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12:09 PM
... Learn to debug? — Unihedron 8 secs ago
Can't say that's the best possible comment @Unihedron
It's an opinionated thread, and I'm just adding my $0.01
12:25 PM
oh no, my Den was taken over :(
uh oh Tavern too
can we pls flag him for spam
We're doing it in javascript
Oh gawd, it's here too.
Where's @MarcGravell when you need him?
12:26 PM
yes, I'm fixing
@Marc can you clean up the mess once it's fixed?
Q: Feeds user has gone crazy

ProgramFOXIf we post any message (both in Tavern on the Meta and Shadow's Den, and also the chat.SE Sandbox, probably more rooms), the Feeds user replies "this is why we can't have nice things". Can this please be fixed?

Say @silentkiller, do as your name implies and get rid of this Feeds user :p
12:28 PM
A: The automated Stack Exchange / Feeds user is now participating in chat

UnihedronThey're not only participating, but instead invading... Spamming with links to this thread... We're doomed!

yes, yes, laugh at the stupid developer
@Bart lols
Can we point as well @MarcGravell?
we're not laughing. This is a cry for help
12:29 PM
will be fixed in a few (including the data)
you've created a monster and we want you to slay it too
I feel like we can't have nice things
who did this..??
does he
Why can't we have nice things?
12:29 PM
do that for every message posted?
all nice is gone :(
it definitely
seems like.
could my chat flag allowance be reset please, btw?
Someone parsed HTML with regex it seems...
this is why we can't have nice things
12:30 PM
Rate Limit feeds / SX / all other bots
and .
Oh no, @SilentKiller has been infected
Flags, eh? It's like flagging Community user post as spam. Hmm... now that's an idea!
oh. hey. it's fixed!
this is why we can't have nice things
@Bart solved. done.. :)
Thank goodness...
12:32 PM
we can have nice things again ?
hahaha.. it was looking like Feeds have max chat today.. :D
@jAndy this is why we can't have nice things xD
translate: STOP ABUSING ME
He's dead
12:35 PM
next wave: wave of spam flags on Feeds' spam
but who did this..?? :P
@Unihedron Feeds is unbannable, it seems.
also, TIL there's such a thing as a chat flag daily limit
Yeah, don't waste it on Feeds.
now you tell me...
12:37 PM
Then again, we never say anything offensive here in the Tavern @R.MartinhoFernandes Good guys is what we are ....
I just earned 200 rep from this chaotic event... xD
Hmm, why can't we get this nicer plink sound on chat.SO?
Get your hands off of our plink
And @Bart is back to his proper place on top of the star board :D
12:42 PM
And I saw that it was good @ShadowWizard
Oh, so @Bart is like the @R.MartinhoFernandes of the Tavern?
No @R.MartinhoFernandes. You are the Bart of the Lounge
Until then...
10 hours ago, by Feeds
Feeds is a terrible person / bot!
@R.MartinhoFernandes who is @R.MartinhoFernandes?
@Unihedron you also got a bronze badge, and might get silver and gold too!
@ShadowWizard LOL
12:48 PM
@ShadowWizard Just your plastic pal who's fun to be with.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I stopped reading at "plastic" :D
@Marc while you're at it, wiktionary oneboxes are terrible.
== English == === Etymology === From French, from Latin terribilis (“frightful”), from terrere (“to frighten”). Compare terror, deter. === Pronunciation === (UK) IPA(key): /ˈtɛ.ɹə.bl̩/, ˈtɛ.ɹɪ.bl̩/ === Adjective === terrible (comparative terribler or more terrible, superlative terriblest or most terrible) Dreadful; causing alarm and fear. The witch gave him a terrible curse. Formidable, powerful. 1883: Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island […] and there was even a party of the younger men who pretended to admire him, calling him a "true sea-dog," and "real old salt," and such-like...
== English == Wikipedia === Etymology === From Middle English definen, from Old French definer, variant of definir, from Latin dēfīniō (“limit, settle, define”), from dē + fīniō (“set a limit, bound, end”) === Pronunciation === IPA(key): /dɪˈfaɪn/ Rhymes: -aɪn === Verb === define (third-person singular simple present defines, present participle defining, simple past and past participle defined) To determine with precision; to mark out with distinctness; to ascertain or exhibit clearly. Sir Isaac Newton Rings […] very distinct and well defined. the defining power of an optical inst...
Don't you dare ask for more nice things.
ohhh, another toy
12:54 PM
translate: I'm back!
Where's Cupcake? Haven't seen them in a while...
....or not
@R.MartinhoFernandes yes, I'll tidy that at some point; needs some parsing
@Vogel612 add ` is:question` to that
1:02 PM
@Stijn hmm 0 results.
> results found containing or
or is implied in strings, use this stackoverflow.com/…
oh, btw, first result is a hit :D
already flagged as such.
what about this CW Q&A:
Q: factors to be considered when choosing a free library in any technology

OscarI was going through these links in stackoverflow.com Free java libraries, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/130095/most-useful-free-java-libraries Free .net libraries, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/662956/most-useful-free-net-libraries I know there are 'n' number of free libraries in e...

@Unihedron @ShadowWizard - The Bot is out of service. Let's use Tim instead!
@Vogel612 that's actually an answer
1:05 PM
@JanDvorak shoops.
@Vogel612 opinion based
@TimStone translate: Polly wants a biscuit
@SPArchaeologist Polly wants a biscuit
@Vogel612 2broad?
at minimum both.
pob and 2broad, as well as offsite-resource
1:07 PM
it's not actually asking for specific resources
It could actually be an interesting question for Programmers if rewritten a bit..
Oh! 24 score! One more to a Nice Answer badge! Oh! Oh!
But currently it's mostly too cr*p (and old) to migrate
(stares at post score)
@Unihedron Heh, I had the same on a PPCG answer with a score of 24. After two weeks, I finally got the 25th vote :D
1:09 PM
@Unihedron if it will reach 44 and the accepted answer would still be 22, you'll also get a shiny gold badge :D
oooh :D I like badges!
(goes to spam link to post)
needs only 6 more votes
@GnomeSlice "You're listening to John Dickweed" ... ehm, what ... checks tab ... ah, Digweed.
2:14 PM
@Unihedron grats!
2:38 PM
@Unihedron I had this good question on meta years ago. And I am still convinced that they put that Twilight face in the hats icon sheet to mock me -_-'
A: Stack Snippets Sandbox - Try It Out Here!

Shadow Wizard $(function () { $.getJSON('http://anyorigin.com/get?url=' + encodeURIComponent('http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/info/89/tavern-on-the-meta') + '&callback=?', function (data) { parser = new DOMParser(); htmlDoc = parser.parseFromString(data.contents, "text/html"); var a = htmlDoc.getElementsByClassName('username'); ...

I started to fix it, then I found that this mess of an implementation would take more than 60 seconds to fix, then I realised I didn't care, so I gave up and rolled back. — Lightness Races in Orbit 39 mins ago
It's always the same person XD
@AstroCB Jon Ericson 3 out 3...
@Unihedron Yes: It's broken.
move the spin function out the ajax
2:44 PM
Instead of using Math.random(), it's using a GET request to random.org.
I started to fix it, then I found that this mess of an implementation would take more than 60 seconds to fix, then I realised I didn't care, so I gave up and rolled back. — Lightness Races in Orbit 43 mins ago
^ You can't.
That breaks it; believe me, I've tried a bunch of different ways.
Huh, my picture is broken.
The simplest way to fix it would be to get rid of the AJAX request and just use Math.random(), but that's usually not very random.
The tag in source is: <li><img src="">Unihedron</li>
No, I did not just make the exact same mistake I made the two previous times I had a bug in my code ...
3:00 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SAMPLE SPACE CALCULATION on math.stackexchange.com
Alright, I get it, students are back to school...
School has indeed started again
(sigh) Don't remind me, I still have 6 days of holiday left...
I started uni the last week...
3:05 PM
@Unihedron Same here.
Where you live?
Ha, suckers. No more Uni for me. I have a real job, where I really work 7 days a week for more hours than I care to count and .... wait, that sounds less positive than I expected ...
@Unihedron In Belgium. School starts here at 1st September.
Aren't you 94?... (raises head)
@Bart it is...
3:06 PM
@Unihedron :D No, I just wanted to put it at the maximum age possible.
Still awesome job though.
the only advantage is that you don't have to ask for pocket money, unless you are married that is
The best job is the job that comes with free coffee!
@Unihedron check
<-- somehow prefers chocolate
3:08 PM
Hiya @Inf!
Hiya @Uni :)
If @FEi were here, he would get a infarct
Came at the right time in the tavern...yum...chocolate !!
@tchrist I checked and we were both right. Both boxes of 10 and 12 are available here.
Boxes of what @bart?
3:10 PM
Follow the yellow brick link @InfiniteRecursion
and again I find myself in front of one of the great SharePoint dilemmas. Should I localize this choice field? I don't know why but I think I won't
I saw this yesterday, and I had to think of you, @SPArchaeologist :)
the comments are a great source of laughter
Q: Money is generated while i

user3972937How much money does stack overflow makes ? How are moderators are selected?Will stack overflow will start something like quora

> will see if SP 2013 changes that
it didn't, huh
How to shoot yourself in your foot on Meta SO, step 1: Give your post the title "PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST. Is anyone else unhappy with the way stack overflow works?" when trying to ask why comments require 50 rep.
3:18 PM
▲That should be a self-answered question on Meta SO
Actually, a long time ago I started writing a blog post like that @InfiniteRecursion. How to get the worst reception possible on Meta. Never finished it though.
@Bart OP remains remarkably silent.
I guess the OP has established we are all evil cuz downvotes @Stijn
@Bart You know what's even better? If the OP does have 50 rep...
I prefer the "WHY AM I BANNED??!?!" posts by users that aren't banned @Unihedron :)
3:20 PM
It's never too late @Bart. Write a self-answer on MSO. Lots of people will benefit from it.
@Unihedron the coffee here is of questionable quality, but hey, it's still free!
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CEILING FANS HAVE STARTED GOING SLOWER on diy.stackexchange.com
Is that a glorified version of "Our 9 year old fan is getting old"?
I prefer the posts that ask to make reasons for voting mandatory and get heavily downvoted, and then the OP writes a comment "Who is downvoting this, give a REASON"
3:29 PM
@Unihedron he said it... twice
Home improvement indeed! Try adding the wall switch @uni :P
Home improvement 101: Wall switches are magic
Wrong! Wall switches beside light switches are magic!
I'm enlightened
3:33 PM
So now if your computer slows down, you know what to do. The secret lies in a wall switch beside the light switch.
A mod fixed the question, finally.
He deleted Bart's comment as well. Aww.
Question fixed, comment obsolete. Fair enough.
3:37 PM
Because Bart didn't follow his own advice. He screamed in the tavern "NOT ENOUGH WALL SWITCH!"
Mods hear everything :D
@Braiam nope. Afaik nothing has changed, still have to test it more.
Nov 8 '13 at 20:46, by Bart
@gparyani top tip: 95% of what I say is nonsense. The other 5% is suspicious.
Anyway, have to go - see you all later.
See you!
See you!
4:08 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: REGULAR EXPRESSION BUILDER on codereview.stackexchange.com
oooo regex
@SmokeDetector crap
4:27 PM
mod-hammer ftw.
4:49 PM
5:09 PM
I just wanted to ask what's up with the profile page makeover, is it still happening, or what?
I hope it doesn't happen.
I won't be able to open SO in office anymore, if it does. People will think I am at some kind of social website and they will eat me alive.
@DroidDev :O
Why are you so negative about it?
SO is love SO is life
5:13 PM
Because we all are programming geeks and we hate anything that is not related to programming geek culture and we think profile page makeover doesn't relate at all
Great idea, bad execution
@SomeKittens Let's see if that reduces the usual amount of research spent before posting
@DJDavid98 how so?
@SomeKittens I like the idea of runnable code snippets, but I don't like the editor and the markdown it creates. Could be better.
Also, many people mentioned that more external library support should be added, and I agree
5:21 PM
runnable.com <- what about something like that?
@DJDavid98 They're programmers, not designers. This is a proof-of-concept: they just want to see if it works well before they implement it.
@AstroCB With some re-thinking on the design I think it'll do good, but jsFiddle is still more popular, and some people might just ignore it and keep on fiddling.
Who wants a page of text with the source code unnecessarily anyway?
Fiddle is still the way to go I believe, with the relevant code on page.
@DJDavid98 So let them. No one is forcing anyone to do anything: hosting the snippets onsite makes them less susceptible to link rot.
@Unihedron They're discussing "collapsible" functionality to allow you to only show the relevant parts.
If jsFiddle goes down, all past answers that used it on SO will be damaged, so unless a mass editing spree moves code from fiddles to answers before the apocalypse, we're still looking at a lot of questions that are going to be damaged anyway.
Why doesn't stack exchange just take over jsfiddle instead
It'd be a win-win
5:30 PM
JSFiddle already nuked a lot of anon fiddles
Maybe there could be a new stack overflow login on jsfiddle that ties into the se account, and you could store your fiddles under your se identity
@DJDavid98 Or they could just have a commercial partnership like they do with Imgur.
The only problem is that it might not be worth the money: pictures are network-wide, but HTML/CSS/JavaScript are only used in a few places.
The jsfiddle creator himself asked if anything could be done to help integrate it with the site better
I work here: runnable.com
We'd love to work with SO to embed runnable snippets of everything
most images hosted on stack.imgur.com are hindi guys in various poses deposited by Baba at the peak of his activity.
5:36 PM
@JanDvorak you really go and check them all...!!!?? :P
I've never opened a single link of that ever
data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/210722/… seems to turn up a lot of answers to questions that need closed, if anyone's bored ;)
It's pretty funny how the Show code snippet link could also could use .toggle()
@JanDvorak blatantly off-topic
5:45 PM
@DroidDev VLQ is two clicks nearer
Why not both?
6:11 PM
@AnnaLear Have it your way ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Wow, it's packed in here. Maybe I'll stick around.
Lol, hi!
6:33 PM
Would it be fair to cleanup the comments under this question to give it a fair chance?
6:56 PM
Q: Is there any benefit to leaving Animal Planet on when leaving a cat alone?

BobsonI recently discovered that some people put Animal Planet (or similar nature channel) on the TV when leaving a cat alone all day. I'd never heard of this before, but I found many mentions of it while searching for more information. Cats that have been outside and seen the real thing often d...

7:14 PM
translate: test
Marc broke it...
translate: Translate was taken out
A: The automated Stack Exchange / Feeds user is now participating in chat

UnihedronThey're not only participating, but instead invading... Spamming with links to this thread... We're doomed! Fixed, but translate: no longer works. RIP Feeds User, 26 Aug 2014 12:32 PM Please all remember his last words...

@fredley whimper; I should have stated in bed today. Will fix it later. — Marc Gravell ♦ 2 hours ago
Now who's going to do my spanish homework :(
Google Translate.
7:17 PM
@SantaClaus No problem, we will help
I have to warn you that the only spanish I know is si. This concludes todays lesson.
tries to find upside-down question mark on keyboard
I see that my profane Feed messages have been removed as well.
@SantaClaus Right-alt (Alt gr) + ? on my keyboard
:2347514I don't fucking have an alt key I have a mac
@SantaClaus much better :)
I edited a message when I meant to post one.
@SantaClaus I guess it is outdated then.
> You have 3 seconds to complete editing
@SantaClaus Maybe you can download a hardware patch for it?
7:25 PM
@Sumurai8 I figures it out ¿
@SantaClaus Okay, use a hammer instead then. A hammer fixes everything.
@Sumurai8 I don't haz that key
ƾ is the best I can find in character map...
@bjb568 Just leave it alone - not a big deal.
7:28 PM
@SantaClaus Leave the leave the Brittany alone guy alone!
@SantaClaus but you'd get suspended sooner than later
as long as you're back in time for Christmas, I don't mind :)
tl;dr; Santa is not capable of typing
:2347590 Yay, pinging deleted messages!
What? That's a bug.
It turned into "@SantaClaus", but reload made it ":2347590"…
@iStimple You think you're getting presents this Christmas? Noob.
7:33 PM
@bjb568 Same for me
@iStimple Even worse, FACEBOOK!
@iStimple gone
7:49 PM
8:06 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: UPLOAD NEW APK TO PRODUCTION on android.stackexchange.com
8:26 PM
I've noticed when posting your question, if you finish and are ready to post, you either a) haven't thot about your question enough (there's a dup!), b) don't know how to ask questions that are solvable, or c) aren't smart enough or have enough background knowledge to be able to understand a good answer. Of course there's the 0.1% of well researched and well asked questions which are too hard to get a decent answer.
In other words, if the duck can't help you, nobody can.
@hichris123 You need 20 answers.
needs to find 17 post to get the status-completed tag
Can someone approve this please? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/238639/…
9:14 PM
@ɥʇǝS Why? Too minor.
@ɥʇǝS >:(
@Doorknob Line breaks aren't too minor.
@Doorknob cough
@Braiam Grr. :P
@ɥʇǝS Two of them are.
(by the way, if you want to override a suggested edit, why not just use the "Improve" button?)
mmm.... nothing in my inbox, but I got several new answers and comments!?
@Doorknob There were more than two, actually.
@Doorknob yeah, but I didn't realize I wanted to edit the post until after I hit approve >_>
Bad @ɥʇǝS!!! Very bad...
@ɥʇǝS I think there's some trickery you can do to fool the system by manually typing the URL :P
@Doorknob hm, that'd reject the edit though.
MM... through that doesn't explain why people that haven't touched a php question still see php as preferred tags, but I presume that's another bug report. — Braiam 6 secs ago
@cupcake ^
reference from here till this
9:39 PM
@hichris123 It only works if you're blue. It worked in Charcoal. :P
MUHAHAHAHA, nobody noticed that I used append instead of prepend to insert a string at the start of something :)
> Learn PHP the right way: phptherightway.com
there's no right way...
@GnomeSlice bandcamp is sending me promotional emai :(
10:02 PM
I'd say that the snippet project is doing pretty well:
Thanks again for the bounty, @Unihedron!
10:28 PM
I just cleaned out my spam folder... and I get another spam email!? What is this?
A conspiracy, duh.
@hichris123 Well, if I told you I migh ooph....
10:47 PM
@hichris123 I see you when you're sleeping, I know when you're awake, I know when you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake.
11:01 PM
@Braiam If you're following me, it sends you an email every time I buy stuff and tells you what it was.
I just bought a bunch more stuff.
That's all following does, so you can undo that if you don't want the emails. Not sure if you can follow my artist account and not my fan account.
@SantaClaus hides
11:21 PM
> I would prefer not to accept edits from anonymous posters.
@Braiam ?
Sounds like a kid reciting a script.
Or somebody unfamiliar with Stackexchange
@GnomeSlice I found several anonymous edits that were rejected with the same reason... all the same reviewer
Like I said, It's probably somebody unfamiliar with how stackexchange works.
Rather than complain about it, somebody should tell him
11:30 PM
@GnomeSlice the question is "how"
I dunno, comment?
heh, he had a chat account so I just pulled him over >:)
There you go
Short answer: no
unless she is literally a cat*
A: Edit being rejected for "changing original meaning or intent"

bjb568Don't change the content of answers. You can fix spelling and wording and grammar and formatting and presentation - but the code is part of the content. Anyway, the correct reject reason for your edits is: invalid edit: This edit is incorrect or an attempt to reply to or comment on the exist...

^ Why is everything I write controversial?
@bjb568 people are disagreeing in using "invalid edit" instead of "changing the meaning"
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