-P
I've been drinking coffee all my life, even committed to the coffee proposal.
@Frank with no milk?
@DroidDev Beer tastes like bat barf.
@ShadowWizard I drink it black.
2:01 PM
@ShadowWizard it was accidentally. I flagged it remove bounty, but mod declined my flag.
@ShadowWizard send me encoded b̢̲̦̪̗̘͓̣̅̉̐ͫ̍ͩ͋́͗e͓͌́ͮ͜ȩ̢̗͉̻̳̗̭͈̔͐̿͝ͅr̗͇̭͑ͯͩ̉̍ ;)
Milk tastes like cow manure.
@TimPost any idea how long it takes to ship to Belgium? I hope the package didn't get lost along the way :\
@Frank you never tasted a good one then
@nicael so you misclicked three different buttons? That's.... hard to believe.
2:02 PM
when you search for messages, is the time shown on sides in GMT?
or is it local time?
@Stijn It shouldn't be that long. I'll follow up with our warehouse
@ShadowWizard no. just miswrote the post id.
He gave bounty to skeet when he had 500 rep in total, don't trust him
@Frank or you should try alcohol for better taste ;)
2:03 PM
"Milk tastes like cow manure." - You have either been drinking some really bad milk, or...well, cow manure, @Frank. Either way, probably not a good sample.
milk is the best
@DroidDev Beer has plenty of alcohol.
@nicael miswrote it where? How do you set bounties, exactly?
@ShadowWizard in <form id="start-bounty-form" action="/posts/bounty/start/someId" method="post">
@Frank on average, around 7% is not plenty
not even close
2:04 PM
it was a shortcut
@nicael we have GUI, you know. Dialogs. buttons. when using shortcuts, don't be surprised things go wrong.
Do you do anything like a normal person on SE?
@DroidDev 4% in beers around here :(
@InfiniteRecursion chat.
2:06 PM
@DroidDev as far as I know, in transcript it's only GMT not local
@ShadowWizard ok thanks :)
and search results showing transcript
@ShadowWizard it should be labelled with "approved for minors"
only the live messages are parsed as local time
2:06 PM
@ShadowWizard yup, that's true :)
> 12% of diabolic pleasure
@DroidDev well, nobody really enforces the law here and minors can get beer really easily... and much stronger drinks :(
All of you, please join beer or coffee proposals
@InfiniteRecursion milk is the worst.
@ShadowWizard hey, don't stop them, I also used to get it, when I was minor ;)
2:07 PM
@InfiniteRecursion I joined coffee long time ago
I drink milk, it's good @Frank
@InfiniteRecursion not that much of a beer fanatic.
yo yo yo
@nicael ahhh, now it's all clear. Why you make so many "mistakes". ;-)
@InfiniteRecursion I only drink chocolate milk. No real milk.
2:09 PM
@ShadowWizard right. you won a bottle of absinthe
@nicael thanks! Want my home address? :D
That's why it doesn't taste good to you @Frank.
@InfiniteRecursion Why?
@ShadowWizard no. your user fkey plz.
2:10 PM
Drink pure milk....enjoy the taste @Frank
on meta se or somewhere else
@nicael coming in a minute! or not :)
@InfiniteRecursion Tastes like cow manure. I'm not a bjb, you know.
what about such milk, @Frank?
^^ Milk drink
2:11 PM
@Frank dat is quite a lame gravatar joke, btw.
yeah but it still contains lots of milk
Drink green tea/water/milk, all are good for health.
I love ice cream. Does that count?
@Frank so what you actually say you don't like drinking raw milk. So yeah, that's fine :)
2:14 PM
@ShadowWizard Random Cupcake image
@nicael fine, you can have mine: 12c362f70ab14ac597eckc222f1a3606
@InfiniteRecursion I drink coffee, gatorade, muscle milk, water, Dr. Pepper, etc
Only two characters were changed.
@Undo don't be surprised to see 3 bounties, 500 each, started on your behalf soon.
2:15 PM
Where is Smokey??
(and I fear I'm serious)
@ShadowWizard meh, he can't do anything with my chat.mSE fkey, if he even figures it out. My chat.SE key, though... would be more risky.
@Undo oh, thought you gave the SO key
heck no
2:16 PM
with chat fkey he can write messages on your behalf though... can he?
You underestimated Undo's sanity @sha
@InfiniteRecursion without coffee we make mistakes! ;)
@ShadowWizard he could. Until I log out and back in and invalidate it, then delete them.
@Undo and ban him from chat :D
@InfiniteRecursion R.I.P
nah, I wouldn't expect that. Primarily because if he could actually guess it I hadn't changed enough and it would be classified as me being stupid :P
2:18 PM
Yes, Smokey dead for an hour...
only an hour?
huh, it's running
and it can see us talking
@InfiniteRecursion least he's a robot, so not dead forever. Imagine 'Jan dead for an hour...'
Nope, websockets problem...it can't see us
it can see us. It just won't talk.
And now I killed it
> SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character '\xe0' in file /home/ubuntu/SmokeDetector/findspam.py on line 12, but no encoding declared;
oh gosh
2:21 PM
@nicael stop it.
Stappit!! Don't ask for upvotes
no rep/badge whoring please.
thou that asketh for upvotes in the Tavern shall feel its wrath.
2:22 PM
@Undo you have run out of them?
@nicael we ran out of patience for those asking for them after being told to stop.
grabs smiting stick
hey @Unihedron what's up with github.com/Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector/commit/… ?
2:23 PM
@ShadowWizard with a diamond, unlimited patience is guaranteed
I've downvoted it. Hah!
@Undo word boundaries was screwing up with the thing.
So I moved it out to its own alternation.
@Unihedron so that's why there's a monkey face in there?
No one will miss Jan for an hour @Frank ;)
2:24 PM
(I have no idea what that thing is :P)
@Undo Escort spam uses the symbol. Empirically it looked like a heart to the spammers. I seriously have no idea, but since that symbol is present on every of their spam post, might as well blacklist it.
It's korean unicode @undo
huh. Well anyway, it borked the thing. Then got autopulled :P
@InfiniteRecursion But if he died, there would be no more Jan.
2:26 PM
Wait... Jan is gone?!
@Jan you alive?
If he dies, we can't do much @Frank
@Undo plz send teh coffee
2:27 PM
(Or Aaaaaaaaah!)
@ShadowWizard 5fdf482
@Frank Quick! Get the research department together, we need to program another Jan!
@Unihedron We can rebuild him. We have the technology.
@Unihedron pushes buttons frantically
2:29 PM
Won't anyone miss chatting with him?
finally, the face behind the cat exposed! :D
Yes, we shall have 1440 minutes of silence for the loss of Jan.
@ShadowWizard Why are there chinese characters?
@Unihedron blame Google :D
2:30 PM
@Undo ... did I miss something?
2:31 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Yup
too much animation alert
Bold text alert
2:32 PM
I'm bold!
Wait till the passive aggressive @Jan comes back! Anger alert!!
crafts a hole in the mountain in measures for escaping from angry Jan
Alert alert.
Sep 24 at 17:29, by Jan Dvorak
@InfiniteRecursion passive, sometimes aggressive
CRAP alert: Isn't that Spanish speaking country geo test today? O.O
is screwed
unscrews bjb568
@bjb568 eh?
yay, one more and animation is buried away
2:40 PM
hates really tall display
one more
yay it's gone now
@Undo oh wow! how big is your screen?!
I have it vertical for code
2:45 PM
@Undo you mean the screen itself is standing vertically? :D
@ShadowWizard yup :D
@ShadowWizard I did when we were trying to get the initial version out, but not so much anymore
@BenCollins thanks, @Arie stepped in
I can add a third display when I really want to, but usually I just use two
I use 1...
2:47 PM
when I have the third one that diagram looks like one of the ships in Star Wars.
Q: Unable to update app on iOS 8

ScimonsterI recently upgraded my iPad to iOS 8. I'm running version of the iPad app. Whenever I open the app it tells me to update to I tap update, and opens a certain link in Chrome. I tap install ... and nothing happens. Before upgrading to iOS 8, it would update just fine.

welp, time to wait for the lawsuits... We just sent out 10% of a marketing mailing for one of our customers with the addressees in the To field instead of the BCC field
@ShadowWizard good deal
by accident, mind you
@Ben or @Anna maybe you have idea how to help the poor guy? ^^^
2:49 PM
Good luck @NateKerkhofs
@NateKerkhofs that's what I'd call a bad day :)
Hi @Ben! :-)
@ShadowWizard Arie is responding already, and given that he's actually one of our iOS devs, Imma leave that to him :)
@AnnaLear sure, just thought you might have an idea he didn't think about :)
@Unihedron hi
@ShadowWizard weird - tried it just now and it works for me. But yeah - Arie can handle it
2:51 PM
@ShadowWizard Alas, no. I know very little about strong-arming iOS into doing stuff.
thanks @Ben and @Anna guess that something is borked on the user's side. :(
@Scimonster Are you on iOS 8.0.2? It looks like it started breaking on this version. — Arie Litovsky ♦ 1 min ago
wasn't 8.0.2 just undoing of 8.0.1?
I'm on 8.0.2, let me go try to repro.
@ShadowWizard that's just my latest theory, we are about to confirm
oh, but still, glad I didn't upgrade yet
@Undo you'll be stuck with no app if you can repro
that's okay
I use the web interface most of the time anyway
2:58 PM
@Undo heroic!
@InfiniteRecursion wat?
he is alive!! ^
Well, sounds like I'll probably have to upgrade anyway to repro and fix that
any chance the support for Opera Mini / Symbian will be restored, BTW?
@ArieLitovsky cheers, hope this is really the case, otherwise it means something specific to that user which we can't really fix

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