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12:01 AM
"We are intelligent people..." speak for yourself would ya you insensitive clod — PeeHaa Sep 22 at 8:12
Dead meme?
Q: need help on how to install tor browser bundle on a panasonic thoughbook cf-29 running on 32 bit 14.04 ubuntu operating system

PMHSARRISSARRIS good day I need help . running tor onion browser bundle on a Panasonic Toughbook cf-29 running on 32bit 14.04 Ubuntu oS only . Microsoft windows has been removed out of the thoughbook . like you to send to me a how to run tor onion browser via command prompt on a Panasonic thoughbook ...

@hichris123 hi community user
Feb 3 at 21:33, by Community
just remember: we're watching you mwahahahaahahaha
12:50 AM
@Unihedron Any idea why this is happening? github.com/AstroCB/Stack-Exchange-Editor-Toolkit/issues/7
@AstroCB I'm not sure, does it relate to $('.edit-post').click()?
@Unihedron Nah; that's just a really hacky way of making sure that the button gets injected at the right time so that it works for inline editing.
The button just doesn't do anything, which is weird.
Yep, I'm reading the code. Nice hack.
The only problem with it is that if you try to edit it again without reloading the page, it doesn't show up.
It might have something to do with parseInt(rows[rowNum].children[rows[rowNum].children.length - 2].style.left) + 25 + "px";, but I doubt it. It always tells me that rows[rowNum].children is undefined since I updated it to allow editing on edit pages in addition to inline.
Is that a browser specific thing?
1:06 AM
@Unihedron It shouldn't be.
@Unihedron Correction: the button shows up for answers, even though it doesn't work, but the button doesn't show up at all for closed questions.
So odd...
The only reason I did the whole rows[rowNum] thing was so that you could edit multiple posts at once; otherwise, I would have just done rows[0] to simplify things.
1:29 AM
@hichris123 It's also in all of my userscripts on Stack Apps in the author field (SE username in parentheses, of course).
Need opinion, these 2 questions are basically asking the same question: stackoverflow.com/q/6598881 and stackoverflow.com/q/16606905. So I'm thinking of closing (flagging) one as dupe of the other, but which one is the better dupe candidate?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HELP WITH MY SD CARD on askubuntu.com
1:46 AM
dv-pls and naa / vlq stackoverflow.com/a/1153877/3622940 I've converted it into my own comment.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: UNLOCK SCREEN LOCK FOR PHILIPS W337 on android.stackexchange.com
duh, they both have answers. nevermind.
@Unihedron Ask Meta or burninate now?
I just googled it and researched a bit. It's (mis)used as a line terminator \n, \r\n and code block terminator (;), and evidently a color scheme in Vim is called terminator as well. A problematic tag, the vim questions should be closed for general software.
I single-handedly retagged about 40 questions, I hope no-one murders me.
doesn't murder Uni
approves of the tree
2:22 AM
@Unihedron because... it was a good movie?
@Braiam [citation needed]
@Unihedron oh, there's a terminal emulator called terminator as well
Yeah, I retagged those questions.
@hichris123 Isn't it spam?
2:24 AM
@Unihedron define spam
> This question is effectively an advertisement with no disclosure. It is not useful or relevant, but promotional.
^ Duh
@Unihedron ... not really. It's asking people to take a survey, not promotion of a product
> Spam content removed. See the revision history for original.
well done
Give the guy a medal :D
@gung Please do not edit spam. However, this is not spam, simply off-topic. — hichris123 11 secs ago
@hichris123 dang!
2:26 AM
@gung Now you've made this an empty thread. You're brute-forcing a post and making it VLQ; It's an incorrect use of your editing privileges. Don't do that. — Unihedron 25 secs ago
@gung Now you've made this an empty thread. You're brute-forcing a post and making it VLQ; It's an incorrect use of your editing privileges. Don't do that. — Unihedron 26 secs ago
@Unihedron You're super late to the party.
... and late posting your own comment. xD
@hichris123 cut @uni some slack... his hands are squares
2:27 AM
@Braiam true...
@hichris: Hey, I hand-typed that while multi-tasking...
@Unihedron you can't say that you multitask until you can modify life TCP streams while cooking
:O Should had saw that coming...
@SmokeDetector bang it! bang it! bang it! bang it!
@SmokeDetector NSFW pic
btw both are spam
@Frank it's answer is spam too
2:37 AM
they all have a spam answer.
none of these have been pulled yet.
All spam still there
yeah. come on mods...
2:41 AM
in RegEx on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by Unihedron
Help FLAG the SPAM! http://askubuntu.com/users/332669/wpdlwpdl4
fortunately the user is limiting themselves to ubuntu.
1 q gone.
2 answers gone.
all answers gone
all questions gone.
nice work.
user destroyed
All spam gone
err, soon it will be (I pinged a mod in TL)
2:44 AM
^user gone
I got an extra flag in - accidentally flagged one as vlq and spam.
well, that was fun. I'm off to bed. 'night all.
What's really weird about that spam is the spammers come back if we don't destroy the account.
@bjb568 ...
Q: Destroy the [slowly-changing-dimension]

Unihedronslowly-changing-dimension The tag has to go. It's not useful, has no tag wiki, sounds unprofessional, and only has two questions under it. It does seem like it's a feature provided by SQL Server, but then it's a meta tag that shouldn't exist.

Someone upvoted this answer less than a split second after I answered. :( I wish people would read them first.
@Frank TL;DR: Has links: Upvote
@Frank Too bad, I guess. upvotes
You guys...
But people should really read before they vote.
3:00 AM
inb4 #frankrants
I guess it means they take my word as gospel. :)
3:15 AM
When we get a surge of new questions on GL, people forget about their voting privileges. 9 yesterday, and 6 today, compared to our regular 3.5 :)
Voting is overpowered. It gives someone rep so they can place bounties.
It gives someone rep so they can get over 20k in case the site graduates :)
@lostsock: Add you name to this list too, you deserve to be in the meme for changing your display name frequently : meta.stackexchange.com/a/26518/245167
Also, isn't Bart a meme yet? :O
Who's Bart?
@Frank I read it first :D
@ɥʇǝS What did you think, then?
@Unihedron Meh, not famous enough to be a meme then
@Frank Very scientific of you!
@ɥʇǝS So you didn't understand it. :/
3:39 AM
I think I understood it..
Took me a few reads though ;P
@ɥʇǝS It's very simple. Short answer 'No.', but people prefer an explanation. The next two answers I posted were also extremely short.
Really? Why is it deleted then? :P
@Unihedron Happens to me a lot too.
@Unihedron My flag on that post was declined also.
@Unihedron Happens to me too, must have happened via community review
3:47 AM
@InfiniteRecursion You don't get a decline reason if it happens via review.
3:48 AM
@animuson For this flag, I got declined reason and it happened via community review (bluefeet's answer says so)
@InfiniteRecursion I mean the reason after the "declined" - if it gets declined via review, it only says declined and nothing else.
3:52 AM
Yay helpful flags!
ty @animuson!
@lostsock So many links. o.o Fire up the incinerator!
> Tell your friend this: A smart man knows that tomato is a fruit and not a vegetable, a wise man know that you don't put tomato in a fruit salad. stackoverflow.com/a/26091410/2982225
I know both xD
@Unihedron OP has 3 pics in display image
@InfiniteRecursion Yep, it's a comment, and doesn't add a solution
@Unihedron Thanks, will flag it
I did, I'd laugh if it gets declined again
so much spam :(
have you come back from school @uni?
School suspended for the day because of the protests here.
4:55 AM
@InfiniteRecursion The existence of that question is a waste of the OP's time. :P
Now,it's working for me.Thanks for your concern. — Mitesh 11 hours ago
@Unihedron True
@Frank that's the effect of reputation
once I got 7 upvotes in a non-working answer
4:58 AM
@Braiam LOL
@InfiniteRecursion uh? smokey is doing its work
once I got 8 upvotes in a 2-line explanation and a documentation link
@Braiam yes, that was for Zephyr :P
and the other person with four paragraphs only had one vote :D
bad uni, very bad ;)
4:59 AM
The answer is also spam
too much spam on Ask Ubuntu nowadays
just nuke the question... the answer goes with it
it's becoming like drupal and magneto
What? It's not my fault. SO needs to educate people not to upvote answers that has nothing more than a trusty link.
@InfiniteRecursion maybe I pissed off the Indian Hacker Team
5:00 AM
Ugh, out of flags on Ubuntu.
@InfiniteRecursion magneto?
@Unihedron Y U NO 100 FLAGS SE WIDE YET?!
that doesn't look like Indian Hacker's spam, you pissed off someone else :P
@Braiam I've only joined Meta for two months! :P
@Braiam sorry, magento
sum MSE flags to per sites flags
5:03 AM
> I am fairly new to programming so don't hurt my feelers.
how many ? :D
5:04 AM
technically it can be considered morning....
It's always morning on the Internet!
poetically it can be considered evening.....
actually it's really morning.........
Spam still sitting on Ask Ubuntu askubuntu.com/q/529914/327729
5:07 AM
naa thank you / link-only stackoverflow.com/a/11074698/3622940
chapter from some book ?
5:10 AM
@SmokeDetector user post wiped
I found the pic on webarchive
^ never mind
@InfiniteRecursion plz send teh coffee
5:27 AM
@SmokeDetector ~ Too much coffee is bad for you...
This potentially seems like it might be a useful tag. Probably it should have been merged with scd stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/scdMartin Smith 1 min ago
^ @bjb568
5:40 AM
from same user. ;)
Ugh, outspeeded.
5:53 AM
Korean spam on the loose. You would think the server-side script was going to learn by now.
@JanDvorak Yes, it should have learnt by now, surprisingly slow
I guess @TimPost knows why?
maybe after a grace edit
can I flag spam after I flag VLQ?
If this is a genuine question - what's up with the title? Flagged. — Jan Dvorak 13 secs ago
OK... you can't flag as spam after you flag as VLQ
6:10 AM
@JanDvorak nuked
what's up with the korean-title-normal-body spam?
maybe they are investigating - reconnaissance
If this is a genuine question - what's up with the title? Flagged. — Jan Dvorak 11 mins ago
is it OK to visit a spam link if it's the only way to report spam to a remote service?
@JanDvorak they C&Ped an earlier question
Q: invalid identifier error

Carlos Camposhi i'm trying to setup cocos2dx in ubuntu 14.04 LTS but after setting the environmental variables I start getting this error bash: export: dev/cocos2d-x-3.2/tools/cocos2d-console/bin': not a valid identifier bash: export:/home/john/android': not a valid identifier bash: export: dev/android-ndk...

6:14 AM
oh. Thanks.
@JanDvorak coming from a whole lot of places
@balpha definitely reconnaissance
@TimPost thanks. Perhaps the script should focus on the content more? Say, ban all foreign language scripts from sites where they don't belong?
... and we don't have SO in Korean
*SE site in Korean
6:17 AM
^one more
flagged and gone
good old spam with a spammy body. I like :-)
I am out of flags on AU now
they didn't last long...
should I SEDE flag and collect some flags on AU for korean spam :P
I've blacklisted that url shortener
6:19 AM
shouldn't all shorteners be forbidden, though?
I've never seen any legitimate use of a URL shortener.
A: Ban URL shortening services

Jeff AtwoodTo me, this is the same as trying to ban curse words -- it's a fundamentally broken and bad idea. http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/2008/10/obscenity-filters-bad-idea-or-incredibly-intercoursing-bad-idea.html For every one we detect (even if we do an INSANELY EXPENSIVE HTTP REQUEST on every unkn...

old, but still valid IMO
"others will pop up" - I haven't observed that, actually. There are just a few that I have ever seen.
@JanDvorak If it gets to be too persistent we can block a range of unicode I believe, but that's just escalating an arms race. Once you block something, they figure out you've matched it, and give you something else instead.
@JanDvorak Really? I see lots of tweets from people who have their own url shortener
Well, I have matched it. Shouldn't they be reacting by now?
6:25 AM
@JanDvorak Yes, they should be banned. SE is not Twitter!!
so much for banning me2.do
you were right. They learn quickly.
At least this way we'll learn a lot of URL shorteners and block them quickly before other spam waves come :-D
Actually, this is a nice way to find those. Others may pop up, but why not try?
I'm actually kinda curious how many shorteners they can come up with.
this new trend of using multiple images in one profile pic is really getting on my nerves!
6:31 AM
@lostsock Is it racist for me to suggest that one of these girls is Ziyi and the other is Chen?
@lostsock lots of female users have multiple pics, it's nice
@InfiniteRecursion no.jpg no2.jpg no3.jpg
Sep 25 at 7:02, by lostsock
wow, 5 profile pics in 1 http://stackoverflow.com/users/864661/l1th1um
@JanDvorak aesthetic.jpg, aesthetic2.jpg, aesthetic3.jpg
@lostsock female and nice profile pic :)
@InfiniteRecursion more like ascetic.jpg, ascetic2.jpg, ascetic3.jpg. some girls are way too thin.
6:38 AM
@JanDvorak thin is in
-1 your title doesn't fit on my screen. I hate horizontal scrollbars. — Jan Dvorak 8 secs ago
any chance ^this is no-repro?
what is happening to the interentz?
gravatar.com is sucking
that's usual, from what I've heard
@lostsock nothing
@Unihedron finally back to normal after 3-4 minutes for me... damn, was having issues with SE and twitter, other sites working fine
6:46 AM
the answers make too much assumptions in my taste
@InfiniteRecursion comment removed, downvote kept
@lostsock TMI
@InfiniteRecursion NSFW WARNING , NIPPLE :0
6:56 AM
> people invariably threw their waste from their windows or buried it in their gardens
@lostsock I miss the diamond here to see deleted posts :<
@lostsock nipple?! where?? :(
@ThiefMaster just RO is needed. And even then a script can fix that. I guess I should write one.
6:58 AM
@lostsock oh, just a drawing. ;(
@ShadowWizard he thinks that is NSFW
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: STACKOVERFLOW MOST TOXIC COMMUNITY EVER on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector rant
@InfiniteRecursion that's sad ;)

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