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I used up all of my reviews for the day in LQP in less than 3 minutes: that must be a record.
12:18 AM
Ohai @Qantas!
@hichris123: hello!
12:43 AM
Happy new Stack Overflow day!
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: BITCOIN CLOUD TRADING on bitcoin.stackexchange.com
@hichris: I'm one of the users who defends the tag by berserking through CVQ for "minecraft" questions everyday :3
Two more close votes here: stackoverflow.com/questions/25483197/….
Q: How do you #include files in java?

MrJackVComing from a C++ environment I got used to splitting up many of the functions that I needed into an funcs.h file and then do #include "funcs.h" and then adding the functions prototypes into the main .cpp file. Now I am starting to work with java (mainly with minecraft ModloeaderMp) and I already...

@hichris123 It's professional server infrastructure stuff, right?
@Unihedron Probably. I thought you would know better than I would.
@hichris123 LOL lrn2java
1:19 AM
I'm tired! Goodnight, then.
Good night sleep well @bjb!
trows some catnip @bjb568 so he doesn't go :(
Woah, I found an amazing yet useless feature. When you click on a spoiler, it permanently shows the stuff inside until you click it again.
@Doorknob that was to simulate the hover event on touch devices
@hichris123 CV'd as "debugging"
@hichris123 Uhh, now I have
@hichris123 No, and I'm too lazy to. o_o
1:24 AM
@Doorknob please!
@Doorknob starts poking the doorknob incessantly
puts oil on @Doorknob
If I have to I'll remove you from the door!
that sounds dirty
1:25 AM
@Braiam Be quiet. ;P
1:41 AM
someone get the locksmith
2:07 AM
turns @Doorknob
a picture of doorknob when he turns 30
wrinkles galore
@iStimple Ew...
@SantaClaus that's what happens when you just hang around all day
translate pt: it works!
2:10 AM
Ele funciona!
@iStimple :O Luckily, that's not until a long time from now. :P
@Feeds wut
translate pt: test
Depression is when it's 02:10 Stack Overflow time and you've already used up your daily up/downvs...
Don't you love it when you've run out of everything?
2:11 AM
translate pt: shog
Ricardo Alves de Moura
@Qantas94Heavy I did that one day. Used all comment and answer flags, used all cv's and votes and did all the reviews except late answers.. since that queue has nothing
@iStimple How many flags did you have?
@Feeds I don't get it
2:13 AM
100 of comment and 100 answer
translate pt: doorknob
translate pt: Santa Clause
Papai Noel
translate pt: ele funciona!
2:13 AM
ele funciona!
oh, it doesn't work backward
translate: test
translate asjkfhkajlsdhfka: test
translate: Ele funciona!
2:14 AM
It works!
translate pt: tavern on the meta
Taverna do meta
Okay i don't see what pt means
@iStimple Did you use up the three active bounty allocation slots as well? :P
Taverna do meta!
@Unihedron nope, technically not everything but most everything
2:14 AM
Almost flagged it...
@Unihedron ;)
translate pt: fudge
Okay okay I'm doing my spanish homework here from now on
2:17 AM
Does it work with multiline stuff?
I have no idea how they kept the stack snippets secret for so long
translate: shog
translate: shog
2:17 AM
translate pt: shog
Ricardo Alves de Moura
translate: Feeds is a terrible person / bot!
Feeds is a terrible person / bot!
translate pt: multiline test 1st line
seond lind
... someone flagged the Feeds message. Why would you flag Feeds?
2:19 AM
@Doorknob He was cussing me out
translate: Hola, mi nombre es RSS. Cuál es tu nombre? Vete a la mierda.
Hello, my name is RSS. What is your name? fuck off.
:2344712 translate: Hola, mi nombre es RSS. Cuál es tu nombre? Vete a la mierda.
Even if you ban Feeds he will still speak so...
What does the "pt" stand for if you say "translate pt"
@SantaClaus More accurate would be Hola, mi nombre es Feeds.
@SantaClaus ... Portuguese?
2:21 AM
@hichris123 google translate failed me, okay?
@hichris123 Oh thanks
translate pt: stop being so stingy with your stars you greedy star stackers
Pare de ser tão mesquinho com suas estrelas ganancioso estrelas empilhadores
translate ja: test


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in Sandbox, 32 secs ago, by Feeds
The bot will stack Exchange Chat is fun, especially when combining multiple languages! Sometimes the games are really confused.
It somehow got that from "The translate bot in Stack Exchange chat is fun, especially when chaining multiple languages! Sometimes, the sentences get really messed up."
2:27 AM
translate: Te amo Shog
I love Shog
translate pt: I love Shog
Eu amo o Ricardo Alves de Moura
translate pt: Why does Shog = Ricardo Alves de Moura?
Why does Shog = Ricardo Alves de Moura?
2:28 AM
huh, it wasn't translated...
translate: Mi nombre es Feeds. Yo estoy contento porque me gusta Stack Exchange.
My name is Feeds. I'm happy because I like to Stack Exchange.
translate: @iStimple Why don't you ask the portuguese?
@iStimple Why don't you ask the portuguese?
@Feeds ... fail
translate: Mi nombre es Feeds. Yo estoy contento porque me gusta a Stack Exchange.
2:29 AM
My name is Feeds. I'm happy because like to Stack Exchange.
translate: Mi nombre es Feeds. Yo estoy contento porque me gusta la Stack Exchange.
My name is Feeds. I'm happy because I like the Stack Exchange.
translate: Mi nombre es Feeds. Yo estoy contento porque me gusta la Stack.
My name is Feeds. I'm happy because I like the Stack.
translate: Deje de puta jugando conmigo
2:30 AM
Stop fucking playing with me
Heh, it can post pictures for me
2:35 AM
translate: Go here
and yt videos too
59 secs ago, by Santa Claus
Heh, it can post pictures for me
:2344813 Never!
translate: stackoverflow.com
2:36 AM
translate: wikipedia.com
2:37 AM
The FIFA World Cup, often simply called the World Cup, is an international association football competition contested by the senior men's national teams of the members of Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport's global governing body. The championship has been awarded every four years since the inaugural tournament in 1930, except in 1942 and 1946 when it was not held because of the Second World War. The current champions are Germany, who won their fourth title at the 2014 tournament in Brazil. The current format of the competition involves a qualification phase, which...
translate: pt.stackoverflow.com
Oh goodness, what have I started?
translate: moderators.stackexchange.com
40 secs ago, by Santa Claus
Oh goodness, what have I started?
22 secs ago, by Feeds
40 secs ago, by Santa Claus
Oh goodness, what have I started?
22 secs ago, by Feeds
22 secs ago, by Feeds
40 secs ago, by Santa Claus
Oh goodness, what have I started?
2:39 AM
No one was using the room any more anyway
No one can silence me!
@random It's an off-peak time, you see. Messages are cheaper now.
@AstroCB A good choice of Beta's to test with :)
@Andy Yes, of course.
2:41 AM
@Feeds Can we see a portrait of yourself?
@SantaClaus lol... nice edit
@Feeds Who should run for president?
Quote me, @Feeds!
2:45 AM
Wow; this slows the page down quite a bit. I think we need a way to collapse these... — AstroCB 2 mins ago
(cover-up message)
@AstroCB no.
Can you stop spamming?
2:47 AM
@AstroCB Fuck no.
Said the arsonist when the building came apart
1 hour later…
4:25 AM
5:05 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: JBOSS AS : DOMAIN CONFIGURATION on serverfault.com
FYI - The last of the swag backlog we've been hammering at goes out today, so if you're owed something, it's out of the warehouse this week. Apologies, technical difficulties and such, I think we've got it back to normal.
What's the search query to find all of my answers which has the string (*SKIP)(*F)?
please help...
wonders why Tim's post has a special hollow star
i need to look at my previous answers.
@InfiniteRecursion You can fill the space. :-)
false alarm?
6:47 AM
@AndrewT. looks like it.
7:17 AM
@iStimple and now?
just testing to see why Tim has hollow star instead of all black
didn't find anything
it's pinned,
and because you didn't star.
room owners can pin messages.
i c, yea I don't got swag :(
and mods are getting chatwide room-owner privileges.
7:37 AM
I've got to get me those privileges
7:52 AM
@iStimple There is a class "owner-star" on the span, so I guess it has something to do with ownership. Of something.
Probably one of the star on Tim message has been awarded by a room owner.
Or a mod/employee ... which Tim is ...
@iStimple closed
7:59 AM
> You voted to close this question Aug 19 at 16:00
@iStimple closed
y r ppl able to post questions on Meta.SE if they don't have any other account anywhere? meta.stackexchange.com/users/269355/try-yo
@iStimple *ppl
@iStimple 'cause meta is standalone now..
I've been using SourceTree for a while for git, I think I'll switch from TortoiseHg soon for hg. Last couple updates to SourceTree improved the UI significantly, while the last update to TortoiseHg made the UI worse.
8:10 AM
This ends today's service announcement brought to you by sourcetreeapp.com, the free Git & Mercurial client for Windows or Mac. Visit us at sourcetreeapp.com
@Bart "full power of the command line" - GIMME git rebase -i THEN!
@Bart Stop spamming!
Say @iStimple
Bart, please accept if this helped you! — iStimple 8 hours ago
8:13 AM
@JanDvorak considering
That comment pretty much guarantees I'll hold off on accepting anything
> "Golf Kryptonite"
@Bart oh geeze golly, my speech get me in the trouble again, oh well's
@Vogel612 Superman would hit his drive off the tee and then catch it in mid air and gently place it in the hole. Hole - in - one everytime.
But hey @iStimple, accepted it for ya
8:25 AM
@Bart translate pt: thank you!
8:40 AM
▲▲ edited, but missing information
Is it non-nullable parameter or not-nullable parameter?
non. probably.
I'd say non- too.
Duplicate answers: here and here. The first one, OP messed up the formatting, so he posted the second one with correct formatting. Later someone fixed the formatting of the first answer. Second one is most upvoted, what should we do with the first one?
9:33 AM
@Stijn you mean aside from pointing out that the 5 upvotes answer is a candidate for the VLQ?
because it's a link-only?
I guess you could flag for mod-attention with "answer merge" or sth..
tbh I'm biased in this particular case, I know they're link-only answers but they're actually helpful to me. Let's assume they're not link-only for a moment :)
10:08 AM
I'm doubting this, but is this question on-topic? Dunno why it attracts many upvotes quickly.. stackoverflow.com/questions/25503144/…
How does guy have that much rep...
@Unihedron Because plagiarism.
oooo it all makes sense now
flags answer
@AndrewT. gone
10:14 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MAKE INT COLUMN COMMA SEPARATED NOT WORKING on stackoverflow.com
Almost 2k user @Unihedron ... you'd think they would get the point by now
@Bart Glad you said, their one and only gold badge was Famous Question...
flags another answer from the same user
When in doubt flag it out!!
@Unihedron Thanks :)
10:34 AM
translate: [status-responded]
Hey @Feeds, How are you this morning?
Something tells me this "feature" isn't going to last for much longer.
10:36 AM
@Bart Yes
Don't disturb me @SantaClaus
@Unihedron rejected
Don't you just love how the editor puts it though... xD
@Unihedron Yes, we were lucky it didn't get robo-approved xD
wonders why this santa claus uses such language, must a duplicate
A: The automated Stack Exchange / Feeds user is now participating in chat

Marc GravellIf you mean this one: The important thing there is the deleted message immediately before it, which was: translate: H4XX0RD! So, try typing: translate: チャットは今翻訳をサポートします。 The "post a translate message, then delete it" is arguably abuse of the system. If people don't get over that, I will ...

> The "post a translate message, then delete it" is arguably abuse of the system. If people don't get over that, I will make changes to prevent it.
Ha @Stijn, not surprised.
@Stijn Thanks for finding the post, you saved the day :)
10:51 AM
> Community♦ reviewed this 8 secs ago: Reject Conflicted with a subsequent edit.
Is that a feature now?
@Unihedron It's been there for a long time, the message is a new thing.
Yes, this message is shown since a few days if a reviewer clicks edit
translate: チャットは今翻訳をサポートします。
Chat now supports translations.
@Unihedron I noticed it since this review
@ProgramFOX Which language is this?
10:54 AM
@Unihedron Thanks
@Feeds but the translations do not include Klingon. ;_;
... How about runic characters?
I figure he just submits it to the google translator (or similar) and gets the result back
lol true
11:06 AM
@Vogel612 bing translator would resolve klingon
@SPArchaeologist well then we got that out.
Didn't like bing anyways.
Today's Listening | Electronic / Chillstep (Mixsets day 26)
@GnomeSlice Thanks
11:19 AM
translate jp: tea
11:33 AM
translate jp: morning
9 hours ago, by Feeds
Feeds is a terrible person / bot!
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